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If this scares you, wait until you meet your first boss.

Two of the students who walked out of the commencement ceremony at the University of Notre Dame as Vice President Mike Pence began giving his commencement address, told CNN that they did so as an act of protest because the Vice President of the United States made them feel “unsafe.”

Talking to CNN host Brooke Baldwin on Monday, Luis Miranda and Aniela Tyksinski, said that the walkout was organized primarily because several students and families “have been specifically targeted” by Pence’s policies.

“We felt the need to walk out because we wanted to stand here to protect human dignity,” Miranda said. “We wanted to have solidarity with those who are most vulnerable of us, and also to seek justice for them.”

“We essentially have classmates, family members, and friends who were either with us sitting down there, or were also in the stands who have been specifically targeted by the policies of Mike Pence either as a governor or as a president (sic) directly,” Miranda continued.

According to Miranda, the students, by walking out, were showing solidarity with “undocumented Americans” and members of the LGBT community. Miranda further said that Pence’s appearance at the ceremony felt “inappropriate” and the students walked out to stand “with them, and for them.”

Tyksinski reiterated Miranda’s stance that undocumented immigrants and members of the LGBT community were in her heart as she was walking out.

Adding to that, Tyksinski explained that Pence made a lot of students feel “unsafe” and that a commencement speech was not a suitable setting for “this kind of political discourse.”

“The walkout was in response to the fact that members of our own community felt unwelcome, uncomfortable, and even unsafe,” she said. “This was not the appropriate event for this kind of political discourse. This should have been an event for all graduates and all of their family members.”

While Miranda and Tyskinski did not care to explain what exactly the offending “political discourse” was, Baldwin asked if the students thought they were unwilling to listen to viewpoints other than theirs, and actually feeding into the stereotype that colleges and universities had become “too liberal.”

“I cannot speak to the stereotype, but yes, there are difficulties over free speech,” Miranda said. “It’s hard to have these conversations and we agree that free speech is a very important thing and that we shouldn’t be shutting it out. We need to be welcoming it.”

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After being accused of sexual misconduct and facing punishment by the university without fair trial, Thomas Klocke committed suicide, according to a lawsuit by his father.

Thomas Klocke, a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, killed himself on June 2, a few days after the university punished him for allegedly making anti-gay comments to a fellow gay student. 24-year-old Klocke repeatedly denied the accusations at that time and claimed he was the one being harassed but never received a fair hearing.

“This is a case that highlights the really epidemic problem that we’re seeing across the country about what happens when a college violates the legal rights of a student who’s been accused of misconduct,” said Kenneth Chaiken, an attorney for the deceased’s father, Wayne Klocke. “The accused student can really suffer life-altering consequences — in this case of the most tragic form, which was the decision to take his own life.”

Under the pretext of Title IX, the Obama administration forced universities to deny male students their due process rights when they’re accused of sexual misconduct.

The lawsuit was reported by and alleges that UT-Arlington was unsuccessful in complying with the watered-down due process protections ensured by Title IX and judged on its own policies. It also claims that Thomas was the one discriminated against on the basis of his sex.

A spokesperson for the university, Teresa Schnyder said the university “followed its policies and procedures.” However, she refused to give any details regarding the lawsuit.

“This is a tragic situation and we express our deepest condolences to the family for their loss,” Ms. Schnyder said. “The welfare of our students is our highest priority. Any loss is a heartbreaking one for our entire community.”

Thomas was only one credit short of graduating at the time of the incident. Fellow student Nicholas Watson accused him of typing “gays should die” on the web browser of his laptop in the middle of a May 19 class. Mr. Watson then responded on his own laptop, typing, “I’m gay.” To this, Mr. Watson says, Thomas faked a yawn and said, “Well then you’re a f—t.”

Following this exchange of words, Mr. Watson says he asked Thomas to leave the classroom, to which Thomas allegedly replied, “You should consider killing yourself.”

Thomas refuted these claims in a meeting with a university administrator on May 23. He explained that Mr. Watson made sexual advances, stared at him continuously and called him beautiful, even after he typed into his laptop, “stop ­– I’m straight.” Thomas says he had a hard time concentrating after that and moved to the opposite side of the classroom.

He rejected Mr. Watson’s allegations that he ever typed “gays should die.”

The lawsuit alleges that the rejected sexual advances may have compelled Mr. Watson to make up the story, possibly fearing the university’s policy against sexual harassment. In addition to the lawsuit against the university, Nicholas Watson is also being sued for defamatory statements.

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There goes the neighborhood.

The U.S. Army had to pay to get a high-ranking transgender Pentagon official to appear at its military academy on Transgender Day of Remembrance, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch from the Department of the Army. The event, held at West Point, was organized by the Army’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity, to “promote an environment of compassion and understanding” and memorialize “members of the transgender community across the globe who were murdered in the last year.” Instead of attending pro bono for the cause, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Amanda Simpson, a former test pilot named Mitchell, required that her expenses be paid.

It cost the Army $1,099.92 to get Simpson, who also served as Executive Director of the U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives, to be a guest speaker at the West Point transgender event. The Defense assistant secretary, who underwent a sex change about 20 years ago, gained notoriety during Barack Obama’s presidency as the highest ranking transgender appointee of any administration in history. Obama first appointed her to the Department of Commerce in 2009 and by 2013 Simpson was elevated to head the Army’s energy initiatives. In 2015 Simpson was sworn in as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, making her the highest openly transgender official at the Pentagon. As a man named Mitchell, Simpson obtained degrees in physics, engineering and business administration.

An estimated 35 people—20 cadets and 15 faculty—attended the West Point Transgender Day of Remembrance, which was held on November 30, 2016 at the military academy in New York. The only attendee that required government funding was the registered speaker (Simpson), the Army records state, because “all other attendees are local and will provide their own transportation to the event.” The records list “Ms. Amanda Simpson” as the only registered speaker and identify her as the highest ranking openly transgender official in President Obama’s administration. “Attendees will benefit from her sharing her experiences as both a transgender woman and senior ranking defense department official,” the records provided to Judicial Watch state.

A lengthy biography of Simpson is included as well as a pamphlet with a West Point masthead advertising the event. It features a picture of Simpson with a group of uniformed West Point cadets and a retired transgender Army colonel, Diane Schroer, in uniform. The Army also had to pay for Schroer to appear at the academy’s transgender affair in 2014, the records show. The pamphlet says that the purpose of the 2016 Simpson transgender celebration is “to promote an environment of compassion and understanding in accordance with USMA’s [United States Military Academy] diversity efforts by memorializing members of the transgender community across the globe who were murdered in the last year.”

The 2014 transgender event featuring Schroer was held to demonstrate “the Army’s commitment to supporting professional development opportunities that enhance West Point’s diversity and inclusion efforts.” Schroer was a decorated Airborne Ranger who transitioned from male to female after more than two decades of military service. It cost the Army $840.50 to have her speak, the records show. More than 40 cadets, staff and faculty paid respect to those who “were killed due to bias and hatred based on gender identity and expression,” according to a West Point newsletter with photos of the event. Several pages are entirely redacted as well as some of the names that appear throughout the records. The Army cites an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) known as (b)(6) which protects personnel and medical files from an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” Even the captions identifying individuals in the West Point newsletter are redacted, though the pictures were left intact diminishing the credibility of the (b)(6) exemption argument. One of the “anticipated benefits” of Schroer’s appearance was to foster awareness in the West Point community about an Obama administration change in Department of Defense (DOD) policy allowing transgender people to openly serve in the military.

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Who wears the pants?

In 2015, a well-known Christian pastor received a letter from a “judge—a very significant judge in a very significant court.” In this letter the judge lamented, “One of the duties of a judge is to marry people. I am now under government mandate to marry people of the same sex. I cannot do that. I cannot do that.” The pastor, prophetically stated in his sermon, “He will lose his position. Clerks, Christian clerks across the country, who issue marriage licenses, and can’t do that either, are losing their jobs. The takeover is going to be massive. Christian people in high places are going to be replaced by people who will do what this court says you must do.”

Here it is 2017 and the pastor’s warning rings true. This past week the Wyoming Supreme Court publicly censured Judge Ruth Neely for refusing, on religious grounds, to perform same-sex marriages.

Remember Kim Davis? In 2015, the Kentucky clerk did a stint in jail for refusing to perform or authorize marriage licenses of same sex couples—on religious grounds. As The Atlantic reported at the time, “She was just the only one who refused either to perform her job, or quit it. In Texas, Rusk County Clerk Joyce Lewis-Kugle stepped down, as did Live Oak County Clerk Karen Irving. Cleburn County, Arkansas, lost its clerk, as did Grenada County, Mississippi; the clerk’s office in Decatur County, Tennessee, lost its entire staff.”

Kim Davis’ story was updated recently. The ACLU had asked the court to order her pay over $230,000 in legal fees. Federal Magistrate Edward B. Atkins denied their request. He stated since the plaintiffs did not win their case the ACLU was not entitled to the legal fees.

Was this a victory for religious liberty? Was the right to freedom of religious conviction upheld by the courts? Before the question can be answered a little background is in order.

As the result of Davis’ time in jail the law, in Kentucky, was changed. As Breitbart reported, “Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed an executive order eliminating the provision requiring a county clerk’s name and title to appear on a state marriage license. The Kentucky General Assembly later made the executive order permanent by an act of the legislature, thus eliminating the point of contention in the ACLU’s lawsuit.” This was the reason the ACLU did not win their case.

A victory for religious liberty? Hardly, simply an executive order by an elected official. What if Matt Bevin was not the governor? Would a Democratic governor have signed a similar order protecting the religious beliefs “objecting clerks?” Has religious liberty now become the plaything of elected officials and the courts?

What has happened to “certain unalienable rights?” Those unalienable rights, granted by the Creator, expressed in the Declaration. What happened to the Bill of Rights? The Rights that protect us from government overreach.

Probably, this is not the last of Kim Davis’ legal troubles.

Now back to Judge Ruth Neely. In their decision to censure her, the court wrote to the effect that Judge Neely shall either perform no marriage ceremonies or she shall perform marriage ceremonies regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation.

Thankfully the Court did not go as far as the Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics desired. They asked that she be removed from her position.

Interestingly, Judge Neely never refused to perform a same sex marriage, she was never asked too. She simply stated publicly that her religious beliefs prohibited her from performing one. Under oath she testified, “If I ever were to receive a request to perform a same-sex marriage, which has never happened, I would ensure that the couple received the services that they requested by very kindly giving them the names and phone numbers of other magistrates who could perform their wedding.”

Is the pastor correct in his assertion, “Christian people in high places are going to be replaced by people who will do what this court says you must do?” Is the day coming, even in the United States, when practicing Christians will vanish completely from public life?

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kim davis

Kentucky couple, David Ermold and David Moore, planned on shedding light on a rural Christian county clerk who refused to give them a marriage license. They didn’t intend to create a conservative celebrity.

Ermold and Moore had heard that Kim Davis, the clerk who claimed that her religion prevented her from issuing marriages to gay couples, was declining requests—so, when they went to file their own marriage license, they made sure to record the exchange so they could document exactly what happened to them.

The result, instead, was a several-weeks-long media circus, which resulted in Davis going to jail for contempt-of-court, and then later sharing a stage with former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, who vowed to defend Christian faith. Conservatives were suddenly galvanized over gay marriage—an issue that, just months before, seemed like it had been all but decided by the Supreme Court.

In fact, things went so awry for Ermold and Moore that they regret turning Davis into a national celebrity.

“Mike Huckabee comes down and creates a martyr of Davis,” Ermold complained, in an interview with GQ—which was, obviously, not their intention. “They took her picture with her hair down in a braid, and her husband was in bib overalls, the whole thing. They staged these photo opportunities for her.

“We’re also complicit in her fame,” Moore added. “We’re the ones who filmed her originally.”

“I thought if she could see us and talk to us, maybe she would go home and think about the people she’s affecting,” Moore added. “We decided we were going to go in and document it.”

He continued, “I put [the video] up around 11 at night. The next morning, Gawker had it, and then The Advocate was running it. By the time I got up, it already had 200,000 hits.”

At which point, Davis became a national talking point.

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Dean Transgender

According to Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz, he was. At an Iowa campaign stop on Sunday, Cruz told a reporter that Dear was a “transgendered leftist activist”

Dear, 57, with guns blazing, held a Planned Parenthood clinic hostage for nearly six hours. When his shooting rampage concluded, three were dead, and six had been injured.

Though he is said to have made comments about “baby parts” to arresting officers in a reference to the leaked hidden camera videos that showed top Planned Parenthood executives brokering the sale of organs from aborted fetuses, the extent of his motivations remain a mystery. Law enforcement says it’s too soon, since they’re still investigating and processing evidence.

But if Cruz is right, that Dear was transgender, it could give an interesting new angle to Dear’s motivations.

Cruz’s claims come from a story initially reported by center-right news source, The Gateway Pundit, that said Dear “identifies as [a] woman.” The source of that information came in the form of publicly-accessible Colorado voter information, which has Dear listed as a female.

It’s unclear whether Dear actually, in fact, identifies as a woman, or whether it was merely a clerical error. His appearance—namely his long, grizzled beard—doesn’t seem to suggest that he’s becoming a woman.

But if Dear is, in fact, a leftist activist protesting so-called “cisgender” (non-transgender) women at a Planned Parenthood, it could dramatically shift the national conversation on a number of key issues.

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gay dentist

Dr. John Wolf, a well-respected Manhattan dentist, has been arrested by federal officials–for a long list of shocking and disgusting crimes.

First, Wolf was charged with having a massive trove of child pornography.

But Wolf’s brand of child pornography was even more horrifying than usual. Not only did he use his dental practice to distribute kiddy porn, but the age of his victims raises even more eyebrows. Police say that he “provided the undercover agent with a flash drive containing files depicting child pornography, including videos of children as young as toddlers being raped by adult men.”

According an informant, Wolf’s favorite video–the one that made him particularly “excited”–was one “depicting an 8-year-old ‘retarded’ girl engaged in sex.” Police found 246 videos in all, and Wolf has apparently admitted to possessing the videos, but maintains he never had sex with a child.

But Wolf’s shocking sex crimes didn’t stop there.

Wolf was also charged with being part of an underground sex club, which didn’t have sex with children–but, rather, they did something equally disgusting. The federal informant said that Wolf “was actively involved in underground sex parties at various locations in New York City, including in Brooklyn, where participants would engage in sexual intercourse with animals.”

Even when Wolf did have sex with adult humans, he couldn’t help but commit a crime.

Feds claim the dentist, who is HIV-positive and has been a noted AIDS activist for decades, poked holes in condoms “in an intentional attempt to spread the HIV to his sexual partners.”

The investigation into Wolf started in March, when his drug dealer was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The dealer agreed to become an informant and, while police were investigating Wolf over drug crimes, soon realized they had a real sicko on their hands.

People who knew Wolf were absolutely stunned that the kind and friendly dentist could be capable of such horrific crimes.

“I never suspected this,” one of his employees said. “He’s an amazing guy, a very giving person. He helped a lot of people in the community.”

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gay asian

Sometimes the left is so sensitive, it hurts its own feelings. The Sacramento California LGBT Community Center had to issue an apology last week for that very thing. It seemed that their annual Red Dress fundraiser for the community center and HIV prevention went “too far” in “appropriating East Asian culture.”

The group that is upset is not even predominantly East Asian. In fact the APIQSC actually stands for Asian Pacific Islander Queer Sacramento Coalition. As pretentious as it sounds, it isn’t a made up group. A member, Richard Carriollo, that attended the Community Center’s party had this to say:

“There were Japanese fans, there were Japanese umbrellas, Japanese cranes mixed in with the Chinese dragon theme, Chinese lanterns, and it kind of made it unclear which culture they were referring to”

The October 17th event deeply offended the guests from APIQSC. But you have to wonder if they didn’t come in looking for something to be offended about. Overall they claim that the party which “appropriated” very little culture that applied to them specifically, was the cause of “deep pain and alienation”.

The Community Center apologized for the made-up crime.

The “Red Dragon” theme was on trial for “homogenizing Asian culture” and “perpetuating Western stereotypes”. The group also said the did not feel that the decorations were tasteful and that they did not convey the beauty of the culture.

And so it was that the Left gave itself a culturally insensitive black eye. Next year, people should come dressed as unisexual beings and all the decorations will be grey. But, I’m sure that there would be complaints about that too.

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The liberal Left is flipping out–after a prominent “liberation feminist,” Germaine Greer, is being accused of “transphobic” comments.

Though Greer has a long history of making comments that run against the liberal Left’s narrative about transgenders, she’s again under fire after taking aim at Caitlyn Jenner–the former Olympian once known as Bruce Jenner, who came out as transgender earlier this year.

Greer took aim at Jenner winning Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” award. She thinks, because Jenner was born a man, she isn’t a woman.

Being the radical feminist that she is, Greer also saw misogynistic overtones in Jenner’s fight for transgender rights.

“I think it’s misogynist. I think misogyny plays a really big part in all of this, that a man who goes to these lengths [to become a woman] will be a better woman than someone who is just born a woman…It seems to me that what was going on there is that he/she wanted the limelight that the other, female, members of the family were enjoying and has conquered it, just like that.”

Greer’s comments mesh with her previous stances on transgenders. In 2009, she authored a controversial column where she wrote:

“Nowadays we are all likely to meet people who think they are women, have women’s names, and feminine clothes and lots of eyeshadow, who seem to us to be some kind of ghastly parody, though it isn’t polite to say so. We pretend that all the people passing for female really are. Other delusions may be challenged, but not a man’s delusion that he is female.”

Greer, for her stance, has been largely disavowed by the Left. A petition from Cardiff University, created with the goal of getting a lecture from Greer cancelled, accused her of “misogynistic views towards trans women.”

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A Maryland inmate named Neon Brown–who prefers to be known now as Sandy–just won a key legal victory that will give her some new special privileges in the screening system.

Brown was sent to the state prison in Patuxent, Maryland, in February 2014–where she was placed in solitary confinement for 66 days, even though the warden had ordered staff not to segregate her.

Brown claims that, during that time, guards made fun of her while she showered and, at one point, even told her to commit suicide.

“She told me I should kill myself, that I’m not a woman, that I’ll never be heard,” Brown said, about the corrections officer she claims harassed her.

Brown adds that she was called “it” and “some kind of animal” by other guards, as well.

The judged who ruled on Brown’s case, Denise Oakes Shaffer, ruled that Brown’s treatment violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act, and she ordered the prison to “effectively and professionally communicate transgender inmates.”

So far, Gerard Shields, a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correction Services, says there’s been a “total shift in agency thinking” since Brown’s ordeal, and that it won’t happen again.

Brown’s fight is just another in the nationwide push for more recognition and respect for transgender Americans–who have become increasingly visible in 2015.


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