Tuesday, July 25, 2017

John McAfee

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San Bernardino Phones

John McAfee has some time on his hands.

The founder of McAfee anti-virus software is running for president and seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination . . . while offering to crack Apple’s iphone encryption for the FBI.

The public dispute between Apple and the FBI has been growing as a court has ordered the mobile device company to give the FBI access to the phones, but Apple says they are asking for a “back door.”

Apple’s view is backed by decades-long battles for control by the government.

Going back to the Clinton years, the administration was willing to drop its monopoly pursuit against Microsoft for keys to the Windows operating system.

The FBI’s case is muddled for those familiar with hacking iPhones. A backup of an iPhone’s content can easily be created and accessed through third party software.

This will give the government access to messages, phone logs, photos and other “native” content.

However, any data associated with third-party applications will not be accessible. So if the San Bernardino terrorists used apps like Snapchat, or other messaging apps, the FBI would be out of luck in getting their hands on those connections and transcripts.

But John McAfee, says he can break the encryption, free of charge to the government, within three weeks.

Why would the fading millionaire make such an offer? For the media of course.

Speaking on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show, John McAfee said that if could not break the encryption, “I would eat my show.”

It’s unlikely the FBI would hand the device over to McAfee, who was on the run from Bolivian authorities just a few years ago. But the media tactic is working for McAfee, with his offer trending on Facebook for the past several days.

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presidental race

On top of Gary Johnson seeking another spot as the Libertarian’s presidential candidate, rogue anti-virus mogul, John McAfee has thrown his hat into the ring.

Oh, and according to McAfee, Morgan Freeman plans to do the same– with Vin Diesel as his running mate.


Here’s the tweet that started the rumor:

And to throw a wrench into Hillary’s plans, billionaire gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg has paid for a poll to test the waters on a 2016 run for president.

Bloomberg, who has floated the concept as running for as an independent in the past, is likely leveraging the threat to run as an independent to force Hillary to take an even stronger stance against guns.

With Bloomberg, McAfee, Johnson and a longshot possibility of Freeman/Diesel getting into the game, the race that has so far featured only one “rogue” candidate may turn into an anti-establishment free for all.


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