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Wait, I was just kidding!

A Fresno State University professor who tweeted that President Donald Trump “must hang,” in February, is reportedly under investigation by the Secret Service. The history alleged that President Trump is a threat to American democracy.

It was reported that the liberal California professor, Lars Maischak, caused outrage after his tweets spread online. In a series of several tweets, Maischak called for President Trump and other Republicans to be assassinated.

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better,” Maischak tweeted in February.

Federal agents are now investigating Maischak for his controversial comments, according to Fresno State University President Joseph Castro. He told a local newspaper that he has been in touch with officials from the Secret Service, FBI, and Homeland Security after Maischak’s tweets were discovered last week.

However, as of now, it is not clear what law federal authorities think the German-born professor of European and US history, broke. One option that may be on the table is a Class E felony, threatening the president of the US.

Regardless of the crime Maischak may be charged with, prosecutors are likely to face a tough battle. It is widely acknowledged that courts tend to interpret the First Amendment pretty broadly. One example of such a case being overturned would be the 1969 Supreme Court case, Watts vs. United States. A man who allegedly threatened President Lyndon B. Johnson at a rally, had his conviction overturned by Justices. He had said: “I am not going [to Vietnam]. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L.B.J.””

At the time, Justices believed that the statement was a “crude political hyperbole which, in light of its context and conditional nature, did not constitute a knowing and willful threat against the President.”

Earlier this week, in a written statement given to the Fresno Bee, Maischek apologized for his comments, adding that he had deleted his Twitter account since his tweets went viral.

“I apologize for the tone and content of my statements made on Twitter. I ask forgiveness of those who felt threatened or offended by them,” he wrote. “It was never my intent to harm anyone, nor to encourage others to harm anyone.”

“My statements each represent the end point of a dark train of thought triggered by my despair over the actions of the present U.S. government,” Maischak explained.

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bernie sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders–Hillary Clinton’s biggest challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination–seems to think you have two choices in this world: go to college, or go to jail.

In a curious tweet on Sunday, Sanders posted:

“At the end of the day, providing a path to go to college is a helluva lot cheaper than putting people on a path to jail.”

The backlash was quick: aren’t there other options for the American people, rather than the two extremes? Can’t law-abiding people not go to college? And, for that matter, aren’t there some college graduates roaming the halls of America’s prisons?, the conservative news site started by blogger Michelle Malkin, quickly gathered a load of tweets slamming Sanders for his ridiculous assumptions:

One Twitter user asked, “So you are saying that those who don’t attend college are on a path to jail?”

Another asked: “So college or jail? Those are the only choices? Seems pretty limited.”

One more was especially blunt: “Because everyone that doesn’t go to college will likely end up in jail? Take your meds Bernie.”

And some even resorted to dark humor: “Because nothing is as punishing to criminals as having a worthless degree.”

Sanders, who is a favorite of the limousine liberal establishment but has seen his candidacy strongly protested by the less wealthy branches of the Democratic Party, seems to buy into the idea that every American should go to college–lest they become a failure who is destined for jail.

But in a world where thousands of liberal arts major struggle to gain a toehold in the workforce–as many well-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, like a welder or a plumber, struggle to find any talent to hire, it’s clear that Sanders’ view of the world is skewed. And it may, ultimately, be causing students to take on unnecessary debt for an education they simply don’t need.

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Liberals would have you believe that in a perfect world everyone is college educated. They want to use taxpayer money to fund universal tuition. They want everyone to walk across a stage in a cap and gown and get a degree in what makes them happy.

It seems nice, but here’s why that doesn’t work, for more reasons than money.

While presidential hopefuls trip over each other trying to win over swing states and the largest demographics of voters the left is working hard to alienate a big part of the population.

See, what they don’t see is that this country operates by the sweat and dedication of Americans who get their hands dirty every day. For every corporate corner office there are 100 trucks on the roads, lawn mowers running, tractors pulling, and brooms sweeping. There are mechanics under the hoods of the expensive cars that the few elite drive. There are hands washing and setting the hair of those whose paycheck gives them the luxury to call a $200 cut and color a necessity. There are childcare providers playing with the children of those who occupy board meetings and corporate retreats.

Most of America does not need a four year degree. Their problem is not just the dwindling power of the dollar and a tax structure that gives them a few bucks back a year. Their problem is the myth that the only way to “make it” is to go to college.

Meanwhile, current college graduates are facing obstacles to the American Dream. They are postponing buying homes, cars, and starting families because of student loans. The amount of graduates has flooded the job markets so positions are more competitive than ever and many are unemployed. Still we push children onto college.

Before they are even done maturing we tell them to have a plan and do stick to it. Earlier and earlier we train young students to prepare for a college education and a future that is getting less appealing. We teach them that only degree based jobs are worth having. We teach them over and over again that they are too good for anything else.

I was shocked to hear that a young man quit his job without any prospects because he thought that he was too good to load manure onto people’s trucks for minimum wage. It was not the bulk of his function either, just a part of a job that had other responsibilities. But this is the culture that the left is cultivating.

A big myth about illegal immigrants is that they are easy to employ. Restrictions on businesses have made it increasingly difficult to pay under the table and have undocumented workers. But they keep being used because no one is lining up to do the jobs. I’m not saying that is always the case, but it is more often than not.

The left is teaching our children that they are too good to get mechanic certifications, attend cosmetology school, get a commercial driver’s license, or really anything that would put them to real hard work. There are a lot of programs that take less than four years to complete. But the left would have us believe that these aren’t “real jobs”.

The good news is that because so many people are buying the lie that they need to go to college the amount of jobs available in industries like HVAC, electricity, cosmetology, child care, and hospitality are enormous. The Mike Rowe Works Foundation puts out scholarships for skilled work that cover certifications in things like welding and mechanics.

The left wants you to believe that college is the only answer and that it’s right to push your children towards it. But there are plenty of ways for anyone to have a rewarding career that don’t involve mountains of debt and them having to move back in with you.

Besides, don’t we want more good people who are okay getting their hands dirty more than stuffed shirts who are too good to mow their own lawn?

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In a bizarre effort to prevent rape on college campuses, the Department of Justice National Institute of Justice awarded almost $600,000 to the University of New Hampshire to create an online video game – aimed at college age men – to teach them about rape and sexual assault prevention.

According to the grant request, the video game, which can also be played on a smartphone, is designed to “deliver a prevention strategy to men in an online application, a format that they use daily, male participants will report increased attention to the message.” Huh?

The university is using the grant to create an Interactive Simulation Video Game “Advisory Board” comprised of “professionals from the behavioral sciences, victim services, prevention, public health, criminal justice, and game design fields.”

The game will be based on the university’s sexual prevention program (sexual prevention?) and bystander marketing campaign (?) to sell posters that depict conversations about rape.

After it is developed, the video game will be tested on 480 students.

How the students will be selected… using what criteria to learn if a “sexual prevention program” (written by whom with what qualifications pursuing what agenda) is effective… with no control group (unless the students are divided equally between those who have committed raped and those who have not) were issues not addressed in the grant request.

“Practicing is the key to prevention,” said Sharyn Potter, the co-director of the University of New Hampshire’s Prevention Innovations sexual violence prevention program who is leading the video game project. We need to go to our target audience and make sure we’re doing this right.”

Target audience? Practice? Practice what?

She added that the game would seek to depict “real life” college parties for students to practice bystander skills.

“We’ve found that if the scenario doesn’t look like a party they would go to on a Saturday night, the intervention is not effective,” Potter said. “It really has to resonate with college students, or there’s no sense in doing this.”

What “intervention” is, how its’ effectiveness can be measured and why the entire exercise is based on the premise that “sexual assault and violence” are routine activities at parties were also questions that went unaddressed. And to muck things up even further:

“The game will be based on the University’s “Bringing in the Bystander” In-Person Prevention Program and the “Know Your Power” Bystander Social Marketing Campaign.”

The marketing campaign features posters of “guy talk,” which tries to depict “real” conversations between students about sexual assault.

“My friend Jeff is the man,” a young man in one poster says. “He got this girl passed out drunk and then nailed her.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. Your friend raped her,” replies another. “Your friend is pathetic.”

In another example, “Guy Talk 2,” the friend Jeff “banged this passed out chick at the party last night.” A good response is “That’s so not cool. What’s wrong with you? Your friend is messed up!”

“Guy Talk 3” appears to imply that a man plans on raping another man he met online. “I met this guy online. He’s coming to my apartment and I’m getting him drunk. We’re hooking up whether he wants to or not.” “That’s not okay,” a friend replies. “That’s rape.”

“Guy Talk 4” shows a group of frat boys planning a party, as one says he won’t drink to “make sure the guys stay in line.” “Good call,” his friend replies. “We don’t want a repeat of the rape that happened last year.”

Other posters depict dorm rape scenes, parties and a lesbian yelling at her girlfriend.


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