Thursday, January 19, 2017


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Gun ownership has always been a “conservative” thing in the eyes of at least the media. In actuality it’s a “libertarian” thing, but that’s a topic for another day.

Since the 2016 presidential election concluded with Donald Trump coming out on top, some liberals have shifted their view on gun ownership and . . . gasp . . . the second amendment.

Conceptions of liberalism assume that most will not even consider owning a gun; however, a poll conducted by PRRI showed that 32% of Democrats had a firearm in the home.

The key to that statistic is that not all Democrats are liberals.

However, since November gun retailers are reporting a shift in buyers and are seeing many more “non-traditional” buyers walking through their doors.

The report is bolstered by Black Friday sales reports that set another all-time record.

Even a group called “The Liberal Gun Club” which has been around since at least 2010, reports a 10% growth in membership since Donald Trump won the election.

An internal exit poll conducted by the preferred gun club for lefties also showed that 32% of the Liberal Gun Club’s forum members voted for Donald Trump, while 41% voted for Hillary Clinton and 11% voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

In late November, NBC News ran with the headline “Trump’s Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying up Guns.”

The article led with “Yolanda Scott is upgrading the crowbar she keeps in her purse to small-caliber pistol.”

Given the journalistic integrity of NBC News, the report should be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, who carries a crowbar in their purse and how big is that purse?

A quick scan of Twitter shows the reports to be correct as countless liberals are telling the world that they’re now armed:

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Liberals love doublespeak and jargon. It makes them feel special and like they can get upset at you for not knowing the most up-to-date phrase. Their buzzwords are constantly evolving and changing and circling back to the originals faster than you can learn them. One minute you use one word thinking you’re totally PC, the next minute it’s been revised to be more “inclusive”. It doesn’t help that they make up problems and have to have a whole vocabulary to go along with it.

Check out this list if you need some help decoding Liberal-ese.


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the wiz

Some people are crying “racism” after NBC aired the all-black musical, The Wiz—but not for the reason you’d think.

Apparently, during Thursday’s three-hour live broadcast of The Wiz Live, liberals on social media were up in arms—because there was a sole white dancer in the background of the otherwise “diversity”-filled show.

The Wiz, which first debuted on Broadway in 1975, is an R&B adaption of The Wizard of Oz, and famously features an all-black cast. It was later made into a movie with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

When NBC’s version aired on Thursday night, the cast was predominately black as well: starring Queen Latifah, Shanice Williams, David Alan Grier, Elijah Kelley, Mary J. Blige, Common, Uzo Aduba, and Ne-Yo.

But there was one white man in the cast: a background dancer named Chris Silcox.

And liberal activists, who resented this apparent “microaggression,” expressed their anger on social media:

One Twitter user posted a picture of Silcox with the rest of the cast and fumed, “How the hell did THIS GUY sneak on set?”

While another—YouTube comedian GloZell Green, who once controversially interviewed Barack Obama during his first term in office—complained, “That was a White Man in The Wiz … um … who do I report this to?”

The Wiz, which received far more favorable reviews than NBC’s previous live musical outings, garnered over 11 million viewers—but, unlike previous years, managed to attract some minor controversy from just about everyone.

Earlier in the evening, many others had complained on social media that The Wiz had an all-black cast—seemingly unaware that was how the musical was written in the 1970s, and that NBC was just faithfully adapting it—before being corrected. But it looks like cries of “racism” went both ways after the live holiday musical.

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NASA has made a claim that might shake the liberal environmental establishment to its very core—that there might not be any evidence of global warming in Antarctica.

In a recent study, NASA proved that not only is Antarctica not losing ice—but it’s actually gaining ice.

“For east Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica–there, we see an ice gain that exceeds the losses in the other areas,” explained Jay Zwally, the report’s author, in a NASA press release. Meaning ice is forming much faster than its melting.

Massive ice melt is what doomsday environmentalists cite as the biggest disaster facing the world because of global warming, largely because the ocean rising several feet could wipe out a large number of coastal towns.

But, coupled with evidence that the earth abruptly stopped warming in the mid-1990s, NASA’s new study about how ice fields in Antarctica are growing is another nail in the coffin of the fear mongering global warming establishment.

However, the facts might not be enough for “party of science” Democrats, who have long claimed the “debate is over” on global warming, and refuse to accept any new studies that might prove the opposite.

In 2015 alone, Barack Obama’s budget has pledged billions to help offset the affects of global warming. He’s also issued executive orders to gut coal production and coal power—which many suspect led to a surprise Republican gubernatorial victory last week in Kentucky, the heart of coal country.

But the day NASA released their study, Obama took to his Facebook page to talk about climate change—and didn’t mention anything about the new findings.

In the video he posted to Facebook, Obama walks on a glacier and says, “Not only do I want future presidents to be able to take walks like this, I want to make sure that the American people are able to enjoy the incredible national parks, incredible beauty, the mountains, the oceans, that have been one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.”

Luckily, if NASA’s study is right, it looks like we’ll get to experience the “incredible beauty” of America’s national parks, no matter who’s in office.



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