Tuesday, June 27, 2017

cultural appropriation

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Bieber dreadlocks

When Justin Bieber, the young pop star who has had his share of idiot moments, showed off his new blonde dreadlocks, the liberal piranhas came out.

Notice the very telling and racist hashtag, #StopWhitePeople2016

Some people didn’t worry about the racist implications. They just wanted him dead.

The backlash for the Beibs changing his hair is to be expected, but the cultural appropriation is just crazy. People are saying that Black people are seen unkempt and are categorized as druggies if they have dreadlocks, but if a white guy does it, then it’s cool!

That argument just doesn’t work, because Justin Bieber looks like a druggie and unkempt. Sorry, but he does.

In the Beib’s defense, he did grow up in a culture where dreadlocks were part of it. He grew up in the American culture where we encourage self-expression and equal rights. Since he was a kid he worked in a very diverse industry. Dreadlocks are part of Justin’s culture and you can’t take that away from him.

“Ironically” the attack on civil liberties is coming from the left and it is okay because the attacks are against white people. White people have to pay. #StopWhitePeople2016

Once we start getting into stealing each other’s culture, then we all are going to be left with nothing. Imagine being white and not being able to eat a taco or listen to Ray Charles. Imagine being black not being able to eat pasta or watch baseball. Imagine being Latino and not being able to eat a hamburger or fly a plane. What about space? White people found space and explored it first, is that theirs?

This whole thing is just ridiculous and the fact that it is being pushed by the left, whose presidential front runner is under FBI criminal investigation, is just embarrassing.

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gay asian

Sometimes the left is so sensitive, it hurts its own feelings. The Sacramento California LGBT Community Center had to issue an apology last week for that very thing. It seemed that their annual Red Dress fundraiser for the community center and HIV prevention went “too far” in “appropriating East Asian culture.”

The group that is upset is not even predominantly East Asian. In fact the APIQSC actually stands for Asian Pacific Islander Queer Sacramento Coalition. As pretentious as it sounds, it isn’t a made up group. A member, Richard Carriollo, that attended the Community Center’s party had this to say:

“There were Japanese fans, there were Japanese umbrellas, Japanese cranes mixed in with the Chinese dragon theme, Chinese lanterns, and it kind of made it unclear which culture they were referring to”

The October 17th event deeply offended the guests from APIQSC. But you have to wonder if they didn’t come in looking for something to be offended about. Overall they claim that the party which “appropriated” very little culture that applied to them specifically, was the cause of “deep pain and alienation”.

The Community Center apologized for the made-up crime.

The “Red Dragon” theme was on trial for “homogenizing Asian culture” and “perpetuating Western stereotypes”. The group also said the did not feel that the decorations were tasteful and that they did not convey the beauty of the culture.

And so it was that the Left gave itself a culturally insensitive black eye. Next year, people should come dressed as unisexual beings and all the decorations will be grey. But, I’m sure that there would be complaints about that too.


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