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GOP Primary

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GOP Nomination

Tuesday night Donald Trump swept 5 primaries, taking all of them in convincing fashion. The big win is enough to really project Trump towards the 1,237 delegates he needs to have by the GOP convention in order to secure the GOP nomination.

The clean sweep by Trump also pushes Ted Cruz’s chances of getting enough delegates to win out the window. There is zero chance now that Ted Cruz can get to 1,237. Even if Ted wins every single delegate from here on out, he will still not have enough.

The reality of the situation is that Donald Trump will lock up the nomination and unless something drastic happens, it will be California that gives him the last few delegates needed to reach the magic number.

Not only did Donald win all of the primaries last night, John Kasich had the second best night. Kasich won 5 delegates to Ted’s 1, and came in second place in four of the five states.

What does this all mean? Well, it looks as if Donald may win the nomination outright, but if there is a contested convention, Kasich may be the darling of the establishment and not Cruz. Ironically, the person 4th in delegates might have the best chance to beat Donald at the convention. Not Cruz.

Looking at the delegate count, here is where we are this morning.

Donald Trump – 949
Ted Cruz – 544
Marco Rubio – 171
John Kasich – 153

Trump really pulled ahead last night gaining 105 of the 111 available delegates.

This is turning into a two-person race. Hillary and Trump. Hillary won four of her five states and is starting to really pull away from Bernie.

On the right, despite the billions of dollars spent against Trump and the establishment’s campaign to stop him, the Trump train keeps on moving.

This has been an amazing political season, with so many twists and turns and back room meetings, we are sure that there are some surprises left.

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Ted Cruz won in Colorado even though there was no open primary. The delegates selected who they wanted and that is how the system is set up in the Centennial state.

Donald Trump is crying foul, but Ted and the pundits are telling Donald to play by the rules and that the system is not conspiring against him to win.

Something is wrong when the people of Colorado don’t even vote for the person they want as president, but that is because in 2015 a bill to create a presidential primary was shot down.

The bill was sponsored and sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee and it was shot down. Four republicans voted against the bill while three Democrats voted in support of it.

Just because the bill was shot down by 4 Republicans in May of 2015 doesn’t mean that the state’s GOP establishment is against Trump, or for anyone else. Right?

Well not exactly. What has people crying foul is the fact that one of the Republicans that shot down the bill was also the person who sponsored the bill. Senator Kevin Grantham sponsored the bill and thought it was good enough to have his name attached, but then something happened. He decided to kill it and rally the other Republicans to shoot it down.

Senator Kent Lambert and Senator Laura Woods joined Kevin Grantham and one more to stop the bill. There is one interesting fact about these three. They share something else in common.

Three of the senators who stopped the bill from passing are on the Ted Cruz team. They are delegates for Ted Cruz in the State of Colorado. It may not be illegal, but is suspicious.

This type of backwards deal making is the reason why Donald Trump is popular among a large group of Americans. Something is going on that is shady and in the shadows. Why would a Senator who sponsors a bill then shoot it down?

This is politics as usual. Ted Cruz didn’t start out as part of the establishment but he is welcoming them with open arms if it helps him beat Donald Trump. Which right now it is.

Ted Cruz is boasting wins in the last 5 states right now, even though only 4 of those states even held elections. It is interesting to watch, but how much more of this can America take? The real question is how much can Donald Trump take.

His message of the “system being rigged” is working, and as long as Ted Cruz wins voterless primaries, then Trump’s message is about to get louder. Things are really starting to heat up!

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If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now. Everyone is out to stop Donald Trump. First it was the constant bashing on the news channels from the left, and then Fox News started its attack.

The candidates attacked Trump, then businesses started to attack him, and he kept rolling because people were voting for him. Millions of people thought that Trump could make America great again.

Then we moved to Colorado and a unique scenario. There was a caucus, but that isn’t how the delegates are awarded. Cruz won all 34 delegates at a series of seven congressional district meetings this month and at the state party convention that happened this past Saturday in Colorado Springs.

The voters didn’t have a say, just the delegates. The power on the right, the establishment, has decided to stop Trump at all costs.

The same people who talked about stopping Obama for 8 years and have done almost nothing, are now going after a Republican. Not only a Republican, but the front-runner for president who, despite the relentless attacks, still might have a chance in a fair fight.

To say it nicely, Donald doesn’t thing it is fair, and it isn’t.

Donald Trump responds to ballots being burned in protest.

The GOP stole this primary for Ted Cruz.

What happened in Colorado wasn’t illegal, it was just unfair. It exposes the flaws in our electoral process.

The thing is, Donald Trump is pointing out all the flaws in our system. Most of his voters are not racist; they are people who are tired of the status quo and willing to buck the system. Clearly our “system” has resorted to manipulation to stop Trump and force a contested convention.

What is happening is sad. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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Donald Trump

Donald has taken a few hits in the past two weeks and the talking heads have started saying Donald Trump is losing ground.

Donald took a big loss in Wisconsin and suffered the largest margin of defeat so far this primary season. He got cornered into a discussion on abortion and his comments were twisted and used against him, generating a huge amount of backlash.

Many were saying that Ted Cruz’s time has come and Donald is on the way out, but that is not true. They said Trump tried to be more presidential and it didn’t work.

Yesterday Donald was in his home state of New York and he went back to his natural self and it looked great. He hit Ted Cruz hard and the case he made is going to make it tough for Cruz to even beat Kasich.

Watch Donald attack Cruz.

New York ‘s primary couldn’t come at a better time for Donald Trump. The self-professed fan of winning needs to win. He needs a big win in the the winner-take-all delegates states. And the next few states favor him.

If Trump can avoid any big missteps and win New York, we are going to hear the talking heads singing a different tune.

We are already seeing him establish a very respectable foreign policy team and he is now working to reorganize his campaign and get serious. He is making some new hires, while others could be hearing “you’re fired”.

The Donald camp has also just hired veteran Republican strategist Paul J. Manafort to lead his delegate-corralling efforts, which is a serious move to win regardless of how many delegates Trump has going into Cleveland.

Donald also cleared his public schedule this week and is spending some time reorganizing his campaign and really getting a strategy down to win the nomination and not let the GOP steal it from him.

Just when people thought Trump might be out, he is starting to really get serious about forming the right campaign heading into a contested convention. He is seeing the writing on the wall and making plans to win no matter what the establishment throws at him.

Ted Cruz better enjoy the Wisconsin victory because he may not see another one for a while!

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New Candidates

The masterminds who thought it would be a good idea to force Donald Trump to sign a contract to support the eventual Republican nominee are now working hard to come up with new solutions.

A close friend that has a cousin that works at the same gym with a girl that dates a security guard for the building that a White House aid lives in supplied this new short list of names to replace Donald Trump.

Some will certainly surprise you, but it must be true! All sources have been verified from the below official campaign propaganda. Starting with the obvious choice:

Tom Hanks

Adam Dodd and Mike Eltringham have some great points. We all did like Apollo 13 and his role in Philadelphia does solidify the LBGT voters.

We know it is going to be a difficult year and people are having a problem with picking their top candidate, but it’s time to toughen up. Because as Tom Hanks says, “There’s no crying in politics”

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken

Having more cowbell is a very important issue this year, obviously. He does bring a lot to the table, but let’s be honest, so does our next potential candidate.

Bruce Wayne

I know what you are thinking; he is just like Donald Trump. They’re both rich and fight for good in a bad way, but Donald doesn’t have a bat cave. The big question is whether Batman will pick Robin to run on the same ticket or pick someone more traditional like Commissioner Gordon?

Taylor Swift

We know she has some Bad Blood but Everything Has Changed. She was hit with a lot of negative ads and she did a good job to Shake It Off. Taylor is not Out Of The Woods though.

Talking to Hillary Clinton in a recent animated YouTube video, Taylor is caught saying “I Knew You Were Trouble,” right to the Secretary’s face. She is Fearless and should come out on top.

Also Kanye West doesn’t like Taylor Swift so that really plays well in her favor. We’ll see what happens

And then there is this guy…

Who else do you think should run for president? Let us know below!

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Last night Donald Trump put on an event to thank the voters from Mississippi and Michigan and something happened. It was a different Trump. See for yourselves.

Last night the Trump Train continued to steam through the GOP primary in what has become a historical and unprecedented campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of broadcast hours have been dedicated to mock, marginalize and downright make fun of Donald Trump. It hasn’t worked.

Standing on a stage with 10 American flags standing in front of a presidential blue backdrop, Trump held and event to discuss his wins from Tuesday’s voting.

Trump has become both loved and hated for his brash demeanor on stage and with interviews. He makes fun of people who attack him and he doesn’t sound like any president we have ever had in America.

That mold was shattered on Tuesday night when he spoke to members and supporters at Trump National Golf Club in Florida. His voice was calm, he was poised and he thanked a lot of people to start his speech.

His tenacity was still there, his confidence was still there, but with his tone and the way he delivered this speech, it is clear that Donald Trump is turning a corner.

No longer is Trump worried about rising to the top out of 17 GOP candidates, but now he is shifting his focus to the general election. His on stage persona is toning it down and getting more inline with the real Donald Trump.

There were a lot of candidates that looked presidential during the primary, but most of them are gone and Trump’s personality has solidified himself as the frontrunner.

Now it looks as he is going to work to bring the party together and that starts with a change from Trump. Toning down the anti-GOP rhetoric and he did that last night. Speaking very highly and complementary of Speaker Paul Ryan, and calling for the party to rally behind Trump’s leadership.

Trump is without a doubt bringing in new people to vote republican for the first time, and if he can continue to move towards the path of “looking” more presidential, then we might see the GOP party rally behind Trump.

It that happens, then there is no way Hillary would be able to stop the Trump Train. Heck, she can’t even stop coughing.


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