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Marco Rubio

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Mitt Romney is not what you could consider a politically astute man.

He’s a product of the Establishment. Out of touch and actually incompetent when it comes to electoral politics as witnessed by his failures in 2008 and 2012.

When deployed as an attack dog against Trump, Romney took to the stage this week to instruct voters on what to do . . . and in doing so, he gave away the Establishment’s entire game plan.

The GOP elites were able to hedge their bets early on be recruiting candidates and the most states with the largest delegate counts.

Rubio and Bush in Florida
Cruz and Perry in Texas
Carly in Cali
Kasich and Ohio
Christie in New Jersey
Pataki in New York
Jim Gilmore in Virginia

Carly, Bush, Perry, Gilmore, and Pataki were non-starters from the jump. The crew were placeholders that were supposed to stay in the race until the primaries hit their state.

The thinking was and is that the home state advantage would be enough to stop Donald Trump in the best states.

While most of the candidates did not have the longevity or stamina to stay in the fight, the strategy, for the most part is working.

That’s THE reason why Rubio and Kasich remained on stage in last night’s debate, and it’s why Romney came out to tell people to vote for the candidate who is performing the best against Trump.

If Kasich and Rubio were to drop, as neither has a realistic chance of winning the nomination, Trump would sweep those states.

While the media pushed for “unity” by narrowing the race to two contenders, that strategy actually gives a stronger advantage to Trump.

The logical strategy to beat Trump is also the one that would result in the permanent fracturing of the GOP, and a easy victory for Hillary Clinton.

By keeping the hometown candidates in the race, the Establishment is able to reduce the delegate count for Trump and beat the billionaire in a contested convention.

It’s unlikely that Trump could win a brokered convention as it is represented by the long-time party insiders who take a break from the country clubs to put on funny hats and choose who they hope will be the next president of the United States.

If their game plan works, and it has a good 50% chance at reality, we know that Ted Cruz will not be selected at convention and Rubio’s childish conduct in the last week has likely disqualified him.

That leaves one man standing . . . and that sole individual is currently Mitt Romney.

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Rubio’s Gay Past

This could be the death knell for Marco Rubio.

Last week, the gay media dropped a bombshell that the mainstream media is, so far, afraid to cover.

Radar’s headline screamed, “Gay Porn Ties, Foam Parties & Shocking Arrest – Marco Rubio’s Racy Past Revealed!”

At the age of 18, Rubio was busted by Miami police at Alice C. Wainwright Park. The park is a notorious gay pickup site where homosexual men gather for casual and anonymous sex in a dilapidated park bathroom.

Rubio contends he was arrested for drinking a beer at the park, however the police report makes no mention of alcohol. He was arrested for being in a car after park hours with his male buddy, Angel Barrios.

The charges were dismissed and all court files have been destroyed according to the Miami-Dade County clerk.

Marco’s arrest buddy, Angel, was also his roommate for a period of time. In 2007, Angel rented one of the homes of his property management business to a gay porn company that live streamed their “events” 24/7. Barrios claimed to have had no knowledge of the business until the lurid details were revealed on a local news broadcast.

And then we have the “Foam Parties.”

Foam Parties are just what they sound like. A nightclub opens up essentially a giant bowl filled with dancing bodies and soapy foam then encourages the crowd to strip down to underwear or less.

It’s a largely gay thing and as one observer called it, “an excuse to have sex in public.”

Marco Rubio has done a great job of teeing up and excusing his partying past in his book and in public appearances such as on Jimmy Fallon where he joked about his visit to a Foam Party.

He even discussed how his then girlfriend at the time (now his wife) threatened to leave him if he went to a foam party one night.

Downplaying his racy roots to appear as an innocent yet hard-partying young man only works if there are no pictures or people who come forward.

The gay-centric publication, Radar Online, ran with a few pictures allegedly showing young Marco at an all-guy foam party as well as a the shirtless candidate on stage in a bowtie with a parade of other bare-chested young men.

The allegations of Rubio’s secret past are building like a Tsunami online, even the hilarious Trump supporters “Diamond” and “Silk” jumping on CNN to tell the audience, “He may have had a gay lifestyle in his past.”

If the allegations stick, Rubio will have a hard time maintaining support from a conservative base. If they don’t stick yet are true, the nation will risk electing a president with a closet filled with foamy secrets.

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Richard Viguerie

You have to get a kick out of how the consultant class works in Washington.

While every side in D.C. rails about the “establishment” there are actually several establishment categories.

Richard Viguerie and his social conservative publication, ConservativeHQ, is what one used to consider the “anti-establishment establishment.”

That’s until they were faced with a candidate so far outside of the establishment that the contender jumped beyond the orbit of their influence.

That candidate is of course frontrunner Donald Trump.

Trump, not being a social conservative ideologue, the online publication and its leader were quick to endorse Ted Cruz who, until the rise of Trump, was considered the ultimate outsider.

But it wasn’t just an endorsement. CHQ publishes an anti-Trump diatribe just about every weekday and recently, they have thrown in a little Rubio bashing to boot.

So on Friday, when ConservativeHQ emailed a solicitation signed by “Marco” to its subscribers, it was a little surprising.

The email, which requested donations, led with a subject line that read, “Trump is a con artist.”

The Rubio-signed letter went on to say, “I am the only candidate who has presented common-sense conservative plans to help working Americans and has the experience to implement them from Day One.”

But that’s not what the publication’s Chairman thought when he told Breitbart, “Ted Cruz is the only movement conservative running, he’s the only limited government constitutional conservative Presidential candidate in the top tier.”

The day before the fundraising email went out, CHQ published a quote by its chairman saying, “The idea that conservatives will shift their support from Cruz to Rubio is preposterous given Marco Rubio’s many betrayals of the conservative movement . . .”

And then CHQ hilariously sent out the email that raised money for Rubio.

Why the contradiction between words and actions? Why raise funds for Marco Rubio while bashing him just hours beforehand?

Because there is money involved of course.

ConservativeHQ didn’t just mail out a request for their readers to donate to Rubio’s campaign because they were being nice to their enemy who may have been having a bad day.

They took their figurative thirty pieces of silver (now valued at $500) to promote the man who stands immediately in front of their conservative standard-bearer, Ted Cruz.

Loyalty these days obviously has a price tag.

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Last Thursday in Greenville, South Carolina, two grown men stepped into a storage closet.

Texan Ted Cruz called for an impromptu, off-the-record, meeting with Neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Wanting to visit on “neutral ground” the duo met in a storage closet at the Conservative Review Convention on Thursday.

According to The Daily Beast the meeting was “supposed to be short and off-the-record” but thanks to another leak by the Cruz campaign, the closeted discussion was soon in the hands of the media.

Carson’s communications staffer said, “We weren’t going to comment on the press on it, but it seems pretty clear that the other party involved had a different agenda.”

While a Secret Service detail waited outside of the closet door, the two men met in private, only to emerge at odds with each other.

Carson’s staffer told the press, “it did not go well” and Carson ended the discussion by saying, “We agree to disagree. We disagree on accountability and culpability.”

The discussion appeared to center around Cruz’s “dirty tricks” throughout the campaign, specifically, the Cruz campaign’s Iowa incident where staffers told caucus-goers that Carson had dropped from the race.

Cruz’s camp had little to say about the meeting, but the Texas senator refused to even acknowledge or look at the good doctor following the meeting as they passed through the hallway.

Consultants within Cruz’s camp believe that in order to become competitive with frontrunner Donald Trump, Carson will have to drop from the race.

The logic is not backed by fact as after Carson’s fall following the CNN negative articles, his supporters appeared to break evenly for Trump and Cruz according to the polls.

The shift in voter support with the drop of Jeb Bush will likely benefit Floridian Marco Rubio, leaving Rafael “Ted” Cruz even further behind in the delegate count for the GOP nomination.

It’s unlikely that Ted Cruz will be asking Carson to join him in the closet again anytime soon.

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Whisper Campaigns

Karl Rove knows a thing or two about the ugly, reputation smearing rumors that have come to be known as “Whisper Campaigns.”

In 2000, one such campaign was started, allegedly by Rove, that claimed John McCain fathered a black “love child.”

But the tactic goes back to the start of U.S. politics with John Adams accusing Thomas Jefferson of carrying on an affair with his slave . . . a story that remains in play today.

Today, social conservatives who support Texas Senator Ted Cruz are spreading false rumors about frontrunner Donald Trump.

Here are just a few:

Donald Trump owns a “strip club”: The rumor has been gaining momentum, and was recently emailed to a million Catholic voters.

But it’s completely false.

In Trump’s Taj Mahal, a tenant runs and owns the gentleman’s club, Scores. While there are scantily-clad women for sure, zoning laws prevent a “strip club” in a hotel. So the women employed at that particular Scores franchise have to cover up their naughty bits.

Donald Trump does not own Scores. He does take their money as a tenant, just as the government of Atlantic City takes the taxes from the booze and cover charges of the establishment.

Donald Trump has been married THREE times: And that is correct and known, but social conservatives have been laying out this trump card and making comparisons to Lincoln and Reagan as the standard-bearers of American morality.

The comparison is laughable. Reagan was married twice and his daughter Patti was conceived out of wedlock. As for Lincoln, the man was the victim of his own whisper campaign as when Mrs. Lincoln was away, he shared his bed with his bodyguard. The moral of this whisper is this: whether Lincoln, Reagan or Trump, humans are imperfect.

Trump is not alone in being the target of underhanded campaign. Jeb Bush allies, threatened by up-and-comer Marco Rubio, created a rumor about the young candidate’s “zipper problem.”

The rumors, that have zero evidence to back them up, say that Rubio has a secret family and took a few trips with a female operative from Tallahassee.

The campaign didn’t stick, as it was a far stretch of the imagination without proof.

As for Trump, a few plays on the facts will lead a voter to believe that Trump actually owns a strip club and other rumors have circulated that the billionaire is working on a third divorce.

The social conservatives backing Cruz are shameless in spreading the rumors . . . with many more expected to crop us as Trump gains even more momentum.

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio blew it on Saturday night.

The presidential contender who had a decent showing in New Hampshire, placing third, took his talking points too seriously, and even worse, his points made no real argument.

In the most recent GOP debate, Rubio repeated the canned line, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Why does that matter?

Since the onset of his campaign, Marco Rubio has appeared to believe that he’s running against Barack Obama.

Obama is a lame duck.

If Rubio were able to beat the field for the Republican nomination, he’s likely to face Hillary Clinton in the general election, not the two-term president.

Consultants are notorious for getting into a candidate’s head and forcing them to memorize talking points, but that strategy has backfired for Rubio and he appears to be a man that is unable to speak for himself.

Memorization is great on the lecture circuit but for a candidate under the microscope of the electorate, Rubio appears to be slightly more intelligent than Siri in his ability to think for himself.

Looking to the past damage of Barack Obama’s presidency is pointless if you don’t have a solution to reverse the damage.

While Rubio may have a plan, he fails to get to the second part of his argument, rallying behind his weak war-cry, “Obama did this on purpose!”


What is Marco Rubio going to do about it?

Likely nothing if he can’t prove to voters that he has the intelligence to think on his feet and offer valuable solutions to the nation.

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When Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s famous winter-prognosticating groundhog, emerged from his stump yesterday and decided it was safe to stay outside, he must have first checked the results of Iowa’s caucuses. Much like Phil’s weather-predicting track record, the Iowa caucuses have not always been the most reliable predictor of the future. Not since George W. Bush have the first-in-the-nation voters picked the candidate who would eventually become the GOP’s nominee.

Notwithstanding the Iowa caucuses’ poor track record at predicting political winners, they do provide some reliable and relevant analysis for candidates in both parties:

It’s always good to win, and Ted Cruz won. Iowans may not be good at accurately predicting eventual winners, but it never hurts to win the first heat. There is no underselling the value of a solid ground game when it comes to campaigns; especially in a caucus state like Iowa. This proved to be Cruz’s strongest advantage over his competitors — out-working them on the ground and out-teching them behind the scenes with advanced data modeling. Moreover, Cruz maintained a winning support base even after a month of relentless attacks from Donald Trump and the media. The capacity to absorb body blows is crucial for any candidate to win the general election; especially this year, when the GOP nominee likely will face a Clinton machine specializing in brutal personal attacks. Cruz has now proven he can take it on the chin from Trump, the media and 10 other candidates, and still win by an impressive margin in a crowded field. This positions him well to emerge victorious from the primaries and the national campaign to follow.

It’s never good to lose, and Trump lost. Listening to Trump prattle on and on about all the polls in which he was ahead in the days leading to the caucuses, and it would be easy to conclude it was impossible for him to lose. But he did. Moreover, his second-place finish was closer to third than first; a clear sign that Trump is more vulnerable than his incessant blustering about how great he is makes him seem. As noted by electoral statistician Nate Silver, the gap between Trump’s high pre-caucus polling numbers and his actual support illustrates that the extent of the candidate’s support is more mirage than reality. While the 25 percent support he enjoys may be intense, it likely is not sufficient to carry him to the nomination, much less a victory in the general election.

Jeb should be truly and deeply embarrassed. What can $2,884 buy you? If you are Jeb Bush, it gets you a single caucus vote. If there is any argument as to why the Left’s criticism of Citizens United is utterly baseless, it is Jeb’s pathetic showing in Iowa even though he crushed his opponents in PAC money. Just as Iowa voters rejected Trump’s populist-masked authoritarianism, so too did they soundly and humiliatingly spurn Jeb as an unwelcomed representative of the Establishment. He needs to salvage what may be left of the “Bush” name, and bow out.

Sorry, Marco — third place is not a “win.” Marco Rubio’s solid showing in the Iowa caucuses, nearly besting Trump for second place, was a surprise. However, for him to claim he “won” by coming in third harks back to the infamous Howard Dean moment of 2004. The GOP Establishment may be warming to him as its Last Man Standing, and he did better than several other candidates, but a third place Iowa showing is not a ticket to the Winner’s Circle.

Hillary’s showing reveals her glass jaw. Hillary may have eeked out a win in the Iowa caucus, and she still will likely secure her party’s nomination, but her victory should be taken with a grain of salt. She did not win because she is a good campaigner (she is not) or because people like her (they do not), but because the Democratic Party’s leadership and money remains firmly within her control. One component of this power stems from the Clintons’ position as the elite of Washington elite; but perhaps even more significantly, it is because Democrats realize it is too late to choose someone else. The only way this changes would be if – in a Bizarro World twist where Obama’s Department of Justice for once holds a corrupt government official accountable and actually indicts Hillary — Democrats turn to Uncle Joe Biden in a last-ditch effort to save them from disaster.

It is time to take Sanders’ “New Socialism” seriously. While the reality of a President Bernie Sanders is as distant as the planetoid Pluto, the support he enjoys is very real; especially among millennials. When Sanders’ campaign ends (as it will), the socialist grassroots movement that has rocketed him up the polls and stuffed his coffers with donations, will not die but rather find new outlets to strengthen and wield its influence. The threat of socialism and this “progressive” ideology to treasured American values such as free markets and individual liberty is real, and it is significant. That Sanders has not only survived but thrived this campaign cycle, reveals a fissure in the bedrock of the American political system that is frightening; and one that had best be taken seriously and confronted.

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GOP Polls

Were one to listen to the Mainstream Media about the 2016 presidential election, one might think that Jeb Bush would be the best candidate; or, Ben Carson; or, of late, Donald Trump. It really depends at what point in the campaign season you tune-in to the blathering. The reason for this candidate carousel is that the media uses “public opinion polls” as the basis for promoting candidates “at the top;” polls that it helps manipulate and feed through selective coverage — either by keeping candidates in the headlines, or, in Hillary Clinton’s case right now, keeping them out. In doing so, the media attempts to create the impression that popularity, or personality, is synonymous with value.

This traditional polling process masks real issues and understanding, and does a disservice to the country.

At Liberty Guard, the constitutionally-minded and liberty-focused non-profit for which I serve as Chairman, things are different. Unlike the media, which is bound by little more than popularity, or other political non-profits that rank candidates on a pet issue while ignoring others, Liberty Guard looks at a candidate’s stance on real issues from the sole perspective of personal freedom and constitutional understanding. The results thus revealed paint a far different picture about the best candidate for the White House in 2016 than what one finds elsewhere.

To derive its rankings of the candidates, Liberty Guard researched not one or two, but 10 substantive issues –healthcare, national security, taxation, immigration, electronic privacy, Second Amendment, cronyism, budget, education, and ethics –and awarded each candidate up to 10 points for their actions and public statements in each issue category. The intent was to take the major issues impacting Americans, and grading candidates not from a broadly-defined, multi-faceted and largely subjective “conservative”viewpoint, but on the objective, immutable standard of individual liberty. On national security, for example, we looked at whether candidates would expand or rein in the surveillance state; on cronyism, we looked at votes on federal subsidies or if candidates prioritized special interests over constituents.

Not surprisingly, what we found was that Liberty Guard’s rankings little resembled the popularity contests proffered by the media as a substitute for substance. When it comes to protecting individual liberty and promoting constitutional values in policy positions and action, Liberty Guard found Rand Paul (79 percent) and Ted Cruz (77.5 percent) to be the best candidates. Ben Carson, who ranked highest on ethics, but only mediocre on the budget, Second Amendment, and national security, came in at third with a combined 69 percent. Among the remaining members in the Republican field, media favorite Donald Trump was a middling 40.5 percent, with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush further behind at 39.5 percent and 37.5 percent, respectively — reflecting their substantive weakness on matters going to the heart of what America stands for: individual liberty and limited government power.

Overall, among all candidates from both major political parties, Hillary Clinton finished dead last, behind even avowed socialist Bernie Sanders; perhaps no surprise given her love for power and self-aggrandizement above all else.

Heading into what may be one of the most important presidential elections in American history, given the tumultuous state of our nation and the world, the Liberty Guard Candidate Scorecard is about more than simply providing an easy-to-digest ranking of candidates. It is designed to provide a deeper understanding of what should make a candidate the best person for the job of President of the United States of America.

As I have written previously, Donald Trump’s Latin “strongman” persona makes him an attractive candidate for conservatives weary of the passive-to-the-point-of-cowardly attitude of President Obama. Yet, as the Liberty Guard Candidate Scorecard illustrates, Trump is dangerously aloof from, if not consciously disdainful of, fidelity to constitutional government and individual freedom. And, without the Constitution as a guiding principle behind his presidency, his calculated grandstanding — like banning Muslims from entering the United States, and nonsensical proposals such as “limiting” the internet as a means of thwarting terrorists — not only threaten to bankrupt the nation, but dramatically undermine the very notion of individual liberty that is the bedrock on which our nation was founded.

This underscores why it is so important for conservatives and other voters to ignore media polls based purely on manufactured popularity, or personality cults that mask a candidate’s true beliefs; and instead to objectively weigh candidates on the only factor that matters to the long-term survival of the nation — personal freedom. We and our progeny will be forced to live with the choices based on such understanding for a long, long time.

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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has turned his fire on the fast-rising Sen. Marco Rubio–and now, he’s sent him a special delivery: a case of “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water,” with Trump’s face on the labels.

The “care package” also included a personal note from Trump to Rubio: “Since you’re always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!”

The package also included two towels emblazoned with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”–apparently, to help with Rubio’s alleged sweating problem that Trump has made one of his favorite attacks on the Florida Senator.

Trump had previously poked fun at Rubio for his sweating when he was talking about the heat from the stage lights at the second Republican debate in September.

“Marco Rubio, I’ve never seen anybody sweat like that and you know a lot of these guys are serious sweaters, frankly but it was extremely hot in the room and extremely uncomfortable,” Trump had said.

(The head of the RNC’s debate later admitted that the air-conditioning wasn’t adequate for the size of the event and the orientation of the stage, which was elevated above the .)

And last week, Trump told a crowd about Rubio, “I’ve never seen a young guy sweat that much. He’s drinking water, water, water. I never saw anything like this with him with the water.”

Rubio responded to the previous criticism by calling Trump a “very touchy and insecure guy.”

Trump, who remains on top of the polls but has seen his strong lead narrow a bit in recent weeks, hasn’t been afraid to attack up-and-coming rivals–and his latest attacks on Rubio are no different.

Rubio has not yet commented publicly on the “gift.” But Trump’s team explained that the care package was merely meant as a lighthearted joke.


Heightened Tensions

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