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Hillary’s health

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Hillary is taking another day off to rest, but what Donald said about her time off was one of his most brilliant Tweets this election.

Donald and his campaign has not attacked Hillary for being sick. Instead they have only wished her well and hope she is ready for the debate. Donald sure seems like he is ready.

Hillary is struggling though and it is obvious. She is now taking another day off.

This is how Donald Trump feels about it.

On the surface, Donald is wishing that Hillary recovers soon and offers his well wishes and encouragement before the debate.

Donald is also trying to get into Hillary’s head about the debates, and is doing a good job.

Hillary is reportedly working on a strategy for the debate, but no strategy has worked against Donald Trump so far in other debates.

Donald’s subtle message shows how confident he is right now in the race, and why shouldn’t he be confident? Donald Trump has caught up in every major poll and is leading in some major battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

At the same time, Hillary is passing out, falling down and taking days off for illnesses. Donald should be confident.

That confidence is what has lead him to this point in the campaign, and now his supporters, detractors and the media are starting to realize that he has a real chance to win.

On the other hand, Hillary’s camp is losing confidence.

Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine had to fill in at different fundraisers and stressed to Hillary’s supporters that she is ok. Even president Obama has had to fill in some of the holes on the campaign trail for Hillary.

The confidence on the left is diminishing though, and even top DNC officials are saying that they should have a backup plan if Hillary was to get really sick and drop out.

Right now, it all comes down to the debate on Monday night.

The debate will really show who is ready for the White House and who isn’t, and the one thing that all people need more than anything else in a debate is confidence.

Right now, Trump is winning that category and it could mean that he walks away with a huge win at the debate. Trump’s ready, we’re ready, but Hillary is resting for the debate; we just have to wait and see what happens. It is surely going to fun to watch.

Do you think Donald is in Hillary’s head and will out perform her at the first debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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body double

The Internet often brings us some crazy conspiracy theories and now they think Hillary has a body double. Could it be true?

A week ago, when Hillary passed out at the 9/11 memorial event, she retreated to her daughters Manhattan apartment. About two hours later she emerged and did a photo op with a little girl.

She said she felt great and the whole thing looked like a staged event.

How did Hillary recover from the pneumonia so quick? Some people are answering that question with a wild idea. They say Hillary Clinton has a body double that handles some of the public appearances.

The idea is gaining steam online and some people are pointing to Teresa Barnwell, a professional Clinton impersonator. See her website here.

This wouldn’t be the first time a politician used a body double to cover for an illness. In the 1993 movie “Dave”, Kevin Kline plays a body double for the president who is sick.

But “Dave” is just a movie right?

If you ask the people on Twitter, they think she has a body double.

Some online, couch investigators even point to Hillary’s fingers as evidence she has a body double.

So what do you think? It is possible that Hillary had someone cover for her, but that would be a pretty bold move. Even for Hillary Clinton.

Do you think Hillary has a body double? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary Clinton had a “medical incident” Sunday at the 9/11 memorial, but the big question is why didn’t she go to the hospital?

The question is haunting the campaign now. The problem developed when high-level campaign member suggested they go to Chelsea Clinton’s instead of the hospital.

If Hillary went to the hospital, then there could be doctors, nurses or staff that could leak information to the press.

Regardless of your political feelings toward any candidate, we should all be concerned for the health and well being of any of our leaders.

Hillary suffered a major health situation on Sunday and according to Secret Service protocol, Clinton should have been rushed to nearby Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Bellevue didn’t happen and according to new reports, the Secret Service started to go that direction until a campaign staffer suggested the change.

All politics aside, it is very clear that Hillary is not well, and a demanding campaign trail isn’t helping. The worst part, the people closest to Hillary could be the ones doing the most damage.

Remember Michael Jackson? Jackson’s own doctor, while being treated at home, killed the greatest pop star.

What rests on the horizon if Hillary wins the White House? Much more stress, much more scrutiny and sleepless nights will be required more often.

Hillary’s schedule included several days off each week in August and her health might be catching up to her. At the very least, she needs a second opinion.

The reason why Hillary’s health is playing such a big role in this election is because she has some serious issues and nobody is being honest with her records.

Much like Donald’s tax records, the only reason not to release them is because there is something there they are trying to hide.

Some Democrats have even started suggesting a “backup” plan incase Hillary can’t move forward.

It really doesn’t matter what plans the DNC is making, the only ways they could replace her is if she dies or she voluntarily drops out. Hopefully the first one doesn’t happen, and highly doubtful she’ll just quit.

Say what you want about Hillary, but she is a fighter and she will do whatever it takes to win this election. The problem for the Clinton campaign is that she isn’t the fighter she once was.

Do you think Hillary will back out of the race? Let us known in the comments below.

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When the doctors from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons were asked about Hillary’s health, guess what they said.

Almost 71% of the doctors asked about Hillary’s health said they had serious concerns.

Of the 250 physicians that participated only 20% said that the issue was “likely overblown”, but the agreed she should still release her medical records.

What is amazing is that only 2.7% said that the medical concerns were just “political attacks”.

Of the physicians taking the survey 81% knew Hillary had a concussion. 59% knew she had the cerebral sinus thrombosis and half even knew the history of her deep venous thrombosis.

The big number, 78% believe that Hillary’s medical records are not getting enough attention in the media.

Despite the Democrats attempt to mock the people that bring up her medical history, apparently doctors think she should release her records. They are concerned.

Dr. Drew may have been right after all when he said he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

Shortly after the comments he was fired from CNN and now they want him to apologize and take back his comments.

It looks like Dr. Drew was in line with what other well-respected physicians around the United States think, and that is Hillary Clinton’s health should be a major concern for this country.

Do you think Hillary is fit for office?


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