Sunday, June 25, 2017


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Hillary Cheated

A Democratic U.S. Senate candidate from Iowa is alleging that Hillary Clinton cheated at the second Democratic presidential debate earlier this month.

Candidate Tom Fiegen claims that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton worked together to stack the deck, and make sure she came out with a win under her belt. Fiegen has endorsed Hillary’s chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Fiegen claims that DNC officials actively stuffed the room with Hillary Clinton supporters, in order to ensure she would get bigger applause and more favorable audience reaction.

But Fiegen isn’t the only one claiming that there’s funny business going on in the Democratic Party.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is also running for President, claims that the number of debates, and their timing, is a direct result of the DNC attempting to “circle the wagons” around Hillary.

“Four debates and only four debates — we are told, not asked — before voters in our earliest states make their decision,” said Mr. O’Malley, back in August. “This sort of rigged process has never been attempted before.”

The debates have also been slammed for their poor scheduling. The most recent debate was held on a Saturday night at 9pm Eastern, historically a “death slot” for TV networks, due to the small number of Americans tuned in.

Hillary was narrowly seen, by some, as the winner of the first two debates. But she also made controversial statements that could haunt her in a general election. In the first debate, she proudly claimed that her “biggest enemies are Republicans.” In the second debate, she ridiculously excused her famously cozy Wall Street ties as being a thank you for all of her help after the 9/11. She also was slammed by Republicans for refusing to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”

But with Hillary out-polling both of her rivals, it’s clear the Democrats want to limit her exposure as much as possible, to not rock the boat. To the detriment of the American people.

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Hillary Clinton gave a solid performance in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate–but one statement she made is raising eyebrows. And it could have disastrous repercussions for her in the general election.

Moderator Anderson Cooper asked, “Which enemy that you made during your political career are you most proud of?”

Clinton responded, with a smile, “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians–probably the Republicans.”

While that got a loud cheer from the audience, full of partisan liberal Democrats, it could mean big problems with Hillary when it comes to moderates in the general election.

It’s no secret that America has gotten progressively more polarized in the age of Obama–and part of that has been Obama’s refusal to work with Republicans. Blessed with a supermajority in the Senate when he took office, Obama didn’t need any votes from Republicans in order to pass controversial bills like ObamaCare.

When he lost his 60th vote in the Senate with the death of Teddy Kennedy and the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, he refused to change course–further alienating Republicans.

Now, Americans on both sides of the aisle are left pointing fingers for gridlock–and many Americans caught in the middle are looking for a President who can unite, rather than continue to divide.

But it’s clear, from the debate, that Hillary Clinton–who declared how proud she is to count nearly half the country as her “enemies”–will not be that President.

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Could a liberal comedian–with deep ties to the Obama Administration–host a presidential debate next fall?

According to a petition on, Jon Stewart–the now-former host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, which became famous for its comical, liberal take on the news–might be gaining steam.

The petition, which asks the Commission on Presidential Debates to make Stewart a moderator for one of the three largest general election debates, has garnered more than 81,400 signatures–in just a few days.

Stewart, who has recently come under fire for secret meetings with the Obama Administration (while portraying himself as an unbiased news provider), could make things interesting for the eventual Republican candidate, given his political bent.

Plus, having a newscaster who is, first and foremost, a comedian could be a wildcard in any debate–and risk overshadowing the actual candidates on the stage. With only three debates between the Republican and Democratic challenger, every minute of their answers should count.

Mariel Waters, who started the petition, has a different take: she cites Stewart’s journalistic credentials–including a Peabody Award, and his numerous interviews with high-profile national and international political figures on The Daily Show–as reason enough for him to host the debate.

Considering the generally button-down feel of presidential debates, Stewart hosting one might be a long shot. But it might not be as far-fetched as it seems.

Three high school girls started a similar petition in 2012, urging the Commission on Presidential Debates to make sure a woman moderated one of the general election debates–after learning that a woman hadn’t moderated in two decades, since 1992.

After garnering 180,000 signatures, CNN anchor Candy Crowley was announced as the moderator of one of the debates.

Stewart’s petition is nearly halfway there, with almost a year to go.


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