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donna brazile
"Donna Brazile" by Tim Pierce (licensed CC-BY-2.0)

Donna Brazile has been caught red handed. She lied about giving Hillary debate questions and her CNN firing is the least of her problems.

A new email from WikiLeaks shows Donna Brazile, who worked at CNN at the time, receiving debate questions and passing them on to Hillary Clinton.

When the first evidence came to light through WikiLeaks in October, Donna Brazile denied that she gave Hillary a question. Even though the question in the email was exactly the one asked during the March 13th debate with Bernie Sanders.

See the exchange where Donna denies any wrongdoing in an interview with Megyn Kelly.

Just this week, WikiLeaks released a new email with Donna giving another question to the Hillary team.

This question was on the Flint water crisis and Hillary delivered a well-crafted answer.

WikiLeaks has a sterling reputation for authentic releases. There is no reason to believe that the documents have been tampered with or fake.

Donna on the other hand tried to deflect and play the victim in her interview with Megyn Kelly, but now she is in trouble.

On Monday Donna Brazile lost her job at CNN that was on hold while she is the interim leader of the DNC.

The DNC is under a lot of pressure to get rid of Donna, but they want to hold out to see if Hillary wins and then appoint a permanent leader. They may not be able to hold out for another week if more releases come out.

After Donna is replaced, and she will be replaced soon, where will she work?

Brazile has lost all credibility in the media. If CNN fired her then she is going to have a hard time working at any major network.

She violated the trust of the American people, of media and everyone in politics. Only Hillary’s team has any loyalty to her, but how long will that last if Trump wins?

Donna sacrificed her career to help Hillary cheat on a question. That is not very good judgment. Can you imagine if Donald Trump got a question early from Sean Hannity?

What do you think will happen to Donna Brazile? Let us know in the comments below.

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debate question

John Podesta’s emails keep giving us a lot of information that confirms the suspicions of most Americans that Hillary is corrupt.

The day before the March 13th Town Hall where Hillary and Bernie would field questions from the audience, Donna Brazile, a CNN correspondent at the time sent the Clinton campaign a question that Hillary often has trouble with.

The question was on the death penalty framed around innocent people dying on death row. A man who was wrongfully imprisoned asked the question.

See the exchange and how confident Hillary was with her answer. It was very thought out.

Hillary was ready for the question and there are no emails that let us know that Bernie knew any of the questions ahead of time.

If that wasn’t corrupt enough, then wait until you find out what position Donna Brazile has now.

Brazile is the interim head for the DNC after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz left amid the DNC email leak.

The DNC replaced a cheat with a cheat and they all are trying to help Hillary win the White House by any means necessary.

Next up is the denying game from the DNC and from Brazile, but that is the same thing that the DNC did immediately following their email release.

WikiLeaks continues to be a thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton and a torch bearer for truth.

Do you think that Donna Brazile should resign from the DNC? Let us know in the comments below.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States – December 10, 2015: An ardent supporter of Donald Trump put up his own billboard at his home in West Des Moines, Iowa. December 10, 2015

During the second debate, Hillary had hoped that Donald Trump would just implode like he did in the first debate, but he didn’t. He won with these two lines.

The second debate was rough to watch at times, mainly at the vicious attacks back and forth, but at the end of the day; Trump won.

Trump started the debate with some of the women that claim Bill Clinton raped or molested. At topic that is tough to stomach on its own was thrust into the debate limelight with a press conference just before the opening bell.

Having the women in the room during the debate didn’t seem to affect Hillary too much, but Bill sure noticed. The Drudge Report called it the “Face crack of the century”.

The move to bring in the women was physiological, but Trump won the debate, because he was on his toes and responded with two brilliantly timed jabs.

The most memorable jab came when Hillary was talking about Trump being in charge of law and order. Watch the exchange below.

Possibly the best part about this clip is the response Anderson Cooper has to the crowd. He is visibly upset. We wonder why?

The moderators did spend a lot more time cutting off Trump than they did Clinton, but it didn’t matter.

Trump had a line about Honest Abe Lincoln that turned out to be one of his best. He flipped a response on Hillary she wasn’t ready for.

At the end of the debate, only the most loyal and devoted Hillary supporters thought she won the debate.

For Trump this was a big moment. He had to find a way to stop the bleeding from last Friday’s video released by the Washington Post.

If you missed the debate you can watch it here.

Let us know whom you thought won in the comments below.

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Liberals love to point out the minor inaccuracies of Donald Trump during the debate, but Hillary was caught in a huge lie everyone is ignoring.

When Donald was talking about Syria and how the world laughed at Obama after he drew his line in the sand, he said that Hillary was still working at the State Department at the time and deserves some of the blame.

Hillary quickly interrupted Donald to lie.

The truth is, Hillary was still the Secretary of State and she still worked under Obama six more months after he drew the line in the sand.

Of course Syria crossed that line, but Obama and Hillary did nothing. ISIS was formed and now Europe is having a major refugee crisis.

Despite Hillary’s efforts to lie, Donald does have a point here.

The mess in Syria is partially Hillary’s fault. She doesn’t deserve as much blame as Trump wants the world to believe, but she does deserve some blame.

Possibly enough blame to keep her from winning the White House.

We will see in less than a month. Let us know your thoughts on Hillary’s role in the Syrian crisis in the comments below.

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When Hillary Clinton went on the Steve Harvey talk show back in February, the interview came across as unscripted television, but turned out to be different.

Hillary’s campaign worked closely with the staff on the Steve Harvey show to make sure Hillary knew the questions, and the format of the interview.

She knew everything to hit a home run during the special on Flint Michigan.

This isn’t the first time that interviewers give questions to Hillary ahead of time.

There are reports that a Fox reporter saw an NBC staffer give Hillary’s campaign manager the questions ahead of the first presidential debate. She seemed very confident during the debate.

The former Secretary of State looked to be comfortable with Steve Harvey in the same way. Now we know why.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained the emails of the back and forth between the show and the campaign.

Hillary came under some fire for her appearance, because she said that Bill Clinton always talked about watermelon. People only focused on race said she was pandering. She might be, make up your own mind.

Hillary Clinton is smart and making sure she has the questions ahead of time has served her well in the past. In most interviews, she agrees on the questions before the interview even starts.

We can only hope that the debate moderators don’t continue to give her the questions early.

What are your thoughts on Hillary knowing all the questions before the cameras roll? Let us know in the comments below.

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If the first presidential debate were baseball then Hillary Clinton should be Pete Rose. She had some good hits, but should be banned for life.

After the first debate, there was a general consensus that Hillary did a really good job and was on her “A” game, but was it because she cheated?

The evidence proves that Hillary had some help on Monday night, but how much is the real question.

We already know that her podium was built in a way that gave the visual impression they were of similar size and stature.

We also know that Donald Trump was fact checked six times by moderator Lester Holt, while Clinton wasn’t fact checked once.

On top of the fact checking, Lester Holt didn’t even ask Hillary a follow-up question, but again asked Trump six follow-ups.

The cheating claims go much deeper than tough questions and podium sizes though.

A Fox News journalist in the Clinton reporter pool noticed something very weird the week before the debate. The journalist identified an NBC staffer delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign manager.

Not too weird right? What if I told you the NBC staffer was dressed in a Fed Ex delivery costume and when the Fox reporter asked about the unusual scene, he was escorted off property. He never saw a Fed Ex truck.

It appears that the campaign received the debate questions early and possibly even worked out a deal with NBC earlier in the month for no follow-up questions.

Hillary had scripted answers for every question with facts and delivered well thought out responses. She also looked down at her notes continuously during her replies.

Now is where it gets even worse.

Some people are even claiming that Hillary gave Lester Holt hand signs when she had a zinger she wanted to deliver based on something Trump said.

She would signal Lester like a third base coach, letting the moderator know when she wanted to steal the show. Watch the video below to see her in action.

Hillary really did do a good job on Monday night, and her confidence and stage presence was possibly all because she cheated.

Another website found nine instances of cheating by Hillary. Despite evidence that she cheated during the debate, she won’t be banned from politics.

The FBI found evidence she broke the law in their investigation into her email, but didn’t arrest her. We doubt she will get in trouble for cheating during a debate.

Do you think Hillary Clinton cheated during the debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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If you missed the debate don’t worry, we have your back. Some say Donald won, others say Hillary won, but it isn’t as easy as that.

For the next few days we are going to be inundated with quotes from the debate and fact checking, but at the end of the day, both candidates did a good job.

Hillary didn’t lose her cool and kept pushing Donald to defend parts of his record and it worked out well for her. It also helps she didn’t have a coughing attack.

Trump didn’t mess up like everyone thought. He was defensive when Hillary pushed him a couple of times, but he also called out her lies a few times in epic fashion.

If you want to see the top highlights from the 90 minute debate in less than seven minutes, then watch this video.

They each got some good jabs in.

Hillary hitting Trump hard about his “racist birther” pursuit and Trump hit back equally as hard calling Hillary’s email scandal not a mistake, but intentional.

At the end of the night, left leaning polls had Hillary winning and right leaning polls had Donald Trump winning.

The debate was essentially a tie. Both candidates are going to have to answer for some inaccuracies over the next few days, but nothing was said that would cause either one to pull away in the polls.

Trump was rather polite and Hillary looked healthy so the debate didn’t go as most expected but both candidates should be happy with their performances today.

How do you think they did? Who won? Let us know in the comments below.

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It is time. This is the moment that we have all be waiting for. Tonight, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face-off in a historic debate.

Despite what the gender-focused liberals say, Hillary being the first woman in a presidential debate will be historical like when Barbie got her first job. No, the importance tonight revolves around ratings.

Obama vs. Romney debates in 2012 and the Reagan vs. Carter debate in 1980 all had over 45 million households watch the matchup.

Online viewers have pushed the numbers up recently and made the totals for the Romney and Obama debate around 67 million.

Tonight we are going to see the record shattered.

100 million viewers is not out of the question, it could also even push as high as 120 million making it like the Super Bowl, and it is in a way.

The media is invested in this election like never before. Trump is a candidate that attacks the mainstream media and says they are biased. Hillary loves the media and says they do a great job.

When the debate kicks off tonight at 9pm (EST) at Hofstra University in New York, there will be millions of liberals itching for Trump to say something racist. There will be millions of conservatives counting down until Hillary lies about something, but what if Trump doesn’t say anything racist?

What if Trump actually stands his ground and talks policy while letting Hilary be the one that is calling him names? Will anybody notice?

This entire debate has been built up as a grudge match; this will not be a policy debate. If you want a discussion on policy, tune into the next one, this is the one that they are going to fire shots back and forth until somebody leaves wounded.

There is too much bad blood between the two that needs to be cleared up before any substantive debate can happen. Tonight they will clear the air and they will do it in front of potentially 100,000,000 people.

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for and we can’t wait.

Who do you think is going to win tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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A radio station was possibly hacked in New York that repeated the message, “Trump will go 26th,” and it is freaky, but what does it mean?

The strange message was repeated over and over around 7am on Wednesday.

Some conspiracy theorists say it is the day “they” are going to try and kill Donald Trump.

Others say it says, “Trump, April 26th”, but nobody really knows what happened.

Listen for yourself and make up your own mind what the voice is saying.

The station is located in Chester Township New Jersey and employees of 1630AM didn’t even know the message had been sent out over the airwaves.

Some people think that it has something to do with the first debate on the 26th of September. Coincidentally, the debate is also in New York.

The station is also located close to the home of the terrorist that was apprehended on Tuesday.

It is likely this is all some bizarre coincidence, but it is kind of freaky with all that is going on in the world, but doubtful it is a Trump threat.

There is even the possibility that the guy that posted the video, made the whole thing up just to get people watch his YouTube channel. It happens more than you think.

What do you believe the radio message means? Tell us in the comments below.

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We can’t wait for Trump and Hillary to debate, but now we are expecting a slight change in the show. Debate planners are now planning to add a third podium.

Donald Trump and Hillary are not the two most popular candidates in history, actually quite the opposite, so it is expected that a third party candidate will qualify for the debates.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate and two term Republican governor of New Mexico is polling in some places around the country in double digits.

Gary will need to have over 15% in at least five national polls before the first debate kicks off September 28th. If he can reach that 15% mark, then he will make it to the stage.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is trying to make sure that venues and potential moderators are not surprised if Gary makes it to the stage.

Since his own party pushed Bernie Sanders out of the race and the establishment Republicans loathes Donald Trump, there are a lot of Republicans and Democrats that are looking for other options.

Gary Johnson is likely to some attention this year and CNN has already given the Libertarian Party a prime time Town Hall. Something they did not do in 2008 or 2012.

Gary has a real chance this year and he is starting to rise in the polls. Right now the third party candidate who is on the ballot in all 50 states is polling around 9%.

He has some ground to make up over the next month, but as more undecided voters start looking away from the GOP and the Democratic Party, then Johnson could see a steady rise leading up to the debates.

The Libertarian Party has stances that appeal to both Republicans and Democrats and there is a great chance that we will see Gary Johnson on the debate stages this fall.

Want to know more about Gary Johnson, here he is talking about Black Lives Matter on the CNN Town Hall.

Do you think that Gary Johnson will be invited to participate in the debates?


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