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Midland Texas is known for it’s high school football and now one team is making a very patriotic stand.

People turn on the TV and see Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem before an NFL game. The football players at Greenwood High School didn’t like message Kaepernick was sending so they decided to carry American flags onto the field.

They didn’t kneel, they stood up and ran, each one carrying a flag. Some flags represented their state or branches of the military, but the majority ran holding the American flag high into the air.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

The team showed solidarity, as each one held a symbol of patriotism and together they stood for America.

The team has actually been doing this for most of the season and the idea was originally suggested by one of the players.

Coach Chad Hanna spoke to local KSBD about his teams patriotic pregame ritual.

“We are a community here. This was a great way to show our support for our country, for the men that have made the sacrifice serving that flag.”

Unfortunately the team lost in the first round of their playoffs to Bushland 49-42. Despite having their state championship dreams crushed in the first round, the memory of this season will be remembered for a long time.

What do you think about the Rangers from Greenwood High School? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Electoral College drops its vote on December 19th, and the public electors are feeling the heat to become “faithless.”

Throughout U.S. history, only 178 electors have ever switched their vote.

The largest contingent of vote switchers occurred in 1872. Sixty-three electors dropped their vote for the Liberal Republican Candidate (yes, that was a party) Horace Greeley. Those 63 electors didn’t necessarily have an issue with Greeley’s policies or behavior; they switched their vote because he died weeks after losing to Grant.

(Interesting side note: Horace Greeley, a “perennial” establishment politician was from Chappaqua, NY, where Hillary Clinton now resides.)

Fast forward to 2016 and talk of “Faithless Electors” is at an all-time high and the electors themselves are feeling the heat thanks to modern communication.

Electors in Georgia who are pledged to Trump, have noted that they are “bombarded with messages” and one elector, Baoky Nguyen Vu has already resigned after saying he cannot bring himself to vote for President-Elect Trump.

Thanks to Mr. Vu’s resignation instead of faithless vote, he has been replaced by an alternate.

In Idaho, the four electors pledge to Trump have stated they have been “recipients of intense public lobbying to abandon Donald Trump.”

Iowa has also seen increased requests for the contact information for their six Trump electors.

Spokesmen from yet another state, Michigan, have commented that they are also being “bombarded” with messages to switch their vote from Trump and Pence.

Even in Tennessee, electors pledged to Trump have received so many “anti-Trump email” that they regard the continued contact as “harassment.”

Despite the intense pressure electors around the nation are receiving, so far, only four have indicated they will vote for a candidate other than the one they are pledged to . . . and two of those electors are pledge to Hillary Clinton.

Two electors in Colorado, a state won by Clinton, had previously stated they are not with her.

In Texas, one elector, Stephen Suprun, has indicated he will be voting for John “Waterworks” Kasich while another, Arthur Sisneros states that “Trump is not biblically qualified for the Presidency.”

With an equal number of defections, Trump is comfortably set to steam roll into Inauguration Day.

Isis to attack on Inauguration Day

Since Trump was elected a month ago, ISIS has called for violent attacks, but they are planning something big for “Blood Friday”.

Friday, January 20th, Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. We call this day Inauguration day, but ISIS is calling it “Bloody Friday”.

The radical Islamic group has ramped up its recruiting and messaging inside America with subtitled videos and translated message boards online.

According to news reports, ISIS is claiming that it has recruited a number of English speaking soldiers in the past couple of months. They are calling for attacks, but are they actually planning one?

Just last week Abdul Razak Ali Artan attacked 11 people on the Ohio State campus with a knife. Artan ranted on Facebook about ISIS before the attack according to Cincinnati’s special agent charge for the FBI, Angela Byers.

ISIS also released a report on its al-Naba publication that Artan was a member of their group. Although the FBI is not confirming a direct connection to ISIS, the terrorist group is.

Investigators are saying the “chatter” between terrorist groups and different members are increasing. The UK’s Express Daily is reporting that groups are planning “large scale attacks” on Inauguration day.

An Inauguration Day attack would be bold, dangerous and it would send a very poignant message to Trump and his administration. That is if they can pull it off.

Even without the threat of ISIS, all major law enforcement agencies will be on high alert for the event. Thousands of protestors are expected to join the tens of thousands of people coming to watch the Inauguration.

With the continued threats coming from ISIS and many Americans that are not happy with Trump, Washington will feel like occupied France on January 20th.

ISIS rarely lives up to its rhetoric, but planning an attack on the inauguration could be their boldest move yet inside of America. Luckily the FBI and many other agencies are working hard to make sure we are attack free.

This isn’t the first time that terrorists wanted to turn the Inauguration into a “blood bath”. CNN reported about terrorist threats prior to Obama’s inauguration.

The FBI did a great job during the Obama Inauguration and we expect them to do the same on January 20th.

Despite any terror threats, are you planning on attending Trump’s Inauguration? Let us know in the comments below.

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James Mattis picked as Secretary of Defense

When Donald Trump announced his pick for Secretary of Defense, a collective “Ooh-Rah!” was heard around the nation.

The President Elect announced his choice as Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

The four-star general has been known for his colorful quotes such as “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

The Marine was previously Commander of United States Central Command but ended up on the wrong side of the Obama administration as Mattis had developed a reputation as being too eager to fight.

Again, a Marine Corps general was not “trusted” by the Commander in Chief because the warfighter did not shy away from military confrontation.

As a result of Obama’s lack of faith in General Mattis, he was essentially forced into retirement in 2013.

Trump’s confidence in Mattis is representative of the shift in thought that is taking place in government with the presidential transition.

Obama preferred to have pacifists as military commanders while Trump prefers to appoint men who have no problem killing enemy combatants.

As a Marine Corps officer, Mattis became one of the most loved generals since General Alfred Gray. Gray was a “mustang,” a Marine who enlisted then became an officer, rising to the highest rank of Commandant.

Gray, a Vietnam veteran, reminded all Marines of their primary role as rifleman, by always wearing his camouflage utility uniform and carrying a canteen cup.

In the “Hall of Commandants” that is adorned with a painted portrait of each Marine Corps Commandant throughout history. There are 36 paintings hanging of Marine Corps Commandants in their ornate dress uniform – then there is one painting of General Gray in his “cammies.”

Mattis, who prefers his call-sign, “Chaos” is a soft-spoken, unimposing man – until you have to fight him.

His aggressiveness in combat earned him the nickname “Mad Dog” and the young Marines who fought under his command credited him with providing both the strategy and motivation to not just win the battle but to beat the enemy until they are as “flat as a cat on a highway.”

Mattis’ determination comes at a price as he is married to combat. “Chaos” has never owned a television and spends his time studying warriors throughout history from the Spartans to the Comanche.

Trump will have one road block in getting confirmation of his Secretary of Defense in that Mattis is legally barred from serving a Secretary of Defense for seven years after his retirement from the military.

Mattis will have to receive a special exemption from Congress to receive the appointment.

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Fox News to lose Megyn Kelly to CNN

Megyn Kelly has become a huge star in cable news and the number one network, Fox News, may lose their number one female anchor.

Today, the Drudge Report posted a picture of Megyn Kelly with the headline “Exclusive: Megyn Kelly May Jump Network”.

Drudge is reporting that Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN is doing everything he can to get Megyn Kelly. A source close to the dealings between Kelly and CNN said Zucker is moving mountains.

“He is moving the Himalayan Mountains to get her, but they are tripped up on money. He simply can’t pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table.”

Her stardom would rise, but would she ever leave Fox?

During the summer months of 2016, Fox News was caught in a sexual abuse scandal. Roger Ailes, the only CEO Fox News has ever had, was accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment by several leading ladies at Fox News.

Gretchen Carlson, the former 1989 Miss America, accused her co-host Steve Doocy and Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Gretchen settled out of court for $20 million.

Andrea Tantaros, who also accused Ailes of sexual misconduct was offered a seven-figure settlement, but refused it according to Tantaros’ lawyer in a statement to Variety.

Megyn Kelly was also one of the ladies that Ailes was inappropriate with and allegedly made unwanted sexual advances. When other top anchors came out to support Ailes as the allegations were flying over the summer, Megyn was silent.

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren and many more supported Ailes, but the allegations became too much and the CEO was let go.

Megyn Kelly wanted Ailes out and she got what she wanted, and as the election moved into the final months, more controversy started to bubble.

Fellow Fox anchor Sean Hannity attacked Kelly and called her a Clinton supporter back in October.

Tensions have cooled since the election, and Fox News finished with its highest month in four years. A lot of that has to do with Megyn Kelly.

Kelly’s show, The Kelly File had its most watched month since it launched with 3.4 million total viewers.

To top it all off, Megyn Kelly’s new book, “Settle for More” was also released in November and hit number one on the New York Times best seller list. Her ratings rival Bill O’Reilly is number two on the list.

Megyn Kelly is on top of her game, and if there was ever a time she could capitalize on a move, it would be right now. She has a hit show, she has a hit book and she is respected for going head to head against Trump.

If what Drudge is reporting is true, and Kelly is leaving Fox News, she couldn’t have picked a better time.

Plus if she does leave Fox, she will most likely be put in the 8pm spot which would give her the chance to go head to head with Bill O’Reilly, and that may be all the incentive she needs.

Do you think Megyn Kelly is going to leave Fox News? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Obama is a few weeks away from leaving office and Donald Trump is helping him leave on a high point.

When Obama departs the White House on January 20th, he is likely going to leave after one of the strongest economic quarters during his eight years as president, but who is causing the boom?

After the stock market started the worst year in its history, it came roaring back only to lose the momentum and start to fall again starting in August. The troubles continued through the election.

Then something happened. Donald Trump was elected, and the stock markets responded in epic fashion by reaching its highest levels ever. Things turned around very quickly.

Black Friday shopping was up and people are spending again and a lot of it has to do with Trump and not Obama.

A Trump spending euphoria is spreading, as working class adults feel more comfortable with their financial future with the new president elect.

The incoming Trump administration isn’t just making America feel better about spending money; they are actually making a difference with jobs already, and that is fueling some of the euphoria.

Thursday, Trump and Mike Pence are heading to a Carrier facility in Indianapolis to announce that the heating and air conditioning manufacturer is going to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana and not move them to Mexico as previously announced.

After Trump was elected, Ford also decided to keep the production of an SUV in Kentucky instead of moving it to Mexico.

As far as impact on the economy, the jobs are rather minimal. To the people that work in the factories saved by Trump, the jobs are very important.

The message that our economy is set to rise is resonating around the country and in the stock market.

If the Trump spending euphoria continues through the holiday season to wrap up the fourth quarter, Obama could have his best economic quarter in eight years. Something he can thank the president-elect for before ObamaCare is repealed in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

Do you think Obama or Trump is fueling the “boom” in the economy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Has Julian Assange gone missing after the 2016 Election

Ever since Julian Assange’s Internet was cut over a month ago, rumors started flying that he was taken, abducted, or worse.

During the month of October, WikiLeaks was the most used term in the media. The releases of the Podesta, Hillary and the DNC emails were earth shattering to the Clinton campaign and arguably contributed to her loss.

In late October, Assange’s Internet was cut in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but did something else happen to him?

At the time, many loyal supporters thought he was taken and WikiLeaks was compromised, but now, weeks after the election, more and more people are starting to think that might be the case.

It is true that all the interviews and videos of Assange that have been seen over the last month were all pre-recorded and none talked about current events.

Groups like Anonymous and Infowars are assuming the worst.

See the video below from an Anonymous YouTube channel that provides the details surrounding this unusual case.

If something has happened to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, there is no evidence to prove it just yet.

Is it as extreme as Alex Jones claims or is Assange just taking some time away from the media and enjoying being disconnected with the Internet.

Now even WikiLeaks has asked the public to stop asking for proof of life.

There is simply not enough information to know what has happened to Julian.

The Ecuadorian embassy could end the speculation by giving Assange his Internet right back or letting him come to his window.

There is more to this story, and as information that can be verified comes out, we will let you know.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ohio State University

Tragedy hit Ohio State University on Monday and today we are learning about the attacker and possible terrorist influence.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan is the alleged attacker in the Ohio State “active shooter” event that happened late Monday morning.

Artan is a refugee from Somalia that is a legal permanent resident. During the attack, he drove a car into a group of people on the Ohio State campus and then jumped out and started attacking the wounded with a butcher’s knife.

After investigators found a Facebook rant on Artan’s page, the attack was apparently inspired by his anger towards the treatment of Muslims around the world.

Artan was not a student at the University, but had graduated by nearby Columbus State Community College earlier this year.

The attack is very reminiscent of many recent terrorist strikes in Europe where a knife or vehicle was used as the main weapons during the attack.

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, ISIS put out a message calling for supporters around the globe to attack Americans and Europeans.

As of right now, there is no evidence that has been made public that directly links Artan to ISIS or any other radical Jihadist group.

The tragic incident could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the actions of campus officer Alan Horujko. Less than a minute after the attack started, officer Horujko was on the scene and shot and killed the suspect.

All the victims are expected to survive their injuries.

There were reports that two other men had been arrested from a nearby parking garage shortly after the attack took place, but the police have not linked them publicly to the attack.

Artan is one of almost 100,000 Somali refugees that have settled here in America since 9/11/2001. Attacks like these don’t help the people that are fighting Trump’s immigration plan. In fact, attacks like the one on Monday only embolden Trump’s resolve and the people’s support.

What should Trump’s first immigration action be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Cyber Monday for Patriots

The numbers for 2016’s Black Friday are already out and the result is clear. While there were more shoppers risking life and limb for great holiday deals, there was a drop in spending.

How does that work?

The big box retailers made a decision this year to ride the Black Friday hype and offer few, truly great deals, leading to, for instance a “Doorbuster” from Target of $9.99 throws . . . pathetic we know.

Spending is a progressive game with shoppers. To fill a cart and capture the “yes” mentality, good deals must be presented frequently for the brave holiday shoppers.

In that spirit and for Cyber Monday, here are a few actually good deals for the gun loving, red-meat eating American:

ShootingTargets7: Up to 40% off AR500 steel targets. Be sure to pick up a zombie target along with the magnetic stencil.

Knife Center: Get 20% off already discounted items. No code necessary.

Sportsman’s Guide: Online shop, Sportsman’s Guide, has strong deals on ammo and hunting gear including $142 pump shotguns and 500 rounds of 9mm for only $100.69 (not bad).

Kansas City Steaks: For a good steak at 10% off with free shipping, try Kansas City Steaks with the code “Cyber5” when you hit the checkout button.

Know of some other great deals today? Comment below.

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The left wants to paint everyone into little boxes and then label them. Now if you are part of the alt-right, then you are a racist.

Turn on any corporate media channel and you will see a story about how the alt-right is racist and full of white supremacists. They claim that Trump’s advisor pick in Steve Bannon is racist.

Everything that Trump does is racist and all his supporters are racist according to the media and their attacks on the alt-right.

What is the alt-right? Watch this clip to get a “Reality Check” about who Steve Bannon is and what the alt-right stands for.

Just like there are racist, wannabe cop killers in Black Lives Matter, there are some racists in the alt-right movement.

The thing is, Hillary and the DNC wanted to lump everyone they disagree with into the alt-right. Listen to Hillary’s statements back in August about tying Alex Jones to the alt-right and see Paul Joseph Watson just destroy her claims.

There are no members in the alt-right. There are no meetings and there isn’t a leader. The alt-right is a name thrust on people that are not happy with the Republican or Libertarian Parties, but support conservative thought.

There is no organized alt-right, and the term is so loosely interpreted, I doubt they will ever be organizing under that name.

Trump and Bannon have denounced the alt-right due to the limited ties to one hate group, but it doesn’t matter.

Nobody that self identified as alt-right before it was all tied to white supremacy by the corporate media, is changing what they think. The name will change.

The group will get organized, but without the white supremacist ties and that is a good thing. Something tells me that even if a new group rises out of the alt-right ashes, the left will still call them racist.

How do you feel about the alt-right? Let us know in the comments below.


When Donald Trump announced his pick for Secretary of Defense, a collective “Ooh-Rah!” was heard around the nation. The President Elect announced his choice as...