Monday, June 26, 2017


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Hate Trump

Before someone becomes president, it’s important to note who and who did not support the candidate.

The political establishment is quick to cozy up to a newly elected president in order to maintain their own standing in the arena . . . and then they attempt to rewrite their personal history so it looks like, they have “always loved him.”

In truth, elitist political players will savage any outsider and then when they lose and the candidate wins, they just pretend to have always been on “the team.”

A perfect example of this was National Review’s failure to endorse Ronald Reagan in 1980. The publication’s founder, William F. Buckley, felt the Gipper was too old . . . at least that’s what they say today.

They also failed to endorse Goldwater in 1960.

Reagan, like Trump, was an outsider to the conservative establishment and someone they could not control, as they didn’t own him.

So to prevent the revisionist history of the establishment elitists, we’ve taken the time to name them today. Read and remember.


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According to reports, the newest Captain America comic book series from Marvel Comics has the patriotic superhero no longer representing the entirety of America–because, much like Hillary Clinton in last week’s Democratic debate, he just declared that conservatives are his newest enemies.

According to The MacIver Institute, a think tank in Wisconsin, who first broke the story:

“The new villains in this comic are conservatives who are portrayed as a right-wing terrorist group called ‘The Sons of the Serpent.’ They stopped a group of immigrants trying to cross the border who they accuse of invading a sovereign land to spread disease and crime, take American jobs and collect welfare.”

“Then Captain America comes and beats them up. Those in the country who disagree with Captain America’s new partisan agenda accuse him of being anti-American, against the Constitution… they even call him ‘Captain Socialism.’ He says all he wanted to do was bring folks together.”

Captain America was first introduced in 1940, right before the United States’s entry into World War II. That was intentional: he was intended by creators as a moral counterbalance to the horrors of Nazi Germany, even though America hadn’t yet joined the war effort.

Nowadays, Captain America could still be standing up for American values overseas. Between an increasingly-aggressive China, a nuclear North Korea and Iran, a belligerent Russia, and a bloodthirsty ISIS, there’s no shortage of foreign enemies that could use some old-fashioned American superhero morality.

Instead, Captain America has tragically thrown in his lot with liberals–who see no bigger enemy on the horizon than conservatives.


Guarding Republicans

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