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Kate Steinle

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Mary Anne Mendoza wants answers about her son’s death—but, so far, she’s heard nothing from the Obama White House.

Her son, Officer Brian Mendoza, 32, was a police officer in Tempe, Arizona. He was driving home from work in May 2014, when he was hit by a drunk-driving illegal alien who was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Raul Silva-Corona, the drunk driver, was killed at the scene. He had been in the United States illegally for more than 20 years, and had been convicted of multiple crimes in the 1990s—but still not deported.

Since then, Mary Anne has tried to fight to hold people live Silva-Corona responsible for their crimes—and tried to take Democrats to task for allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country despite their criminal record, and even apply for drivers’ licenses.

“I had no idea what a huge problem this was until it happened to me,” she explained, during an interview with Fox & Friends.

“I don’t want any other American family to go through what I’ve gone through the last year and a half of my life.”

But, despite her best efforts, she hasn’t yet been able to meet with Barack Obama, to discuss the issue of illegal immigration.

“I’ve written three letters to the President,” Mendoza explained. “It’s disheartening to see the people he does have at the White House.”

“When I was in Washington in July testifying in the Kate Steinle hearing, the Obamas had illegal students there to talk about the hardships they’ve overcome to get to college, and the very next day had illegal teachers at the White House and we were blocks away from the White House. And, we had been pleading with them to meet with us, to see our faces, to feel our pain and to hear our stories. And maybe understand this problem a little better and do something about it for Americans.”

So far, Obama has ignored all letters from Mary Anne Mendoza—but continues to invite illegal aliens into the White House to hear their stories.

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Illegal aliens have a constitutional right to bear arms–according to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The decision, handed down on Thursday, comes after a violent summer where a number of illegal aliens have been named suspects in murders of American citizens–namely, in the death of Kate Steinle, a young woman who was shot and killed in a crowded tourist pier in San Francisco, as she walked with her father.

The case that the 7th Circuit judged involved Mariano Meza-Rodriguez. Meza-Rodrigueze was brought to the United States by his parents when he was four or five years old.

Now an adult, he was arrested in 2013 after getting into a bar fight. Police found a bullet in his shorts pocket, although no firearm.

Federal law banned illegals from purchasing guns or ammunition–but Meza-Rodriguez instead argued that the law was unconstitutional, because the Second Amendment protects the right for him to bear arms on American soil.

A lower court ruled that, despite Meza-Rodriguez’s claims, the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants. Meza-Rodriguez was convicted and deported.

But now, the 7th Circuit has turned that decision on its heels–agreeing that the Second Amendment, which guarantees “the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed,” applies to all people, not just American citizens or those who have immigrated legally.

However, Meza-Rodriguez isn’t out of the clear yet: despite the Second Amendment applying to illegal immigrants, the court also held that the federal government is allowed to prevent people who have broken the law from owning guns–as it does with convicted felons. Meza-Rodriguez’s conviction was not overturned by the decision.

This issue has the ability to galvanize both sides of the aisle. Is this a victory for the Left, giving them a critical step forward for the so-called rights of illegal aliens? Or is this a victory for the Right, protecting Second Amendment rights for even more people? Time will tell.

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Kate Steinle was brutally murdered on July 1 of this year by a man who reportedly was deported five times, providing a dramatic underscoring of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s politically incorrect comments on illegal immigration. Steinle’s murder fed a larger national conversation about illegals, and issue that until recently seemed foreordained to disappear in a legislative orgy of amnesty and open borders.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives acted in response to the Steinle tragedy, voting Thursday 241-179 to pass H.R. 3009, the “Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act.” The bill is intended to deny federal law enforcement funding to the so-called “sanctuary cities” that provide protection for illegals who witness crimes. Five Republicans and six Democrats crossed party lines in the predominantly partisan vote.

The Obama administration, predictably, promised a veto shortly before the vote on the bill. At the same time Kate Steinle’s father was testifying before the House, the administration’s Office of Management and Budget released the following statement:

“This bill fails to offer comprehensive reforms needed to fix the nation’s broken immigration laws, undermines current administration efforts to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and to work collaboratively with state and local law enforcement agencies, and threatens the civil rights of all Americans by authorizing state and local officials to collect information regarding any private citizen’s immigration status, at any time, for any reason, and without justification. If the President were presented with H.R. 3009, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto this bill.”

Opinion on the bill, unsurprisingly, is sharply divided on party lines.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, criticized the bill for degrading relations between immigrants and police. “Those convicted of committing acts of criminal violence must always face the full force of the law,” he said. “However, this legislation would only undermine the trust between immigrant communities and local law enforcement. Second-guessing decisions made by law enforcement, withholding public safety funding, and demonizing immigrants will neither make our communities safer nor fix our broken immigration system.”

The ACLU echoed Hoyer’s arguments on its official blog. Joanne Lin of the Washington office of the ACLU said bluntly the bill offers “no solution” the illegal immigration problem.

Other House Democrats used the bill as an opportunity to mock Trump, dubbing the bill “the Trump bill,” and noting sarcastically he is more effective at getting legislation to the floor than his primary opponents.

Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-New Jersey, addressed the Trump accusations. “This is a valid concern that we’re voting on today. I’m not going to let Donald Trump dictate my vote.”

Other Republicans universally rejected the rest of the left-wing narrative, hammering home repeatedly that the Obama administration and the “sanctuary cities” are not only breaking the law, but contributing directly to violent crime against citizens.

Bombastic and popular Rep. Trey Gowdy put the issues succinctly when he asked “A refuge for whom? A sanctuary for whom? A sanctuary for Kate Steinle? Or a refuge for a convicted felon with a 25-year-long criminal history?”

Rep. Garret Graves, R-Louisiana noted the huge numbers of illegals during Obama’s tenure, and the problems they cause. “Reports indicate that over two and half million new illegal immigrants have flowed into America since 2009,” Graves said. “Cities that are providing sanctuary to these illegal immigrants perpetuate the problem by providing a safe haven from law enforcement and discouraging people from following the legal process to become Americans. These Sanctuary Cities place an additional burden on already strained federal resources.”

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was sharply critical of the Obama administration’s conduct on immigration. Obama, King says, weakened our immigration laws by changing the verbiage in ICE detainers. These detainers are meant to keep illegals in custody so that immigration officials have time to determine if deportation is called for.

King also pointed out how many thousands of illegals are released from prisons as a result of ICE not being enforced, citing 48,000 violent crimes by 25,000 released individuals in 2011 alone. “So the revelation is breathtaking in this nation all because we refuse to enforce the law,” he said. “And this Congress saw it coming. I saw it 10 years ago. All because of politics, they’re pandering to people they know are law breakers. This was 100 percent preventable.”

House Speaker John Boehner summed it all up neatly. “We had a horrible tragedy that was preventable,” he said. “Cities do not have the right to ignore federal laws that require them to incarcerate people who commit serious felonies.”

As this episode once again demonstrates, the Obama administration and the hard left have no regard for the laws of the land. The leftists in the House, and the White House, are more than happy to continue to flout the rules, allowing massive numbers of illegals – who commit violent crimes, thefts, and DUI at a rate far greater than citizens – into our country with no repercussions. Their support for the sanctuary policies is further evidence that the left has no interest in protecting American citizens. The GOP might deny it, but Trump’s brash statements on immigration have changed the debate – and might just end up saving American lives.


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