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James O’Keefe and his team have completed a year-long investigation into the corruption and illegal activity between Hillary’s campaign, the DNC and groups on the ground that commit voter fraud and stage violence at Trump rallies.

The videos from the investigation are having a massive impact on the election and could be the most damaging October Surprise yet.

See the investigation videos and some clips from the fallout below. There are links to other articles and for more information.

1. Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

For more information, CLICK HERE.

2. Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

For more information, CLICK HERE.

After the first video dropped, the corporate media did not want to share the undercover investigation, but James O’Keefe and his team couldn’t be stopped.

Now the story has gone viral and the evidence is so convincing that even CNN is forced to cover the story.

Hannity and Newt Gingrich discuss the undercover videos by Project Veritas Action.

What are your thoughts after watching the videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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white house

The James O’Keefe videos on voter fraud and violence at Trump events don’t stop at Hillary. Now there is a White House connection.

Bob Creamer was the middle man between Hillary’s campaign and the DNC. He was the one that connected it all and then organized the protests to incite violence at Trump Rallies.

Bob Creamer was the man that worked to mobilize a massive voter fraud campaign that has been happening for “fifty years”.

Bob Creamer is also the man that visited the White House 342 times since 2009. That is a lot of visits.

Now Creamer has resigned from his position at the DNC in a released statement.

Here is James O’Keefe’s favorite part of the statement.

Project Veritas Action and James O’Keefe have no cause Creamer to resign and Scott Foval to be fired. The undercover videos are having a real impact.

Here are the undercover videos if you missed them.

Video 1

Video 2

What do you think Bob Creamer was doing at the White House 342 times?

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James O’Keefe released an undercover video that exposes the dark underbelly of the Democratic Party, but this is what the media thought about the groundbreaking journalism.


When the video was released at noon on Monday that concluded a yearlong undercover investigation into the Clinton campaign, it made a huge impact on social media, but was nowhere on the news.

CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and even Fox News decided to not run the story. Why? Brit Hume said it was because the media had to verify the video.

The irony is, Fox News ran with different stories against Trump without verifying, including the many sexual abuse claims and even the “Access Hollywood” recording.

Why is the media not sharing the work of Project Veritas Action?

James O’Keefe and his team released a video that literally exposes the dirty tricks of the DNC and how it is all connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Project Veritas is releasing Part Two of the undercover investigation before the debate on Wednesday and it is promised to be just as shocking as the first.

In the first video we learned how Hillary and her henchmen organized and paid protestors to go to Trump rallies and incite violence. It’s called “birddogging”.

The next video takes a deeper look into voter fraud and it is promised to be a step by step guide of the Democrats plan to steal the election.

Project Veritas Action and James O’Keefe are doing the real work of journalists that the media is not doing right now. The least they can do is report on James’ work.

Why do you think the media is not covering this groundbreaking report? Let us know in the comments below.

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Donald Trump has said some wild things during this election, but when he says the election is rigged, he might have a point.

James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas Action are doing the work the mainstream media should be doing.

He and his team went undercover to expose the connections and teamwork behind the DNC, Hillary’s PACs and even the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The video shows how Hillary’s campaign is willing to pay an old woman to incite violence at a Trump rally.

See how the Democratic National Committee is at the middle of a lot of “rigging” that is manipulating and using the mainstream media to get Hillary in the White House.

This isn’t a shock video like Trump’s disgusting “Access Hollywood” hot mic recording that shook Michelle Obama to her core; this is what real journalism looks like.

Watch the video to fully comprehend the magnitude of this discovery.

James O’Keefe is a young man who is truly making a difference with investigative and undercover journalism… and has been for the last decade.

Project Veritas Action is exposing how the Hillary Campaign and the DNC operate through various different groups to make sure the media shares the message they want.

This video exposes the depths at which the “Clinton Machine” is working to win Hillary a ticket to the White House.

Of course nothing is directly tied to Hillary, but that is what makes her a Clinton. This video does show how twisted the Democratic Party organizers are.

Seriously, think about it! The DNC are paying people to dress up and go to Trump rallies with one purpose: the “protesters” are taught to provoke the Trump supporters into violence and then run to the media to cry as a “peaceful protester”.

The media is complicit. It took James O’Keefe doing the media’s job to expose this story.

The actual voting in the election may not be rigged, but the “system” and the Democratic Party have been caught again rigging the media, and to Trump’s claim, ultimately rigging the election.

A lot of people were turned away from Trump last winter because of the violence at the Chicago Trump rally, which was shut down. Now we know exactly why it was shut down.

Project Veritas Action is letting the world know the truth before Wednesday’s debate.

There is a lot to digest in this video, but what part stands out to you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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debate question

John Podesta’s emails keep giving us a lot of information that confirms the suspicions of most Americans that Hillary is corrupt.

The day before the March 13th Town Hall where Hillary and Bernie would field questions from the audience, Donna Brazile, a CNN correspondent at the time sent the Clinton campaign a question that Hillary often has trouble with.

The question was on the death penalty framed around innocent people dying on death row. A man who was wrongfully imprisoned asked the question.

See the exchange and how confident Hillary was with her answer. It was very thought out.

Hillary was ready for the question and there are no emails that let us know that Bernie knew any of the questions ahead of time.

If that wasn’t corrupt enough, then wait until you find out what position Donna Brazile has now.

Brazile is the interim head for the DNC after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz left amid the DNC email leak.

The DNC replaced a cheat with a cheat and they all are trying to help Hillary win the White House by any means necessary.

Next up is the denying game from the DNC and from Brazile, but that is the same thing that the DNC did immediately following their email release.

WikiLeaks continues to be a thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton and a torch bearer for truth.

Do you think that Donna Brazile should resign from the DNC? Let us know in the comments below.

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The DNC had their secrets exposed by hackers and people leaking information and now the Dems are saying whatever they can to get you not to pay attention.

Remember over the summer when WikiLeaks released the DNC emails and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired with the CEO of the DNC and other employees?

Well the new interim chairwoman, Donall Brazile said that people should not read the latest leaked documents because you could get a virus on your computer.

Don’t look at the criminal activity because you could download some malware. She also went on to claim that Russia did all the hacks, but that has not been proven either.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t want the emails released and she knows for sure the hack was done by Russia. How does she know for sure?

She calls this an “electronic Watergate”. The difference here is that we don’t know the hackers yet, and if they are even hackers. It could have been an internal leak like Julian Assange and Oliver Stone think.

Nancy Pelosi also begged Paul Ryan to to not use the hacked emails as part of political ammunition.

Is she kidding? Her party decided to keep Bernie Sanders from winning and forced Hillary Clinton on the people and now it is blowing up in their face.

The liberals who are trying to scare you and blame Russians are the same ones that are not taking responsibility for their party.

They want to blame everyone else, but don’t take responsibility for the emails that prove that they wanted Hillary to win and not democracy.

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clinton foundation

First it was Hillary’s home servers, then the DNC got hacked and now it looks like the Clinton Foundation has had a serious breach.

The charitable organization founded by Bill and Hillary Clinton just hired a major security firm to help identify who possibly hacked their system.

FireEye is the company that the Clinton Foundation has hired to look into signs that the organization was hacked and what information was stolen.

There have been many leaked documents from the home server and the DNC, but nothing has surfaced from the Clinton Foundation yet.

We have seen people be fired from the DNC and Hillary has taken some serious heat regarding her handling of her server during the presidential race. What will this do?

The breach has not been confirmed by either the foundation or Clinton campaign, nor have they commented on the recent reports.

Some close to the event say that the hackers used a “spear phishing” technique to create bogus emails and websites to get employees to click and allowing the hackers access.

A U.S. official that is remaining anonymous said that the techniques used in this hack seem similar to the ones on the DNC that was blamed on the Russians.

The Russians have denied the claims from the DNC that their system was hacked by Russia.

WikiLeaks founder suggested a man named Seth Rich did the DNC hack from the inside. Seth Rich was found dead a month ago in a park in DC, shot twice in the back.

As of right now, we don’t know who did the hacks on Hillary’s server, the DNC and now the Clinton Foundation, but we do know that Hillary is nervous and hiring one of the best firms in the world to figure it out.

Who do you think hacked the Clinton Foundation and what do you think they found? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton

Corruption, lies and murder, all the things that the “right-wing conspiracy nuts” have been saying about the DNC and the Clintons for years, might all be true.

For the record, if you think Hillary is involved in corruption, lies and murder, you are not a conspiracy nut; you are a person that is paying attention to the news.

Just in the past two months, several people connected to the Democratic National Committee have been murdered or died under suspicious causes.

One of the victims was a man named Seth Rich, who was shot several times in the back in a “failed robbery attempt”.

Now the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is dropping a bombshell on Hillary’s hopes to become president or even stay out of jai. He is suggesting that Seth Rich was the person who leaked the DNC’s emails and voice mails.

If that is true, then the murder of Seth Rich becomes very problematic for the DNC and as an extension, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary after all said that Russia was to blame for the attacks and she couldn’t be more wrong. Not only did she blame a foreign country, Russia of all places, she may have had direct knowledge that Rich did leak information to WikiLeaks.

Watch Julian suggest that Seth was the source.

The DNC emails gave us a chance to see how they conspired to effectively end Bernie’s revolution and kill democracy in the process.

Is it such a big step to think that they would kill to keep it a secret?

Assange has also hinted in previous interviews that he has enough information to make sure that Hillary goes to prison.

He also assures us that more emails are coming.

What do you think about Hillary blaming Russia when it could have been the DNC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Democrats are doing their best to try and include the Black Lives Matter movement and the mothers of black men who have been killed by police, but we are seeing a shocking result.

On the day that the mother’s of slain black children spoke at the Democratic National Convention, a protest march was planned outside.

The “Black DNC Resistance March” was about to start in Philadelphia when an organizer took to the mic to demand that the white people get in the back of the line and the black people get up front.

Didn’t Rosa Parks show the world that this is wrong?

Why isn’t Hillary condemning this kind of speech?

Watch the video as one of the organizers sets our country back a few decades.

The liberal media is largely ignoring the protests and marches happening at the DNC, but they are getting worse.

There are a lot of people angry. You have Bernie fans angry with the DNC and mad at Hillary. You have Hillary fans who are mad at Bernie and his fans. There are groups that hate police and groups that are self-proclaimed communists and everyone is angry. (They also all hate Trump)



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