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Conspiracy overload.

In what appears to be only the second correction on the popular conspiracy theorist’s website,, Alex Jones has publically apologized for pushing the Pizzagate scandal.

The Pizzagate scandal, as it infamously became known, surfaced after leaked emails from one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides, John Podesta, were taken out of context to convince people that a child sex ring was being operated out of Comet Ping Post restaurant in D.C. The restaurant is a popular neighborhood pizza joint owned by James Alefantis, a Clinton supporter, which gave far-right conspiracy theorists all the more reason to believe the rumors.

The restaurant came under the limelight last year, when a gunman allegedly barged into the pizzeria with an armed rifle, in search of children, who he believed were locked in the basement. The suspect had come to the conclusion, through his own investigations and unsubstantiated claims from far-right news outlets, that Clinton and her campaign chairman, Podesta, were indeed running a child trafficking ring from the pizza joint.

Even though a number of media outlets snubbed the news as false, Alex Jones, owner of, pushed the story through his own website, videos, and articles. While he is not the originator of the story, he certainly helped spread the news through social media and his own website, among far-right and conservative believers.

After the debunking of the claims, Jones went on record to apologize for the mistake. “In our commentary about what had become known as Pizzagate, I made comments about Mr. Alefantis that, in hindsight, I regret, and for which I apologize to him,” Jones said in a video.

He continued, “To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong were involved in any human trafficking as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in many media outlets and which we commented upon. ”

He went on to admit that he had relied on reporters who were no longer employed by his company and all videos regarding the Pizzagate scandal had been removed from his website. He also reportedly invited James Alefantis to his show to talk about the incident in detail.

Alex Jones is a reputed conspiracy theorist, who, according to his website, believes in “seeking truth and exposing the scientifically engineered lies of the globalists and their ultimate goal of enslaving humanity.” He has also previously argued that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a hoax and that it was a distraction from something the government wanted to cover up.

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When the newly found emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s device were linked to Hillary Clinton, a unique connection is coming together.

When “Carlos Danger”, also known as Anthony Weiner, was caught sending underwear pictures to women with his son sleeping beside him, his career was finally finished.

He was a strong Senator until he got in trouble sending lewd pictures across Twitter and then again busted for the same thing after a failed run for Mayor.

Anthony Weiner is a three time loser and Huma Abedin, his wife is finally leaving him after their son was picturd asleep in one of the lewd pictures.

Huma just happens to be Hillary Clinton’s top aide.

After the last round of pictures from Weiner’s exploits were made public, Huma filed for divorce and the FBI started investigating the disgraced politician.

There is a very real possibility that Hillary got involved in Huma’s ordeal and pushed her connections in the FBI to pursue the investigation.

There is a real possibility that Hillary and Huma encouraged the investigation into Anthony Weiner. During that investigation, the FBI found evidence that could be used against Hillary and Huma and could bring down the entire election for Hillary.

You have to give Huma and Hillary credit for standing by their men in tough times, but Huma may have stayed with Weiner a little too long.

Getting a divorce in the middle of a major election can be distracting when you are Hillary Clinton’s top aide that even read Hillary’s emails for her.

Huma shared a device with Weiner that was automatically backing up Huma’s emails, but she didn’t disclose that to the FBI when questioned. She was ordered to deliver all devices to the FBI, but clearly she didn’t.

Huma could be the fall person for all of this and Hillary could lose the election. It could all be because Hillary and Huma pushed the FBI to investigate Weiner.

If Huma and Hillary didn’t push for the investigation then they are in big trouble, because the same US Attorney that called for the Weiner Investigation is the same person that is investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Preet Bharara is the US Attorney in the prosecutor’s office that subpoenaed Weiner’s devices and could be looking for more evidence in his Clinton Foundation investigation.

If Preet isn’t for Hillary then she could be in a lot of trouble, especially if she doesn’t win the election.

Do you think Hillary pushed for the investigation into Anthony Weiner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Back in the 90’s Hillary blamed her and Bill’s problems on the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, but now she has a new a new conspiracy she it pitching to America.

Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that there is a huge “alternative-right wing conspiracy” that has organized to reject the Republican Party and stop Hillary.

See her speech here.

She portrays the “alt-right” as racists and anti-America.

Of course Trump had something to say about it. See his response here.

There is only one problem. There is no “alt-right” conspiracy.

There are “alternative” media outlets that report on topics that won’t get covered by CNN. How about not reporting on Hillary’s health and being silent on the George Soros leaks are great examples.

Hillary blames people like Alex Jones for his reporting, but Alex Jones just wants Hillary to stop killing people.

The reason there is an alternative right is because there needs to be. The major media outlets can’t cover the news without slanting or bending the truth, but that doesn’t mean the random news websites are working together.

Hillary is mad when people try to expose her corruption. Even when Bill was in office she blamed all the corruption on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

At some point she is going to have to stop blaming the “alt-right” and will have to start defending her policies and record. That won’t help Hillary though, so she will continue to call people racist and blame the “alt-right” as long as she can.

Do you believe Hillary about the “alt-right” conspiracy? Let us know in the comments.


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