Thursday, June 22, 2017


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bernie sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders–Hillary Clinton’s biggest challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination–seems to think you have two choices in this world: go to college, or go to jail.

In a curious tweet on Sunday, Sanders posted:

“At the end of the day, providing a path to go to college is a helluva lot cheaper than putting people on a path to jail.”

The backlash was quick: aren’t there other options for the American people, rather than the two extremes? Can’t law-abiding people not go to college? And, for that matter, aren’t there some college graduates roaming the halls of America’s prisons?, the conservative news site started by blogger Michelle Malkin, quickly gathered a load of tweets slamming Sanders for his ridiculous assumptions:

One Twitter user asked, “So you are saying that those who don’t attend college are on a path to jail?”

Another asked: “So college or jail? Those are the only choices? Seems pretty limited.”

One more was especially blunt: “Because everyone that doesn’t go to college will likely end up in jail? Take your meds Bernie.”

And some even resorted to dark humor: “Because nothing is as punishing to criminals as having a worthless degree.”

Sanders, who is a favorite of the limousine liberal establishment but has seen his candidacy strongly protested by the less wealthy branches of the Democratic Party, seems to buy into the idea that every American should go to college–lest they become a failure who is destined for jail.

But in a world where thousands of liberal arts major struggle to gain a toehold in the workforce–as many well-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, like a welder or a plumber, struggle to find any talent to hire, it’s clear that Sanders’ view of the world is skewed. And it may, ultimately, be causing students to take on unnecessary debt for an education they simply don’t need.

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San Francisco has just announced another victory for the transgender community: you’ll be able to pick whether you go to a male or female jail by the end of the year.

Currently, transgender inmates in San Francisco are housed in isolation in the city’s downtown jail. But, by the end of the year, the San Francisco Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, hopes to house them in the general population–with whatever gender they “identify” with.

The reason? Nebulous claims of “social justice” for transgender Americans.

“I carry the perspective forward that the transgender population is marginalized on the streets of America,” Mirkarimi explained. “Consider how magnified that treatment is inside prisons and jails.”

Transgender inmates allegedly won’t just be able to declare a gender–they’ll be subjected a review process, to determine whether they’re actually transgender. But San Francisco offers no objective reasoning for how they’ll determine that, and it’s not clear that the so-called review will be anything more than a politically-correct rubber stamp.

Most surprisingly, it would allow a man or a woman who have not not yet had gender reassignment surgery to go in the prison of their choosing–a transgender inmate still built as their birth gender could wind up in a prison with their self-identified gender.

“It’s not going to be based on genitalia alone,” Mirkarimi clarified.

This kind of policy would be the first in the country–including other prisons in California. California has a liberal policy on transgender immigrants, including paying for their reassignment surgery, but doesn’t allow pre-operation transgenders into the regular population. San Francisco’s new policy will change that.

Currently, just 6 prisoners, out of San Francisco’s 1,257 inmates, are transgender.


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