Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Larry Wilmore

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larry wilmore

Sometimes things you say can come back to haunt you, and calling the president of the United States “my n*gg*” on national TV is not the best thing to do.

The Comedy Central comedian and host of The Nightly Show is no longer working for the station and his show will be cancelled Thursday.

Larry Wilmore is upset because it is one less black guy on TV according to his statements on the firing.

The Nightly Show was Larry’s big break until he got the opportunity to headline the White House Correspondents Dinner. The event is more like a roast of media and politicians with the president in attendance.

During his big headlining speech on April 30th, he decided to say to the president that Obama was his “my n*gg*”. He meant it as an endearing term, but it wasn’t taken that way.

Other comments he made that night got him removed from an interview by CNN and just three and a half months later, he loses his gig at Comedy Central.

See the speech he made that many people are saying ruined his career.

His attempts at humor just seem mean and hateful in some cases and his use of the “n” word to describe the president is completely inappropriate and a step in the wrong direction. It was a risky move that now looks like it has come back to bite him. It was a bad move.

Obama laughed it off but looks like the president is getting the final laugh. So are the thousands of people that turned on Wilmore after his speech. Many are happy with the cancellation, and we will have to just wait and see what is next for Larry and Comedy Central.

Did you think Larry was funny at the Correspondents Dinner? Let us know in the comments below.

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The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual time for the press to joke about themselves and laugh about being the controllers of information.

This year the comedian Larry Wilmore took the stage and instead of telling harmless jokes and pandering to the media giants, he decided to treat it more like a Comedy Central roast and went after the media hard.

The Comedy Central star from “The Nightly Show” had the usual shots at the right and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz took it the hardest, but his vicious attacks on the liberal media is what got the occasional boo and silence from the audience, and it was great.

The media was hit hard. He called Wolf Blitzer a drone, and he made Don Lemon flip him off!

Larry bashed the media hard and even took a few good shots at Hillary and Bill Clinton. You could tell he was a Bernie supporter because of the softball jokes, but all in all it was fun watching our “honest” media squirming in their chairs.

Watch for yourself and enjoy.

What do you think the best joke was? Let us know in the comments.


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