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Gender Identity

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mental disorder

As recently at 2013, the psychiatric “bible,” The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), listed transsexuals as suffering from “Gender Identity Disorder.”

The disorder called for a diagnosis based upon two factors: a desire or insistence that a person is actually the opposite sex of which they were born, and a real sense of discomfort about their God-given gender.

It’s also important to note that at the time, the DSM (IV), ruled out Gender Identity Disorder for those suffering from real physical disorders such as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

The DSM also addressed Gender Identity Disorder in children saying that “cross-gender interests and activities is usually between ages 2 and 4 years . . . and only a very small number of children with GID continue with symptoms into adolescence or adulthood.”

The above reference is important to those parents who “come out” on behalf of their toddlers and encourage their transformation to another gender – those parents who do so may suffer from an undiagnosed case of Liberal Reality Confusion (LRC).

However in May of 2013, the new edition of the DSM was released, version five, that conveniently deleted Gender Identity Disorder and replaced it with “Gender Dysphoria.”

The change in diagnosis was very important to the gay and transgendered community as they objected to the term “disorder.”

Upon the announcement of the change, advocates stated, “Transgender people may no longer be subject to a lifelong default diagnosis of their mental health.”

Also, the very nuanced difference between the definitions was the inclusion of a single odd symptom: “A strong desire to be treated as the other gender.”

Basically, the American medical community succumbed to pressure by the LGBTQ community and flipped the script. What was a mental disorder just three years ago is now only a disorder when society refuses to treat a man as a woman or a woman as a man.


So the “discomfort” of the disorder is caused by society’s refusal to accept transsexuals and their mental condition.

An appropriate correlation would be saying that serial killers are perfectly normal, it’s society’s refusal to accept their desire to kill that’s the problem.

But not all medical communities have lost their collective minds.

Of all places, the United Nation’s World Health Organization still lists transsexuals and transvestites as being mentally defective . . . right along side pedophiles and sadomasochists.

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Obama Gender Identity

In July of 2014, President Obama signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to assign “protected categories” within their private companies, to prevent discrimination against individuals based upon Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

Last week, the Department of Labor passed their “Final Rule” on the executive order, EO 13672, meaning the requirements will take effect within 120 days.

The new requirements affect half a million private companies in the United States that represent 42% of the civilian workforce according to the Family Research Council (FRC).

FRC, along with many other conservative and pro-business organizations are protesting the executive action by President Obama as they say it creates a $50 million compliance burden on these private companies.

Additionally, the regulations are imposed when no proof of widespread discrimination have been provided by the government.

Given the LGBTQ community represents only, at best, 3.8% of the population, the rules that will impact 42% of the civilian workforce seem unnecessary.

Obama’s executive order also provides no religious exemption for employers who must now hire and employ everyone from cross dressers to transgender employees in conflict with their religious beliefs.

The new rules also create significant issues with what used to be simple solutions to restrooms and dressing rooms. Rather than separating facilities based upon biological gender, private employers will now have to come up with creative ways to accommodate basic facilities by dividing them along individual sexual preferences.


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