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Sanctuary Campus

Comparing immigration enforcement to “fugitive slave laws,” professors at a taxpayer-funded university in south Florida are demanding that the school protect illegal aliens by creating a “sanctuary campus.” Students at colleges around the nation have made similar requests to protect undocumented classmates after president-elect Donald Trump vowed to increase deportations and reverse an Obama administration measure that shields those brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

But the Florida professors are blazing the trail as the first faculty members to officially call for campus-wide sanctuary in the aftermath of the presidential election. They work at Florida International University (FIU), a public institution with 54,000 students, more than half of them Hispanic. One of the professors, Asia Eaton, teaches psychology and women’s and gender studies and the other, Jason Ritchie, anthropology. Dozens of other university staff members also signed the document making the sanctuary demand. It starts off like this: “Like many people in South Florida, we were caught off guard by the election.” It continues to state that Trump’s victory “laid bare the pervasive racism and sexism that have limited the life chances of too many Americans for too long. As a nation, we cannot continue to sweep these problems under the rug.”

The professors reveal that they are “deeply worried about the dangers of a Trump presidency” to the well-being of their diverse student body. They specifically mention an Obama amnesty measure known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which shields thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children “through no fault of their own” from deportation. In many cases, the so-called “dreamers” get driver’s licenses, work permits and discounted tuition at public universities such as FIU. During his campaign Trump said he would terminate DACA along with other Obama amnesty measures. The FIU professors point out that college presidents nationwide have determined that DACA is “both a moral imperative and a national necessity.” No further evidence is provided to substantiate that absurd claim, however.

As preposterous as this may sound, the demand gets even crazier when the professors compare the college sanctuary movement to safe havens that shielded individuals and institutions that refused to comply with fugitive slave laws in the 1800s. They refer to it as a tradition in the U.S. of providing safe-haven to vulnerable populations. “In that spirit, we call on our administration to declare Florida International University a sanctuary campus, develop a plan for protecting undocumented students, and refuse to cooperate with any efforts to identify, detain, or deport undocumented students, even if DACA is repealed or any other laws or policies change.” The document further alleges that students are “under attack” and they cannot remain silent.

Students—and some faculty—in dozens of colleges and universities around the country have asked that their fellow undocumented classmates be protected from immigration authorities, but administrations remain largely silent. In Illinois, many of the state’s public universities have been under pressure to declare themselves sanctuary campuses for illegal alien students but no official action has been taken. One of the state’s mainstream newspapers reported this week that the campuses have rejected the calls, instead outlining other (unofficial) ways they will offer protections. “The University of Illinois this week became the latest campus to dismiss the idea after thousands signed a petition asking school leaders to adopt the sanctuary label in an effort to protect undocumented students from being targeted for their citizenship status,” the article says. “A similar petition at Northwestern University also failed last month.”

Unrelated to this matter, but of interesting note is that two veteran FIU professors were convicted of spying for Cuba’s communist government over nearly three decades. The husband-and-wife duo, Carlos and Elsa Alvarez, got convicted in a Miami federal court in 2007. Carlos was sentenced to five years in prison for acting as an unregistered Cuban agent and Elsa got three years for harboring her husband’s illicit intelligence work and failing to report it to authorities.

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The Florida night sky lit up early Wednesday morning and some Florida residents thought it was an alien attack. But what was it?

Hundreds of residents in Florida from the keys up to the panhandle saw a brilliant fireball crash into Earth’s atmosphere.

A video of the event was captured on a home security system.

The fireball was actually a decent size meteor that lit up the sky; it wasn’t aliens as some on twitter suggested.

Some in Florida do say they have seen weir UFOs lately and videos are even popping up on YouTube.

Here is a video of some strange unidentified flying objects that were filmed over Jacksonville earlier this month.

Florida isn’t under attack, but they did have a good size meteor light up the sky on Wednesday morning.

As far as the UFOs over Jacksonville, maybe the space aliens are as mad at Florida for voting for Trump as the illegal aliens are.

Have you ever seen a meteor that big? Do you think there are aliens in Florida? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Two men in a domestic dispute had the police called after one was injured with the most unlikely of weapons.

A gay couple in Florida got into a fight over infidelity according to the arrest affidavit.

The two starting getting very loud and then things turned violent, if you can call it that.

During the course of the argument, Michael Herrick, 40, threw some water on his boyfriend, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

Next he wouldn’t hold back, Herrick saw red and attacked. At that moment, Herrick picked up a little cup of Ramen Noodles and hurled the uncooked meal across the room.

In dramatic fashion like Lebron James trying to take a charge, the boyfriend of Michael Herrick went down in “pain”.

The police came and arrested the man on a misdemeanor for attacking with Chinese noodles or also known as domestic battery.

Just to be clear, we are not mocking the crime, just the tool used in the crime. Michael Herrick doesn’t really deserve our sympathy.

Herrick has been convicted in the past for passing bad checks, grand theft auto and for violating probation. Now we can add, noodle ninja to the rap sheet.

Have you ever thrown a pack of Ramen Noodles at your partner?

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black vote

Hillary Clinton and almost every other Democrat have called trump a racist, so is it possible black voters are starting to like Trump?

According to a Rasmussen Poll that tracks the black voters, Trump started October with only 9% of likely black voter supporting the GOP candidate.

That number has almost doubled in three weeks. See the numbers below.

Black Likely Voters for Trump
Oct. 3 – 9%
Oct. 6 – 12%
Oct. 10 – 14%
Oct. 12 – 19%
Oct. 17 – 17%
Oct. 20 – 15%
Oct. 25 – 16%

The numbers show a strong growth so far this month, and it isn’t over. This election isn’t over either.

If Trump could get just 25% of black voters to support him, he would win in a landslide.

The Democratic Party is made up of 22% black voters. Shaving off 25% of the black vote would cost the Democratic Party 5% of their voters. That is enough for Trump to win in the battleground states where the black vote is the strongest.

States like Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio and could really drive home wins in states like Texas.

The other scenario that isn’t being monitored by the corporate media is the lack of enthusiasm in this election compared to the last two.

In 2008 and 2012 we saw the black people in America come out in their biggest numbers ever to support a president.

They don’t feel as strongly about Hillary as they did Barack Obama, and rightfully so. There is a huge enthusiasm gap and black voters are not expected to come out in the numbers they did in the two previous elections.

With lower turnout, the black Trump supporters are even more important to this election and could be group that pushes Trump over the top in most battleground states.

This election is truly historic and we still have two weeks, this isn’t over yet.

Do you think Trump will get 25% of the black vote in America? Let us know in the comments below.

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white people

In the latest act of hated toward white people, somebody spray painted “kill white people” in Florida, but who did it?

Beside the spray painted message of hate reads the words “Black Power”.

The hateful message was spray painted in two different locations in Hillsborough County, Florida.

There are no leads in to who painted the call for the death of white people, but the “Black Power” written beside it gives us a big clue.

Since Obama took office almost eight years ago, we have seen race relations continue to fall off a cliff in America.

Is it because the African American community doesn’t feel like they got the change they were promised or is it because things did change for the worse?

Whatever the reason is, we are here facing a major divide in our nation.

Calling for the death of members of another race is unacceptable by any standards, and this should not be condoned.

At another site in the city, ten minutes away from the picture above, a trailer in at a private residence was tagged with a similar message.

Why did they pick that house?

It could be the Donald Trump sign that was painted over in the yard of the residence.

There is a lot of hate in this country right now and it won’t end with the election.

How does the “kill white people” graffiti make you feel? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was started two months after 9/11 and they are generally the reason it takes so long to get on planes in America.

They are the ones that screen your luggage, scan your person and one TSA agent allegedly films women with a camera up their skirts.

A Seattle man was arrested for just that.

Nicholas Fernandez is a 29-year old screener for the TSA that has been arrested for “voyeurism” and he is suspended without pay.

A Spokesperson for the TSA made a statement about the most recent arrest inside the TSA.

“TSA does not tolerate illegal, unethical or immoral conduct. When such conduct is alleged, TSA investigates it thoroughly. When appropriate, TSA requests that it be investigated by a law enforcement authority. When an investigation finds that misconduct has occurred, the appropriate action is taken.”

In this case, appropriate action is to suspend and not fire the employee, even though the police found enough evidence to arrest him.

The TSA is one agency that has been plagued with corruption. With over 55,000 employees and a budget of $7.5 billion, they seem to be getting in trouble more than they are stopping trouble.

Last year in Denver, two TSA agents were fired for groping a male passenger. A Florida TSA agent was arrested after his estranged wife was found dead in a van.

One TSA agent in Baltimore was arrested for sex charges, while one in Arkansas was indicted on child pornography.

Another TSA agent was arrested in Chicago for stealing money out of a checked bag, and more arrested in Dallas for the same thing. TSA supervisor Dwight Durant was charged in a cocaine conspiracy.

What we don’t have are any reports of the TSA being an efficient and professional agency.

Be careful next time you fly, don’t wear a skirt and don’t leave a lot of cash in your checked bags.

What are your thoughts on the TSA? Let us know in the comments below.

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Indicted Democrat

Politicians have a well-earned reputation for being sleazy, but a corrupt Florida congresswoman is in a class of her own for suggesting that federal agents could have prevented the Orlando terrorist attack if they weren’t preoccupied investigating her. Last week the veteran lawmaker, Democrat Corrine Brown, and her chief of staff were slapped with a 24-count federal indictment for using a phony education charity as a “personal slush fund.” The disgraced legislator, who is black, also played the race card by comparing her indictment to the recent fatal police shootings of two black men that have ignited nationwide civil unrest.

First elected to Congress in 1992, Brown represents Florida’s fifth district which spans from Jacksonville to Orlando. The 69-year-old lawmaker and her trusted assistant, Elias Simmons, used a fake charity that was supposed to give scholarships to poor, minority students to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, according to the feds. Brown used her position as a congresswoman to solicit charitable donations from corporate entities that she “knew by virtue of her position in the U.S. House of Representatives,” according to federal authorities. The money was used to pay for lavish receptions, luxury boxes for a Beyonce concert and a professional football game, repairs to Brown’s car and several vacations. More than $735,000 of the charitable contributions went to pay a close family member for a job in Brown’s office that involved no work, the indictment states.

After getting slammed with charges of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction and filing of false tax returns in Jacksonville, the disgraced congresswoman went on a tirade outside the federal courthouse that she proclaimed was built “without minority participation” as if that was relevant to her case. “I represent Orlando,” Brown said. “These are the same agents that was not able to do a thorough investigation of the agent and we ended up with 50 people dead and over 58 people injured,” she said referring to the massacre carried out by terrorist Omar Mateen in an Orlando nightclub. “Same district! Same Justice Department! Same agents!” Brown also said the prosecution is racially motivated and wrote this on her blog: “I’m not the first black elected official to be persecuted and, sad to say, I won’t be the last.”

A political columnist for the Orlando Sentinel countered Brown’s claim that she’s a victim of racism by pointing this out in a piece published this week: “The Justice Department — which happens to be run by a black attorney general who answers to a black president — targets shady politicians, not black ones.” The column also reveals that “Brown is notorious for getting fat wads of campaign cash from the industries she helps regulate.” For instance, Brown sits on the House Transportation Committee and transportation industries—railroads, trucking companies and transportation unions—account for three of her top four industry donors. Let’s not forget that back in 1998 the House Ethics Committee investigated Brown involving several issues, including a $10,000 check she got from a Baptist official in legal trouble and a pricey car her daughter got from one of the congresswoman’s millionaire Florida pals embroiled in a bribery scandal.

Another interesting tidbit is that the president of Brown’s phony nonprofit, Carla Wiley, pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiracy to commit wire fraud surrounding the scam. As part of the plea she agreed to cooperate with investigators, so Brown is probably in a boatload of trouble. Under the deal Wiley admitted to conspiring with an unnamed public official—referred to as “Person A”—who used an “official position to solicit contributions to One Door for Education and to induce individuals and corporate entities to make donations to One Door for Education based on false and fraudulent representations that the funds would be used for charitable purposes.” Instead, federal investigators revealed at the time that the money went toward personal gain for the co-conspirators.

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A couple of golfers were at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club when something happened that looked like a scene from Jurassic Park.

On hole three, the golfers decided to let a massive alligator play through. Really, what else could they do?

See the scary video below.

Florida golfers know to watch out for gators in the ponds and traps, but most of the animals are between seven and ten feet. The gator in the video looks to be close to 16 feet long and is massive.

The shocking size of the gator had already gone viral on Youtube when the video was posted to the channel.

The gator has already become so popular that it has its own scene now in Jurassic Park. Watch the funny mash-up below.

Thankfully the King Kong gator just walked off and nobody was hurt. Just remember, if you play Buffalo Creek Golf Club, remember to stay to the left on hole three.

What would you do if you saw a gator this big? Let us know in the comments below.

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A brazen woman steals a puppy from a pet store and it didn’t turn out well for one of them.

If you’re tired of being enraged by slanted news stories and your Left-Wing friends that you keep on Facebook because you can’t help but see what dumb Democrat site they’ll post from next, here is a peculiar story from the great state of Florida.

A woman is facing grand theft charges for stealing a puppy. Carolina Mejia Urbina, age 25, was arrested last week for lifting a yorkshire terrier puppy from a local pet shop.

After leaving the store, The Puppy Stop, with the yorkie that was worth a whopping $1,300, she called to apologize; explaining that she was drunk when she took the 9 week old puppy.

Instead of returning the dog to the store, she informed them that she had placed the puppy in a cloth bag and left him in the dumpster behind the establishment.

The owners found the dog in a reusable grocery bag that was tied to keep him from escaping. The pooch was unharmed, so his $1,300 price tag will probably stay where it is. Considering that yorkshire terrier puppies can cost up to $3,000 depending on their size and lineage, that puppy is also figuratively, a steal.

The then-sober-woman agreed to meet one of the owners at a cafe. The police were awaiting her and took her into custody from there. Her bond was set at $2,500. So, about two average yorkie puppies worth.

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The Pembroke Pines Police Department (PPPD) in Florida expressed outrage when a local Arby’s employee refused to serve one of their officers because he was a cop. The incident occurred at local Arby’s drive-through around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening when the officer pulled up for service.

The Pembroke Pines Major and Public Information Officer Carlos Bermudez told The Daily Caller News Foundation (TheDCNF):

“I don’t have the exact quote, but something was said to the effect of ‘We don’t want to serve you because you’re a police officer”.

That is when a different employee took over and gave the officer the food but not before the officer decided to complain to the manager. The manager gave the officer a refund but the police department decided to contact the corporate office to complain.

“Their CEO and senior VP of operations contacted our chief and apologized for the incident and said they would address the matter,” Bermudez told TheDCNF.

Bermudez wouldn’t say if he thought the refusal of service was part of a larger anger towards the police after several highly publicized incidents of questionable police conduct, such as the social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland.

In a prepared statement, PPPD Chief Dan Giustino said:

“I am offended and appalled that an individual within our community would treat a police officer in such a manner. It is unacceptable, and I will be contacting the Arby’s CEO to demand an apology.”

The incident stood in sharp contrast to the outpouring of support the PPPD receives from the residents of Pembroke Pines. In an unrelated event the same day, a local mother and her daughter visited police headquarters and dropped off cookies and a ‘Thank You’ card to show their appreciation for our agency and its officers.

“We are very proud of the partnerships we have built within our city, and for an incident like this to have happened is very disappointing for everyone,” said Chief Giustino.

In an updated statement issued by PPPD, Chief Dan Giustino said that following his contact with Arby’s corporation management via telephone:

“Arby’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Brown, and Senior Vice President of Operations, Scott Boatwright, contacted Chief Giustino to convey their sincere apologizes on behalf of their organization.”

“Both gentlemen assured Chief Giustino that the employee’s behavior was unacceptable and not representative of the company’s values. Chief Giustino was appreciative and accepted their apology and now considers this matter closed.”

Since the call, the owner of the Arby’s Restaurant involved in the incident fired the shift manager on duty at the time and suspended the employee who sparked the incident.


North Korea

The twenty-two year old student passed away on Monday, in Ohio; only five days after he had returned from North Korea, after being detained...