Monday, June 26, 2017

Colin Powell

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colin powell

Hillary isn’t the only Secretary of State to have their email hacked, Colin Powell was recently hacked and this is what he really said.

On the media, all you hear about Colin Powell’s email hack is that he said that Trump is a “national disgrace” in one of his emails.

Is that surprising? Colin Powell, the Bush Republican who voted for Barack Obama, is about as establishment as you can get. Think of what Romney and other Bush’s have said about Trump.

It isn’t too far from where the rest of the establishment was with Trump. Things have changed though. What did not change is the advice and the stern messages that he gave Hillary and her camp regarding her email server.

He told “Hillary’s mafia” not to make him a scapegoat. Powell literally told them not to “drag me in”.

Powell stressed that the entire home server drama could have been avoided if she came out and explained it two years ago. That is good advice that “Hillary’s mafia” never took.

The most important and truthful email in the entire leak that was released on the DCLeaks website, explained wrote some damaging messages about Hillary.

“Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”Colin Powell

Colin, in one line describes Hillary Rodham Clinton very well. It is true; she lies constantly because she thinks she can get away with it, but in reality her lies are bringing her down.

What do you think about Powell’s comments on Hillary? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary has lied again and her latest scandal is now in full swing after this scandal started when she blamed Colin Powell for the last scandal. It is all confusing.

Hillary tried to get out of her email issues with the State Department by saying that Colin Powell told her to do it.

Colin admitted at first that he sent a memo describing how using his own AOL email for unclassified items sped up efficiency at the State Department.

A statement that he still stands by, but now he is tired of being blamed for her mistakes and lets us know when he sent the memo to Hillary.

“The truth is, she was using it (home email server) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did. Her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

Powell admits he sent the memo, but it was after a year of her using her own home server.

Clinton also sent and received classified documents through her personal email, and that is something the Colin Powell did not do.

When asked why Hillary would lie about what Colin said and when he said it, he replied, “Why do you think? It doesn’t bother me. But it’s okay; I’m free.”

It might have to do with the presidential election, that’s our guess.

Hillary needs someone to blame when she does interviews for CNN and MSNBC so her followers will have something to believe.

It is obvious that she is lying again. She really has a problem with lying.

If Hillary is willing to lie her way to this point, what makes you think she will stop now?


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