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Jones Kelly Interview
Will Megyn Kelly try to turn the Alex Jones interview into Fake News?

Alex Jones, the famous right-wing conspiracy theorist and controversial radio show host, is of the opinion that his interview with Megyn Kelly from NBC, is a scheme to sabotage his platform, Infowars. Even though the interview hasn’t aired yet, Jones is calling it a hit piece.

After the trailer of the interview went on air, NBC and Kelly were widely excoriated for interviewing the controversial figure.

The criticism began when the mother of one of the Sandy Hook shooting victims reprimanded Kelly for interviewing Jones and giving him any spotlight whatsoever. Jones is quite infamous for claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, which saw 20 children get massacred, was a hoax to divert the media and public’s attention from something much bigger.

Jones’ theory claimed that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax, made up by the local community.

Mother of Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, the six-year-old victim of the massacre, Nelba Marquez-Greene, took to twitter to show her anger and disgust over Kelly’s decision to interview the controversial radio show host.

After the trailer aired, she tweeted, “Hey @megynkelly, let me know if you want to give his victims equal air time. Promoting this fool is bad news. Do not encourage his abuse.”

After realizing that the trailer for his interview had gone quite viral, Jones asked NBC to not show the entire interview on air as it misrepresented his views.

Jones on Monday tweeted, “I’m calling for @megynkelly to cancel the airing of our interview for misrepresenting my views on Sandy Hook.”

“This is their big gamble, ‘Take Alex Jones down,’” Jones said during the Monday airing of his radio show. “This is pathetic. The only way I could fail was not doing it, and letting [NBC] rig it, and letting them interview me for four hours to edit it together, and then be able to show people what was really said.”

Jones furthered his conspiracy theories, adding that NBC production crew positioned the lighting in a way that made him look evil.

“They lit my face from the side and under, like you light somebody for a Halloween piece, for a horror movie,” he said.

Going on to call Kelly “the gorgon” and “Medusa,” Jones said that the only reason he agreed to the interview was because he wanted to “see the fembot.”

“I wanted to see the fembot,” Jones said. “I wanted to witness it for myself.”

Washington bureau lead for Alex Jones’ Infowars, Jerome Corsi insists that NBC and Kelly have conspired with “the deep state” to somehow disrepute and scandalize Alex Jones and his right-wing news outlet.

Corsi said, “She’s gotten a bigger megaphone, she’s gotten a bigger sponsorship from the deep state, and she’s about to do her hatchet jobs, which I think are going to ultimately fail and we will continue to beat by reaching the people directly through the internet.”

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White People

There is a new website where white people can pay to ease their guilt for their ancestors owning slaves.

This is an actual thing.

There is a website that asks for “reparations” to be paid to black people by white people.

The site was created by a “conceptual artist” Natasha Marin. It is a way for white people to atone for slavery.

One “person of color” requested groceries, and a very generous and guilty feeling white person said they buy them. (With a $200 limit)

There was one request on the website for dinner because the “person of color” was too upset to make anything. We don’t know if the person was upset because their dog got run over or because of slavery. Just kidding, obviously slavery.

One of the more ridiculous requests was by a person that was angry and needed someone to yell at. One white person stepped up as “tribute”, and will take this one for team white.

Why are there no websites dedicated to thanking the white people that helped defeat slavery and make it so black people could vote?

As InfoWars pointed out when they broke the story, only 1.5% of white people in America even owned slaves, but it took a majority of white people to demand the end of slavery and many willing to die on the battlefield fighting for the freedoms that exist today for all Americans.

The problem with looking at slavery and blaming all white people and demanding they pay “reparations” is it totally undervalues the role white people in America played to end slavery.

Will you be paying reparations? Let us know in the comments below.


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