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John McCain

In the recent weeks, Republican Senator John McCain has taken such a stance against Donald Trump that it begs the question, is McCain a “Hero or Traitor”?

There is no question that John McCain’s time as a prisoner of war has made him a war hero, but his military service isn’t in question. McCain’s service to our country as an elected leader is in question.

In a trip to Germany on Friday, McCain said that the Trump administration is in “disarray” when he spoke to the Munich Security Conference.

In an interview with Meet The Press, McCain said Trump is wrong for going after the media. The Arizona Senator said, “That is how dictators get started.”

McCain has also sided with Democrats during the confirmation votes.

Why is John McCain so against Trump?

Rand Paul, the Kentucky Senator came to Trump’s defense on Sunday when discussing his thoughts on ABC’s This Week as he described McCain’s motivations.

“Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he’s got running with President Trump, and it should be taken with a grain of salt, because John McCain’s the guy who’s advocated for war everywhere.”

Paul went on to say that the disagreement comes over “foreign policy”, but says, “John McCain has been wrong on just about everything for almost four decades.”

Rand Paul could be right, McCain votes for war and boots on the ground every chance he gets, but could he be mad about something else too?

John McCain is a war hero, and some on the left are calling him they’re only chance.

McCain may be winning some new fans among Democrats, he is not winning over Trump supporters. Some believe he is now an “enemy of the state”.

John McCain support, like everything else in politics, is very divided right now and only time will tell if he is a political hero or traitor.

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Angela Merkel was a progressive hero when she allowed over a million Syrian refugees into Germany, but now she has to make some changes.

Merkel is calling for a burqa ban wherever “legally possible”. This is a complete 180 in some people’s eyes, but she is facing incredible backlash from her citizens after the decision to welcome the refugees in such large numbers.

Merkel welcomed the Syrian refugees last year, and now she is saying the full Islamic veil known as a burka or burqa is “not appropriate” in the Germany anymore.

The German leader also said that there would not be a repeat of last year’s influx of immigrants.

“A situation like the one in the late summer of 2015 cannot, should not and must not be repeated.”

The decision is coming as a shock to some, but not to the citizens of Germany.

Merkel is running for another two-year term and she needs to win back some favor in her country as the leader of the Conservative party. One way to get the people back on her side is to do a burqa ban.

Despite a surge in sex crimes near migrant camps, and a sharp rise in terrorist attacks, Merkel’s motivation seems to be politically motivated.

The burqa ban may or may not work at stopping some of the violence, but as a political move, it will help her numbers greatly.

Merkel has seen her approval-rating peak at 74% in the spring of 2015, and then she let in almost a million refugees in the same year. Her numbers dropped significantly.

By the end of 2015 she was at 52%. In 2016 her low reached 46% and now is hovering around 50%.

She needs to find a way back into the spotlight and she feels that a burqa ban is the way to do it. We’ll see if she is right.

Do you think Merkel’s burka ban will help her get re-elected? Let us know in the comments below.

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A horrific terror attack happened on Monday in Germany as a 17-year-old Afghanistan refugee went on a rampage.

The young refugee stormed the train and yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he began wielding an axe and hacking passengers.

18 people were injured and three are in critical condition fighting for their lives.

The attack happened near the Wurzburg-Heidingsfeld station and there are videos online that show the aftermath of the horrific terrorist strike.

The local police responded to the scene quickly and the terrorist was shot and killed as he attempted to charge the cops with the axe.

The Mirror in the UK is reporting that an ISIS flag was found in the room of the attacker and that he became a terrorist on his own. He was Muslim, but didn’t belong to any formal organization, but idolized ISIS.

This morning, ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack.

Mr. Herman, the Bavarian interior minister said this about the attacker.

“Because of the behavior of this young man in recent months, people who knew him don’t understand his actions at all. He was described as ‘calm’ and ‘quiet’, someone who went to the mosque for specific occasions but not any other times.”

There was some criticism for shooting the axe wielding boy, but the interior minister praised the police.

“He was arrested but had aggressive behavior and tried to attack members of the police and that’s when they started shooting and he was killed. I would like to thank the security forces for their very quick and effective actions. There’s no reason to criticize the police, we thank the police very much for their actions.”

It seems every single day there is a different terrorist attack across the world. They have used trucks, axes and bullets to kill in the past few days. It doesn’t not seem like they are on the run like Obama proclaims.

What are your thoughts on the many recent terrorist attacks in Europe? Let us know in the comments below.

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cake in the face

A German political recently called for a limitation to the number of refugees that Germany can receive, but a liberal activist group disagrees.

Instead of debating the issue like rational adults, an activist was able to get hit the German MP with a chocolate cake. Something you don’t see every day.

Watch for yourself.

The activist was arrested and the German MP was able to wipe off the cake and dry clean her clothes. What didn’t happen, unfortunately, she didn’t immediately stand up and say, “You want a piece of me?” Clearly we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

Meanwhile in America, babies want to kill Trump.

If you could put cake in the face of any politician who would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Muslim Refugee

A female German police officer was viciously attacked by a Muslim refugee–after he freaked out at a train station.

Her attacker was a 23-year-old Moroccan man, described as an “asylum-seeker.” After conductors on the train platform in Osnabruck, Germany, tried to check his ticket, he apparently started acting strangely.

They quickly called for police to help–which is when the man flew into a rage and the situation escalated into violence.

The refugee first attacked the female officer, kicking and biting her while screaming, “Allah hu Akbar,” the jihadist call-to-action, and pledging allegiance to ISIS. He also tried to grab one of the police officers’ service pistol.

It ultimately took three police officers to subdue the attacker. His attacks left the female cop with a “massive” knee injury and another officer with a broken rib and bites on his arm.

It’s unclear what exactly made the man fly off the handle. Some sources suggest that the man, who didn’t speak German, didn’t understand his ticket was being checked–and feared he was being deported. But police have rejected that explanation, saying it would’ve been impossible for the refugee not to understand what was going on.

Despite his comments, a search of his apartment showed that he’s not affiliated with ISIS, and was not trying to commit an act of terror when he was arrested.

In a strange reversal, according to Breitbart, the attacker is now considering a legal case against police–citing police brutality for his treatment at the train station.

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An 87-year-old German woman has been sentenced to ten months in prison—for doubting the Holocaust.

Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to jail on November 11.

The controversy arose when Haverbeck, who was the chairwoman of the now-banned free speech association, “Collegium Humanum,” gave an interview to Panorama magazine.

She claimed that Auschwitz, the famous Nazi concentration camp, wasn’t used for extermination—but, rather, forced labor.

She also claimed that the mass execution of Germany’s Jewish population actually never happened.

Unfortunately for her, Germany takes its war history very seriously—and it’s actually illegal to deny the Holocaust.

According to German law, anyone who “denies or downplays an act committed under the rule of National Socialism [Nazi]… in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.”

This isn’t Haverbeck’s first run in with the law. She was fined thousands of dollars for her controversial views in 2009.

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A 91-year-old German woman was just charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder–because of her actions during World War II.

The woman, who has not been named by German authorities, was arrested and charged due to her role at the Auschwitz concentration camp. There, she served as a telegraph operator–essentially a secretary–from April to July 1944.

But during her tenure at Auschwitz, massive numbers of Hungarian Jews were murdered in the infamous gas chambers.

The woman in question belonged to an all-female unit working at Auschwitz, which helped the SS quickly exterminate Jews. It’s not entirely clear exactly how, as a telegraph operator, this woman played an accessory role in the deaths.

This woman is widely expected to be the last Nazi charged with crimes in Germany–because the war ended nearly seventy years ago, most of the perpetrators have long since died of natural causes or already been indicted or convicted of crimes.

Earlier this year, a 94-year-old German man, Oskar Groening–known as the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”–was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison. Due to his advanced age, he was expected to be the final Nazi war trial–until this yet-to-be-named woman was arrested.

Even though so much time has passed, Nazi war crimes remain a visceral topic in Germany–with the German government and people often advocating going great lengths in order to atone for their crimes in the 1940s.

Despite being 91-years-old, the woman will be tried as a minor–she was under 21 when her crimes were allegedly committed. She’s apparently fit to stand trial, which means that even with a short sentence, she could face the rest of her life behind bars.

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Saudi Arabia wants to build 200 mosques in Germany.

Saudi Arabia has offered to “help” with the Syrian refugee crisis that’s quickly engulfing Europe–but is it really help if it’s nakedly self-serving?

The U.S.-allied kingdom, which has been one of the leading instigators of radical Islam over the last few decades, has offered help only in the form of building 200 new mosques in Germany.

That comes to about one mosque for every 100 refugees that have recently crossed the border.

Saudi Arabia has allowed 500,000 Syrian workers–which, worth noting, is not refugees, who usually don’t have an income–into their country.

But, along with their wealthy oil-rich neighbors, they have been heavily criticized for not doing much in response to the Syria crisis, which has forced millions to flee as ISIS continues to take over larger and larger portions of the embattled nation.

Part of the reluctance for the Gulf States’ to take in refugees is that Syria is closely allied with Iran, which has had a prickly and competitive relationship with the rest of the Arab world. These nations are concerned that, if they allow in refugees who are loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, there could be increased sectarian tensions.

As a result, Western countries–mainly in Europe–have been forced to pick up the slack. Germany has taken the lion’s share of the burden, offering to take up to 500,000 refugees each year–equivalent to nearly 1% of their population.

But whether or not Germany plans to take Saudi Arabia up on their mosque proposal remains to be seen.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel simply said that, like all proposals, this one would “have to go through the federal authorities.”


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