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Donald Trump

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Following President Elect Donald Trump’s press conference, documentary film maker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC to say about Trump, “It was a masterful performance. He owned the room. He owned the day.”

Make no mistake, Moore is no fan of the incoming president, but he has been the only consistent voice on the left that has stated again and again – going back to the primaries – that Donald Trump is a threat . . . because he can win.

Now, after Trump has won the election and is only days away from taking the helm of the United States’ top position, Moore is telling the media, and in this case, MSNBC, that Trump is a threat to them.

The video clip above, which was labeled by MSNBC, “Michael Moore: Donald Trump is ‘Godfather’ of Fake News,” is misleading as Moore covered a variety of topics and even took the time to school the MSNBC host that NBC is an investor in the fake news site, BuzzFeed.

Watch the interview above and comment below.

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The California Republic is introducing a string of crazy new laws in 2017, on top of decades of other crazy laws and policies that have left the state with the second highest cost of living in the nation – a feat for the third largest state in the nation.

To protect their lax immigration policies, gun grabbing (or at least magazine grabbing), and their business-busting stance on global warming, state democrats have moved forward to hire former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder is now a partner at the prestigious firm, Covington & Burling after serving Barack Obama as his chief law enforcement officer from 2009 to 2015.

Eric Holder will serve as the state’s legal adviser going into the Trump presidency and his firm’s retainer will be paid for by the taxpayers of California . . . and it’s unlikely that retainer will be cheap.

California Governor Jerry Brown has stepped up his battle against global warming despite power and water shortages that have plagued the state for years.

Shortly following the election of President Elect Trump, Holder cast doubt on the results by tweeting, “This is vote fraud/rigged elections. Our democracy is weakened when American citizens can’t vote #votersuppresion.”

Holder was also a frequent critic of Trump, saying, “Trump is dangerous/unfit.”

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rosie o'donnell

During the first Fox News Presidential Debate, host Megyn Kelly zeroed in on Donald Trump and his treatment of women.

The Fox News host told the billionaire, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals’.”

Trump quickly responded with the laughter-generating line, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Today, O’Donnell, the former TV talk show host, actress and gay-rights activist, took to Twitter in a disjointed attempt to “stop” Trump before he takes office.

First she attacked the validity of the election.

She didn’t stop there. She then shared an “article” that claims Trump is broke.

Some would say what she is sharing is considered “fake news”, but not according to liberals.

Rosie continued on her rant and of course demands to see his taxes.

Why are most of Donald’s celebrity haters the ones that are irrelevant in today’s pop culture?

Rosie is clearly having a hard time with a Trump presidency, but there is nothing that she can do to stop him.

Do you think Rosie is right or does she need to get a life? Let us know in the comments below.

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Following a run of celebrities deaths, Charlie Sheen, who was busy promoting his “Sheeenoji” app, took a moment to tweet to God, hoping for the untimely death of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Here’s Sheen’s tweet:

The anti-Trump tweet went out to nearly 12 million of Charlie Sheens followers.

The “B” list actor appeared to get a kick out of the public’s reaction to the tweet as he published this odd string of words:

While Sheen may have been joking in his prayer, others are overt in their intentions for Donald Trump.

Throughout the election season, and escalating following the election of the billionaire candidate, calls for violence against Trump have increased.

This month, a British man was sentenced to 12 months and a day in jail, for attempting to grab the firearm of a law enforcement officer in an attempt to kill Trump at a Nevada rally.

According to his attorney’s, the young man was autistic and suffered from obsessive-compulsive anxiety.

Charlie Sheen, who is taking the death wish lightly, should consider the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley. Hinkley, also reportedly mentally unstable, was inspired by the anti-Reagan rhetoric of actress Jodie Foster.

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first 30

While the most arrogant President in modern American history pontificates that if only he had been permitted to run for a third term he would have been easily reelected, President-elect Donald Trump is methodically preparing to assume office as the first true reformer since Ronald Reagan. Media pundits love to speculate on what Trump’s “First 100 Days” will look like. However, the country’s 45th President-in-waiting likely will press an agenda that can accomplish more in his first month than most of his predecessors accomplished in their first year.

After all, what is so magical about the “first 100 days”? It is nothing more than an arbitrary benchmark for critics and supporters of a new president to cheer or denounce the new White House occupant. Moreover, there is much a new president can accomplish immediately on assuming office and in the days following. For President Trump, a few recommended “first steps:”

1. Deliver a bold foreign policy address at a major international forum, within one week of January 20th.

As last week’s terror attacks in Germany and Turkey continue to demonstrate, dealing with acts of terrorism will face Trump as soon as he is sworn in. As I wrote last week, America remains in desperate need of a foreign policy reboot. Obama’s default position has been one of submission; an odd mixture of mealy-mouthed rhetoric, coupled with efforts to shift focus away from the real problem – radical Islamic terrorism — to pet domestic agenda concerns such as gun control.

Trump needs immediately to signal a change in course. To do this, he must demonstrate a clear shift from the “kinder and gentler” mentality of the Obama Administration, to a bold and firm declaration that our enemies once again shall be on notice that any attack on America, her citizens, or her interests, will be met with force. Furthermore, just as he did when he took the historic call from the Taiwanese president, Trump should make it clear that no other country – especially China – will be dictating what we can or should do when pursuing what is best for America.

2. Ignite America’s energy policy.

Trump’s declaration of a new American foreign policy must be coupled with a sweeping reform of America’s energy policy. To help secure our long-term security, America must become more energy self-sufficient — a direction abandoned by Obama in favor of “green energy” subsidies and favors to global warming activists and liberal donors.

As President, Trump will have the power to – and therefore should — take steps immediately to undo many of the anti-energy policies implemented by his predecessor. Thus, within his first days in office, Trump should approve the fourth phase of the Keystone XL Pipeline; which collected cobwebs on Obama’s desk for six years, only to be symbolically rejected when Democrats needed to score P.R. points with their liberal base.

Trump also should instruct the Army Corp of Engineers to reverse its decision to block the proposed North Dakota Access Pipeline — a decision made after intense pressure from Obama and his cadre of environmental extremists.

These two shots across the bow of the Oil Cartel and the environmental lobby will make clear there is a New Sheriff in Town who will indeed put America back to work and in charge.

3. Restore Justice and Federalism.

For eight years, our once vaunted Department of Justice has been politicized and used as a club to beat up on and control local law enforcement agencies. Rehabilitating the Justice Department’s shattered reputation, and restoring a proper balance between federal and state/local law enforcement responsibilities should be among the highest priorities for the new President. So long as the reputation of the United States Department of Justice remains at an all-time low, credibility of all federal agencies and responsibilities will continue to erode.

To set the stage for a rebirth of Justice, as soon as Jeff Sessions is confirmed by the Senate as the nation’s 84th Attorney General, the new President should deliver a major policy address, from the Great Hall at the Department of Justice,declaring in clear and unambiguous terms, that the “war on cops” is over, and that historically and constitutionally-based priorities at the Department will be restored and implemented.

4. Nominate Sen. Mike Lee to fill the vacancy of the Supreme Court.

This is a no-brainer, and should announced as early as January 21st. It will send Liberals into conniption fits, but put a smile on the face of Lady Justice.

These four simple but important steps by the new President Trump will set the stage for a rebirth of the Constitution at home; place the country on a firm, new path to security and energy independence; and lay the groundwork for the legislative challenges facing the Administration in the following months, including repeal of Dodd-Frank, and repeal and replacing Obamacare.

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Given the Democrats loss to Donald Trump in what was supposed to be a “sure thing” for Hillary Clinton, what do you think there next move will be?



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mexican border

This morning, an email came across a company email inbox. It was from “Trump Supporters” with the email address, [email protected]

With the subject line, “We promised to build a wall, Can we depend on your support?”, the email went on to say:

We appreciate your continuing support.

We promised to win the election and we did it.

We promised to create jobs, to protect this great nation
and to make America great again!

We promised to build the wall and I’ll tell you what,
we’re going to deliver on that promise as well.

Read more at [site removed]
to find out about how our nation’s next president,
the great Donald Trump, is making moves to build that wall!

Again, we appreciate your support. God bless America!

The email linked to a real fake news article that claims that President Elect Donald Trump has started to buy land along the Mexican border – a claim that is clearly and utterly false.

While Hillary Clinton’s cohorts and the executives at Facebook decry “Fake News” as the scorn of their existence and why they lost the election, the reality is the motivation to produce fake news is very, very simple . . . it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

The link that was included in this email went to what is called a “slideshow.” It’s a series of short articles or blurbs and images that require readers to navigate from one page to another. Many publications use slideshows as a way to entertain readers and to increase ad revenue . . . even this publication.

For each thousand page views, publishers typically earn $6 to $15. It’s not a lot money if you think about it and in retail terms, the earnings are anemic – consider 1,000 customers walking into a store and only $12 is spent.

To make up for the low earnings, unscrupulous characters on the Internet (and unfortunately there are no shortage of them), fabricate news with extraordinary headlines in order to drive in traffic and boost earnings. Some call it “click bait” others call it unethical.

With that said, the email above was also considered unsolicited bulk email, aka, SPAM, and is illegal.

Does that matter? No as most spam originates off shore and even from places like . . . gasp . . . Russia where people are less interested in overturning an election and more interested in putting another ruble in their pocket.

Comment below.

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tax plan

Many voters failed to notice the switcharoo pulled by Team Trump late into the election.

Through most of the campaign season, buzz continued over Donald Trump’s proposed reduction in business tax, from 35% to 15%. However most voters were drawn in by the increase in standard deductions and the three simple tax brackets of 10%, 20% and 25%.

The plan represented a nice break for the American tax payer that would return the income tax to a level not seen since 1931.

As the campaign progressed, Trump gave into criticism over the cuts and increased the brackets by as much as 40%. The new, NEW brackets are 12%, 25% and 33%.

Compared to current rates, the lowest earners with a taxable income of $18,550 and below (for married couples filing jointly) will see a . . . get this . . . a TWENTY PERCENT INCREASE in taxes.

Conservatives are not up in arms over this as many lower income producers also receive significant welfare subsidies.

From there, the tax cuts look promising for most earners, with the exception of families with more than one child.

While the Trump plan doubles the standard deduction (Trump proposes a $30,000 deduction for married couples), the personal exemption is gone. So that $4,000 exemption per child is now gone.

For high earners, personal exemptions were phased out anyway by Obama for couples who earned more than $305,050.

The biggest beneficiaries of the Trump Tax plan are still the high earners who see a reduction whopping 10.4% tax break. Not only will their tax rate drop from 39.6%, they’ll also no longer be required to pay the dreaded Obamacare Tax of 3.8%.

Big win for top earners who pull in over $225,000 per year.

For the rest of us, the break is still . . . well, a break, but only representing around $2,200 a year for most Americans.

While many workers are fed up with paying 30%+ of their paycheck to state, federal and local tax agencies, historically, the tax rate in the United States is comparatively low in its history.

For most of the 20th century, the tax rate topped out at 70% . . . reaching as much as an astounding 92%.

Compared to current top tax rates, we’ve got it easy.

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Viva Fidel!

Campus Reform decided to as American students who they preferred as a leader, Donald Trump or Fidel Castro. The answers might shock you.

The Leadership Institute’s project called Campus Reform aims to be the leading higher education watchdog and news site for students and professors around the United States.

One reporter went, Amber Athey went to American University to see if students preferred Fidel Castro or Donald Trump.

See the shocking results in the video.

Not only did majority say that they liked Fidel Castro better, they didn’t have any solid justification.

Some said they simply just didn’t like Trump and others said because of all the great things that Castro did. After mentioning all the great things, they couldn’t come up with any specific examples.

The most shocking revelation is the number of college students that said it was a “hard question”. What is hard about comparing Castro to Trump?

Only one of the two people are responsible for the death of thousands of people. Only one planned to launch Russian nuclear weapons at the United States. Donald Trump said some mean things on the campaign trail and created a bad “university”.

There is really no comparison.

The left is holding up Castro as some socialist genius and wonderful leader. Obama, the Prime Minister of Canada and others praised Castro’s life over the weekend, but the same people say that Trump is going to be horrible for this world.

Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and is already worse than Castro. The good news is, Trump doesn’t have to do much to out perform his expectations.

Who do you prefer: Castro or Trump? Let us know in the comments below

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stock market

The stock market dropped from August through October and signaled that the markets wanted a Trump. They got what they wanted, but what’s next?

Late on Election Day, when it looked like Trump was going to win, the Dow futures market took a steep nose-dive dropping close to 800 points.

That loss was almost completely gone by morning, and when the stock market opened the next day, it started to rise.

On Monday, almost two weeks from the election, the stocks hit all time highs. The Dow Jones industrial average broke the 19,000 barrier for the first time ever.

The only thing the markets are really responding to is Trump becoming president. The dollar is even up, but how long can this last?

This week is a holiday week and some of the busiest shopping days. Then we get into December and we start getting economic numbers in, then things could change.

On the week of December 11th, the Federal Reserve board of Governors will meet and decide if they are going to institute a rate hike.

Last December the Fed increased interest rates by a $0.25 and the markets tanked. We began 2016 with the worst start of a new year for the stock market in history.

If the Feds decide to raise rates we could see a similar sell off, but then if Trump is able to push through some of his economic plans, we could see the market bounce back up.

We are at an all time high in the stock market right now fueled by the printing of money from the Fed during the quantitative easing programs, and the speculation that Trump will be good for the economy.

At some point the house of cards will fall, and what Trump does to help correct the markets will be a true test of his presidency. Obama continued the same policies as George Bush and Bill Clinton. Trump was elected to change those policies, but we’ll see if it is as easy as Trump claimed during the election.

Do you think the stock market will continue to go up or will we have a major sell off to start the year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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