Monday, July 24, 2017

Democrat Primary

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From Fox News to ABC to MSNBC everyone was congratulating Hillary Clinton on winning the nomination of the Democratic Party; meanwhile they still call Donald Trump the “presumptive nominee”. How does that work?

Hillary won most of the states on Tuesday and got most of the delegates and is still short of the magic number of 2383 needed to win the nomination. She has 2184 delegates but she has been crowned the nominee.

On the other side of the isle, Donald Trump clinched enough bound delegates to solidify his nomination, yet they still call him the presumptive nominee.

If you count the unbound super delegates, then Hillary has the amount needed for the nomination, but that doesn’t happen until July 25th at the Democratic Convention. Still the media is all calling her the nominee.

People all over cable news networks are congratulating her on being the first woman nominee, but it isn’t done yet.

Is this a tactic to force Bernie to get in line? With the “first woman nominee” narrative, it sounds like it is done deal when it is not. It looks like they are just trying to shut down all the Bernie momentum and to make him look bad for continuing, and the media is pushing the narrative.

On the other side, they still call Donald Trump the “presumptive” nominee, why? Is it to plan the seed in the public’s mind that he still can be replaced? Is there still some things that the GOP can do during the convention to elect a different nominee?

This has been an unprecedented primary season and it is only going to get worse during the general election.

It is going to be hard for anyone to beat Hillary if she has the media pushing a false narrative that benefits her campaign. Especially when they work the opposite way to project Donald Trump in a negative narrative.

The whole thing is baffling when you think that the “first woman nominee” for President of the United States has almost every network behind her campaign at the same time that she is under criminal investigation by the FBI.

Do you think that the media is trying to get Hillary elected? Let us know in the comments below.

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Today is the day. Despite the reports yesterday that Hillary has clinched the nomination of the Democratic Party, the announcement was premature.

She has enough delegates if you count all the super delegates, but she doesn’t have enough to win the nomination outright… yet.

Today could be the day that she really clinches the nomination with a big primary win in California. Bernie though could pull off a miraculous upset and win California.

Even if Bernie wins California, he will still be down in the delegate count and the big question will be, “what will Bernie do next”? Will he pull out of the race and support Hillary?

Will Bernie keep fighting all the way to the convention and divide the Democratic Party and roll out the red carpet for Trump?

If Bernie loses California today there is a great possibility that he will suspend his campaign only to return if Hillary goes to prison. (Which is a possibility.)

If Bernie wins though, there could be a big battle leading into the convention in August. Even if Bernie does not have enough delegates to win, he and his socialist policies will be front and center during the convention.

The challenge for the Democratic Party is to figure out a way to not completely disenfranchise his avid supporters and bring them into the fold somehow.

The longer this drags on, there is more and more of a reality that Bernie could end up the running mate of Hillary. If nothing else, it she may select him just to appease his supporters.

Regardless of what we speculate what will happen, it all comes down to California for Bernie Sanders. He needs to make his final stand and he is looking like he is in good shape.

Sanders has campaigned ferociously in the state for a couple of weeks and was down as much as 13% in the polls during the winter and is now leading the former secretary in some polls.

This is his last stand and he is giving it his all, but will it be enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Wins

The socialist Bernie Sanders and the woman under a criminal investigation by the FBI have been going blow for blow and it all came to a head on Tuesday. Before the results even came in though, something wasn’t right.

Somehow there were some “irregularities” in one area of New York where 125,000 registered Democrats were purged from the voter roll. That’s right, just before the primary it is discovered that 125,000 people could not vote.

What makes this a unique case is that all of them happened in one area, Brooklyn. It just happens to be the birthplace of Bernie Sanders where was expected to do very, very well there.

The Bernie Sanders campaign is calling the irregularities a “disgrace”, but that isn’t all that happened.

There are reports about machines breaking down.

There are rules in place that were not broken, but disproportionately hurt Bernie Sanders. Bernie is getting a surprising amount of young people to get involved in politics and many came out to vote for him but they were not registered.

There are some reports of up to 10% of the people that came to vote were turned away because they were not registered or registered with a different party than Democrat.

Hillary got the win in New York and Bernie’s campaign is in critical condition now. They needed this win to keep the momentum but it didn’t work out that way.

Hillary won and she is on a solid path to victory. That is unless the FBI decides to indict her, which is a real possibility.

What do you think about the purge in Brooklyn?


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