Saturday, June 24, 2017


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Over the weekend an American city was the victim of riots, violence and racism and it burned while Obama played golf on vacation… then this happened.

Today Obama is pausing his vacation. He is taking a break from golf and lazy beach days to deal with one important issue that has nothing to do with Milwaukee.

The president is going to campaign for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama isn’t going to try and handle the horrible race relations in America, but he is going to take the time to headline a Democratic Party and fundraiser tonight on Martha’s Vineyard.

Don’t worry about all of the issues in America right now, it is time to play golf with NBA start Chris Paul.

Our country is facing real problems right now, and blatant racism and hate is boiling over in Milwaukee, but the president thinks it is more important to campaign for Hillary during his vacation than to try and appease the violence.

Meanwhile this is happening.

The world needs real leadership right now and we are not getting it.

Do you think Obama should comment on what is happening in Milwaukee or continue to work on his golf game? Let us know in the comments below.

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A couple of golfers were at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club when something happened that looked like a scene from Jurassic Park.

On hole three, the golfers decided to let a massive alligator play through. Really, what else could they do?

See the scary video below.

Florida golfers know to watch out for gators in the ponds and traps, but most of the animals are between seven and ten feet. The gator in the video looks to be close to 16 feet long and is massive.

The shocking size of the gator had already gone viral on Youtube when the video was posted to the channel.

The gator has already become so popular that it has its own scene now in Jurassic Park. Watch the funny mash-up below.

Thankfully the King Kong gator just walked off and nobody was hurt. Just remember, if you play Buffalo Creek Golf Club, remember to stay to the left on hole three.

What would you do if you saw a gator this big? Let us know in the comments below.


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