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Confederate Flag

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Six African-American men in Salt Lake City could be charged with a hate crime–after beating a white man unconscious, over an argument about a Confederate flag sticker.

Kelly Leeper, the white man who was knocked out in the fight, was in town for a Garth Brooks concert. The Confederate flag sticker was on the back of the truck that belonged to his friend.

On Sunday, Leeper looked out the window of his hotel room to notice a group of black men standing around his friend’s truck.

Since there was expensive work equipment in the back of the truck, Leeper and his friend went down to check on their property.

Turns out, the group of black men weren’t interested in the equipment–they instead demanded to know why a “racist” Confederate flag sticker was on the back of the truck.

After Leeper defended his friend’s right to put anything he wanted on the back of his truck, a fight quickly broke out–with racial slurs being flung at him, before the knockout blow.

The fight was caught on video, which has been turned over to the police in Salt Lake City. Another witness was also able to supply a partial license plate number and a car description of the attackers.

Police are confident that, between the video and what they know about the car, they’ll have enough information to eventually track down the suspects. But, so far, they have not yet been found or identified.

When they are found, however, Leeper’s attackers might be facing much more severe charges than simply assault and battery.

Salt Lake Police Sergeant Robin Heiden explained that, because of the racist nature of the fight it could “potentially be a hate crime.”

Leeper and his friend both suffered cuts and bruises, but they did not have any serious injuries.

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In a direct confirmation of the “slippery slope” theory, opponents of history are not content with the removal of the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia from the public’s eye. No, removing the Confederate flag from retailers, video games, television, and state capitals isn’t nearly enough historical revisionism for the radical left. In true Orwellian fashion, they are now going after monuments and actual buried remains of Confederate soldiers.

Liberty News Now previously reported on the hysteria over the flag and the movement to raze monuments. Efforts have escalated since then, and last week the Memphis City Council voted not only to take down a monument to Confederate hero Nathan Bedford Forrest, but to actually exhume his remains (and his wife’s) and get them out of the city.

Like so many other censorious movements in recent times, this hysteria is driven by the left god of PC. “It is no longer politically correct to glorify someone who was a slave trader, someone who was a racist on public property,” said City Council member Myron Lowery, who sponsored the resolution.

Forrest had an interesting military career, becoming the only soldier in the Civil War to enlist as a private and be promoted to the rank of general, a rapid rise that took him a mere 12 months. He proved to be a gifted tactician, so much so that his tactics are still taught at West Point today. Union generals Sherman and Grant both opined that Forrest was underutilized by the Confederacy.

After the war, Forrest reportedly joined the fledgling Ku Klux Klan, and this affiliation is what raises PC hackles. Forrest himself, though, denied involvement with the KKK in an 1868 newspaper interview and again in 1871 testimony before congress.

Until recently, Tennessee was proud of Forrest’s success, and in fact state law marks July 13 as Nathan Bedford Forrest Day. There are dozens of statues, monuments, and museums to the man around the state. The fact that Forrest is so embedded in the state’s history makes the resolution problematic to many locals.

“Memphis history should not be distorted, taken down or covered up,” said Lee Millar of the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. “It’s very disturbing to want to dig up the graves of one of our military veterans and his wife.”

Lowery admits the resolution was spurred by the Charleston shooting carried out by Dylann Roof, an exploitation that Millar described “disgusting” and “misguided.” Another city councilman, Edmund Ford, Jr., asked maybe the most pertinent question: “Even when all the flags have been taken down and when all the artifacts have been moved, what do we do next as a people?”

Forrest himself provided the outline in his farewell address to his troops.

“Civil war, such as you have just passed through naturally engenders feelings of animosity, hatred, and revenge. It is our duty to divest ourselves of all such feelings; and as far as it is in our power to do so, to cultivate friendly feelings towards those with whom we have so long contended, and heretofore so widely, but honestly, differed. Neighborhood feuds, personal animosities, and private differences should be blotted out; and, when you return home, a manly, straightforward course of conduct will secure the respect of your enemies. Whatever your responsibilities may be to Government, to society, or to individuals meet them like men.”

Such words of conciliation are lost on today’s radical left, which continues to seek the destruction of everything deemed offensive. Fortunately, the forces of sanity are fighting back, and they will not allow our history to be erased.

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With the removal of the Dukes of Hazard show from television simply because its famous General Lee had a Confederate flag painted on the roof, it is apparent that we are living in a country we barely recognize.

No longer do we live in a society where a show about stopping crime and family loyalty is valued. It is a shame. Duke’s of Hazard are so dangerous. Ban it!

What once was a symbol of my childhood and the source of endless inspiration for Hot Wheel stunts has become a banned TV show. Is it really that offensive?

The General Lee is a piece of America’s pop cultural history. Clearly its “rebel flag” is just another pawn in the liberals’ attempt to outlaw Americans from watching any entertainment they didn’t produce.

This is just the start of liberals’ plan for their “Politically Correct” culture to dominate the airwaves. They’ve been steadfast in trying to push wholesome Christian families off the air, saying they are offensive to athiests. What offends them must come down. What offends the rest of us, they insist, is here to stay.

Despite all the craziness and hate in America, it is very important to sit down and just laugh about it sometimes.

Watching this Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy Politically Correct version of the Dukes of Hazard put a smile on my face.

The video is from 2009 but is even funnier today! Let us know what you think.

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The Confederate flag is coming back to Marion County, Florida–after officials voted unanimously to bring it back to their county’s government office complex in Ocala, Florida.

The flag had been taken down on Thursday and replaced with a flag simply showing the seal of Marion County, following a decision by the interim county supervisor, in the wake of nationwide controversy over the flag as a racist symbol.

Last month, Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old man who shot up an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing 9, was accused of using the flag to further his racial carnage.

Photos later were found showing Roof posing with the Confederate flag, which were posted to a website where he also apparently listed a racial manifesto.

Since then, the Confederate flag has been targeted–not just by liberals, but from both sides of the aisle. Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, where the shooting occurred, called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the state capitol.

Even corporations, like top national retailers Walmart and eBay, have banned the sale of Confederate-themed items.

However, after a few weeks of bad press for the Confederate flag, it appears that much of the controversy has lifted. Now, at least one American county that had banned the flag from flying on public property has decided to turn around and stand by their heritage.

In Marion County, the Confederate flag reappeared outside the government complex within minutes of the vote to restore the flag to its pole. It remains part of a larger display, showing the five national flags that have flown over Florida since it was discovered by Europeans: Spanish, French, British, American, and Confederate. A show of history, not prejudice.

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In the wake of the Charleston shooting, cries to remove the Confederate battle flag from the public eye have intensified. In addition to several politicians openly questioning the public display of the flag of their states and cities, retailers including Wal-Mart, Amazon, and e-Bay have removed the flag and related items from their inventories.

Emboldened by the apparent success of the flag censoring campaign, the social justice safe space movement has dialed up its rhetoric to eleven, calling for the razing of Confederate war hero statues in the south and the removal of references to slavery from the public discourse. The boldest of these calls to action came when CNN hosts Ashleigh Banfield and Don Lemmon discussed taking down the Jefferson Memorial.

Banfield began the discussion, noting that Jefferson was a slave owner and noting “there is a monument to him in the capital city of the United States. No one ever asks for that to come down.”

Co-host Lemmon offered a lukewarm response: “There may come a day when we want to rethink Jefferson. I don’t know if we should do that.”

Thomas Jefferson, of course, authored the Declaration of Independence and served as the third president of the United States. Removing references to him from the public discourse, and history generally, is a denial of who we are as a nation. Jefferson’s clear articulation of the principles of liberty and equality laid both the philosophical and popular foundations of our Revolution.

Coming on the heels of Louis Farrakhan calling for the US flag to be removed from public display, this is further evidence that the church of the perpetually outraged is in the midst of a full-throated roar of defiance against everything that made this nation great.

The social justice warrior contingent has gotten so out of control that Apple even removed video games from the app store because the Confederate Army in the Civil War games flies the Confederate flag.

Rather than an effort to make people comfortable, this is an obvious and ham-handed attempt to stifle free speech and dislocate people from their cultural roots.

The retailers that have gotten rid of Confederate paraphernalia have no problem selling Nazi flags, and shirts emblazoned with notorious racist homophobic murderer Che Guevara. The radical left lionizes a pope who is a South American communist.

What do those things have in common, aside from their negative impact on the world?

None of them are of America. None of them symbolize positive values of hope and freedom. Rather, they represent retrograde forces that are still alive and well. The fabric of our society is fraying under their direct assault.


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