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Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush

Just 13 months ago, Jeb Bush was leading the polls for the GOP nomination for president. That was before Donald Trump went on the attack.

Donald came and said he was going to build a wall, and the rest is history. Trump won the nomination and Jeb is breaking his silence after a crushing defeat.

Jeb Bush didn’t even finish in the top five of the GOP candidates and has not done any press since Donald Trump stopped another Bush from becoming president, until now.

Jeb Bush decided to go on camera with MSNBC, of all media outlets, to discuss he feelings about Donald Trump.

The son and brother of a president said that he would not be voting for Donald Trump and he can’t vote for Hillary. He said he would feel “sad” if Hillary became the president this fall, but he would also be “worried” if Trump won.

Who is left for him to vote for? Gary Johnson? Doubtful, it looks like Bush is going to stay home in November. He isn’t going to even vote. No wonder he didn’t make it out of the primaries.

Jeb Bush says that Trump won’t build the wall and Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. He said that Muslims won’t be banned and all of Trump’s fans are going to “feel betrayed”.

Bush is sounding like a bitter man right now. This time last year he was leading the polls for the nomination and now he, on the most liberal network on cable news, is talking about how bad Trump is and how the former Florida governor won’t even vote. Who is he trying to win over?

Jeb wouldn’t have broken his silence now if he didn’t have a plan, but what is it? He doesn’t plan on going to the GOP convention, he doesn’t plan on endorsing Trump and he doesn’t plan on voting in November. What are he and the establishment up to?

Watch the interview for yourself and decide if Jeb Bush is acting like a crybaby or if he has some master plan to take down Trump somehow.

Is Jeb being a crybaby or is this all part of his master plan? Do you think that Trump will be able to build the wall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Last Thursday in Greenville, South Carolina, two grown men stepped into a storage closet.

Texan Ted Cruz called for an impromptu, off-the-record, meeting with Neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Wanting to visit on “neutral ground” the duo met in a storage closet at the Conservative Review Convention on Thursday.

According to The Daily Beast the meeting was “supposed to be short and off-the-record” but thanks to another leak by the Cruz campaign, the closeted discussion was soon in the hands of the media.

Carson’s communications staffer said, “We weren’t going to comment on the press on it, but it seems pretty clear that the other party involved had a different agenda.”

While a Secret Service detail waited outside of the closet door, the two men met in private, only to emerge at odds with each other.

Carson’s staffer told the press, “it did not go well” and Carson ended the discussion by saying, “We agree to disagree. We disagree on accountability and culpability.”

The discussion appeared to center around Cruz’s “dirty tricks” throughout the campaign, specifically, the Cruz campaign’s Iowa incident where staffers told caucus-goers that Carson had dropped from the race.

Cruz’s camp had little to say about the meeting, but the Texas senator refused to even acknowledge or look at the good doctor following the meeting as they passed through the hallway.

Consultants within Cruz’s camp believe that in order to become competitive with frontrunner Donald Trump, Carson will have to drop from the race.

The logic is not backed by fact as after Carson’s fall following the CNN negative articles, his supporters appeared to break evenly for Trump and Cruz according to the polls.

The shift in voter support with the drop of Jeb Bush will likely benefit Floridian Marco Rubio, leaving Rafael “Ted” Cruz even further behind in the delegate count for the GOP nomination.

It’s unlikely that Ted Cruz will be asking Carson to join him in the closet again anytime soon.

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Dolt .45

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is finally getting some attention.

After openly expressing his frustration with voters and their lack of enthusiasm for his campaign, a firestorm ignited over a simple post on Twitter.

Here it is:

‘Merica baby, ‘Merica. Jeb(!) had just made a stop at a firearms factory and was given an engraved handgun . . . admittedly it was Bush’s first firearm. The candidate allowed a picture of the minty-fresh .45 to go up on Twitter and everyone from Michael Moore to Edward Snowden is throwing a hissy-fit. They’ve even given the scandal a name . . . “Dolt. 45” Here’s a few of the hissies throwing a fit:

On that note, and in honor of Michael Moore, a reader who shares this publicly on Facebook and names the make and model of Jeb Bush’s handgun in the form below will be entered to win a handgun of their own! Winner will be selected on March 1, 2016.

[The Winner will be responsible for abiding by their local and state firearms laws and the firearm prize will be shipped to the winner’s preferred FFL. No purchase necessary, just share this article on Facebook and  properly name the make and model of the above firearm in the form above.]

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Super Bowl Joke

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has officially jumped the shark.

Going from desperate legacy presidential contender to laughing stock is actually a tough accomplishment.

It takes effort to fail so badly.

Somehow, Jeb Bush and the controllers of his political action committee, Right to Rise, have managed to pull it off by purchasing the most expensive air time of the year . . . a commercial spot in the Super Bowl.

To add insult to injury, the super PAC claims that the money to purchase the $320,000 slot was raised through “crowdfunding.”

Crowdfunding is traditionally used to raise money for a product or idea through social media or crowdfunding sites. The contributions or purchases from supporters are typically $25 to a hundred dollars.

In the case of Right to Rise, they had 506 donors step up for an average gift of $632.

That’s not crowdfunding, that’s selling influence.

Right to Rise’s donors and even PAC insiders include former ambassadors who may be looking for another stint in the establishment limelight, along with corporate board members and even the chairman of an energy and investment company, Ray Hunt of Hunt Consolidated.

Jeb Bush, his consultants, and media buyer are taking the wealthy on a wildly expensive ride to the dustbin of history.

The super PAC’s media buyer, the newly formed Oath Strategies, has been paid a whopping $39 million as of November of 2015.

While Right to Rise’s defenders and treasurer have said that they are getting great deals from Oath Strategies, it’s a tough argument for those who know the ins and outs of media buying.

Typically large agencies use the combined buying power of all of their clients to knock down rates.

Oath Strategies appears to have been formed to take on only one client, Right to Rise, and is a spin-off of another agency that logged under a million in revenue in the past, according to online reports.

Commissions in the advertising word are traditionally 16% of the advertising purchase. Even at 5%, a media buyer with very low overhead, is walking away with a nearly $2 million windfall off of a failed strategy.

If Jeb Bush got a shot at running the country, financial disaster would be a certainty based upon the lavish and ineffectual spending of his campaign and PAC.

And here’s the Super Bowl commercial ran by Right to Rise . . . which is about as boring as last night’s game:

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Former Florida governor and failing presidential candidate Jeb Bush took to the campaign trail in New Hampshire with his 90 year-old mother in tow.

Barbara Bush, who has become Jeb’s chief attack dog against real estate mogul Jeb Bush, has caught the eye of New Hampshire voters, but not in a good way.

In New Hampshire political forums, voters provided their first hand account of Bush’s use of his mother on the campaign trail.

In a post titled, “JEB BUSH the ego driven USER” a voter complained, “We told you in the previous post that Jeb would use anybody to achieve his goal. We especially pointed out that he would even use his mother and lo and behold, here he is tonight in Derry New Hampshire in the front row. Jeb will keep this up until he kills his own mother. This man is no damned good.”

Another voter who was present described the inconsiderate scene, “I was there. Did you notice Jeb’s mother could not get up on her own power? And did you also notice it wasn’t Jeb who went over and helped his mother. No, Jeb ran into the crowd to sign autographs and someone else noticed he shunned his mother and went over and helped her up. What an asshol- Jeb Bush is.

Jeb Bush who has spent over $90 million on his campaign for the GOP nomination so far, is still polling in single digits.

He recently began to appear with his mother in order to sway voter his way.

A CSPAN video of the event in Derry confirms that the presidential candidate snubbed his 90 year-old mother after using her as a political prop.

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When Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s famous winter-prognosticating groundhog, emerged from his stump yesterday and decided it was safe to stay outside, he must have first checked the results of Iowa’s caucuses. Much like Phil’s weather-predicting track record, the Iowa caucuses have not always been the most reliable predictor of the future. Not since George W. Bush have the first-in-the-nation voters picked the candidate who would eventually become the GOP’s nominee.

Notwithstanding the Iowa caucuses’ poor track record at predicting political winners, they do provide some reliable and relevant analysis for candidates in both parties:

It’s always good to win, and Ted Cruz won. Iowans may not be good at accurately predicting eventual winners, but it never hurts to win the first heat. There is no underselling the value of a solid ground game when it comes to campaigns; especially in a caucus state like Iowa. This proved to be Cruz’s strongest advantage over his competitors — out-working them on the ground and out-teching them behind the scenes with advanced data modeling. Moreover, Cruz maintained a winning support base even after a month of relentless attacks from Donald Trump and the media. The capacity to absorb body blows is crucial for any candidate to win the general election; especially this year, when the GOP nominee likely will face a Clinton machine specializing in brutal personal attacks. Cruz has now proven he can take it on the chin from Trump, the media and 10 other candidates, and still win by an impressive margin in a crowded field. This positions him well to emerge victorious from the primaries and the national campaign to follow.

It’s never good to lose, and Trump lost. Listening to Trump prattle on and on about all the polls in which he was ahead in the days leading to the caucuses, and it would be easy to conclude it was impossible for him to lose. But he did. Moreover, his second-place finish was closer to third than first; a clear sign that Trump is more vulnerable than his incessant blustering about how great he is makes him seem. As noted by electoral statistician Nate Silver, the gap between Trump’s high pre-caucus polling numbers and his actual support illustrates that the extent of the candidate’s support is more mirage than reality. While the 25 percent support he enjoys may be intense, it likely is not sufficient to carry him to the nomination, much less a victory in the general election.

Jeb should be truly and deeply embarrassed. What can $2,884 buy you? If you are Jeb Bush, it gets you a single caucus vote. If there is any argument as to why the Left’s criticism of Citizens United is utterly baseless, it is Jeb’s pathetic showing in Iowa even though he crushed his opponents in PAC money. Just as Iowa voters rejected Trump’s populist-masked authoritarianism, so too did they soundly and humiliatingly spurn Jeb as an unwelcomed representative of the Establishment. He needs to salvage what may be left of the “Bush” name, and bow out.

Sorry, Marco — third place is not a “win.” Marco Rubio’s solid showing in the Iowa caucuses, nearly besting Trump for second place, was a surprise. However, for him to claim he “won” by coming in third harks back to the infamous Howard Dean moment of 2004. The GOP Establishment may be warming to him as its Last Man Standing, and he did better than several other candidates, but a third place Iowa showing is not a ticket to the Winner’s Circle.

Hillary’s showing reveals her glass jaw. Hillary may have eeked out a win in the Iowa caucus, and she still will likely secure her party’s nomination, but her victory should be taken with a grain of salt. She did not win because she is a good campaigner (she is not) or because people like her (they do not), but because the Democratic Party’s leadership and money remains firmly within her control. One component of this power stems from the Clintons’ position as the elite of Washington elite; but perhaps even more significantly, it is because Democrats realize it is too late to choose someone else. The only way this changes would be if – in a Bizarro World twist where Obama’s Department of Justice for once holds a corrupt government official accountable and actually indicts Hillary — Democrats turn to Uncle Joe Biden in a last-ditch effort to save them from disaster.

It is time to take Sanders’ “New Socialism” seriously. While the reality of a President Bernie Sanders is as distant as the planetoid Pluto, the support he enjoys is very real; especially among millennials. When Sanders’ campaign ends (as it will), the socialist grassroots movement that has rocketed him up the polls and stuffed his coffers with donations, will not die but rather find new outlets to strengthen and wield its influence. The threat of socialism and this “progressive” ideology to treasured American values such as free markets and individual liberty is real, and it is significant. That Sanders has not only survived but thrived this campaign cycle, reveals a fissure in the bedrock of the American political system that is frightening; and one that had best be taken seriously and confronted.

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jeb bush

Former Florida Governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush released a new campaign ad this week calling Donald Trump a “jerk.”

Bush, who is polling nationally at only 3.8% has tried to incite billionaire competitor Trump with media appearances – and now that Jeb can’t even earn the media, has used his establishment cash box to pay for ads to call out Trump.

The video below attempts to paint Donald Trump as mocking people with disabilities.

Typically, attack ads of this sort are put out by Super PAC’s and other organizations in order to provide a buffer between sharp criticism and the candidate.

Despite raising the most money out of all candidates, Jeb Bush has failed to prove himself as a leader and attract the support of American voters.

Donors are now speaking up to question the use of their campaign contributions by Team Bush.

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It’s been a bad week for Jeb Bush.

First, he announced he was laying off more than 40% of his campaign staff—in an effort to cut costs, because of underwhelming fundraising hauls and collapsing poll numbers.

And now, he botched a debate that was widely seen as a do-or-die moment for his candidacy.

Nearly 60 percent of the post-debate POLITICO Caucus, which surveys top political operatives in key states, said that Jeb blew his last chance. And the response from pundits and viewers wasn’t much better.

Now, the question is whether or not Jeb would drop out. Many are now calling for him to do so.

Jeb, who was criticized for being “low-energy” by frontrunner Donald Trump, had attempted to come out swinging—but the former Florida governor (and onetime Republican frontrunner for President) failed to land any blows.

His worst moment came when he attacked fellow Floridian, Senator Marco Rubio, for missing too many votes while serving in the Senate and calling for his former protege to resign.

Rubio slammed back with an eviscerating line that left Bush stunned and silenced.

“The only reason you’re doing it now is because we’re running for the same position and somebody has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you,” Rubio said.

“Here’s the bottom line. My campaign is going to be about the future of America. It’s not going to be about attacking anyone else on this stage.”

Bush and Rubio, despite their warm relationship in the past, have long been seen as natural rivals—as they both compete for the “establishment” vote, as well as key Florida donors.

There’s also a practical reason for Bush dropping out, best articulated by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who dropped out last month: the establishment needs to consolidate around one candidate if they’re going to have a chance to stop the juggernaut candidates of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson in a close-fought primary.

It’s clear, after last night, that Bush will not be that candidate. Coupled with the fact that he’s already slashing staff means that Bush may face pressure to drop out sooner rather than later.

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republican debate

The third Republican debate will be aired on CNBC tomorrow at 8pm Eastern Time—and there’s plenty of things the informed voter should be looking for.

But here’s the five biggest questions that will, for better or worse, be answered tomorrow night:

Will Trump put his foot in his mouth again?

One of the most cringeworthy moments of the last debate was Donald Trump’s response to Carly Fiorina’s attacks.

Trump, asked to respond to his previous digs at Fiorina’s looks, said that she was a “beautiful woman”—which, based on the audience’s groans, shows he was the only one in the room that missed the entire point about not judging a candidate for her appearance.

Viewers were also surprised that Trump seemed to languish in the grueling three-hour debate, ceding the floor for more than 40 minutes at one point.

In the weeks after the debate, Trump’s numbers slid dramatically. While he remained in first place, and has seen a rebound in recent weeks, another so-so debate performance could hurt him again.

And with Ben Carson now nipping at his heels, Trump could risk losing his frontrunner status if he dips again.

Will Carson come out swinging?

Carson’s been criticized for being “low-energy” by Donald Trump—but he’s shot past Trump in the must-win first caucus state of Iowa in several recent polls.

As the frontrunner in the first state, he’ll be under more scrutiny—and increased attacks, especially from Donald Trump who will be looking to reclaim some of his lost magic in the Hawkeye State. Carson’s “nice guy” approach has gotten him far—but will he be able to go on the offense in order to stay on top?

Will Fiorina have another breakout performance?

Carly Fiorina was flying high after a tremendous performance during the last debate—with her poll numbers shooting all the way up to 15%, in a close third place.

But she’s plateaued since then, and she needs another post-debate bump to get back on top. Will she be able to deliver a strong enough to win back people who loved her in the last debate, but have drifted away since?

Will Bush deliver?

Jeb Bush has faced a mountain of negative press in recent days—with his campaign apparently laying off 40% of his staff.

The one-time frontrunner, who has been languishing in the polls, needs a jolt of energy if he’s going to get back on top.

His last two debate performances haven’t made much of an impact on voters. Will the two-term governor be able to show the Republican establishment that he’s worth betting on?

Will anyone new break out?

Candidates like Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and John Kasich have been stuck in the low-single digits for months—and are under increased pressure to show that they deserve to be on the stage.

With the first primaries just three months away, their breakout moment needs to be sooner rather than later.

A strong performance could help them surge—but a weak one could be the final nail in their presidential coffins

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USA Today released the second week of their Republican presidential power rankings–and the top three contenders have something very telling in common.

Among the three of them, they have a combined zero years of political experience. All of the candidates in the top three are political outsiders, who have never held an elected position before.

Businessman Donald Trump remains in first place from last week’s rankings.

Close behind is Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon and political commentator, who remains in second place from last week as well.

Meanwhile, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina–who shot up three positions from 6th place, is in third.

While these rankings aren’t scientific–they take poll numbers into account, but they’re mostly a subjective analysis of the current strength of the candidate and how the electorate sees them–it’s extremely telling that, out of all the 17 candidates running for President, it’s the three political outsiders who are getting the most traction.

While the mainstream media and the establishment wrote off Donald Trump initially as a flash in the pan, it’s clear he’s tapped into something deeper–a massive majority of the Republican Party, if not the nation, who are fed up with Washington politics. Even if Trump falters as the primary season continues onward, clearly there’s a strong second and third choice for the outsider vote at the moment.

Meanwhile, mainstream political candidates continue to fall down the list.

USA Today’s full list is below:




4. JEB BUSH (4)

5. TED CRUZ (5)





10. RAND PAUL (10)




14. RICK PERRY (14)



17. JIM GILMORE (17)


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