Sunday, June 25, 2017

George W Bush

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Former president George W. Bush remained silent during the Obama years and only spoke up a few times to help his brother Jeb’s floundering campaign.

Bush is out promoting a new book and sat down with Matt Lauer from NBC for the first time in a long time.

Bush was asked about the division in America and he said one of the main problems is the media.

“When I was president, you (NBC) mattered a lot more, because there were like, three of you.”

Bush went on to describe that people are being “bombarded” with information and people use anonymous sources. “It’s a different world.”

When asked about Trump, Bush said that it’s “only been a month. He has four years.”

“Power can be very addictive and it is important for the media to call people account for their power.”

Bush says that the independent press is very important and needed in our democracy, but that we don’t really have it right now.

See the full interview below.

George Bush is selling his new book, “Portraits of Courage” that uses his love for painting to tell the stories of some amazing wounded warriors.

After Bush spoke to Matt Lauer, he was joined on stage with several of the brave service men and women who are featured in the book.

Bush is staying out of the political spotlight and doing his best to help wounded warriors, and that is something that everyone can respect.

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This has got to sting if you’re a liberal: right now, George W. Bush is officially more popular than Barack Obama.

George W. Bush–the President that the liberal Left couldn’t help but attack for being (somehow) both a bumbling idiot and an evil genius? The one they spent years blaming for just about everything that’s ever gone wrong in our country?

Yeah, him. Despite the Left’s constant attacks, Bush has a higher approval rating than Barack Obama.

According to a recent CNN poll, Bush currently has a 52% approval rating. Obama has just a 49% approval rating.

Not only that, but Bush is getting progressively more popular: this is the first time his approval rating has been above 50% since shortly after his 2004 re-election. His approval rating hit rock bottom back in 2008, when he was battling the financial crisis, but has slowly built its way back up into positive territory.

Obama? Not so much.

If anything, over the last few months, Obama’s been in rougher shape than he’s ever been in.

Our economy shrunk last quarter, hinting at a possible new recession. Wages are down, workforce participation is at historic lows.

In foreign affairs–long considered one of the only successes in his presidency–are a mess, with allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia fuming at U.S. inaction in the Middle East. Meanwhile, our enemies, like ISIS, continue to grow and oppress the people of the world.

With all the problems facing Obama–many of them because of his own doing–it looks like the American people are already beginning to long for the past.

After seeing Obama in action for six years, many of Americans seem to be thinking: “That Bush guy wasn’t so bad after all.”

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President George W. Bush finally spoke out about Barack Obama–and he had some choice words.

Bush has continually refrained from criticizing his successor in public–these comments were made in Las Vegas in what was supposed to be an off-the-record, off-the-books meeting, not public record. Quotes from Bush are as reported, and possibly paraphrased, by attendees.

Much of Bush’s criticisms were regarding Obama’s admittedly aimless foreign policy goals. While Bush was heavily criticized for the Iraq War during his term of office, his “surge” in 2007 has been, in hindsight, widely credited with helping turn the tide in the war–until it was undone by Obama.

Regarding ISIS, which Bush referred to as the “second coming of Al-Qaeda,” he was heavily critical that Obama had no plan for victory and did not loop in key military strategists.

Bush’s route would have been simple: “You call in the military and say, ‘Here’s my goal. What’s your plan to help me achieve that goal?'”

When asked to elaborate on what action should be taken against terrorists, Bush was succinct: “Well, you kill them.”

He also called Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Iraq–just as America was winning the war–a “strategic blunder.”

History will continue to shape George W. Bush’s legacy–but it’s clear that, no matter what you think of Bush’s foreign policy agenda, the Middle East is in much worse shape now than it was during his Administration.

Bush ended with a warning for Americans, about what happens if we continue to practice Obama’s messy foreign policy: “You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren.”


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