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GOP convention

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Republican Convention

In the home of the Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame, Republicans have descended on Cleveland to nominate their own reality star for president and the process is unlike any convention in history.

To start the day off, there was an unusual commotion that took the Internet by storm last night. Stephen Colbert, the guy that took over for David Letterman and is tanking in the ratings, decided to take over the mic at the convention.

Stephen Colbert, dressed as a character from the Hunger Games movies, stormed the stage and started the “Hunger for power games”. He was then quickly escorted off the stage.

Here is a video that captured the moment.

When the convention really kicked off, celebrities like Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Happy Days start Scott Baio got the crowd excited about supporting Donald.

Most of the speakers spoke directly to the theme of the night; “Make America Safe Again”. People like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, and veterans activist Jason Beardsley gave moving and passionate speeches.

One of the more powerful speeches came from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy was adamant about the compassion of Donald Trump and revealed that Donald gave to many in the city that were in need anonymously. He said he is tired of the defamation of character coming from the left. The Donald Trump that Rudy knows is “a good man”.

The night ended with Melania Trump speaking and winning over the crowd and pundits on cable news. Then this morning, we find out that large parts of her speech were stolen almost directly from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.

Despite how well Melania did last night, she is taking a beating today on cable news and especially from the every hateful trolls on social media.

See the similarities for yourself below.

The speech’s similarities are striking and somebody is going to have to answer to this, but it will pass soon.

Outside of the convention the protests were largely local white college students and there were only two arrests. Traditionally, the protests are worse on the final night, but nothing real noteworthy from the protestors.

The stage is shiny; the show had star appeal and a little bit of drama. It was what we expected.

Day two we will see Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Dr. Ben Carson, Kimberlin Brown and for the first time, Donald Trump Jr. will take the stage at the end of the night. The theme for the second day is , “Make America Work Again”.

If you are looking for a quick recap of the speeches, here is a good montage put together by the LA Times.

What were your favorite parts of the first day? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Texas Senator has repeatedly laughed off the thought of a brokered convention where delegates at the GOP convention will choose the nominee, rather than a majority of the voting public.

Currently, frontrunner Donald Trump has captured 37% of the popular vote in what started as a twelve-way fight for the nomination.

With several large states remaining including California and New York, Trump will likely manage to capture the support of the majority of the voting public.

However, RNC officials have spent the last week reminding the public, “voters do not choose the nominee, delegates do.”

And they are correct.

That’s the travesty of political parties.

Political parties are not government organizations, they are nothing more than clubs with their own rules and power to change those rules.

However, they use up tens of millions in government funds each year (on the state and local level) with primary elections to choose their candidates for office.

Primaries serve as nothing more than free publicity and get-out-the-vote awareness for Republicans and Democrats.

When it comes to choosing an actual candidate, party bosses call the shots.

Ted Cruz and his team know this and that’s why a Virginia GOP insider told us on Friday that, “Cruz is killing it!”

Cruz’s campaign in Virginia is working overtime to ensure that his supporters are voted in as delegates for the national convention.

Republican convention delegates are elected themselves. Party leaders at the county and state levels choose who to send to the national convention. While most of those delegates are bound to vote in-line with their state’s primary on the first vote, if a candidate does not win majority support, a second, third, etc., vote is taken on the convention floor until a single candidate walks away with the prize.

All it takes is 50% +1 of delegates choosing a candidate.

Around the nation, the Cruz campaign is the most organized in their attempts to put “their” people in place as delegates so when the second vote takes place, Ted Cruz easily secures the nomination.

While delegate rules vary state-by-state, for instance, in Tennessee delegates are required to vote for their pledged candidate on the first two ballots, the first vote will be the key.

Both John Kasich and Donald Trump are barely organized in most states when it comes to the delegate selection process.

Cruz’s campaign has been taking advantage of this leadership void and planting his people on the “inside” of the delegate pools around the nation to secure a backdoor win on the path to the White House.

Comment below.

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GOP convention rules allow 7% of GOP delegates (the super delegates) to vote any way they choose in the first round of voting.

These “super delegates” are party insiders including the state chairman from each state.

This means Trump or any other candidate will have to secure 58% of the vote to win in the first round of convention voting if the super delegates oppose him.

Otherwise, the convention will turn into a “brokered” free-for-all where delegates are not bound to any candidate regardless of choice of the primary voters.

Do you believe the GOP has orchestrated a brokered convention?

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