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A Russian submarine was spotted off the coast of one our strongest allies and hints to a much larger conflict looming in the future.

Just off the UK coast a Russian submarine, believed to be one of three special subs that are incredibly armed.

The sub was spotted in the Irish Sea and is being tracked by the Royal Navy.

It was just last week that the Russian northern fleet went through the English Channel on their way to the Mediterranean Sea to assist Syria in attacking the last stronghold of ISIS.

There are reports that Russia is planning to violently attack ISIS in Aleppo, Syria on the eve of the U.S. elections.

America is also positioning subs and other military assets around the globe.

On Monday we learned that a nuclear sub was on its way to the South China Sea due to rising tensions. It is a show of force for the U.S.

Russia is using a show of force right now too. Their only aircraft carrier and much of their active navy is on its way to Syria now.

The final week of the elections could be more interesting than we thought.

Do you think Russia will off a full assault on ISIS in Syria? Let us know in the comments below.

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Days before the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history Obama’s Homeland Security secretary became the highest ranking government official—and first sitting cabinet member—to highlight a convention held annually by a radical Muslim group with extremist origins.

The Indiana-based nonprofit is called Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and it was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda. ISNA was a co-conspirator in a huge case involving an Islamic charity (Holy Land Foundation) that provided support to a foreign terrorist organization, mainly Hamas.

ISNA conferences often feature contentious speakers, including renowned Islamists and advocates of terrorism. Among them is Imam Warth Deen Umar, who referred to the 9/11 hijackers as martyrs that were secretly admired by Muslims and has called for violent jihad.

At one ISNA convention Umar portrayed the Holocaust as punishment of Jews for being “serially disobedient to Allah,” according to a research conglomerate recognized as the world’s most comprehensive data center on radical Islamic terrorist groups.

The nonprofit, Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), published a disturbing report on ISNA that documents its radical ideology and conference speakers throughout the years that include “some of the world famous Islamists and advocates of Jihad.”

About a week before the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Obama deployed Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to ISNA’s annual powwow in Chicago. The appearance likely amounted to a slap in the face to many Americans, especially survivors of the 2001 attacks.

Johnson’s speech lasted about 22 minutes and he basically said ISIS/ISIL isn’t Islamic, that Islam is a religion of peace and that Islamophobia is the same as McCarthyism. In a press release announcing the appearance, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) writes that Johnson will discuss the Obama administration’s “continued commitment to build bridges to Muslim American communities, and encourage Muslim Americans—particularly youth—to continue to fully participate in American society.”

Johnson didn’t exactly receive a warm reception and was booed repeatedly, especially as he exited the stage. He told the crowd that a group of terrorists is attempting to hijack their religion and that he and Obama “refuse to bend to the political pressure to call terrorism Islamic extremism.”

He went on to say that “we know that ISIL, though it claims the banner of Islam, occupies no part of your religion, a religion founded on peace.” Then Johnson proceeded to compare the discrimination and vilification suffered by Muslims to the plight of African Americans, in particular to “tar you with a broad brush of suspicion.”

Johnson proclaimed that the bullying and physical attacks experienced by Muslims nationwide are familiar to him as a black man. “I look out at this room of American Muslims and I see myself,” he said, adding that theirs is a similar struggle to the one his African American ancestors fought to win acceptance in the U.S.

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Donald Trump has been in the news lately for saying some questionable things, but the left is furious at Trump for saying these two people founded ISIS.

In Fort Lauderdale Florida, Donald Trump took to the stage during a rally and attacked the founders of ISIS. Watch for yourself.

That’s right, Trump named Obama the founder of ISIS and Hillary as the co-founder.

Is he wrong though?

Now we know that Obama didn’t technically “found” ISIS, but he created the environment for ISIS to be formed, and so did Hillary.

ISIS as we know it, has formed completely under president Obama’s terms in office and while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The group didn’t start to take land from Iraqi’s and in Syria until after Obama pulled out all American troops from Iraq.

The Islamic State did not have a lot of weapons until America started supporting the rebels in Syria. They also took weapons from bases in Iraq that were guarded by Iraqi soldiers but full of American weapons.

Obama did not technically found ISIS, but he referred to them as a “j.v. team” and didn’t stop them when they were small and disorganized. Instead he allowed them to grow into the organization we see today.

Trump isn’t 100% right here, ISIS wasn’t founded by Obama and Hillary, but they allowed the terrorist organization to grow.

Hillary and Obama helped arm ISIS and throw Syria into disarray and also facilitated in creating the immigrant crisis in Europe right now.

Trump needs to find a way to be a little more careful with his words, but his point is accurate, Obama and Hillary did help create the ISIS terrorist group we see today.

Do you think that Obama and Hillary are responsible for ISIS? Let us know in the comments below.

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Obama has decided that Iraq needs more American troops to fight against ISIS, but didn’t we already win in Iraq?

When President Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq in 2002 he went to Congress and got permission. We went in and took care of the problem.

Then Obama took office and took every American troop out of Iraq even though top Generals and advisors said it would be wise to leave in troops to stop uprisings, but Obama didn’t listen.

By 2012 all the troops had been pulled out and by 2014 ISIS re-took the city of Mosul. Now we are trying to take it back.

Obama has committed over 500 more troops to Iraq with the plan to recapture Mosul from ISIS control in the very near future.

The fight is guaranteed to see serious war casualties and civilian deaths and we will be right in the mix of it all.

In total, there are about 5,000 American troops on the ground in Iraq, and this is after Obama pulled out everyone.

Most of the 560 troops that are being sent over to help in the recapture of Mosul will be soldiers that are also engineers, and communications experts that will upgrade local bases and get ready for the attack.

There is only one problem; the troops that are being sent to Iraq can’t land right now because of rocket fire from ISIS.

The situation in Iraq is bad but getting better. American and Iraqi forces recently retook Fallujah, and Mosul is the last big fight in Iraq, hopefully.

We thought that last time, then Obama pulled everyone out and now we are back in. Hopefully Obama will learn from his mistakes this time, and we won’t have to go retake Mosul again after this attack.

What do you think about sending more troops to Iraq? Let us know in the comments below.

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The European terror crisis continues as another attack claims the life of an elderly priest in the most horrific fashion.

Knife wielding attackers stormed a Catholic church early in Normandy, and took an 86-year old priest and nuns hostage until they killed the parish leader and critically wounding another.

Two nuns were among the hostages, but a third one was able to sneak out and tip off the police. Law enforcement was on the scene really quick and did a good job deescalating the scene and making sure the terrorists didn’t kill everyone.

Police shot the two terrorists that claimed loyalty to ISIS in a heroic standoff before more lives were lost.

The terrorists were shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the ordeal and as they were shot.

One of the attackers is a local resident who was arrested last year for trying to travel to Syria.

The church that was attacked, was on a terrorist “hit list” found on a different suspected ISIS terrorist in April of this year.

It seems almost everyday there is another horrible terrorist attack in Europe. There were five last week alone in Germany.

After every attack, ISIS claims responsibility and calls the terrorists “soldiers of the Islamic State”.

In a statement published by its own news agency, Aamaq, ISIS praised the killers and said that the killing of the priest was in response to a recent call to arms by ISIS.

The Islamic State told all of its followers to step up attacks against the countries that are involved in the US-led coalition that is fighting ISIS right now.

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Free speech is under attack and the left is using Twitter to drown out the voices of conservatives.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a gay white man that is not liberal, and the left hates him. Milo is the Breitbart Tech editor and outspoken homosexual that stands with Trump.

Just minutes before Milo’s event, “Gays for Trump” kicked off at the Republican national Convention; he got the news that he was suspended from Twitter forever.

The permanent ban was supposedly because of “targeted abuse”. The thing is, he didn’t target or abuse anyone. He got into a little back and forth with Leslie Jones, the star of the new Ghostbusters movie, but it was the fans on Twitter that attacked her for being black. Milo didn’t attack her at all.

Here is what Milo said in a statement.

“With the cowardly suspension of my account, Twitter has confirmed itself as a safe space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no-go zone for conservatives.”

“Twitter is holding me responsible for the actions of fans and trolls using the special pretzel logic of the left. Where are the Twitter police when Justin Bieber’s fans cut themselves on his behalf?”

“Like all acts of the totalitarian regressive left, this will blow up in their faces, netting me more adoring fans. We’re winning the culture war, and Twitter just shot themselves in the foot.”

“This is the end for Twitter. Anyone who cares about free speech has been sent a clear message: you’re not welcome on Twitter.”

Milo makes a good point. Twitter has not done enough, or hardly anything, to stop ISIS from recruiting members on Twitter and using the platform to coordinate attacks.

Twitter doesn’t ban the people that say they want to #KillTrump or the people that want to kill cops.

Twitter has been flooded with anti-police tweets and people celebrating when cops died in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Those people are still on Twitter.

It is clear Liberals don’t know how to react when a minority defends conservative thought, but this is the wrong way. Banning free speech is wrong.

Twitter is in a tough spot in more ways than one. The company is financially unstable and is failing as a stand-alone company. Twitter is expected to be acquired by another larger company by the end of the year. If Twitter is not purchased, it won’t last much longer.

If Twitter continues to ban conservatives for reviewing a movie while allowing people to cheer for dead cops and to join ISIS, then they have much bigger issues than money.

What do you think about Twitter and how they support liberal causes while silencing conservatives? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is Milo’s speech at the Gays For Trump. It is a rough video.

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Soldier Of Islam

Mohamed Bouhlel drove a 20-ton truck into a highly crowded area of France’s paradise by the sea before being shot and killed by police.

Mohamed was a man that had no known connections to terror groups and wasn’t on the radar of any international watch-list. Mohamed was completely unknown before he killed 84 and left dozens injured.

Now we are starting to get to know the man named Mohamed Bouhlel.

Mohamed was a “soldier of Islam” and appears to have radicalized very quickly. CNN is reporting that it only took the killer four months to be radicalized, form a plan and execute that plan.

The man was a divorced father of three and neighbors described him as a “loner”.

His neighbors said he was depressed after he got a divorce with his wife two years ago. Many people that lived in the same building described him as rude and aggressive and very fond of women.

Mohamed used dating apps to find dates and at least one neighbor felt uncomfortable with his demeanor around young women.

Ironically, he was recently arrested for causing a traffic accident. He fell asleep during a delivery run he made as the driver and was taken into custody.

Mohamed was a career criminal and was arrested for assault with a weapon, domestic violence and threats and robbery. Despite his many arrests, he was never convicted on any terrorism related charge.

How he went from assault charges to killing 84 people on the street is still under investigation.

The investigators are also looking into accomplices. The police have arrested seven people in connection with the attack, but none have been charged currently.

We will learn a lot more about Mohamed and possible accomplices in the coming weeks, but right now it is important to remember the victims. 84 people died celebrating Bastille Day. (The French equivalent to America’s 4th of July)

84 more people died because of global terrorism the leaders of the United States seem too “politically correct” to stop it.

Tell us your thoughts on the Nice, France attack in the comments below.

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Thursday night as the latest terror attack in Nice, France claimed the lives of 80 people when a truck rammed a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day, Newt Gingrich went on Fox News to tell America what he really thinks the problem is.

Newt didn’t hold back.

Newt was mad on Thursday night; a feeling that most Americans had when hearing about the attack in France.

When asked about the problem, Newt says that the Western elites are the cause of the problem for not doing what is “right”. Newt then went on to say, “That starts with Barack Obama”.

Speaking plainly, Newt went on to say things like “sharia law is incompatible with Western civilizations” and anyone who visits an ISIS website should be arrested and charged with a “felony”.

One of the statements that is firing up the left right now was about monitoring Muslim mosques. Newt said, “If you’re not prepared to monitor the mosques, this whole thing is a joke”.

Newt sounded a lot like Trump in some ways. It is no coincidence that he is one of the top two candidates for Trump’s VP pick, which was going to be announced today at 11am, but moved because of the attack.

Trump has been called a racist and worse for his comments on Muslims and wanting to ban them for a short time to “work things out”.

Will Newt face the same backlash? Sure from the radical liberals, but Newt is much more detailed when he speaks. Newt made it clear that he isn’t talking about all Muslims; something that Trump didn’t differentiate when he made the announcement.

Only 20-30% of Muslims around the world believe in Sharia law and carry ancient and radical views. There are over a billion, good, and peace loving Muslims who hate ISIS just as much as you do.

Newt is talking about the 350 million radical Muslims who want to kill us. It is a fact we have to face, and Newt has a plan. His plan sounds like a more detailed and rational plan of Donald Trump’s announcement about banning all Muslims, but along similar lines.

It is clear that Newt is trying to push the bar in the interview and getting headlines in the process. He is making his case to Donald Trump, and Donald is watching. Maybe the delay in the VP announcement means Mike Pence may not be the running mate after all.

There is no question that Newt knows his stuff, and he has been in the trenches before fighting against the Clintons, but all of politics aside, does Newt have the right solutions to fix global terrorism?

Watch the full interview below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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In Japan, they have done something that Trump might like. The Supreme Court in Japan has denied an appeal against a new blanket surveillance program that watches all Muslims in the country.

Japanese Muslims say it is a violation of their rights, and tried to sue the state after the surveillance program was revealed.

In 2010, 114 police files were leaked to the public about the mass Muslim surveillance.

In the leaked documents, it was revealed that Japan was watching places of worship, restaurants, and Muslim organizations and groups.

The information found its way on the Internet and was downloaded by twenty different countries in the first week.

A group of Muslims got together and sued the state and won close to a million dollars in compensation.

The payment was due to their information being made public in the leak. There was no payment made for the actual information gathering process, which the prosecution argued was unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court decided to go with a lower court ruling, which said the surveillance was “necessary and inevitable” against the global terror threat.

While speaking through the Internet at a Tokyo symposium, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden has his own theory why this is happening in Japan. The former NSA employee and current resident of Russia said this.

“People of the Islamic faith are more likely to be targeted… despite not having any criminal activities or associations or anything like that in their background, simply because people are afraid.”

In the past month, ISIS and their supporters have killed over a hundred people in attacks and injured over 200 in attacks around the world. The threat from radical Muslim extremists is real, but what are the Japanese giving up to feel safe?

Blanket surveillance is not constitutional here, but then again, it wasn’t constitutional when we threw all the Japanese in internment camps during World War II.

Countries do strange things out of fear, and it is important to know your enemy, but not every Muslim living in Japan is their enemy.

Do you think the blanket surveillance of Muslims is going too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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What should be the main goal of government? Is it to keep us safe? If that is the case, then the FBI and Army have some explaining to do.

ISIS has added close to 15,000 Americans to their “kill list” and many of the people on that list don’t even know it.

Some people on the list have been contacted and told that they have a threat against their life, but most have not.

In some cases, the FBI has called people on the list, but didn’t call local law enforcement like they promised. Why are they not warning the people on the list?

Why is this happening? Watch this quick video about one of the women on the ISIS kill list.

ISIS isn’t just threatening military personnel and politicians; many on the list are just normal everyday Americans. Normal Americans who are not being warned that ISIS is trying to kill them.

When contacted, the FBI released a statement.

“The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information. We perform these notifications so potential victims are aware of possible threats and take appropriate steps. Those measures may include paying close attention to your surroundings at all times, protecting personally identifiable information, and immediately calling the local authorities if you observe something suspicious. The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, and local partners to keep the public informed of potential threats.”

The FBI stressed that nobody on the ISIS kill list has actually been attacked.

Despite no attacks to people on the kill list, FBI should be in communication with these people and working with them to keep us safe. All of us safe. After all, the main goal of government is to protect the people.

Would you want to be told if you were on the ISIS kill list? Let us know in the comments below.



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