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As expected the radical alt-left protested in front of the Trump Hotel in DC and in front of the National Press Club where the Deploraball was being held.

Much like we’ve seen in almost all of the major protests by the left, this one got violent too.

Police had to step in and use peppers spray on many the protestors, as they grew more and more confrontational with the police and a few Trump supporters in the area.

The crowd was large but there are conflicting reports as to the size. Some reports are saying the size was roughly 400 people while a few other reports have the numbers closer to 1000.

DC police are ready for the weekend.

The Riot squad guarded the entrances to the buildings and was forced to push the crowd back the mob try to fight their way past.

We have seen this time and time again during the “peaceful” protests that the left attempts to hold. If the protestors are against Donald Trump, why are they fighting with the police?

Thursday night was the first night before a long weekend. Although there are a lot of protests planned for Friday during the inauguration, the real protest is expected on Saturday.

Some are reporting that as many as 200,000 women may show up on Saturday to march in the Women’s March on Washington.

A group called Millennials March wants a million millennials to march on Saturday, but since they are millennials, it doesn’t look like a million will show up.

There are a number of real threats that the FBI and DC police are going to have to worry about, but the protesters are the wild card. If they can protest in peace, then they will be able to make a point to the Trump administration.

If we see more of what we saw on Thursday night, then the protests will only serve as a way for Trump to stand firmly against whatever the protesters are complaining about.

Do you think that things will get ugly this weekend or do you think the progressive protesters will be able to stay in control?

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James O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, have pulled it off again. This time they caught a group of people planning to disrupt inauguration events with butyric acid bombs.

Their target is the “Deploraball” that is taking place at the National Press Club.

Caught on camera, Luke Kuhn and Collin Dunn, acted like the “Weather Underground” terrorists from the 1970’s.

Watch the video above and pay close attention.

O’Keefe inserted an “Easter Egg” at the beginning of the video with the audio recording of one of his undercover journalists being harassed by what appears to be an operative for Bob Creamer, the Democrat’s dark arts operative that Project Veritas exposed during the election.

Comment below.

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Actress Meryl Streep’s insult to both the NFL and the MMA at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

While the jab was directed more toward “low-brow” Trump supporters, the award winning actress did say that without Hollywood “foreigners,” “you’ll have nothing to watch but Football and Mixed Martial Arts which are not the arts.”

Mrs. Streep forgot about NASCAR.

Regardless, the MMA community, showed intelligence above the knuckle-dragging expectations of Streep with it’s collective response, which was complimentary toward Streep’s career and accomplishments while defending their sport.

Outspoken UFC President Dana White, who is a supporter of President Elect Donald Trump and was a featured speaker at the RNC Convention, went on TMZ to discuss the issue.

While Dana White referred to Meryl Streep as “uppity,” the adjective is hardly up for argument for the Hollywood liberal.

Watch the interview above and comment below.

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You would think that the best thing for a generation of “snowflakes” would be spending a few months in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

But four Marine Drill Instructors, SSgt Burke, SSgt Bacchus, SSgt Lucena-Martinez and Sgt Gress may feel differently after their experience with a recent platoon.

The men face arraignment today on criminal charges.

As a Marine veteran myself, and not one of those grizzled, salty, “back in my day” types, reading through the list of allegations left me saddened at the general decline of “hardness” and the lack of adventure in millennials.

Before getting into the allegations against these drill instructors, let me back up a bit and explain why there was an investigation.

Last March, Pvt Raheel Sidiqqui died after falling from a third-story landing. Sidiqqui was supposedly running away from a drill instructor.

The private’s family petitioned the Obama White House for an investigation following the young man’s death, and the investigation was granted (which I believe is reasonable).

However, the investigative process, especially in the Marine Corps, is an exhaustive process that looks for ANY wrongdoing and punishes those actions beyond reason.

Essentially, because of a tragic accident in which Pvt Sidiqqui died while improperly running from a drill instructor, four men will, at least, have their careers ruined.

So let’s discuss the allegations of misconduct outside of Sidiqqui’s accident.

Allegation 1: A number recruits complained that they had been forced to do “illegal calisthenics.”

First, all calisthenics should be illegal if you ask me. They suck. I don’t know what in the hell an “illegal callisthenic” is, but I was probably the victim of them daily in boot camp and never knew it.

Allegation 2: Recruits complained of being forced to do pushups and burpees, on a “dirty dungeon” floor and breathed-in dust.

F’ing please. That’s all I want to say about that. But to assuage any millennial sympathizers who may be reading this column, let me tell you about Sgt Moran.

This lean, 6’3” man with skin as dark as a witch’s soul was my Senior Drill Instructor. Moran was so intimidating, the devil himself would run from him, stumble and fall off a balcony.

There was no pleasing Sgt Moran . . . on anything . . . ever. He was a man so possessed by perfection that my fellow 63 platoon members and me became perfect in the eyes of the Marine Corps . . . but never in the eyes of Moran.

My platoon, 2103, swept every competition and training exercise against other platoons. Every . . . single . . . one. And the competition was not close.

When we graduated boot camp and became Marines, the level of training we received served all of us well.

How did Moran turn pimply teens into smart, professional warriors?

He beat our asses into the ground every moment of the day.

In the Marine Corps, there’s drill, exercise, running and then there’s “getting bent.”

Basically when you screw up, there’s a drill instructor there, in a low and slow voice, expressing disappointment and telling one or all of us to move our butts into a sand pit or the center of a squad bay, a sidewalk, the middle of a dentist’s office, or out of a chow line, to do “illegal calisthenics” until in his judgment, we learned our lessons.

In the eyes of Sgt Moran, we screwed up a lot, and I can say today, I’m a better man for it.

So again, an allegation of abuse based upon a dirty floor? Yeah . . . f’ing please.

Allegation 3: Drill instructors were accused of putting recruits in industrial-sized dryers and turning them on.

While others may be likely appalled by this allegation, I can deduce that this recruit did something stupid to get himself wet. So the DI obliged and allowed the recruit to dry himself off – otherwise, it was just plain fun.

Despite what Hollywood portrays, Marine Corps DI’s are professionals. It is highly unlikely that they will strike or harm any recruit. Their job, and they do care about their results, is to mold young men into Marines. If a recruit needs to be dried out to make that happen and no harm is done, so be it.

Allegation 4: A Muslim recruit was regularly called a “terrorist” by drill instructors.

I don’t care who you are, that’s just freaking hilarious . . . unless you’re a terrorist.

There’s no place for political correctness in Marine Corps boot camp. I had two drill instructors, two were black and two were white and all four of them were equal opportunity offenders.

While there were no direct racial slurs, Mexicans were told they could go back to picking oranges and mowing lawns, the Korean recruit was reminded regularly that Marines likely killed his northern family, and the poor effeminate white kid was forced to wear his underwear on his head at night.

But the black kids? They got it the worst . . . by the black drill instructors.

These muscled-up inner-city black recruits should have been able to physically run circles around their pudgy brothers, but all too often, they would feign exhaustion and generally slack off . . . and by the end of the hour, Sgt Moran had them in tears, regretting their decision to ever leave the hood.

So yeah, “terrorist”, that’s funny.

Allegation 5: A drill instructor saw a picture of a recruit’s sister, said she was “hot” and forced him to log into Facebook so he could meet her – although he never did.

In the everyday pansy world most Americans currently live in, this sounds totally inappropriate. In the world of Marine Corps Boot Camp, I argue that it’s encouraged behavior.

While everyone hears of how physically challenging boot camp is, the reality is that after the first month or so, your body can take any abuse that’s thrown at it. It still hurts, but you’re given the rest and food to recover each night.

The real challenge is mental . . . because war is mental hell.

Marines must be faced with situations that make them scared, doubtful, furious and depressed. Like your body, your emotions and mental capacity must be pushed to the brink to earn the coveted “Marine” title.

Messing with your family, calling your mother ugly and your dog cute is fair game in the Marine Corps.

Sadly, those allegations will likely stick on these Marine Corps drill instructors and they’ll be forced to resign or worse.

A travesty of equal consequence is that the recruits who lodged these complaints and went on to become Marines are still serving with the entitlement that they were somehow wronged.

The true injustice is that they have not suffered the trials and challenges to earn the title, “Marine.”

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Following the most tumultuous presidential election in history, it is easy to forget what happened in January of 2016.

On January 2, 2016 around two dozen Americans chose to challenge the authority of the federal government and did so by entering and occupying the structures within the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

The group was led by Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy who had become nationally known for a 2014 standoff with the feds at his ranch in Nevada.

The group of men were peacefully armed for defensive purposes and communicating regularly with the press, however, state and local law enforcement officials, and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations became increasingly hostile as the group grew to as many as forty men.

On January 21, 2016, Ammon Bundy met with FBI investigators about the federal government relinquishing control of the refuge. Ammon and the FBI agreed to meet again the next day to continue negotiations, but the government agents declined to speak at the second meeting as media cameras were present.

Days later on January 26, state, and federal law enforcement officers created a “traffic stop” to apprehend the leaders of the occupation.

LaVoy Finicum, a cattle rancher from Arizona was the driver of one of the vehicles stopped by law enforcement.

Finicum, with his passengers, drove away from the first stop and as they approached another roadblock one mile down the road, they were fired upon by Oregon State Police.

Finicum veered his truck into a snow bank to avoid incoming gun fire then quickly exited the vehicle with his arms in the air.

As LaVoy left his truck, he was fired upon by two FBI agents . . . who missed. One round bounced off of the roof of the truck while another injured one of Finicum’s passengers.

The FBI agents failed to report the first rounds that were fired and even went so far as to pick up their rifle casings and dispose of them.

A later investigation found the FBI agents were responsible the instigating rounds but no punitive action is known to have been taking against the federal agents.

Moments after the missed shots from the FBI agents, Finicum was shot dead by Oregon State Troopers.

They state he was reaching for a 9mm Ruger in his coat pocket although the accusation is disputed by Finicum’s family.

The stand off ended on February 11th of that year and over two dozen Americans have been charged with numerous federal offenses.

On May 12, several Arizona politicians wrote to Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, requesting that the investigation into LaVoy Finicum’s death be reopened.

Finicum’s widow plans a lawsuit against the Oregon State Police and the FBI for civil rights violations.

The narrative of the occupation of the wildlife refuge and the death of LaVoy Finicum has also changed over the past year.

Ammon Bundy, Finicum and others are being described as “militants” for historic purposes and reports of vandalism and other acts take precedence over the conduct of the federal government during the stand off.

While law enforcement officials have concluded that the shooting was “justified,” critics note that Finicum had been fired upon several times by both the Oregon State Police and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

As what point is it justified to defend yourself if being shot at by government officials?

Comment below.

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A recent commenter on Liberty News Now explained that “all intelligence agencies agree, and that never happens!”

It has happened in the past during the lead up to the war and Iraq and the false and persistent claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Last week, President Obama expelled Russian diplomats on 72-hour notice and within the last 48 hours, has deployed special forces troops to the Russian border.

Barack Obama’s main excuse for his behavior is the agreement of U.S. intelligence agencies in their assessment that the Kremlin “hacked” the Presidential Elections.

No proof has been made public to support the claim.

The main individual releasing the hacked data throughout the election was former hacker Julian Assange through the organization, WikiLeaks.

Assange has stated on numerous occasions that the source of the leaks emails from John Podesta’s gmail account were not from Russian sources.

President Elect Trump repeated those words in a tweet this morning saying:

The President Elect was scheduled to receive a security briefing to explain the alleged hacking on Wednesday, however, intelligence officials have delayed the briefing until Friday, setting off Donald Trump once again:

Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, has refused to retaliate against the actions of Barack Obama, however, that was before the lame duck president deployed troops to the area, escalating tensions.

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rosie o'donnell

During the first Fox News Presidential Debate, host Megyn Kelly zeroed in on Donald Trump and his treatment of women.

The Fox News host told the billionaire, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals’.”

Trump quickly responded with the laughter-generating line, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

Today, O’Donnell, the former TV talk show host, actress and gay-rights activist, took to Twitter in a disjointed attempt to “stop” Trump before he takes office.

First she attacked the validity of the election.

She didn’t stop there. She then shared an “article” that claims Trump is broke.

Some would say what she is sharing is considered “fake news”, but not according to liberals.

Rosie continued on her rant and of course demands to see his taxes.

Why are most of Donald’s celebrity haters the ones that are irrelevant in today’s pop culture?

Rosie is clearly having a hard time with a Trump presidency, but there is nothing that she can do to stop him.

Do you think Rosie is right or does she need to get a life? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yesterday, President Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the United States, with only 72-hour’s notice.

The expulsion affects 96 Russians, including toddlers and pre-schoolers who are forced to evacuate – many of whom have established homes in the U.S.

They are forced to pack up or abandon their belongings and head to the nearest airport.

Some families reported problems obtaining last minute tickets for extensive overseas travel, so the Kremlin responded by sending a plane for their citizens.

Moscow is calling it a “last ditch effort” by Barack Obama to provoke the Russian government.

The government also showed calm and reserve in not retaliating by kicking out U.S. diplomats stationed in Russia. Instead, the Russians announced they would “decide the future of relations” based upon the actions of President-Elect Trump.

Critics say that in the final months of his presidency, Barack Obama has acted like a man intent on starting a war.

In Syria, the Obama Administration has created such a mess that Sunni jihadist rebels have been backed by both al-Qaeda and the United States.

But the Sunni’s are fighting Shia Muslims that have also received support from the Obama Administration.

Both sides are reportedly using U.S. weapons and Russia is fighting along side the Shia’s, who are battling Obama-backed Sunni’s.

While it’s difficult to make sense of the foreign policy moves that have placed the United States literally exchanging gunfire with Moscow, the summary is this:

Obama backed and arguably created total chaos in Syria. The Russians stepped in to stop ISIS rebels (also backed by Obama), and now, in his final throws of governance, Obama is doubling down in his attempt to agitate Putin by disrupting Russian families without cause.

Obama’s newest excuse is the claim that Russia “hacked” the presidential elections.

To date, the Obama administration has offered no proof that the Russian Government was involved in the Wikileaks hacks or release of the Podesta emails.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has repeatedly explained that his information was not obtained from Russian sources.

Nonetheless, the Obama Administration, backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, continues to try and pick a fight with Vladamir Putin.

Critics of Obama have said the lame-duck president’s actions are comparable to a mentally disabled child poking an MMA fighter in the leg.

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A new breed of leftist is being developed to counter the coming presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Calling themselves the “Anti-Fascist Left” they are bold, ugly and organized.

These are the same people who protested in Chicago, Oakland and in Arizona. They’re Black Lives Matter, Occupy and disruptive college liberals rolled into one but guided by liberal intellectuals who are attempting to lead the fray.

They’re first action for the Trump administration will coincide with the billionaire’s first day in office. They’re calling it “J20” and it’s a general strike combined with a protest with a heavy dose of anarchism.

One of the first to call for the general strike was Kshama Sawant. Sawant sits on the Seattle City Council and is a self-described socialist.

Her and her partner will refrain from working or shopping on January 20th because “General strikes scare the hell out of the oligarchy, because it is the joining together as one of the working people of this country, an act that threatens wealth of the wealthy, ruling class, and thus tends to get attention of the affluent and puts in jeopardy their wealth privilege.”

Sawant assumes that she and her socialist friends spend enough to be noticeably absent from the economy on January 20th.

But her call to essentially do nothing, has excited the anti-fascist activist community that is planning to descend on Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, wearing black and carrying red flags.

The protesters will likely be met by at least 15,000 Trump supporters who will be rolling in to town under the “Bikers for Trump” banner.

The pro-Trump group was initially told there was no space for their permit available until the organizer, Chris Cox, told the Park Service, they’ll be coming to town anyway and they can either be given a spot or they’ll be happy to “mingle” with the anarchists and disruptors from Black Lives Matter.

The Park Service allowed them to submit an application for their event.

Note that on January 20, 2001, the new group, Democratic Underground, was organized to protest the swearing in of George W. Bush.

Aside from a small blip on the parade route, the group went unnoticed.

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The United States remains the largest funder of the United Nations today and another $5 billion has been requested to fund UN operations in 2017.

The U.S. Department of State has requested $3.9 billion to fund the United Nations and “international organizations” which partially funds the full $5 billion requested by the United Nations and recommended by Ted Turner’s group, A Better World Foundation.

That amount represents an additional forty-one dollars that 122 million American taxpayers must pony up.

Following fallout from the UN’s resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in the West Bank, incoming President Donald Trump already has a few choice words for the United Nations that he expressed on Twitter:

Even worse for the UN, Israeli officials plan to provide Trump and his team with “detailed, sensitive information” that uncovers the “covert” role that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry played in drafting the resolution.

The federal government is currently funded through April 28, 2017 through a Continuing Resolution (CR) passed by the 114th Congress.

Trump would have the power to veto the 2017 Federal Budget if it includes funding for the United Nations.

Additionally, President-Elect Trump may use the power of “Impoundment” that gives him authority to rescind funds that have been already approved by Congress. However, the rescission must then be cleared by Congress, creating a never-ending fight to not spending money.

Before the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, Presidents enjoyed the liberty of not spending money that had been appropriated by Congress.

Thomas Jefferson was the first to use the power to prevent debt spending in 1801.

Donald Trump will have a number of options to cut funding to the United Nations . . . as well as other wasteful budget items that taxpayers are currently involuntarily funding.

Will Trump kill funding to the United Nations or maintain the status quo?

Do you want your forty-one dollars back? Comment below.



James O’Keefe and his group, Project Veritas, have pulled it off again. This time they caught a group of people planning to disrupt...