Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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FBI Database

Want to be treated like a criminal and added to an FBI database? All you have to do is buy a gun in the state of Hawaii and you will be added.

Hawaii Governor David Ige signed a law into place that will allow police to add anyone registering or buying a new gun will be added to an FBI database called “Rap Back” that monitors criminal activities of Americans who have been under investigation.

The new law treats gun owners like criminals, literally.

The Democrat from Hawaii was inspired by the sit-ins held by the Dems in the House.

This isn’t the first time that the Hawaii Governor has tired to enforce gun control. He signed a law that would limit gun ownership to people in sexual crimes and stalking.

The governor also created a law that people with mental illnesses must surrender their guns.

The truth is, if you want to be a gun owner that isn’t watched by the FBI and treated like a criminal, then you better not live in Hawaii.

The scary thing is that this might become a trend. Hawaii is the first state to add gun owners to the FBI watch list, but will it be the last?

Depending on how the law works out, we might see other states with Democrats as governors do similar things.

This law could become a new trend, and good, honest gun owners all over America will be treated like criminals.

Do you think gun owners should be added to the FBI criminal watch list? Let us know in the comments below.

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A man in Hawaii has filed a lawsuit against the Honolulu Police Department for discriminating against non-U.S. citizens with respect to gun rights.

The United Kingdom citizen, Andrew Namiki Roberts, is a legal permanent resident of the United States. When navigating the stringent gun laws of Hawaii, he ran into a bit of trouble.

First, he acquired a permit just to purchase and own rifles and shotguns. Then, he took a firearm safety course, which is required before one can be issued a permit to obtain a handgun. But when he went to get the permit, after jumping through every legal hoop, he was told that his background documentation was not complete. He would have to get a letter from the British consulate on his behalf. When his background check was denied, it also invalidated his previous permit to have rifles and shotguns and the one he had purchased from a Hawaii sports shop was seized.

Hawaii’s firearm permit allows a person to purchase a firearm, use it for hunting, or transport said firearm to specific locations like gunsmiths or shooting ranges. Hawaii law also requires firearms to be registered at a statewide level. The county police departments are in charge of handling the permits and registrations, like the DMV for guns. Last year, a ruling was made by a federal judge in Honolulu that said only granting permits to U.S. citizens was unconstitutional.

The department is hoping to circumvent the ruling by requiring those with green cards to obtain extra clearance. Roberts’ lawsuit is calling the extra documentation required “unfair” and discriminatory against permanent resident aliens. Another issue that the lawsuit takes with the arrangement is that there is no written requirement for the documentation.

Hawaii law states that an inquiry will be made into permit applicants if they are not U.S. citizens, through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and the Immigration Enforcement databases. Roberts’ is arguing that if he has already passed all the requirements to be a permanent resident, the extra requirements are unfair. The lawsuit states that, “Mr. Roberts has the constitutional right to keep and possess firearms in his home for the purpose of self-defense,”.

What do you think? Should he have to become a citizen to own firearms? Or is the permanent residency investigation enough?


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