Thursday, April 27, 2017

Donald Trump

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President Trump has shocked many of his own supporters with his strong support for the American Health Care Act.  The bill, designed by Paul Ryan and the health insurance industry, would still cost taxpayers $1.42 trillion dollars while increasing health insurance premiums by 20%.

Many argue the bill is worse than ObamaCare.

Given that Trump has backed a bill that does not repeal ObamaCare and instead strengthens it, do you believe he has lost credibility?

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It’s been 50 days since Donald Trump was sworn in. What are your thoughts on his progress since then?

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The House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California spoke to the National Press Club about impeaching Trump on Monday.

She revealed that the Democrats are not moving forward with an attempt to impeach Trump at this time, but they are “listening”. Waiting for their opportunity.

“You don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies. When they break the law, that’s when you have grounds for impeachment. Perhaps misrepresenting the American people could be cause for impeachment. If so, there’s plenty of grounds right now with the current president, but it just isn’t the case. That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment.”

Nancy Pelosi’s took some shots at Trump, but at the end, she targeted the supporters of Trump.

“Many of the president’s supporters are not ready to accept the fact that their judgment may not have been so great in voting for him.”

Nancy Pelosi is criticizing the 60 million Trump voters instead of facing reality. If the Democrats had better judgment, they wouldn’t have backed Hillary Clinton. If the Democrats had better judgment under Obama, they wouldn’t have lost the House and the Senate. It is the lack of judgment from the Democrats that got us into this mess.

Trump is a month into his presidency and the top ranking Democrat in the House already admits they are looking at Trump with a microscope waiting for him to mess up. Building a case for impeachment.

The Democrats are doing what the Republicans did during Obama, and look how that turned out? Instead of reorganizing, rebranding and focusing on governing, the Democrats are looking to stop Trump at every turn. The Republicans did the same thing.

When Republicans failed to lead during the last eight years, Trump was the result. A brash, non-establishment figure that doesn’t mind calling it like he sees it. If Trump does something that is illegal and damaging to the United States, then we should start talking about impeachment. Then and only then will some Trump supporters be ready to even discuss impeachment.

Are You Ready To Accept Trump’s Impeachment?

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The Trump White House is planning a big immigration push that could start a war over immigration in the United States.

There are few topics that have fueled the anti-Trump protestors than immigration, and Trump’s new “big immigration launch” is going to infuriate them.

The White House is working with the Department of Homeland Security on a proposal that will dramatically add and empower thousands of new officers.

According to a senior administration official, Fox News is reporting that the proposal will hire new officers to fast-track deportations.

The new secretary of the DHS, John Kelly, is asking for 10,000 new ICE officers in the proposal as well as 5,000 additional U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Kelly blames the rise in immigration as the need for the new recruits.

“The surge of immigration at the southern border has overwhelmed federal agencies and resources and has created a significant national security vulnerability to the United States.”

Although this proposal doesn’t focus on the border wall, the new DHS head thinks that is “necessary” to build the wall.

Trump isn’t looking to change any laws to get his way on immigration; he is looking just to enforce the laws that are currently in place.

The push for more immigration agents is another campaign promise that Trump has now kept.

Trump’s actions are solidifying him as the leader that many supporters hoped for, but to millions on the left, they see his actions as more evidence that Trump needs to be stopped.

There is no doubt the left is going to try and stop Trump regardless of what he does, but Trump’s new hires for DHS will go through with no issues.

Trump’s travel ban to countries that support terrorism is a different story. The executive order is having a hard time making it through the courts and CNN is reporting that Trump is “preparing a new travel ban”.

When Trump issued the original travel ban protesters almost shut down airports.

What will they do when Trump hires 15,000 new agents to crack down on illegal immigrants?

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Some liberals just can’t get past the fact that Donald Trump won, so they have created a fake universe where Hillary is president. Want to visit?

A fake news website has sprung up that pretends that Hillary is president and not Trump.

The site is a total fabrication, but publish articles that make the progressive left feel all warm inside.

Articles with headlines like, “Kellyanne Conway Dating Brock Turner” and “Mike Pence’s Latest Hobby: Gardening With Grindr Matches”. (Grindr is a dating website for those that don’t know.)

The articles take jabs at famous Republicans while create a safe space for liberals that are still in denial from Trump’s victory.

At the top of the home page it says, “President Hillary Rodham Clinton, News From The Real America, Where The Majority Rules.”

If you try to contact the site owners, there is a simple contact form, but no staff is identified.

Shortly after the election, Hillary spoke at the capital building about fake news.

Even though she called on government to end fake news, there is no report of Hillary trying to take down the HillaryBeatTrump website.

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Trump has a major problem with his administration, and it is the largest distraction to Trump’s agenda. No it isn’t his Twitter account, which is a major distraction, but the leaks in the Trump administration threaten everything he wants to do.

Every day there is some new source with inside knowledge of the administration, releasing some bit of information that is damaging to the president.

A New York Times article revealed that an aide told the press they were working in the dark because they couldn’t figure out how the lights turned on.

The article went on to claim that Trump enjoys sitting alone, watching television wearing a bathrobe.

Of course Trump took to twitter to say the author “writes total fiction”.

One of the largest leaks in this short administration is the call that Trump had with the Australian Prime Minister. Quotes were leaked to the press that asserted that Trump said that the call with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was “the worst call by far” of any call he had with a world leader.

The news did not make his supporters feel any more comfortable and it gave more ammo to his growing number of detractors. The leaks are proving a constant flow of ammo to the left.

Tensions are growing because of the leaks in an already divided White House. Reince Priebus is the President’s Chief of Staff, but he also represents the establishment Republicans.

Steve Bannon is a senior counselor to the president and has criticized the Republican establishment for years as the executive of Breitbart News. Bannon is about as anti-establishment as you can get.

With Trump being in politics really for the first time in his life, he hasn’t been able to build a solid team around him that he trusts and for good reason.

The administration is plagued with leaks, and if this continues, it is possible that Trump will get his family more involved. For now, the leaks are a major distraction and keeping the Democrats in the game when the White House should be in a position to push their agenda.

If Trump can’t find a way to stop the leaks, then he will spend all his time managing his team and putting out fires and not enough time governing.

What do you think Trump should do about his leak problem? Let us know in the comments.

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Following President Elect Donald Trump’s press conference, documentary film maker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC to say about Trump, “It was a masterful performance. He owned the room. He owned the day.”

Make no mistake, Moore is no fan of the incoming president, but he has been the only consistent voice on the left that has stated again and again – going back to the primaries – that Donald Trump is a threat . . . because he can win.

Now, after Trump has won the election and is only days away from taking the helm of the United States’ top position, Moore is telling the media, and in this case, MSNBC, that Trump is a threat to them.

The video clip above, which was labeled by MSNBC, “Michael Moore: Donald Trump is ‘Godfather’ of Fake News,” is misleading as Moore covered a variety of topics and even took the time to school the MSNBC host that NBC is an investor in the fake news site, BuzzFeed.

Watch the interview above and comment below.

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The California Republic is introducing a string of crazy new laws in 2017, on top of decades of other crazy laws and policies that have left the state with the second highest cost of living in the nation – a feat for the third largest state in the nation.

To protect their lax immigration policies, gun grabbing (or at least magazine grabbing), and their business-busting stance on global warming, state democrats have moved forward to hire former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder is now a partner at the prestigious firm, Covington & Burling after serving Barack Obama as his chief law enforcement officer from 2009 to 2015.

Eric Holder will serve as the state’s legal adviser going into the Trump presidency and his firm’s retainer will be paid for by the taxpayers of California . . . and it’s unlikely that retainer will be cheap.

California Governor Jerry Brown has stepped up his battle against global warming despite power and water shortages that have plagued the state for years.

Shortly following the election of President Elect Trump, Holder cast doubt on the results by tweeting, “This is vote fraud/rigged elections. Our democracy is weakened when American citizens can’t vote #votersuppresion.”

Holder was also a frequent critic of Trump, saying, “Trump is dangerous/unfit.”

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rosie o'donnell

During the first Fox News Presidential Debate, host Megyn Kelly zeroed in on Donald Trump and his treatment of women.

The Fox News host told the billionaire, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals’.”

Trump quickly responded with the laughter-generating line, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Today, O’Donnell, the former TV talk show host, actress and gay-rights activist, took to Twitter in a disjointed attempt to “stop” Trump before he takes office.

First she attacked the validity of the election.

She didn’t stop there. She then shared an “article” that claims Trump is broke.

Some would say what she is sharing is considered “fake news”, but not according to liberals.

Rosie continued on her rant and of course demands to see his taxes.

Why are most of Donald’s celebrity haters the ones that are irrelevant in today’s pop culture?

Rosie is clearly having a hard time with a Trump presidency, but there is nothing that she can do to stop him.

Do you think Rosie is right or does she need to get a life? Let us know in the comments below.

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Following a run of celebrities deaths, Charlie Sheen, who was busy promoting his “Sheeenoji” app, took a moment to tweet to God, hoping for the untimely death of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Here’s Sheen’s tweet:

The anti-Trump tweet went out to nearly 12 million of Charlie Sheens followers.

The “B” list actor appeared to get a kick out of the public’s reaction to the tweet as he published this odd string of words:

While Sheen may have been joking in his prayer, others are overt in their intentions for Donald Trump.

Throughout the election season, and escalating following the election of the billionaire candidate, calls for violence against Trump have increased.

This month, a British man was sentenced to 12 months and a day in jail, for attempting to grab the firearm of a law enforcement officer in an attempt to kill Trump at a Nevada rally.

According to his attorney’s, the young man was autistic and suffered from obsessive-compulsive anxiety.

Charlie Sheen, who is taking the death wish lightly, should consider the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley. Hinkley, also reportedly mentally unstable, was inspired by the anti-Reagan rhetoric of actress Jodie Foster.


Listening to liberal college administrators waxing poetic from their ivory towers, one might conclude the greatest threat to higher education is not helicopter parents...