Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gun ban

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Baltimore is on pace for 1,000 shootings this year, but their answer to fix the problem is just stupid.

The Baltimore City Council took the first steps to approve a ban on toy guns that look real.

In a city where almost 1,000 people have been shot this year, the local government has decided that toys are the biggest problem.

They are not figuring out how to raise people out of poverty or how to provide better education, their goal is to ban toy guns.

With politicians focusing on the wrong things, there is no wonder anymore why Baltimore is in such trouble.

Supporters of the law say that fake guns are being used in crimes and kids are at risk.

City Council President Bernard C. Young tried to explain his liberal circle logic.

“We’re getting stores robbed with replicas. We’ve got people running around with these things and they almost look real. … I don’t think we should be allowing replica guns in the city of Baltimore, especially with the murder rate we have.”

People who disagree with the law say that this doesn’t fix any problem, and they are right.

Banning toy guns won’t do anything to decrease crime, but will only create a new class of criminals whose only crime is having a toy gun that looks real.

That is arresting someone for baking soda because it looks like cocaine.

People caught with a fake gun would be fined between $200-$1,000. The only people who are going to be arrested for having a fake gun are going to be young people, probably poor, living in the inner city of Baltimore.

This law is going to do more damage than good. They’re just toys.

It’s time governments start making the hard decisions to protect their citizens and stop playing around.

Do you think a toy gun ban would keep people safe? Let us know in the comments below.

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gun laws

After any major shooting in America, you will hear the liberals come out and demand new gun laws and they call for a ban on assault weapons, but their plan won’t work.

At least banning assault rifles and making it extremely hard to get handguns should stop violence right?

In Chicago, a city with some of the strictest gun laws in America, there have been 2,395 shooting victims since the start of the New Year. In comparison, there were 2,988 all of last year.

Chicago has a ban on assault rifles, it has a violence tax, strict rules for buying handguns and they even control the number of gun stores and their locations, but none of that stopped the city from having it’s deadliest month in over a decade.

In July there were 65 killed by gun violence, the most since July of 2006.

Those are just the July records, but in June, there were close to 72 people killed, so at least the July numbers were a little better. If that is what you can call it.

So far this year there have been close to 400 homicides in Chicago in seven months, and 490 all of last year. Unfortunately, Chicago looks like it will almost double the number from last year by 2017.

Liberals try so hard to end gun violence by taking away the guns, instead of taking away the desire to kill. Most of the deaths in Chicago are black on black crimes that are happening in the most impoverished parts of the city.

If one was to look at the situation without biased, then controlling guns isn’t the answer to stopping violence, but it is getting people out of poverty and giving them something to live for.

What are your thoughts on the unbelievable homicide rate in a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation? Let us know in the comments below.


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