Monday, June 26, 2017

John Kasich

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Do you think the GOP should nominate someone or should Donald Trump’s millions of votes count for something?

In a recent interview, the Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination started opening up to his thoughts on having a brokered convention.

Donald Trump says that the millions of people who voted him should mean something to the Republican National Committee.

If Donald Trump fails to get the 1,237 delegates before the convention, do you think the GOP should ignore his voters and nominate someone else?

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John Kasich

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a man on a mission . . . maybe not his own mission, but he’s on one.

Kasich has no statistical chance of winning the GOP nomination in a fair fight. Literally. He could win every single delegate from now until convention and still not have the required majority.

So why in the heck is this guy still in the race?

Because he’s being a good little soldier for the establishment.

Kasich jumped into the race nearly a month following Donald Trump’s announcement.

From the start, Kasich was lined up to be a spoiler to Trump in the event that his campaign caught momentum . . . and it did.

Having very little name ID outside of his state, Kasich’s popularity in Ohio was a stop-gap guarantee that Trump (or another somewhat outsider such as Cruz) would not take the Republican nomination.

Marco Rubio is now playing the same role in Florida . . . but failing.

In reviewing Kasich’s FEC reports and those of his PAC, this is a guy who is serving both sides of the establishment, Republican and Democrat.

Kasich’s PAC, New Day for America, has received over $202,700 from Scott Bessent of Soros Fund Management.

The donation is a strong sign that Hillary Clinton does not want to face Donald Trump in the general election and would rather go head-to-head with an establishment candidate or, even better, Ted Cruz.

The Ohio Governor, after voting today, told the press that he would be staying in the race regardless of he wins or losses the state.

His job is done, so why would he stay in if he cannot win?

During the same press conference, Kasich signaled that he would be addressing Donald Trump’s “statements about women” which he just found out about.

Past Ohio, Kasich is going to play the role of attack dog as Rubio will be out or diminished and Ted Cruz has not fared well at all while in the sights of the billionaire front runner.

This is a desperate establishment at play folks and their childish games have made this the most ridiculous election cycle in history . . . and it’s March.

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The Trumpster proved the naysayers wrong last night with his commanding victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Taking a 10-point lead and winning every county in the New Hampshire, Donald Trump pulled off a landslide.

In this case, the polls were right.

While John Kasich’s second place performance is admirable, the “also ran” candidate won’t be going beyond the moderate state of New Hampshire.

For Kasich, the saying, “nice guys finish last” will hold true in the end.

That leaves the establishment pack of contenders to duke it out.

In a near third-place tie, Ted “Canada” Cruz, Jeb “Mamma’s Boy” Bush and Marco “The Robot” Rubio, held eleven to twelve percent of the vote.

Christie, coming in at 7% dropped this morning.

As expected, the media absolutely freaked out with Trump’s New Hampshire win.

The New York Daily News ran with a cover of a clown-faced Trump and the headline: “Dawn of the Brain Dead; Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves.”

The publication will likely pay for that as insulting a candidate is one thing, insulting voters is quite another.

Speaking of clowns, of the editors of the National Review who remain sober, they are running around in a panic proclaiming doom and gloom for the GOP. The publication published a manifesto against Trump recently that gave their collective, establishment “unendorsement” of the real estate mogul.

This morning, their headlines read, “Armageddon for the GOP Establishment” and “A Bad Night for Conservatives in New Hampshire.”

While the National Review sucks at getting it right (they endorsed Romney in 2008 and 2012), they are right about their “Armageddon.”

CNN’s exit polls are all one needs to look at to see the trouble that the establishment faces.

Trump won across the board of EVERY demographic except for one.

When asked which candidate “shares my values” voters decisively chose Ted Cruz . . . but still voted for Donald Trump. The same voters also handily felt that Trump was the only candidate who “can bring change.”

That’s an extremely important metric. Voters (in New Hampshire at least) believe Ted Cruz was closest to their values . . . and they don’t care. They want to break up the establishment.

The New York Daily News, National Review, Fox News and the establishment gaggle of candidates and their undying supporters are in for an uphill battle.

With a Trump victory now a reality, the Establishment will have to take on more than just Donald Trump and his Twitter account, they’ll have to go head to head with tens of millions of Americans who want to use the billionaire as a tool to break the establishment stranglehold around the neck of America.

It’s officially on.


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