Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Election Day

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The moment we have been waiting for, the election on Tuesday, could just be the start of the chaos that will follow.

The FBI building was vandalized with the word “corrupt” spray painted on the side. Two men were arrested Saturday for the crime, but they hit Trump International Hotel as well.

Painting “corrupt” on the side of an FBI building would be unthinkable a year ago, but now a lot of people on both sides feel the agency has been corrupted.

What does it say about rule of law in America when many citizens question the FBI’s intentions?

The popular feeling about the FBI and the growing hate for police from the left and minority groups, law and order is being threatened.

Law and order is just one part of the chaos, the economy looks like it will take a hit too.

The “Father of Reaganomics” made a startling claim about what will happen to the stock market after the election.

“The markets are hideously inflated… If you don’t sell before the election, certainly do it afterwards. Government is going to be totally paralyzed regardless of who wins. There could be a 25% draw down on the markets.”

Twenty five percent is huge. That would mean that the stock market would drop from close to 18,000 to 13,500. A drop like that could be devastating to an already struggling economy.

It won’t help that the country is so divided over this election; more people will be absolutely against an elected president than any other time in recent history.

On top of all of our problems, the world has some major problems too.

It has been reported that Russia is going to attack ISIS in Syria within 24 hours and Al-Qaeda wants to attack here. There are threats against New York, Texas and Virginia.

ISIS wants to kill Americans on Election Day.

The Department of Homeland Security is weighing options to take over the elections on Tuesday.

CIA is talking about attacking Russia online if they tamper with our elections.

If we can make it through the election and pick a president, then that could be when the real fun starts.

Our trust in law and order, our democracy, media and our elected officials is reaching an all-time low and that could spell disaster.

We are living in a dangerous time. Regardless of who wins, things are going to get worse before they get better.

Do you think everything will be peaceful after the election or do you expect chaos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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A major component of left’s winning strategy on Election Day has nothing to do with Election Day.

Rather, it has to do with everything leading up to Election Day and a stunning variety of voting schemes in place across the country that favor liberal constituencies (inner city voters, illegal aliens and welfare queens) and oppose conservative constituencies (military members, gun owners, Tea Party activists and Christian voters) in every conceivable way.

In recent elections, the political class has fought voter ID laws in the states legislatures and, failing that, the courts… fought to allow same day voter registration and voting… fought to allow provisional (count um if you need um) voting… fought to make it more difficult for military members serving overseas to vote… and more.

Now comes Hillary Clinton and the dawn of the 20-day election – an election window she will propose in a speech she will deliver on voting rights this week in Texas – saying Texas is deliberately trying to restrict voting rights in a state she is unlikely to win.

A 20-day election window leaves more time to “register”… more time to “vote”… more time to cheat… more time to find votes mistakenly discarded… more time to discard votes lawfully cast… and more time to conduct recount after recount until the desired election outcome is achieved.

What’s more, she will give her speech at historically black Texas Southern University in Houston even as Democrats pursue legal challenges to voting rule changes approved by Republican legislatures in various states.

Translation. Efforts to keep elections honest in heavily red states like Texas are racist and efforts to allow “anything goes” voting in heavily blue states like New York and California are forward looking, inclusive and fair.

Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, a pol who would kneecap conservatives if he could, said in a recent interview that:

“This is, I think, a moment when we should be expanding the franchise”…“What we see in state after state is this effort by conservatives to restrict the right to vote.”

The legal effort began late last month with lawsuits in Wisconsin and Ohio, both presidential battleground states that voted Democrat in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections but have inched right in recent years.

According to the Clinton campaigns top lawyer, Marc Elias who filed the lawsuits but not on behalf of the Clinton campaign:

“This lawsuit (in Wisconsin) concerns the most fundamental of rights guaranteed citizens in our representative democracy — the right to vote.” “That right has been under attack in Wisconsin since Republicans gained control of the governor’s office and both houses of the State legislature in the 2010 elections.”

The battle lines are drawn.

With her voting rights speech this week, look for the news media to do three things.

Parrot her polemics to their audiences… ignore efforts by the left to weaken safeguards against voter fraud in conservative states… and ask conservatives what they have against “African Americans”, “Latino Americans”, “Gay Americans”, ‘Female Americans” and “poor Americans” voting again and again in the upcoming 2016 presidential election.


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