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Con Man Paul Ryan presenting ObamaCare 2.0 to President Trump

Across the country, from the top of the ticket to the bottom of any federal race, Republican politicians promised the repeal of ObamCare.

When they rolled out their plan to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act on Monday, it was clear . . . they lied.

If you read the first page, specifically the first paragraph, you’ll see that the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), “is amended.”

Let me make this clear: this is no repeal of the ObamaCare monstrosity.

In addition to House conservatives, Americans for Prosperity, Liberty Guard, Heritage Action, Freedom Works and the Cato Institute have all come out swinging against the plan.

Cato Scholar Michael Cannon put it best, “The House Republican leadership bill does not replace ObamaCare. It merely applies a new coat of paint to a building that Republicans themselves have already condemned.”

Paul Ryan and his establishment lackeys are not only amending the ACA, they are expanding it by creating more entitlements to the public and the states.

Personally, it is shocking that Paul Ryan could be either this dumb, or this arrogant . . . or worse.

And we know that Ryan isn’t dumb.

While his arrogance is a given, you don’t make moves like this without a Machiavellian purpose.

Please let me explain.

It’s clear that Ryan and Republican leaders have convinced President Trump that this is the right way to go.

How did they do it?

While Donald Trump has many strengths, he was one significant weakness: he chooses not to read.

He admits to making decisions “with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I had, plus the words ‘common sense’.”

Trump has historically relied on hiring good people, and when they don’t do what they say they’ll do, he fires them.

Easy stuff and a known factor with the President.

And Paul Ryan took advantage of that weakness knowing he would not read the new health care bill.

Here’s what likely happened when Trump met with Ryan and other authors of ObamaCare 2.0:

President Trump: Do you have it ready?

Speaker Ryan: Yes Mr. President, and you’re going to love it.

President Trump: Good, good. Will it lower costs, kill ObamaCare taxes and open competition?

Speaker Ryan: Of course Mr. President, we eliminate all ObamaCare taxes and subsidies and the American people will spend less while getting better care.

President Trump: Great job. Let’s get it passed in record time. Just let me know what you need.

Speaker Ryan: Yes, Mr. President [the speaker slinks out of the Oval Office].

When it comes to Washington politics, Trump is a neophyte. And that’s why he was elected. Americans were near the brink of societal breakdown due to their hatred of Washington politicians like Ryan.

And now we see why.

But that’s no excuse for Trump and his team.

He hasn’t just been betrayed by Paul Ryan who clearly lied to him about the contents of this bill, Trump’s staff failed to catch and stop this attempt to undermine Trump’s integrity in the eyes of the American people.

Paul Ryan knew exactly what he was doing. If you watched his press conference announcing the plan, Ryan started out by giving credit to both “President Trump and Vice President Pence” for making this happen.

Slimy Ryan wants this failure to be known as “TrumpCare” and with those too busy to know the difference, it’s working.

President Trump will be best served by tweeting: “Paul Ryan and GOP lied to me about new bill. I demand complete repeal! No more games!”

Then he needs to fire those in his White House who were tasked with vetting this bill along with this spokespeople like Spicer and Conway who failed to do their homework before participating in this con.

Most importantly, Donald Trump cannot forget this and when it comes to the next election cycle, he needs to start campaigning for a clean sweep of Congress.

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Jeb Bush

Just 13 months ago, Jeb Bush was leading the polls for the GOP nomination for president. That was before Donald Trump went on the attack.

Donald came and said he was going to build a wall, and the rest is history. Trump won the nomination and Jeb is breaking his silence after a crushing defeat.

Jeb Bush didn’t even finish in the top five of the GOP candidates and has not done any press since Donald Trump stopped another Bush from becoming president, until now.

Jeb Bush decided to go on camera with MSNBC, of all media outlets, to discuss he feelings about Donald Trump.

The son and brother of a president said that he would not be voting for Donald Trump and he can’t vote for Hillary. He said he would feel “sad” if Hillary became the president this fall, but he would also be “worried” if Trump won.

Who is left for him to vote for? Gary Johnson? Doubtful, it looks like Bush is going to stay home in November. He isn’t going to even vote. No wonder he didn’t make it out of the primaries.

Jeb Bush says that Trump won’t build the wall and Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. He said that Muslims won’t be banned and all of Trump’s fans are going to “feel betrayed”.

Bush is sounding like a bitter man right now. This time last year he was leading the polls for the nomination and now he, on the most liberal network on cable news, is talking about how bad Trump is and how the former Florida governor won’t even vote. Who is he trying to win over?

Jeb wouldn’t have broken his silence now if he didn’t have a plan, but what is it? He doesn’t plan on going to the GOP convention, he doesn’t plan on endorsing Trump and he doesn’t plan on voting in November. What are he and the establishment up to?

Watch the interview for yourself and decide if Jeb Bush is acting like a crybaby or if he has some master plan to take down Trump somehow.

Is Jeb being a crybaby or is this all part of his master plan? Do you think that Trump will be able to build the wall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The simple answer is no. Ted Cruz followed the rules and has a very solid campaign and he made sure he did what was necessary to win the delegates.

Trump still says it is rigged. They both might be right. Cruz did nothing wrong in Colorado to get all the delegates, but Trump does have a point.

Take a look at this video and see what the voting process for delegates is really like in Colorado.

Colorado’s process is unlike any other state.

What do you think, is it a good one? Do you like how Colorado does their delegate distribution, or is the system rigged so that normal people’s votes don’t count?

Let us know in the comments.

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Do you think the GOP should nominate someone or should Donald Trump’s millions of votes count for something?

In a recent interview, the Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination started opening up to his thoughts on having a brokered convention.

Donald Trump says that the millions of people who voted him should mean something to the Republican National Committee.

If Donald Trump fails to get the 1,237 delegates before the convention, do you think the GOP should ignore his voters and nominate someone else?

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GOP Establishment

Rather than put efforts into unifying the party and taking on the growing threat from presumptive DNC nominee Hillary Clinton, the GOP Establishment and its donors have decided to place its full focus into destroying Donald Trump.

The move is literally insane, but not unexpected coming from the same people who bowed down to Obama on so many occasions just to motivate voters on Election Day.

The Establishment is nuts.

This morning, Tim Miller took to the cable networks to brand Trump as a racist for not denouncing David Duke and the KKK, despite Trump doing so repeatedly without equivocation.

Toothy Tim Miller is the former communications director for Jeb Bush and the new spokesman for the anti-Trump super PAC, Our Principles PAC.

The PAC was funded by establishment backers Meg Whitman, and billionaires Todd Rickets and Paul Singer. Singer is a hedge fund manager and major donor to Republicans.

The clear strategy is to tag Trump with a “racist” label and disqualify him for the presidential nomination through convention parliamentary antics.

That strategy is suicidal against Hillary who will be provided with an endless amount of ammunition against Trump in the General Election.

You can hear Hillary now, behind the podium and backed by a minority crowd, “His own people . . . RESPECTED REPUBLICANS . . . say Trump is a racist!”

Our Principles PAC will spend heavily to brand Trump with the political death label “racist”, but in turn will give Hillary and every Democrat candidate running in 2016 and beyond the ability to label the entire Republican field as belonging to the “party of racism and bigotry.”

And that’s the plan of the GOP Establishment.

They will use the tactics of “white guilt” against their own delegates and force them to make this decision: Nominate a racist and watch the ENTIRE party die, or dump Trump and carry on with business as usual.

Make no mistake, the members of the Establishment are so desperate to maintain their power within the GOP that they’re willing to not only burn their own party, but elect Hillary Clinton as our next president.

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I Voted For Trump

Why in the world would a libertarian vote for Donald Trump? As Ron Paul wailed on CNN on Super Tuesday, Trump “represents the opposite of Liberty!”

I don’t disagree.

Donald Trump also represents the opposite of Washington.

When I first started my career in D.C., I was a young and naive idealist wearing a uniform and serving as a United States Marine.

During my last year on Active Duty, working in the Judge Advocate Division, I was in charge of reporting cases of officer misconduct . . . and boy I had my hands on countless salacious stories that the media would have drooled over.

At night, I was able to comb through the original Service Record Books of the most notorious Marines . . . from Charles Whitman to Lee Harvey Oswald.

But the biggest scandal I witnessed during my time was the scandal that took place in the White House.

As I tracked and reported cases of misconduct, I kept a tally. Over 75% of my active cases were for the offenses of adultery and fraternization . . . the exact offenses our Commander-in-Chief at the time was guilty of.

As good officers were literally doing time in the brig for their lack of judgment, Bill Clinton was kicking back in the White House.

Following my time in the long hallways of Headquarters Marine Corps, I ended up working in the lobbying office for one of the nation’s largest oil companies.

One day, my boss asked me to sit in for him at a meeting with the other oil lobbyists and I arrived the next morning to a scene straight out of Hollywood.

Not long after I entered the dark, wood-lined conference room filled with a variety of “old boy” characters sitting around a massive table, the leader of the discussion crowed, “Who is going to put money into Hastert’s pocket?”

His tone shifted to urgent as he cried, “We’re falling down as an industry guys!”

As one lobbyist after another pledged to divert funds to buy influence, I sank further into my seat.

Knowing how Washington works is one thing, seeing it take place before your eyes is another.

As I made it back to my office, I shot off an email offering to stuff envelopes for a government watchdog group and weeks later, they hired me as a director which started my lengthy career in fighting government for a living.

Since I made it to D.C. twenty-three years ago, I’ve had a front row seat to witness an endless parade of corruption and hypocrisy, not just within government, but within the consultant and political class that surrounds it.

As Marty Huggins would say, “Folks, bring your brooms, ‘cause it’s a mess!”

And that’s a gross understatement.

Washington is a freaking cesspool filled with pseudo-intellectuals and con men looking to buy and sell each other. The smart ones do it for money; the dumb ones do it for social standing that they define as “power.”

The scandals that are buzzed about from time to time about law breaking or ethics violations are nothing compared to the legal corruption that takes place daily . . . and it involves just about everyone that’s inside the beltway, not just the politicians who are the target of our anger.

That’s where Donald Trump comes in.

Trump is not part of the political class and never will be. More importantly, the success of his campaign has made complete clowns of the candidates, consultants and election experts who were previously held in high regard.

The brash billionaire is able to accomplish something that no one has been able to come close to since Washington left office . . . he’s breaking down the political machine, and more specifically, the Grand Old Party.

In his farewell address published in 1796, George Washington warned the nation of the “baneful effects of the spirit of the party.”

Few listened to him and the tools in power today from Mitch McConnell to Lindsey Graham to the neo-con clowns of the National Review, have clearly not taken a moment to sit back and understand that political parties do not deserve loyalty . . . principles demand loyalty and the GOP along with so-called “conservatives” have no firm principles.

When it comes to ideological grounding, the GOP, the conservative movement and, yes, even Donald Trump do not know who they are.

They have not explored the principles of Liberty to set aside party lines and trust in individuals rather than government.

When an individual lacks a foundation of beliefs, they quickly sink into the quagmire of mass opinion and outside influence for gain.

When beliefs are formed on a foundation of Liberty, there is never a doubt. The only question is “how do we get there?”

Liberty is a mountain made of granite. Mere men can’t break, move it or ignore it. When your eyes are open to these principles, you can’t even really argue with yourself.

As one libertarian activist, Ernie Hancock, says, “Freedom is the answer. What’s the question?”

So when an opportunity comes about to destroy or at least change the Republican Party and the Washington Establishment, hell yes, I’m taking it.

Make no mistake; I have high confidence that when Donald Trump takes the GOP nomination, he will be able to beat Hillary Clinton . . . despite what the polls may say.

But my decision was not based upon the outcome of the election; it was based upon the devastation Donald Trump will lay upon various arms of the government, the Washington Establishment and Congress. “President” Trump will serve as a spark to burn the whole thing down, and a controlled-burn is long overdue.

As for me, I’d rather take a shot at starting over then endure another eight years of ruin due to spineless and self-serving elites who demand our respect.

I’d rather hand the reigns of government over to a drunk monkey with a butcher knife than allow another bullshit politician to sit in our White House.

Today, Donald Trump was my drunk monkey. I’ll bring the butcher knife.

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2016 GOP

Liberty Guard, founded by former Congressman Bob Barr, released their ratings recently that ranked each presidential candidate based upon a Liberty index.

Included in the scorecard are 17 candidates in total — 14 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

The GOP candidates include: Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Former Governor Jeb Bush (FL), Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rand Paul (KY), Senator Ted Cruz (TX), Governor Chris Christie (NJ), Governor John Kasich (OH), Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR), Senator Marco Rubio (FL), Former Governor George Pataki (NY), Former Governor Jim Gilmore(VA), Former Senator Rick Santorum (PA), and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC).

The Democratic candidates include: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-V), and Former Governor Martin O’Malley (MD). The complete scorecard may be found at

The scoring model examined each of the candidates on public statements, announced platforms/plans, and their voting record (either as an incumbent or past political service). In each of the categories: healthcare, national security, taxation, immigration, electronic privacy, 2nd Amendment, cronyism, budget, education, and ethics; liberty-minded sub-topics were used as the judging criteria.

Most notably (and unlike any other scorecard so far),Liberty Guard rated candidates on cronyism and ethics.

In releasing the scorecard, Liberty Guard Chairman Bob Barr emphasized, “The American people are tired of Beltway insiders and their cronyism. The scorecard is a reliable, unbiased way to see how the candidates stack up, issue by issue, on liberty-related topics.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) both outperformed their respective GOP counterparts by advocating and fighting for limited government and liberty-minded principles based on the Constitution. At the bottom of the list includes Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL).

“This scorecard is the first of its kind — ranking candidates on liberty matters, taking into account all a candidates’ past statements and positions as well as votes. This comprehensive effort will inform voters decisions as they sort out the wheat from the chaff,” Liberty Guard President Steve Thomas added. “The typical establishment candidates that would be flourishing in past elections are now suffering. Voters are making this ever more evident by citing their distaste for ‘career politicians.'”

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Sixth graders at Giunta Middle School were asked something shocking in their classroom–would they save Donald Trump from a sinking ship?

The “Lifeboat Test,” as it’s being called, presents a hypothetical situation where a ship is sinking with 15 passengers–and the student must pick 9 of them to be saved in the lifeboat.

The list includes: a black guy, a white guy, a Hispanic woman, a rabbi, an ex-convict, a guy doctor, a girl doctor, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, among others.

Many parents were shocked that politicians–like Donald Trump and Barack Obama–made the list, and that children would have to choose whether or not to let them die.

But parents were also concerned that, with the short descriptions of people, it encourages racism–how are they supposed to judge whether “a black guy” or “a white guy” should be saved?

One mom, Valerie Kennel, voiced her opposition to the “Lifeboat Test.”

“Leah is 11,” Kennel explained, about her daughter. “How is she supposed to pick people based off of what they’re saying? …To her, everybody matters. Everybody should have a chance. They didn’t do anything wrong. Everybody deserves to be saved.”

The school district, however, disagreed. They stood behind the Lifeboat Test as allowing for “really great conversation” in the classroom–despite parental shock and horror.

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Kim Davis has become a notable figure for Christian conservatives–and now, it looks like two presidential candidates are fighting over who gets to claim her, to score political points.

When Davis was released from jail earlier this week, both former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas were in attendance–and seemed to fight over who got to stand next to her, and who got to claim victory for her release.

Both Huckabee and Cruz are competing for similar factions of the Republican Party in their fight to become President–namely, the Christian conservative wing.

But in the fight over Davis, Huckabee clearly came out ahead–thanks to a crafty staffer, who physically blocked Cruz from intruding on any of the photos, which were splashed across the media this week.

According to The New York Times:

“When Senator Cruz exited the jail a throng of journalists beckoned him toward their microphones, but an aide to Mr. Huckabee blocked the path of Mr. Cruz, who appeared incredulous.

“Moments later, Mr. Huckabee appeared, joined by Ms. Davis. He stuck close to her side as she approached the reporters, and again when she took the stage, and cast her fight as a choice of tyranny or religious freedom.”

Davis, the county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, had been jailed for just under a week after being found in contempt of court. Davis had refused to offer marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide in June. At the time she was jailed, she had already been previously told that she would have to start issuing licenses or suffer legal penalties.

She chose the latter, obviously–with the full backing of many conservatives. Including Mike Huckabee, who got plenty of photo ops with Davis, and Ted Cruz, who did not.

After her release, Davis returned to her job as the county clerk–after she agreed to let her deputies issue all marriage licenses in Rowan County. Despite the controversial nature of her stance, Davis is an elected official, meaning she can’t be fired, but must be voted out of office by the county residents.

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USA Today released the second week of their Republican presidential power rankings–and the top three contenders have something very telling in common.

Among the three of them, they have a combined zero years of political experience. All of the candidates in the top three are political outsiders, who have never held an elected position before.

Businessman Donald Trump remains in first place from last week’s rankings.

Close behind is Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon and political commentator, who remains in second place from last week as well.

Meanwhile, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina–who shot up three positions from 6th place, is in third.

While these rankings aren’t scientific–they take poll numbers into account, but they’re mostly a subjective analysis of the current strength of the candidate and how the electorate sees them–it’s extremely telling that, out of all the 17 candidates running for President, it’s the three political outsiders who are getting the most traction.

While the mainstream media and the establishment wrote off Donald Trump initially as a flash in the pan, it’s clear he’s tapped into something deeper–a massive majority of the Republican Party, if not the nation, who are fed up with Washington politics. Even if Trump falters as the primary season continues onward, clearly there’s a strong second and third choice for the outsider vote at the moment.

Meanwhile, mainstream political candidates continue to fall down the list.

USA Today’s full list is below:




4. JEB BUSH (4)

5. TED CRUZ (5)





10. RAND PAUL (10)




14. RICK PERRY (14)



17. JIM GILMORE (17)


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