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GOP Establishment

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RNC insiders are rambling incessantly about a “Contested Convention” however, the reality of one does not exist.

These Establishment power brokers are simply trying to bilk even more money from wealthy donors in a fight to stop Trump . . . on top of the HALF A BILLION that has been spent to date to defeat the real estate mogul.

With Trump’s current delegate count of 738, his path to the nomination is clear.

With 18 contests remaining, Trump needs to win 10 of the upcoming states.

Those states that have a population that appeals to the “blue collar” campaign are below:

April 5th: Wisconsin, 42 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 8th: Colorado, 37 delegates (Proportional)
April 19: New York, 95 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Delaware, 16 delegates (Winner Take All)
April 26: Pennsylvania, 71 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Maryland, 38 delegates (Winner Take Most)
April 26: Rhode Island, 19 delegates (Proportional)
May 10: West Virginia, 34 delegates (Proportional)
May 17: Oregon, 28 delegates (Proportional)
June 7: California, 172 delegates (Winner Take Most)
June 7: New Jersey, 51 delegates (Winner Take All)

Even with three proportional races in the mix, Trump should end his path to the nomination with a comfortable 100 delegate lead over the required 1,237 winning number.

The most recent polls indicate Trump is ahead by these numbers in the following key states

California: +10.5%,
New York: +52%
Wisconsin: +10%
Pennsylvania: +17%
West Virginia: +20%
New Jersey: +18.6%
Maryland: +9%

Despite the many millions that will be spent by Establishment backers to stop Trump before the convention, it appears that the only thing that can stop Trump . . . is Trump.

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Paul Ryan

The rumors of a Paul Ryan insurgency at the GOP convention have been flying about for the past two months.

Now former House Speaker John Boehner confirmed the rumors by throwing his endorsement over to Speaker Paul Ryan in the event of a brokered convention.

Taking a break from mowing his lawn and tanning, Boehner spoke to the press to refer to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as “Lucifer” while pitching a curve ball with his Ryan scenario.

Ryan would have to compete not only against frontrunner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, as Mitt Romney has refused to close the door on the possibility of his nomination.

Given the high turnout of this year’s primary season, the move would likely result in the death of the GOP.

With just over half of the nation voting, over 20 million Americans have voted in the primary to date, which is a record for the nation.

Boehner and Romney, two prominent faces of the Establishment, are left unsatisfied with the likely choices remaining for the winner of the nomination and are looking to throw a wrench in the process.

Emotions are high for all candidates still in the race with supporters firmly embedded in each camp.

While a fair loss in the primary process is acceptable, it’s not likely that Republican voters will accept an overthrow of the nominee using parlor tricks during the convention.

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John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a man on a mission . . . maybe not his own mission, but he’s on one.

Kasich has no statistical chance of winning the GOP nomination in a fair fight. Literally. He could win every single delegate from now until convention and still not have the required majority.

So why in the heck is this guy still in the race?

Because he’s being a good little soldier for the establishment.

Kasich jumped into the race nearly a month following Donald Trump’s announcement.

From the start, Kasich was lined up to be a spoiler to Trump in the event that his campaign caught momentum . . . and it did.

Having very little name ID outside of his state, Kasich’s popularity in Ohio was a stop-gap guarantee that Trump (or another somewhat outsider such as Cruz) would not take the Republican nomination.

Marco Rubio is now playing the same role in Florida . . . but failing.

In reviewing Kasich’s FEC reports and those of his PAC, this is a guy who is serving both sides of the establishment, Republican and Democrat.

Kasich’s PAC, New Day for America, has received over $202,700 from Scott Bessent of Soros Fund Management.

The donation is a strong sign that Hillary Clinton does not want to face Donald Trump in the general election and would rather go head-to-head with an establishment candidate or, even better, Ted Cruz.

The Ohio Governor, after voting today, told the press that he would be staying in the race regardless of he wins or losses the state.

His job is done, so why would he stay in if he cannot win?

During the same press conference, Kasich signaled that he would be addressing Donald Trump’s “statements about women” which he just found out about.

Past Ohio, Kasich is going to play the role of attack dog as Rubio will be out or diminished and Ted Cruz has not fared well at all while in the sights of the billionaire front runner.

This is a desperate establishment at play folks and their childish games have made this the most ridiculous election cycle in history . . . and it’s March.

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Neocon Traitors

This was not expected.

While the GOP Establishment is up in arms and raiding the pockets of billionaire backers to stop Trump (with little impact), the Bush faction of neo-conservatives who brought us preemptive warfare in the form of the Iraq War are going on record to boldly state they would back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Eliot Cohen, a former official with the Department of State under George W. Bush is leading the revolt and has organized an open letter of over 100 foreign policy “experts” to motivate political insiders of the Republican Party to do all they can to dump Trump.

Cohen went so far as to tell Politico, “Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin . . . [Trump would be] an unmitigated disaster of American foreign policy.”

Cohen was backed by a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Max Boot, who said, “I’m literally losing sleep over Donald Trump . . . She [Hillary] would be vastly preferable to Trump.”

Other signers of the letter organized by Cohen include Condoleezza Rice, Robert Zoellick and a “who’s who” gaggle of foreign policy experts.

The letter is a clear sign that Trump has ruffled the feathers of not just the GOP insiders but the actual government establishment that is typically silent on presidential elections.

These same signers have handed over massive trade advantages to China, Japan and Mexico while destabilizing the Middle East through foreign intervention and preemptive warfare under the false threat posed by weapons of mass destruction.

For these Bush appointees and general lackeys to come out in favor of Hillary Clinton gives the public a rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of neoconservatives.

They correctly realize that their days of influence are over in the event of a Trump presidency and the countless deals they have made with other nations, to the detriment of the American citizen, will be unraveled by a “reckless” Trump administration.

Rather than give an outsider like Donald Trump a chance, they would rather vote in a known, corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton who laughs off her responsibility to national security while still under investigation by the FBI.

Not only will Hillary prove to be a disaster in foreign relations, the nation will be held hostage by the Clinton’s proven record of massive corruption and hypocrisy.

For Cohen and his ilk to even consider elevating Hillary to the rank of POTUS is something that should never be forgotten as it will serve as the death knell of the neoconservative movement.

The word “neoconservative” will be unequivocally synonymous with “traitor.”

Of note is Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, who served as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is a group of bankers, government officials and politicians who advance a globalist agenda.

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The Republican, anti-Trump establishment is concocting a strategy to hijack the Libertarian Party by taking over its ballot access.

The Republican establishment wants to fraudulently become members of the party, attend our state conventions to become delegates, and take over the national Libertarian Party convention.

Not on my watch.

I have and will continue to fight off these attempts by the Republican establishment, no matter whether at the local, state and or national level.

Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in the GOP is a byproduct of their insistence to run establishment, big government candidates and ignoring liberty-loving candidates. I’ve seen how they’ve treated liberty-loving candidates by denying them party office and their rights as delegates at their conventions.

The GOP establishment is losing control of its own monster. It’s reaping what it sowed, and now it’s looking for the Libertarian Party’s ballot access to bail them out.

Back off!   You have to go through me.

It’s imperative that we continue to appeal to individuals yearning for more liberty and less government. As the Republican and Democratic parties continue to struggle with their identities, disenfranchise voters, destroy individual liberties, wage needless wars, and spend us into oblivion, the Libertarian Party must continue to be the rock where liberty and sanity are cherished.

As a political party that prides itself on principle and our adherence to peace, individual liberty, free markets, and minimum government, we cannot and should not be tempted to entertain the idea of endorsing, nominating, or supporting an establishment Republican candidate simply for the lure of a victory, and we must do everything we can to ensure that our candidate for President is a Libertarian one, dedicated to advancing peace and liberty for all.

My message to establishment Republicans who want to steal the hard earned ballot access of the Libertarian Party:

I have fought you as State Chairman of Indiana, a member of the Libertarian National Committee, a Vice-Chair of the National Libertarian Party and as the Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

You want a fight.   I’ll give it to you again. I promise.

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The Establishment

In an article today, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, wrote of a “shadowing organization called ‘The Establishment’ that’s working to thwart the will of the majority.”

Goldberg, son of Lucianne Goldberg, was writing as if The Establishment is some fictitious group that doesn’t really exist.

Like Hillary Clinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, the GOP Establishment is not a organized group of individuals who meet behind thick doors to plot the takeover of the world.

The Establishment that a majority of the public has become unable to tolerate, is the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, pundits and anyone who has attempted to push self-serving policies onto America.

Jonah Goldberg is part of that Establishment.

It’s the ruling class, that have told us how to think and how to vote for decades, despite their direction driving America into the dustbin of history.

Specifically within politics, the Establishment is the core of politicians and their truly shadowy consultants who are so out of touch with the will of the people, that they expect to be able to throw up an issue or talking point and expect conservatives and Republicans to line up and march in lock step.

Those days are over.

The Establishment and its members are now the laughing stock of America. They have lost all respect and are ridiculed far more than they are respected.

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of this.

Romney came out of his gold-lined bubble to chastise voters who were supportive of Trump, or at the very least, sick of the ruling class’s death grip on Republican politics.

Within four years, Romney went from GOP nominee that was able to limp along against Obama and have weary sheep follow him into the voting booth to having the same status as a homeless man standing on the street with the sign, “The End is Near.”

The media covered him, but Americans saw his rant for what it is . . . the childish fit of a loser.

The National Review, Mitt Romney, Fox News and countless other individuals and publications spent the last few decades chuckling over cocktails about how gullible the public is. As long as they wrote and spoke at a fifth grade reading level, they could convince the public that the sky is pink and war, taxes, budgets and government power were all malleable concepts that they could mold to their benefit.

They have worn out their welcome with the public and will have evolve or retire from public life for good, as America is now wise to the scam.

Who is “The Establishment” you ask? It’s those guys who will soon be lining up on the unemployment line.

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Libertarian Party

If you’re going to mount an independent or third party run, the easiest way to do it is by stealing the ballot access of the Libertarian Party . . . or that’s what the GOP Establishment may think.

The LP is the third largest political party and is on track to have their presidential candidate on the ballots of 48 to 50 states in November.

Last week, anti-Trump GOP donors commissioned a study on the requirements for an independent run. The Florida firm who conducted the study, Data Targeting, had a memo leak that concluded, “it is possible to mount an independent candidacy but [it] will require immediate action on the part of this core of key funding and strategic players.”

Essentially, it was an optimistic, “we’re screwed.”

An independent candidate would need over 450,000 signatures of voters just to be on the ballot in 11 states.

Rather than spend millions of dollars on an attempt to get a candidate on the ballot that could challenge Donald Trump, it appears the GOP Establishment has been caught trying to steal the ballot access of the Libertarian Party.

With the permission of the LP, data experts dove into their anonymous Web site traffic to find that, within the last week, visitors have been searching for “Libertarian Party,” hitting, and signing up as members.

The party has received more sustained traffic in the last week than it had seen since October of 2012.

The party has also confirmed that they have had more new members join the party within the last seven days than at any time since 2008.

Unlike the Republican and Democrat parties, the LP requires a minimum donation of $25 to become a member of the party. New members must also sign a pledge tied to the principles of the party.

There are no active, new member acquisition campaigns under way by the LP, and the existing presidential candidates have driven few visitors to the site.

Why would the Establishment drive people to join the LP?

That’s easy . . . to stack the convention and nominate their own candidate.

They can’t compete with Donald Trump, so they have to find another route to maintain their power.

The Libertarians hold their presidential nominating convention on May 27th in Orlando, Florida.

While 1,047 delegates may attend the convention and choose their nominee, historically, only 600 or so Libertarians show up to vote . . . and few are registered to attend right now.

That leaves room for a hostile takeover of the party.

To become a delegate, you have to raise your hand and be selected by a state party to attend . . . you don’t even have to be a member of the national party, but most don’t realize that.

Prospective delegates can even show up at the convention, request to be included in a delegation and be voted in by a state.

Delegate requirements are loose if you can pass the purity suspicions of other Libertarians.

In previous discussions of bylaws changes, party officials considered adding in a “takeover” provision that would require delegates to be members for a period of time, but the change was shot down due to its lack of inclusiveness.

The GOP Establishment, which has openly discussed a “third party option”, could reasonably take over the Libertarian Party . . . and destroy it in one fell swoop.

If the GOP Elites, never being known for their political intelligence, were to nominate Mitt Romney, Rubio or some other establishment candidate using the Libertarian’s ballot line, it would all but guarantee that Hillary Clinton would be our next president.

Libertarian Party leaders would be wise to fill their delegate slots with as many “known” libertarians as possible before GOP donors do it for them.


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