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Marijuana War
Where will you be, when the weed war starts?

While Colorado has enjoyed an economic injection of $2.4 billion since legalizing recreational marijuana, they’re primary competitor for tourists has been scenic view and mountain slopes.

When recreational marijuana starts tomorrow in Nevada, they are feared by some to cut into casino profits.

The casino industry was opposed to “Question 2” which approved the recreational use of marijuana, and their public excuse was that they didn’t not feel approving the drug would improve tourism.

However, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson donated $2 million to a group named “Protect America’s Children” that unsuccessfully fought to defeat the referendum to decriminalize pot use and possession for those under the age of 21.

Adelson also fought a national effort against online gambling to “protect the children.”

Hypocrite much?

Like many of the ultra-wealthy, Adelson (who is worth an estimated $28.9 billion) was likely protecting his personal holdings in the casino industry.

The question remains, why would the gaming industry by opposed the legalization of marijuana?

Many studies have linked marijuana use to “problem gambling” and even “pathological gambling.”

Many have speculated that casinos simply will not be able to immediately profit from the sale of cannabis in their casinos due to many factors.

Unlike a cigar store that can open up easily, only a certain amount of slots will be provided by the state for cannabis dispensaries.

Additionally, since marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, casinos would run into banking issues in the event they profited off of the plant.

Finally, carving out non-smoking sections has been a priority for casinos in the last several years with even mega casinos like the MGM Grand going smoke free. Legalization would create yet another zone to carve out.

But the issues above are minor in comparison to the main reason why casinos gate marijuana legalization – it cuts into their profit margins.

If tourists are spending their dollars on joints instead of blackjack, or cush instead of craps, the casinos will see profits burn away.

Expect an intentional effort to highlight every negative incident related to marijuana legalization and a push to reverse that will be bought and paid for by casino owners.

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With October starting and Halloween coming, it makes sense that dead people in key battleground states are registering to vote.

Virginia is turning into a big battleground state. Hillary picked Tim Kaine from Virginia to help carry the state, but now she might need some more help.

The polls are getting close in the Commonwealth and so far, investigators have found at least 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. In other words, 20 dead people have registered to vote.

The Republican Virginia House Speaker William Howell said, “Often times we hear our Democrat colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia or is a myth. Well it does indisputably exist.”

Details are scarce after a family member of a dead man went to the authorities after she noticed that the deceased registered to vote.

The FBI is investigating, but not only in Virginia.

Colorado has had a slew of dead people register to vote recently. Colorado is also a state that Hillary is losing ground in as well. It will be a close state that comes down to the wire.

There are more and more cases of voter fraud popping up this year and hopefully the feds can get it under control before the election.

Do you think they will? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ted Cruz won in Colorado even though there was no open primary. The delegates selected who they wanted and that is how the system is set up in the Centennial state.

Donald Trump is crying foul, but Ted and the pundits are telling Donald to play by the rules and that the system is not conspiring against him to win.

Something is wrong when the people of Colorado don’t even vote for the person they want as president, but that is because in 2015 a bill to create a presidential primary was shot down.

The bill was sponsored and sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee and it was shot down. Four republicans voted against the bill while three Democrats voted in support of it.

Just because the bill was shot down by 4 Republicans in May of 2015 doesn’t mean that the state’s GOP establishment is against Trump, or for anyone else. Right?

Well not exactly. What has people crying foul is the fact that one of the Republicans that shot down the bill was also the person who sponsored the bill. Senator Kevin Grantham sponsored the bill and thought it was good enough to have his name attached, but then something happened. He decided to kill it and rally the other Republicans to shoot it down.

Senator Kent Lambert and Senator Laura Woods joined Kevin Grantham and one more to stop the bill. There is one interesting fact about these three. They share something else in common.

Three of the senators who stopped the bill from passing are on the Ted Cruz team. They are delegates for Ted Cruz in the State of Colorado. It may not be illegal, but is suspicious.

This type of backwards deal making is the reason why Donald Trump is popular among a large group of Americans. Something is going on that is shady and in the shadows. Why would a Senator who sponsors a bill then shoot it down?

This is politics as usual. Ted Cruz didn’t start out as part of the establishment but he is welcoming them with open arms if it helps him beat Donald Trump. Which right now it is.

Ted Cruz is boasting wins in the last 5 states right now, even though only 4 of those states even held elections. It is interesting to watch, but how much more of this can America take? The real question is how much can Donald Trump take.

His message of the “system being rigged” is working, and as long as Ted Cruz wins voterless primaries, then Trump’s message is about to get louder. Things are really starting to heat up!

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After Ted Cruz got all the delegates in Colorado, Donald Trump called the election process a scam in America. He says the people are not picking the nominee, the establishment is.

Then on the other side of the aisle, there is a battle heating up over super delegates. Thousands of Bernie supporters have taken to social media to attack the super delegates who are picking Hillary Clinton as their nominee instead of Bernie, who more people are voting for.

Both sides are starting to cry foul with our election process, but what do you think?

Is the Nomination Process A Scam In America?

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The simple answer is no. Ted Cruz followed the rules and has a very solid campaign and he made sure he did what was necessary to win the delegates.

Trump still says it is rigged. They both might be right. Cruz did nothing wrong in Colorado to get all the delegates, but Trump does have a point.

Take a look at this video and see what the voting process for delegates is really like in Colorado.

Colorado’s process is unlike any other state.

What do you think, is it a good one? Do you like how Colorado does their delegate distribution, or is the system rigged so that normal people’s votes don’t count?

Let us know in the comments.

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If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now. Everyone is out to stop Donald Trump. First it was the constant bashing on the news channels from the left, and then Fox News started its attack.

The candidates attacked Trump, then businesses started to attack him, and he kept rolling because people were voting for him. Millions of people thought that Trump could make America great again.

Then we moved to Colorado and a unique scenario. There was a caucus, but that isn’t how the delegates are awarded. Cruz won all 34 delegates at a series of seven congressional district meetings this month and at the state party convention that happened this past Saturday in Colorado Springs.

The voters didn’t have a say, just the delegates. The power on the right, the establishment, has decided to stop Trump at all costs.

The same people who talked about stopping Obama for 8 years and have done almost nothing, are now going after a Republican. Not only a Republican, but the front-runner for president who, despite the relentless attacks, still might have a chance in a fair fight.

To say it nicely, Donald doesn’t thing it is fair, and it isn’t.

Donald Trump responds to ballots being burned in protest.

The GOP stole this primary for Ted Cruz.

What happened in Colorado wasn’t illegal, it was just unfair. It exposes the flaws in our electoral process.

The thing is, Donald Trump is pointing out all the flaws in our system. Most of his voters are not racist; they are people who are tired of the status quo and willing to buck the system. Clearly our “system” has resorted to manipulation to stop Trump and force a contested convention.

What is happening is sad. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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Ted Cruz is now the primary candidate for the GOP and they helped defeat Trump together in Colorado by awarding Cruz all the delegates without a vote. Cruz is getting delegates in a legal, but shady way.

There are multiple sex scandals out about Ted Cruz but he isn’t attacking or suing the media outlets making the claims. Are they true?

Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz, “Lyin’ Ted” and his integrity is questioned by media outlets.

What are your thoughts? Answer the survey below.

Do you think that Ted Cruz is an honest man, a man of integrity?

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Colorado has long rejected tax holidays on things like school supplies, clothing, and energy efficient appliances, but on September 16th, the state will be giving a tax break on the sale of marijuana.

A loophole in the tax laws are requiring the state to issue the holiday which will waive the 10% sales tax collected by retailers and the 15% excise tax on grower to retailer transactions. Officials save said that it may cost up to $4 million to lose tax revenue for a day. Retailers are expecting enormous crowds and are already preparing for the influx of potheads banging down their doors.

The state decriminalized use and possession of cannabis in 2012 and made provisions for retail sales in 2013. A year of sales has brought the amount of collected tax into question. Senator Pat Steadman, a Colorado Democrat, claims the issue will not arise again and that, “This is only a first-year problem.”

The “Stoner Holiday” that will shave $20 off the price of each ounce is an accidental gift from conservatives. After the permanent implementation of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in 2005 voters must approve new taxes based on a formula based on state spending, collections, and population growth. If the amount collected is more than the estimates, the state is expected to issue refunds. Colorado is not actually collecting more pot taxes than estimated, in fact less is being collected than anticipated. But total state spending threw off the equation because of overall improvements to the economy. For reasons like this, many other states have criticized TABOR and have refused to enact it themselves.

When TABOR is triggered the tax rate is required to be cut to zero. The holiday is meant to appease this concession. A permanent decrease in the sales tax of marijuana to 8% is set to take effect in 2017 in order to more accurately represent a “fair tax” and to help control black market sales by minimizing the discrepancy of legal prices to street sales.

A vote will be held to determine whether or not the state can keep the excess tax collected. Citizens will be expected to turn up for a populous vote about the issue. Should the vote be “Yes”, the first $40 million will be used for school construction; a vote of “No” would see the money being refunded through tax refunds to growers and retailers, and the rest would be added to the refunds of citizens. It is not expected that the vote will garner much attention.

The curious predicament of the Colorado legislature will doubtless be widely debated as other states consider the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

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Colorado Pot

When Colorado voters passed state constitutional Amendment 64 by a margin of 54-43 in the 2012 election, they legalized marijuana for personal use with certain limitations.

Today the state is suffering from the law of unintended consequences.

Colorado has become a national magnet for pot smokers who do not want to deal with drug dealers . . . people suffering from painful and debilitating diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis . . . and young people – many below the age of 18 – who like the idea of blending into a population where the scent of pot smoke is not only accepted, its expected.

That’s not all.

A majority of pot smokers who are showing up at legal marijuana dispensaries in Denver and across the state are homeless and dependent on government agencies for housing, food, medical services and other welfare state programs. As a result, the state’s supply of beds in shelters is nearing exhaustion.

According to Brett Van Sickle, director of Denver’s Salvation Army Crossroads Shelter, “the older ones are coming for medical (marijuana)” . . . while “the younger ones are coming just because it’s legal” and that they have had to more than doubled their staff to deal with the influx.

Sickle added that the shelter conducted a survey of an estimated 500 new homeless moving to Colorado between July and September and learned that roughly 30 percent had relocated for pot – mostly to Denver.

Right now homeless advocates are awaiting the results of a study conducted by the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Criminal Justice and Criminology Department to learn if there is any direct relationship between legal marijuana and rates of homelessness.

Van Sickle reports that his shelter prohibits marijuana, other drugs and drug paraphernalia and that the homeless who stay at the shelter must leave it to light up adding that the confiscation of pot, pipes and other drug paraphernalia has increased although no numbers exist to say how much.

As mentioned, Colorado is seeing younger homeless people too. One facility called Urban Peak that targets services to youth 15-25 years of age have seen an increase of almost 40% in the number of homeless youth between May and July this year over the same period a year earlier.

It is worth noting that many of the older homeless live on disability benefits and use their benefits to buy pot since there is no prohibition against using disability and other cash based entitlement programs to do so.


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