Monday, October 24, 2016


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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met last night at the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner, where Hillary asked Donald to “pardon” her.

The Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner is a tradition each election year, and it is meant to have a night of fun and laughs near the end of a long campaign.

A 1000 people raised $6,00,000 for different children charities associated with the Catholic Church. The event is a “white-tie” formal dinner and roast held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

The joke of the night came when Trump talked about Hillary asking for a pardon, insinuating her guilt for the email scandal.

Donald did a good job and delivered some great jokes, but delivered his speech with in a much subtle manner than we are used to.

Here is Donald Trump’s full speech.

Donald had a few good jokes, and one great one about his wife and media bias. He didn’t get too vicious. He was almost humble in his approach, but he didn’t let Hillary off the hook.

He said after dealing with Hillary he is now starting to think Rosie O’Donnell isn’t that bad.

Hillary took to the stage and was a little more comfortable and a little more vicious.

Here is the Hillary Clinton full speech.

Hillary seemed a lot more comfortable on the mic, and delivered a few good jokes. She also got really personal. Calling him the horse that Putin rides around on, or a marriage joke.

Watching both you see that Donald came off more humble and gracious while Hillary was more vicious.

The night was needed in the fiery debate and things will get back to normal sometime today, but for a night… it was civil.

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Many people woke up on Friday and couldn’t send a tweet or listen to Spotify, but the real reason they didn’t work could be due to an attack.

This morning Twitter, SoundCloud, Shopify and Spotify were completely down in almost the entire United States. Asia and Europe seemed to be ok.

The sites went down due to a DDOS attack on the DNS provider Dyn. To put it in simpler terms, part of the Internet in America was attacked and took down several sites.

Even sites like the Boston Globe, Reddit and Freshbooks were down. This was a big attack.

Nobody is claiming responsibility yet, and as of the publication of this article, all sites seem to be back up and running.

This could be an isolated event with some kids in their parents basement, or this could be an enemy testing the fence.

Hillary is probably already blaming the Russians, but whoever is committing these kinds of attacks, doesn’t intend to help the United States.

These attacks are acts of war, and in today’s day and age, any war will start with cyber attacks. We just hope they don’t escalate to full blown war.

What do you think about this morning’s cyber attacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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Liberals love to point out the minor inaccuracies of Donald Trump during the debate, but Hillary was caught in a huge lie everyone is ignoring.

When Donald was talking about Syria and how the world laughed at Obama after he drew his line in the sand, he said that Hillary was still working at the State Department at the time and deserves some of the blame.

Hillary quickly interrupted Donald to lie.

The truth is, Hillary was still the Secretary of State and she still worked under Obama six more months after he drew the line in the sand.

Of course Syria crossed that line, but Obama and Hillary did nothing. ISIS was formed and now Europe is having a major refugee crisis.

Despite Hillary’s efforts to lie, Donald does have a point here.

The mess in Syria is partially Hillary’s fault. She doesn’t deserve as much blame as Trump wants the world to believe, but she does deserve some blame.

Possibly enough blame to keep her from winning the White House.

We will see in less than a month. Let us know your thoughts on Hillary’s role in the Syrian crisis in the comments below.

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When the world found out about the $400 million cash ransom to Iran last January, Obama lied to the American people about why it was cash.

August 4th, Obama tried to explain away the reason that his administration sent Iran $400 million in foreign cash.

“The reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with Iran that we couldn’t send them a check and could not wire the money.”

The truth is, we are learning now that America sent two wire transfers to Iran. One of the wire transfers happened before the ransom payment and one after.

In July of 2015, the same month that the Iran deal was announced, a wire payment was made from the U.S. to Iran for just under a million dollars. The payment was made to settle a claim over drawings in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and one over fossils at the Iran Ministry of Environment.

Just as recent as April of 2016, we sent a wire for close to nine million dollars, to clean up radioactive water.

It is clear that Obama lied about being able to send wire transfers.

The admission came from a Treasury Department spokesman over the weekend.

Being able to make the wire payments and paying in cash gives more credibility that it was a ransom payment in January.

Once again we are getting conflicting stories from the administration and now lies directly from Obama’s mouth.

The Iran deal is something that Obama had hoped would be part of a positive legacy he left on the world, but it is turning into a nightmare.

When campaigning over the weekend for Hillary at a fundraiser, nobody applauded his Iran deal according to Mark Landler, a White House correspondent.

With the Iranian military threatening our ships in the Persian Gulf and taking more hostages, the Iranian deal has become a full-blown disaster and maybe Trump is right in ending the deal on his first day in office.

What do you think? Should the next president end the Iranian deal?

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body double

The Internet often brings us some crazy conspiracy theories and now they think Hillary has a body double. Could it be true?

A week ago, when Hillary passed out at the 9/11 memorial event, she retreated to her daughters Manhattan apartment. About two hours later she emerged and did a photo op with a little girl.

She said she felt great and the whole thing looked like a staged event.

How did Hillary recover from the pneumonia so quick? Some people are answering that question with a wild idea. They say Hillary Clinton has a body double that handles some of the public appearances.

The idea is gaining steam online and some people are pointing to Teresa Barnwell, a professional Clinton impersonator. See her website here.

This wouldn’t be the first time a politician used a body double to cover for an illness. In the 1993 movie “Dave”, Kevin Kline plays a body double for the president who is sick.

But “Dave” is just a movie right?

If you ask the people on Twitter, they think she has a body double.

Some online, couch investigators even point to Hillary’s fingers as evidence she has a body double.

So what do you think? It is possible that Hillary had someone cover for her, but that would be a pretty bold move. Even for Hillary Clinton.

Do you think Hillary has a body double? Let us know in the comments below.

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The DNC had their secrets exposed by hackers and people leaking information and now the Dems are saying whatever they can to get you not to pay attention.

Remember over the summer when WikiLeaks released the DNC emails and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired with the CEO of the DNC and other employees?

Well the new interim chairwoman, Donall Brazile said that people should not read the latest leaked documents because you could get a virus on your computer.

Don’t look at the criminal activity because you could download some malware. She also went on to claim that Russia did all the hacks, but that has not been proven either.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t want the emails released and she knows for sure the hack was done by Russia. How does she know for sure?

She calls this an “electronic Watergate”. The difference here is that we don’t know the hackers yet, and if they are even hackers. It could have been an internal leak like Julian Assange and Oliver Stone think.

Nancy Pelosi also begged Paul Ryan to to not use the hacked emails as part of political ammunition.

Is she kidding? Her party decided to keep Bernie Sanders from winning and forced Hillary Clinton on the people and now it is blowing up in their face.

The liberals who are trying to scare you and blame Russians are the same ones that are not taking responsibility for their party.

They want to blame everyone else, but don’t take responsibility for the emails that prove that they wanted Hillary to win and not democracy.

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dr. oz

Today at 1pm EST, the “Dr. Oz Show” will broadcast an episode filmed yesterday with guest Donald Trump releasing his medical records.

Donald Trump gave Dr. Oz a copy of his physical that was administered by the candidate’s doctor last week. The two will discuss it during the show.

We don’t know what is on the records, but this is the same doctor that wrote a health note saying that Trump would be the healthiest president ever.

With the recent health concerns for Hillary Clinton, it is a good idea to release Donald Trump’s “serious” medical records to the public.

The campaign said it would release the data from the findings after the show airs today at 1pm.

Only Donald Trump would release his medical records on TV with Dr. Oz. It is a stroke of genius.

Dr. Oz’s show is planted in the middle of the day where women and parents watch regularly.

Women in general are the largest segment of Americans that Trump needs to improve on. They are the same people who are generally too busy with families to watch the evening news when most of Donald’s messaging happens.

This will Trump to talk to people that would not see him often and talking about his medical health will offer a sharp contrast to Hillary’s health.

This is a good move for Donald and we are happy that he is being more transparent.

Are you going to tune in to see Trump on the Dr. Oz Show? Let us know in the comments below.

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The scandal over Hillary’s email server is expanding to a private contractor who deleted emails, but did Hillary’s lawyers demand it?

When Hillary decided to use her home server it opened a huge can of worms that is exploding on her campaign right now.

New evidence now points to a private contractor who deleted thousands of emails for the Clinton campaign, but were they pressured by Clinton’s lawyers?

There are serious allegations of obstruction of justice and this timeline might help you understand.

3/2/2015 – The New York Times breaks the story that Hillary Clinton used her own private and unsecure email server when Secretary of State.

3/4/2015 – Congress issued a subpoena and preservation order for all of the email documents and by law Hillary must preserve everything on her server.

3/9/2015 – IT firm that was managing Clinton’s server is told to retain all the emails from Hillary’s server.

3/25/2015 – Clinton’s lawyers and legal team conducts a conference call with the IT firm.

3/31/2015 – Less than a week after the call with the lawyers and three weeks after being told to preserve all the data, the IT firm deletes the Clinton email archive.

They didn’t just delete the archive, they used a sophisticated program that scrubs all evidence and deletes any record permanently.

It is clear that the IT firm listened to Hillary’s team and not the government and they could be in big trouble.

Hillary’s legal team could be in big trouble too if they pressured or paid the IT firm to delete the files.

There is a real case of obstruction of justice here and most likely somebody is going to go down for this crime. There will be a fall guy or gal because we know for sure Hillary will weasel her way out of this like the FBI investigation.

Do you think that Hillary should be charged with obstruction of justice? Let us know in the comments below.

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Back in the 90’s Hillary blamed her and Bill’s problems on the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, but now she has a new a new conspiracy she it pitching to America.

Hillary Clinton wants you to believe that there is a huge “alternative-right wing conspiracy” that has organized to reject the Republican Party and stop Hillary.

See her speech here.

She portrays the “alt-right” as racists and anti-America.

Of course Trump had something to say about it. See his response here.

There is only one problem. There is no “alt-right” conspiracy.

There are “alternative” media outlets that report on topics that won’t get covered by CNN. How about not reporting on Hillary’s health and being silent on the George Soros leaks are great examples.

Hillary blames people like Alex Jones for his reporting, but Alex Jones just wants Hillary to stop killing people.

The reason there is an alternative right is because there needs to be. The major media outlets can’t cover the news without slanting or bending the truth, but that doesn’t mean the random news websites are working together.

Hillary is mad when people try to expose her corruption. Even when Bill was in office she blamed all the corruption on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

At some point she is going to have to stop blaming the “alt-right” and will have to start defending her policies and record. That won’t help Hillary though, so she will continue to call people racist and blame the “alt-right” as long as she can.

Do you believe Hillary about the “alt-right” conspiracy? Let us know in the comments.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump can be ferocious in the battle of words and often chooses verbiage that gets him in trouble. These words are different.

One of the best things about Donald is that he speaks his mind, but that often gets him in trouble, and he never apologizes for anything.

Trump’s refusal to apologize has really turned some people off and for others it is the one thing they need to see from Donald to get their vote.

Well, Donald has done it. He has shown regret and in a moment of human honesty, he apologized.

This could be the one moment that really turns the tide for Donald Trump, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Trump is losing big in the liberal media polls, but Zogby, LA Times and even Rasmussen surprisingly have the race much closer than anybody thought and are showing tightening of the race.

In many polls Trump has closed the gap with Hillary to just a couple of points or less in some cases.

Adding a level of humanity to the billionaire businessman is needed for his campaign, and it will help him tremendously. Many women voters don’t like Trump because he is mean and doesn’t say he is sorry.

If Donald Trump can continue down this road and be strong and apologize when he needs too, he could beat Hillary. If Trump can refrain from making foolish side comments and jokes, then he could beat Hillary.

This race isn’t over, despite what the liberal media is telling you. If Donald can stay on message he could have a real chance at winning in November.

Where you happy to see Donald apologize? Let us know in the comments below.



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