Thursday, December 8, 2016

Donald Trump

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Viva Fidel!

Campus Reform decided to as American students who they preferred as a leader, Donald Trump or Fidel Castro. The answers might shock you.

The Leadership Institute’s project called Campus Reform aims to be the leading higher education watchdog and news site for students and professors around the United States.

One reporter went, Amber Athey went to American University to see if students preferred Fidel Castro or Donald Trump.

See the shocking results in the video.

Not only did majority say that they liked Fidel Castro better, they didn’t have any solid justification.

Some said they simply just didn’t like Trump and others said because of all the great things that Castro did. After mentioning all the great things, they couldn’t come up with any specific examples.

The most shocking revelation is the number of college students that said it was a “hard question”. What is hard about comparing Castro to Trump?

Only one of the two people are responsible for the death of thousands of people. Only one planned to launch Russian nuclear weapons at the United States. Donald Trump said some mean things on the campaign trail and created a bad “university”.

There is really no comparison.

The left is holding up Castro as some socialist genius and wonderful leader. Obama, the Prime Minister of Canada and others praised Castro’s life over the weekend, but the same people say that Trump is going to be horrible for this world.

Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and is already worse than Castro. The good news is, Trump doesn’t have to do much to out perform his expectations.

Who do you prefer: Castro or Trump? Let us know in the comments below

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stock market

The stock market dropped from August through October and signaled that the markets wanted a Trump. They got what they wanted, but what’s next?

Late on Election Day, when it looked like Trump was going to win, the Dow futures market took a steep nose-dive dropping close to 800 points.

That loss was almost completely gone by morning, and when the stock market opened the next day, it started to rise.

On Monday, almost two weeks from the election, the stocks hit all time highs. The Dow Jones industrial average broke the 19,000 barrier for the first time ever.

The only thing the markets are really responding to is Trump becoming president. The dollar is even up, but how long can this last?

This week is a holiday week and some of the busiest shopping days. Then we get into December and we start getting economic numbers in, then things could change.

On the week of December 11th, the Federal Reserve board of Governors will meet and decide if they are going to institute a rate hike.

Last December the Fed increased interest rates by a $0.25 and the markets tanked. We began 2016 with the worst start of a new year for the stock market in history.

If the Feds decide to raise rates we could see a similar sell off, but then if Trump is able to push through some of his economic plans, we could see the market bounce back up.

We are at an all time high in the stock market right now fueled by the printing of money from the Fed during the quantitative easing programs, and the speculation that Trump will be good for the economy.

At some point the house of cards will fall, and what Trump does to help correct the markets will be a true test of his presidency. Obama continued the same policies as George Bush and Bill Clinton. Trump was elected to change those policies, but we’ll see if it is as easy as Trump claimed during the election.

Do you think the stock market will continue to go up or will we have a major sell off to start the year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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“I’m going to kill the president elect.” These words from a successful CEO have him in very hot water right now.

Matt Harringan is the CEO of PacketSled and is also posting on Facebook his intentions to kill Donald Trump.

PacketSled is a risk management company that has been successful. The company was forced to take action after learning of the comments online from their CEO.

“I’m going to kill the president elect,” was one of the worst ones, but he also challenged Trump’s security by saying, “Bring it secret service.”

“Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherfucker. I’ll find you.”

It isn’t just Trump he’s mad at.

“In no uncertain terms, fuck you America. Seriously. Fuck off.”

The words are haunting and hint to a very deep hatred for Trump. He seems dangerous and it doesn’t seem like a “joke” as his Facebook apology claims.

Matt Harrigan is now on leave from and his company PacketSled made an apology on their website as well.

“PacketSled takes recent comments made by our CEO, seriously. Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported this information to the secret service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries. These comments do not reflect the views or opinions of PacketSled, its employees, investors or partners. Our CEO has been placed on administrative leave.“

He must have been really angry and shocked that Trump won, because he said things that everyone knows are wrong.

You can’t just joke about killing the president, and if you do, you are an idiot that shouldn’t be in charge of any company.

It is ironic that he works for a risk management company and said what he did online. It should make one question the company.

Do you agree that everyone knows that you shouldn’t threaten the president or president elect? Let us know in the comments below.

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Donald Trump has won the election and made history, but now he has to govern, so what’s next?

After the corporate media picked up their jaws on Tuesday night as Trump won Florida and started marching to victory, they realized that a Trump presidency is a real thing.

It took a long time, and a lot of fighting to get to this point and almost nobody thought Trump could actually win, but he did.

Now it is time to fix the divide in this country, but after the divisive campaign that both candidates ran, can the new president elect do it?

If his acceptance speech is any indication of his direction, then his focus is on healing the divide.

Now is the time for Trump to put his words into action. He was humble and gracious in his acceptance and showed a side of himself we haven’t seen too often.

This is our president elect, but there are a lot of people who compare him to Hitler and are really scared for their future.

This is the time for Trump and his supporters to show the most ardent detractors that the media has them wrong and Trump is for all Americans.

If Trump fans are bad sports and run out and gloat or worse, say racist stuff and post hateful pictures on social media, then it is only going to make Trump’s job harder.

Be respectful and understand that this is a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow and it will take time. Don’t add to the trouble by being a sore winner.

Trump is off to a good start, but now the president elect has a lot of hearts and minds to change, and so do his fans.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. It was a hard fought battle.

What do you think Trump has to do next? Let us know in the comments below.

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hillary lost

Not only did Donald Trump win the presidency and Hillary lose, there is another huge loser that nobody is talking about.

Can we take a moment to talk about how awful the corporate media and the polls turned out to be?

It’s really embarrassing.

Thousands and thousands of people make great livings reporting on the news for the corporate media and none of them got it right. Nobody.

Nobody on MSNBC, nobody on CNN, and nobody on Fox came out before the election to say Trump would win in a potential Electoral College landslide.

Every poll was off and the constant reporting about how Hillary would walk away with the election was so wrong that this is being called the greatest upset in American political history.

Fox News is part of the corporate media and the establishment on the right and they finally realized around 3am that they got it all wrong and Trump was right.

The media got it so wrong that Alex Jones made better predictions than CNN. For weeks, the InfoWars leader said the polls were rigged and Trump is winning in a lot of states, but the corporate media just mocked him.

Who is laughing now, Washington Post?

This was an amazing election because the people we trust to give us factual news with insightful commentary had it so wrong that they may never recover.

The big loser tonight, other than Hillary, is most definitely the corporate media. I you watched any of the MSNBC or CNN coverage, you could see it on their faces– if you could look past all the egg.

Other than Hillary, who do you think the big losers of the night are? Let us know in the comments below.

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illegal immigrants

With Election Day looming, some see it as their last chance to enter into America illegally if Donald Trump is elected president.

A flood of illegal immigrants has come into the country over the last couple of years, but this year has set all records.

Just the past couple of months, border patrol agents report a big increase in illegal crossings.

Right now it is like last call and those who can are literally running for the border.

Some people want to cross the border to make sure they are here before the wall is built if Trump wins, or before amnesty is handed out if Hillary wins.

The motivations behind the crossings are due to smugglers pushing extreme narratives to people looking to cross and telling them it is their last chance.

The false narrative is very effective right now and our border agents are claiming they are overwhelmed. Some of the agents on the ground are claiming 800 to 1,000 people being detained each night, and that is just one location in McAllen, Texas.

People wishing to cross over the border who don’t want to do it alone pay between $4,000 and $8,000 to smugglers for help.

No wonder the smugglers are telling everyone that this is their last chance.

The problem on our southern border is overwhelming.

Illegal immigration is something that Obama and his administration have actually encouraged by not doing anything to control our borders.

Obama has been responsible for a very large number of deportations, but those people can turn right back around and cross our border again.

Many people don’t really have any other option than to come to America, because their home countries are in such bad shape.

We should have a legal way to bring these people into our country instead of them paying $30,000 to cartels and smugglers to get their family of four across the border.

What do you think we should do with all the illegal immigrants in our country right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton is in panic mode right now and is losing Florida for the first time this election, but instead of explaining her vision, she attacked Trump supporters.

The former Secretary of State took some heat back in September when she put half of Trump supporters into her “basket of deplorables”, but she apologized.

Now she is taking it a step further and describing all of Trump fans in a much more ominous light.

She doesn’t attack the candidate, because that doesn’t seem to be working. Instead she attacks his supporters by calling them “dark, divisive and dangerous”.

Is this new strategy going to work?

Hillary has to find something that will click with supporters. A Rasmussen poll came out that has Trump up by three points and the first candidate to hit 50% support.

In less than a week we have seen Hillary’s poll numbers drop by almost double digits across the board.

It isn’t likely that attacking the Trump supporters is going to help, but more likely that she is just getting frustrated.

She is now fighting the FBI in two criminal investigations, WikiLeaks, and Trump won’t be stopped.

After the Trump “hot mic” tape was released, her campaign started sending out emails talking about “landslide” and started worrying about the down votes.

Now she is sending emails begging for support in knocking on doors and sending money. The wheels are falling off.

Trump has been staying on message lately and delivering his vision for the United States. Hillary is resorting to attacking Trump supporters.

Hillary and her camp is letting their frustrations show and it isn’t going to stop her current slide. She should be focusing on her vision of “stronger together”, but according to her statements, it looks like she doesn’t believe in her own slogan.

Do you think attacking Trump supporters are going to work in bringing her numbers back up? Let us know in the comments below.

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trump cafe

A couple in Texas is in love with one of the candidates and they even changed their restaurant to show their support.

Trump Café was once called Bellville Café, but not anymore.

The owners have decided to change the name and change the menu to honor their favorite candidate for president.

They used to server French styled food, but now they only serve American dishes now.

Located about 60 miles outside of Houston, the Texas eatery falls in a very red part of the state, but that doesn’t mean there are not a lot of Trump haters out there.

It is a bold move to change a business’ name to support Trump, but it could pay off. They are getting the Trump branding for free.

This isn’t the first time that the billionaire businessman has turned the food and beverage industry upside down.

Recently Yuengling Brewery decided to endorse Donald Trump and some bars are no longer selling the beer.

Trump Café is now serving and ready to server anyone who likes American.

Would you eat at the Trump Café? Let us know in the comments below.

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An artificial intelligence system called MogIA is making a shocking prediction, but all the polls disagree with the computer.

The advanced AI system that has predicted the last three elections is picking Trump as the winner.

MogIA was developed by an Indian company named Genic.AI, and uses over 20 million data points from public websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube.

It looks at the engagement of a candidate’s fans and predicts a winner. This year it is Trump.

The AI doesn’t take into account “sentiment”, so there could be a lot of negative statements that are still being recorded, but so are Hillary’s data points.

What is really amazing about the numbers, the current election has 25% more engagement than Barack Obama’s record setting numbers in the 2008 election.

More people are online now, so that may have some influence, but 25% is a big number.

“If Trump loses, it will defy the data trend for the first time in the last 12 years since Internet engagement began in full earnest,” said Sanjiv Rai, the developer of MogIA.

The polls in America disagree.

Real Clear Politics average is at 5.2% today in favor of Hillary.

If the AI system is going to be right, then the polls have been way off this entire election.

We’ll see who wins and if the machine is right in predicting the downfall of the Clinton machine.

Let us know if you think the AI system is right in picking Trump in the comments below.

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black vote

Hillary Clinton and almost every other Democrat have called trump a racist, so is it possible black voters are starting to like Trump?

According to a Rasmussen Poll that tracks the black voters, Trump started October with only 9% of likely black voter supporting the GOP candidate.

That number has almost doubled in three weeks. See the numbers below.

Black Likely Voters for Trump
Oct. 3 – 9%
Oct. 6 – 12%
Oct. 10 – 14%
Oct. 12 – 19%
Oct. 17 – 17%
Oct. 20 – 15%
Oct. 25 – 16%

The numbers show a strong growth so far this month, and it isn’t over. This election isn’t over either.

If Trump could get just 25% of black voters to support him, he would win in a landslide.

The Democratic Party is made up of 22% black voters. Shaving off 25% of the black vote would cost the Democratic Party 5% of their voters. That is enough for Trump to win in the battleground states where the black vote is the strongest.

States like Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio and could really drive home wins in states like Texas.

The other scenario that isn’t being monitored by the corporate media is the lack of enthusiasm in this election compared to the last two.

In 2008 and 2012 we saw the black people in America come out in their biggest numbers ever to support a president.

They don’t feel as strongly about Hillary as they did Barack Obama, and rightfully so. There is a huge enthusiasm gap and black voters are not expected to come out in the numbers they did in the two previous elections.

With lower turnout, the black Trump supporters are even more important to this election and could be group that pushes Trump over the top in most battleground states.

This election is truly historic and we still have two weeks, this isn’t over yet.

Do you think Trump will get 25% of the black vote in America? Let us know in the comments below.


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