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Facebook Live

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“We out here like the Taliban” one protester shouted into a Facebook live video of Mills Shaka Zulu Gill as protests erupt after another police shooting.

Around 5:15 on Monday evening in Charlotte North Carolina, a black police officer shot a disabled black man waiting for his daughter to get home from school. Those are the facts we know for sure.

What we don’t know is weather the man was carrying a gun or was carrying a book.

Police say the man that was shot brandished a weapon and that is why the police shot him.

The family and eyewitnesses say that the man was carrying a book and the police had no reason to shoot and kill him.

The conflicting sides of the story and the Facebook live feed from a local resident named Mills Shaka Zulu Gill, is what fanned the flames of the protestors.

It started out as a few people hanging out and yelling at the police, but Shaka Zulu kept telling people to share his video and they did. At one point over 100,000 people were watching and the video received almost two million views.

People from all over kept showing up through the night. By 9pm the police had arrived with riot gear, but it wasn’t enough.

The crowd protesting for Black Lives Matter destroyed police cars, threw rocks and insults at cops and marched six miles to shut down interstate 85.

Twelve officers and at least one protestor were injured.

The protests lasted through the night and ended in the early morning on Tuesday.

Despite the good intentions of Shaka Zulu Gill, he was one of the main people that got into the faces of the police and antagonizing them.

He was the first one to start destroying one of the police cars. He was seen on Facebook live with a gun at one point and he smoked weed several times during the five hours he broadcasted.

At the end of the night, he went home and wasn’t arrested. None of the main agitators were arrested.

Instead, the police just stood their ground and launched tear gas and shot rubber bullets into the crowd.

The protestors looted trucks that they stopped on the highway, a Walmart that was along the way and countless other acts of vandalism.

The protest was not peaceful in any way. It was violent, only the police acted in a peaceful manner.

This isn’t going to stop either. The more black men that police kill, the crazier the protests are going to be until we see a full blown riot with dozens of police and protestors killed. It almost happened last night. It might happen tonight.

Charlotte is bracing itself for another round of protests and tonight people will be ready on both sides. The police will have their plan, but the protestors will be more organized and out in larger numbers tonight.

Hopefully peace can prevail, but after the way things went last night, tonight will most likely be a lot worse.

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T.J. Williams was logged onto Facebook and streaming live while hanging out with two friends in a car listening to music when gunshots rang out.

As three young men described to be in their 20’s, were chilling in a parked car when a couple of unknown assailants shot at least 30 shots into the car.

T.J. was shot and dropped his phone trying to dodge the relentless firing. The entire event unfolded live on Facebook.

As the gunshots stopped, panic broke out. Neighbors shouted for help as others tried to comfort the three victims.

The shooting happened in Norfolk Virginia. The area is no stranger to violence, but seeing it live on Facebook really hit home for everyone.

The video recorded the paramedics that responded to the call. There were about a dozen neighbors heard trying to help in some way. The outpouring of support and care given to the victims was remarkable.

The video continued to stream for a full, two hours. It captured the entire crime. The visual evidence won’t help the police catch the shooters probably, but the audio should help.

This is a new age we are entering. Just about everyday we are hearing about a different crime that was streamed live online.

This crime was recorded totally by accident, and hopefully the video will help police make a swift apprehension and conviction.

At the time of publication, the names of the victims have not been given to the public. What we do know is that they sustained “significant injuries”, according to the police.

This tragic story is developing, so check back soon.

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facebook live

When a woman used Facebook Live to show the aftermath of the police shooting a black man in a car with a crying child in the back, the world took notice.

The video fueled the hate of Micah X who killed five Dallas officers and wounded six more.

The ISIS supporter who shot up an Orlando nightclub also used Facebook supposedly to promote his allegiance to the terrorist organization.

The Internet is changing how we interact with one another and how we consume news, but more importantly it is changing our sense of what is right and wrong.

The judicial system moves too slowly for the court of public opinion. Social media moves so much faster.

Look what happened last summer. Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. “Eye witnesses” claimed that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up screaming “don’t shoot”. The term “hands up, don’t shoot” went viral.

The news spread like wildfire and Obama weighed in before all the facts were gathered. Riots ensued and protest sprung up around the country, even though a grand jury would eventually find the officer innocent.

Fast-forward one year. Cops in Baton Rouge killed a black man selling CD’s in front of a convenience store. The video was instantly shared online and became viral.

Within 24-hours, a Facebook Live video became viral after another black man was shot by an officer.

Americans saw the crime with their own eyes. They saw Philando Castile die on Facebook Live. And we saw the video of Alton Sterling in shock and dying after being shot point blank range in the chest.

Opinions were made quickly and in the wake of a sniper killing five officers in Dallas, the divide in this great nation is growing quicker by the minute.

Protests, riots, arrests, shootings and we are seeing a level of outrage on both sides that we have not seen in a long time.

What would happen if the Orlando shooter who swore allegiance to ISIS turned on Facebook Live and streamed his killings live? Is that something we really want to see? I don’t want to see that, but I also don’t want someone else deciding what I can and cannot see.

The Internet has become dangerous to the powers that be and it is live streaming that scares them the most. In the case of Philando, without the Facebook Live recording there is a very good chance that the officer would not face charges. He still might not; we don’t know the full story.

What we do know is that because of the video, the officer who shot Philando has had death threats and is on paid leave. The Facebook Live video changed the story and that kind of power scares the people who have the power.

Theoretically, anybody with a smart phone with a video camera and Facebook can live stream breaking news that could alter the world. What if one of the Zodiac Killer victims was using Facebook Live during an attack? Do you think people would still think that Bernie Sanders is the Zodiac Killer?

Facebook Live offers a unique challenge for police officers who need to do a job, and now everywhere they go, people are shoving cameras and phones in their face trying to record or stream the next viral video of police brutality. Citizen journalists are making it hard for police to do their job.

What could be next? Will there be new regulations proposed to stop people from being horrified and haunted by watching people die in videos?

It is possible the police will either be given a device that can temporarily neutralize phones for a short period or there will be heavy regulations on streaming put in place.

We know the Democrats want to take our guns away, but could the bigger play be to take control of the information we see on the Internet?

Do you think that people should have the right to make up their own mind if they want to watch something or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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Barack Obama

The Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in Milwaukee took a big first step in technology last this year. It is the first school where teens used the new Facebook Live streaming feature to show off a threesome sex act and got caught by school officials.

A 14-year old girl, a 15-year old girl, and a 15-year old boy skipped school and got down to their birthday suits and started getting very intimate, and they decided to share it online, live!

Four other students were watching it (while they were sitting in health class, ironically). The police are now involved and this statement was released shortly after the event happened:

“In January, staff became aware of a video depicting inappropriate conduct that took place outside of school and off campus. The school immediately notified proper authorities and cooperated with the investigation. We took appropriate disciplinary action against those involved, which would be in addition to any outside consequences they may face.”

The investigation has officially been launched and now there are warrants out for the arrest of both of the girls in the incident. They could be charged with “exposing a child to harmful material”.

The boy is not listed on the police warrant report, which is interesting. This is not the last we have heard of this story.


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