Saturday, May 27, 2017

Liberal Media

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The FBI is investigating another hack and before anyone knows the facts, the liberal media is already blaming Russia.

Somebody hacked into the email accounts of reporters at the New York Times and possibly other news organizations.

Within an hour of reports coming out of the hack Tuesday afternoon, CNN broke the news that it had reports that the Russians were to blame.

When the DNC was hacked last month just before their convention, Hillary and the other party leaders blamed Russia immediately as well.

There is no definitive proof that the hack even took place and CNN is already blaming Russia.

The New York Times didn’t confirm the attack and the FBI hasn’t made an official comment yet.

Despite the FBI and New York Times not speaking on the hack yet, CNN somehow already knows Russia is at fault.

Blaming Russia without evidence is something that Democrats are doing more and more often and that could be very bad for America. Especially if WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is correct in his accusations that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the one that leaked the DNC emails.

It is too early to blame Russia or anyone else for the hack, but by playing the blame game we are distracted that many journalists were hacked and who knows what information could be out there now.

What do you think of CNN blaming the Russians before there is any evidence?

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liberal media

For years, major media has shown their biased against Republicans and outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, Washington Post and even Facebook have committed to helping the Democrats win.

The bias was most evident in the past when the media fell in love with Barack Obama, a relationship that has lasted his entire time in the oval office.

With the rise of Trump, the antithesis of everything Obama, the media has once again jumped on the Hillary bandwagon and they are with her 100%!

During the two conventions, CNN gave a lot more airtime to the DNC. CNN actually showed five times the amount of videos from the DNC than they did with the RNC. The videos that run between the speakers are well-produced segments highlighting platforms and the bios of candidates.

At the end of the RNC, Wolf Blitzer from CNN was railing against Trump. At the end of the DNC, Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s chief political analyst, Gloria Borger, were celebrating, dancing and drinking wine as the convention came to a close.

The bias is so evident this year that it seems impossible to get good and balanced reporting on this election.

Even Facebook has proven which side of the isle they are on.

When the smash hit “Clinton Cash” documentary hit YouTube a week ago, it went viral immediately. Facebook was caught removing the preview video from people’s timeline. By removing the preview, it means a lot less people will click on the video to watch it instead of just watching it on Facebook.

Facebook also blocked users from sharing the link from Wikileaks to the page of 20,000 hacked DNC emails that were released to the public. Facebook is doing what it can to block people searching for the truth about Hillary.

Even Google is mixed up int. Just recently Donald Trump was left off of the search terms for “presidential candidates”, but they sure had Hillary front and center.

Ironically Jill Stein from the Green Party was on the list, but Donald and Gary Johnson were left off the list. The two conservative and right leaning candidates didn’t make the cut. Why? Here is what Google said happened in a statement by a Google spokesperson.

“We found a technical bug in Search where only the presidential candidates participating in an active primary election were appearing in a Knowledge Graph result. Because the Republican and Libertarian primaries have ended, those candidates did not appear. This bug was resolved early this morning.”

The Washington Post was bought by Amazon found Jeff Bezos, and he put together an anti-Trump task force of sorts to dig up any dirt possible on Trump.

The Washington Post has published countless negative articles on Trump while the coverage for Hillary is more favorable.

Is it any shock that the companies Facebook and Google have had amazing weeks financially and Jeff Bezos made something like $2.5 billion just yesterday?

The liberal media has been exposed, and the DNC and Hillary have been exposed, but does that wake up America? No. CNN was still the highest rated news channel during the DNC and Hillary is still not in prison.

What are your thoughts on the liberal media? Let us know in the comments below.

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North Korea

This is a case of liberal media running rampant. All over the news yesterday, the headlines read “North Korea Endorses Donald Trump”, but that is only one way to bend reality.

A North Korean wrote an opinion piece that was published in the state run media of North Korea. The legitimacy of the “reporting” is often questioned and rarely honest.

The piece said, “There are many positive aspects to Trump’s ‘inflammatory policies.” They went on to describe Hillary as dull and described the Donald as being a “wise politician.”

They got that dull part right about Hillary, but as far as an endorsement of North Korea for Donald Trump, that is far away.

We didn’t run this story yesterday because it was a non-story in our eyes. Nothing important, but after seeing every major media outlet running the headline “North Korea Endorses Trump”, we had to call them out.

It is amazing how many times the liberal media misquotes Trump to frame him as being racist or anti-woman.

Remember when the left was railing a few months ago when Trump said “women should be punished for having abortions”? Here is what he really said:

After being pushed and pushed by Chris Matthews, Trump said if abortions were banned, then there should be punishment for having one. That is a far cry from how the media framed it.

Donald Trump has said and done many things that have made him one of the most divisive figures in politics in recent history. His speech is crass and he does a good job on his own turning many people off, but the way the media frames it is dangerous.

The media is fueling the fires that are starting to spread in what looks to be a summer of incredible anger, opposition and violence.

Regardless of what you see on the news, Donald Trump is not flying to North Korea with Dennis Rodman and hanging out in Pyongyang with Kim Jong Un.

What do you think about the liberal media? Let us know in the comments below.


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