Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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If you are Hindu and kill a Catholic priest, then the news will give all the details, but they won’t if the terrorist happens to be Muslim.

The European Union has ordered British press to not to report if the terrorist is a Muslim.

Freedom of speech is dying quick in the world and the EU is leading the charge.

The demand was in a list of 23 “recommendations” to the press of Britain and some for the laws of the land.

It is no wonder that the UK decided to leave the European Union over the summer, but the process isn’t immediate.

The Syrian immigration crisis is turning Europe upside down and there are violent protests happening in places like Germany. Coincidentally, Germany decided to take in over a million refugees.

Right now the EU is trying to control the UK and forcing their will on the country due to the Brexit vote.

In leaked emails and documents, George Soros mentioned using the immigration crisis to destabilize Europe in order to need a “world power” to step in.

There is no secret that George Soros wants a global government through the UN, but what he is allegedly doing is playing with fire.

The crisis in Europe is causing the EU to tell Brittan that it can’t report honestly.

The UK might be the last representation of free speech in Europe, but if the EU has its way, then a free press will be the latest victim of terror.

How does it make you feel that the EU is trying to hide the identity of terrorists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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40% of people in England don’t believe Jesus was a real person, according to a new survey from the Church of England.

Even more shockingly, a full 25% of 18-to-34-year-olds believe he was a mythical figure, akin to Paul Bunyan or the Easter Bunny or Zeus—rather than an actual human being.

It’s one thing to not believe in Christianity, or whether or not Jesus was the son of God.

It’s another thing, altogether, to believe Jesus wasn’t a real person—when historic documentation shows that, fairly uncontroversially and objectively, he existed and lived as a real person 2,000 years ago.

The survey was commissioned by a joint effort, involving the Church of England; Hope, a group that represents all non-denominational churches in England; and the Evangelical Alliance, which represents English evangelical Christians.

The purpose was to find out what the English people believed about Christianity. But they couldn’t have been expecting that nearly half of the country believes Jesus was a fictional character, rather than a historic figure.

The survey also showed that Christianity is on a swift decline in England: just 57% of the historically Christian nation consider themselves “Christians,” and fewer than 10% of English people read the Bible or regularly attend church.


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