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Dallas Police

The Dallas Police Chief David Brown has done a remarkable job holding his city together and keeping his police force focused on solutions and not vengeance.

Chief Brown has done such an amazing job that it is shocking to find out that in 2010 his 27-year old son shot and killed a police officer and another man in a shootout.

The chief’s son suffered from bipolar disorder and was a very troubled man at times.

Brown had only been the chief at that point for just under two months when he found out that his son killed two people and died in a shootout with police. That shooting took place on Father’s Day.

After seeing what happened in Dallas last week, we think we know what kind of man David Brown is, but he is even stronger than we know.

Following the death of this son, Chief Brown set up a meeting with each of the victims family to apologize.

He is a tough man that knows what it feels like to grieve. Drug dealers killed Brown’s brother in 1991.

Brown has been on the force for over three decades and even lost his partner in a shootout. Brown stayed with his partner’s kids all night when they found out their father died in the hospital.

When Brown became chief of police, he fired close to 70 officers. He got rid of the bad apples. Chief Brown is one man that is doing things right.

Chief Brown is a strong man. He knows what it is like to be a grieving family member. He knows what it is like to witness a partner being killed. He knows what it is like to face corruption. He knows what it is like to be the father of a killer.

With all that Brown has learned over his life, we now know how fortunate Dallas really is to have a man of such integrity leading them through this horrible time.

Thank you Chief Brown.

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All eyes are on Texas today.

Five cops are dead at the hands of the black radical movement.

The shooters, who appeared to be trained by Call of Duty, with a run-and-gun style, targeted law enforcement as they kept the peace at an illegal “Black Lives Matter” rally.

They made a mistake.

Before I go on, keep in mind that this column is likely to offend most readers.

I can get away with that as, first, I’m a Texan . . . born and raised. I’m also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and . . . least significant in my life, I’m a minority.

Yes, I’m Native American, not in the Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” sense (although my great grandfather insisted the Powhatan Princess is an ancestor), but in a recognized tribe sense, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

With my “right to offend” noted (although no one needs a right to offend . . . it’s fun for all), let’s discuss why the gaggle of black shooters made a mistake last night.

For those who have lived in Texas but stepped out of it long enough to reflect on the state, they know that Texans are straight up crazy as hell.

That’s no joke.

The state slogan, “Don’t Mess with Texas” was a tongue-and-cheek way to take on littering in the 80’s but it should serve as a real, no B.S. warning to anyone stirring up trouble among its residents.

You simply don’t mess with Texas.

Going back to Texas’ roots, a little Mexican named Santa Anna messed with Texas once.

Few Americans are unaware of the story of the Alamo.

In 1836, the Mexican Army marched on the Alamo Mission, which was occupied by around 185 Texians. The world knows the rest of the story, but they may not know the details of what happened next.

Sam Houston and his men turned their anger inward and calmly prepared like an army of psychopaths itching for blood.

When the Texians faced Santa Anna again at San Jacinto, Sam Houston’s men were still outnumbered by 40%, but their lust for revenge doubled their strength.

Knowing ethics don’t apply to war, Houston ordered his men to attack during the Mexican’s afternoon nap-time.

Eighteen minutes later, 650 Mexicans were dead or fatally wounded and the Texas Army was victorious, losing eleven soldiers.

The men who formed the foundation for the Republic of Texas were literally merciless. They shot, hacked, and clubbed the Mexicans as they cried out. Many Mexicans were even drown in their own blood as they attempted to flee across the San Jacinto River.

Santa Anna was found cowering and posing as a low-ranked soldier when one of his men gave him away by saluting.

The Texians stole Santa Anna’s wooden leg, kicked him in his paunchy ass and sent him hobbling back to Mexico to live with his defeat.

The Battle of San Jacinto is one to study if you ever want to mess with Texas.

Clearly, the Dallas shooters never bothered to study that particular history.

While the Black Lives Matter movement can take over cities, illegally gather and obstruct society with fear and intimidation . . . that will never happen in Texas again.

Tolerance for the hate riled up by the BLM movement is over.

While the media and many politicians will attempt to disassociate the BLM movement from the Dallas shooters, they are one in the same.

When you foment hate and advocate violence for another group, you’re responsible for the consequences.

While there are instances in our history were violent acts were justified, the Revolutionary War for example, this is not one of them.

The act that sparked the BLM movement, the Ferguson thug-child who attacked a cop, deserved to get shot, making the entire movement a fraud. That fact is something the lower class and academic members of the black community will never admit.

But in Texas, that will never matter again as the Lone Star State is a very unique place.

Geographically, Texans see them surrounded by drunken Indians and lesbian hippies to the West, fun-yet dumb cousins to the Northeast, and the Cajun swamp dwellers to the East.

To the South is Mexico of course, which outside of border towns, is seen as a docile neighbor (at least when I was growing up).

The perspective above is to make one major point . . . Texans don’t care what other states do, say or act. They are unapologetically independent and take care of their own business without the influence of the national media or national movements.

When racist black men take up arms and kill our peacekeepers under the banner of “Black Lives Matters” there will be no disassociation.

No BLM protester will be able to walk the streets of Dallas to spew hate speech against law enforcement and “whites” without the risk of a solid and deserved beating at the hands of a civilian, veteran or tough Texas chick who has had enough of the racism disguised as outrage.

Last night, Texans were the first in the country to wake up from the politically correct stupor to realize that the black rights movement (regardless of the name), when applied to today’s society is nothing more than an excuse to be a racist.

And if we’re lucky . . . as goes Texas, so goes the nation.


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