Thursday, June 29, 2017

Los Angeles

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During the Civil Right’s movement, it was southern Democrats that fought to keep segregation and they will be happy to know it is back.

California State Los Angeles has decided to offer segregated housing for students that are African American.

A liberal university in one of the most liberal states in America is now supporting the idea of segregation.

The irony is incredible.

The housing is roughly 20 units in a larger complex that is just for black students and those that share similar concerns.

We’ll ignore the racist thought that all black people share the same concerns, and focus on the blatant racism to segregate a portion of the population.

Aaron Rodgers, not the football player but a student at Cal State LA said this when asked about the separate housing.

“We don’t want to come off as we are separating ourselves. If you want to live in the black dorms, you shouldn’t have that fixed mindset … ‘Oh, I just want to live the black dorms because I’m black.’ In this whole building, there are other races,”

That should clear it up right? No!

The program is supporting segregation and closed thought.

Universities around the United States are making it harder for people to think freely.

Brown University is even putting tampons in the boys bathrooms, and you know what, that sound about fitting these days.

We fought for civil rights now we are just handing them back over without any thought for the future.

Wake up America before there is nothing left that resemble the principles this country was founded.

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A wildfire has grown out of control near Los Angeles and firefighters are scrambling to evacuate over 10,000 homes as the fire takes a turn for the worse.

A wildfire that started last week has grown in power and is now moving “like a freight train’.

County fire Chief Daryl Osby said, “For this time of year, it’s the most extreme fire behavior I’ve seen in my 32-year career.”

As of Monday morning, over 20,000 people have been evacuated and the fire has destroyed 18 homes already and consumed over 30,000 acres.

There are a lot of fires in California, but what has people worried about this one is the proximity to Los Angeles.

The picture above is gorgeous and puts in perspective the dangers the people of Los Angeles are facing.

Currently the city is under a smoke advisory and it is easy to see why.

The fast moving fire is hard to contain and local fire and emergency crews are doing their best to stop this “freight train”. Check back with Liberty News Now as crews fight the fire this week.

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America’s second largest city is now billing itself as the “Northern Capital of Latin America,” at least as far as Los Angeles’s 2024 Olympic bid organizers are concerned.

In a statement on official website for the Olympic bid,, Mayor Eric Garcetti explains that:

“Los Angeles is the most diverse city on earth – we are the Western capital of the United States, the Northern capital of Latin America and the Eastern capital of the Pacific Rim.”

“Hosting the Games in Los Angeles would give our city the chance to show the world how much has changed in 40 years,” he adds.

The California city is more than 48% Latino, according to the 2010 census–making Latinos the largest ethnic group, by a long shot, in Los Angeles. Overall, 32% of the population is of Mexican descent–about 2/3 of Latinos. More than 36% of Los Angeles residents are Spanish speakers, with some neighborhoods being almost entirely Spanish speaking.

Los Angeles last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1984. Its bid for 2024 was selected after the U.S. Olympic Committee’s first choice, Boston, bowed out in July due to lack of popular support and funding issues for the expensive games.

Los Angeles will compete against a roster of top world cities, like Rome, Paris, Hamburg, Germany, and Budapest.

The 2024 host city will be selected by the International Olympic Committee in September 2017.

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Rafe Esquith, a teacher at Los Angeles’s Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, has been barred from teaching. Just because he read a passage from the iconic novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, to his students. A book that virtually every student will graduate having read.

Esquith, described by some news sites as “the world’s greatest teacher,” is a nationally-renowned teacher–who received multiple awards for his work and has written several books on teaching.

But if you’re the Los Angeles Unified School District, his accomplishments don’t matter–not when he read a passage from what’s long been considered one of the seminal works of American literature. Esquith was apparently suspended from class after another teacher complained about his “controversial” reading choice.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has certainly been increasingly controversial in recent years, largely due to its racial language–which was a satiric choice by Mark Twain, who was notably anti-slavery.

But the passage Esquith read didn’t even deal with slavery or race directly. It describes two circus performers that Huck Finn met during the course of the novel, nicknamed “the duke” and “the king”:

“The duke and the king worked hard all day, setting up a stage and curtain and row of candles for footlights… At last, when he’d built up everyone’s expectations high enough, he rolled up the curtain. The next minute the king came prancing out on all fours, naked. He was painted in rings and stripes all over in all sorts of colors and looked as splendid as a rainbow.”

While it’s certainly a colorful passage from a 130-year-old novel, it shouldn’t be especially controversial. Certainly not when it’s taught in an academic setting.

Advocates of academic freedom, and even Esquith’s teachers’ union, are in rare agreement. They consider this to be a massive violation of protocol–not to mention, a completely unfair reason for the school district to suspend him.

“When you quote Mark Twain and you go to teacher jail, your reputation is trampled on and ignorant bureaucrats assume the role of judge and jury in the face of a baseless allegation which has already been found meritless by the California Teacher Credentialing Committee,” Esquith’s attorney, Mark Geragos, said. “Sadly, it is the students, their families and the community that suffers.”

Los Angeles Unified hopes to have a final assessment on the “controversy” before school begins again in August.


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