Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mark Dice

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Watch as people sign the petition to put Sasquatch, or the man/animal better known as Big Foot, on the California endangered list.

Mark Dice is known for exposing the ignorance of Americans in hilarious fashion and this video is no different.

Watch as Mark films person after person signing the petition to put Big Foot on the endangered species list in California.

The guy at the end gives us hope as Americans. At least there are still some people who pay attention.

Mark Dice has asked people to sign petitions to repeal the Bill of Rights, support Sharia Law and even to end women’s suffrage.

In one of his more daring videos to show how ignorant and suspicious people are in general, Mark Dice offered ten different people a chance to take a 100-ounce bar of silver or a Hersey’s chocolate bar. Trick or treat.

Guess how many selected the silver?

Mark Dice’s channel is definitely worth subscribing to.

Ironically, the YouTube sensation films all his video in the heart of California. The same state that wants to become its own country, because it didn’t like the election results.

They wanted to elect Hillary Clinton, a lady that only 15% of Americans think is honest and trustworthy. Is it a coincidence that about 15% of Americans believe in Big Foot? I think not.

Would you want to make sure Big Foot is added to the Endangered Species List?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Hillary abruptly ended a chat with the press on her plane after the debate. Now we know why and it is more evidence of Hillary manipulating the media.

After the debate on Wednesday, Hillary took a couple of questions from the press on her plane.

It turns out to be a staged event to be on MSNBC and to add more sound bites against Trump. How was it staged?

Let Mark Dice explain in this video.

Hillary’s press man beside her was out of the frame of the MSNBC camera. MSNBC also go the second question.

In this video it goes a step further. You can see the man behind Hillary telling another reporter to check their phone.

The impromptu press event ended abruptly when a FOX News reporter asked about the James O’Keefe videos that show DNC working to incite violence against Trump supporters and committing voter fraud.

She said she didn’t have time for all of Trump’s “conspiracy theories” and quickly ended the questions. If we can remember back eight years, ACORN corruption was just a conspiracy theory until James O’Keefe exposed the truth.

What these videos show, is that Hillary can’t even do a simple press event on her plane without making sure that each question is planned for. When something is thrown at her she doesn’t like, she just avoids it and walks away.

We can’t think back to a time in our history when a campaign controlled the messaging of the press with more vigor and power. Maybe FDR, but that was because he couldn’t walk. What is happening now is different though. They hid FDR’s illness to project strength to the world.

Hillary stages the questions in order to hide her weaknesses from America. With her small lead in the polls, it seems to be working too.

Is Hillary a woman that deserves our votes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Paul Ryan

It is a scary time in our country, and with two candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, most of America is really nervous, but not everyone.

There is a shocking amount of young people that have no clue about politics and are not interested at all.

Mark Dice, a YouTube sensation that exposes the Illuminati and asks liberals obviously wrong questions to see what they think is right.

In his latest video, Mark asks people enjoying the beaches of San Diego if they think it is a good idea that Hillary Clinton picked the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

If you were not worried about America before, you will be after watching this.

Mark does more than just ask stupid people stupid questions, he does a good job of picking out the hypocrisy in some of his other videos.

Here is a recent video where he adds some great commentary on the video “Hillary Refuses To Denounce DNC Conspiracy Against Sanders Proven By Wikileaks”.

If you don’t like Hillary, you should watch this one too.

What do you think about Mark Dice and his videos?

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Independence Day

Mark Dice has made a nice living by posting videos to YouTube and asking people to answer questions about America that most are too dumb to know.

Most of Mark’s videos are funny and make you laugh, but this one is embarrassing. This one hits home.

Mark Dice took to the boardwalks of San Diego to ask people of all ages and color questions about the Fourth of July.

Even the sad music in the background plays into the sadness felt when watching this video.

Young adults, grown men and women on the beaches of San Diego have no idea what country we declared our independence from and who our founding fathers are.

Thankfully two people at the end redeemed some faith in America, but this one is unbelievable.

If you watch closely you will know that Mark is getting frustrated at the answers and it doesn’t look staged at all. In the end, when one guy gave a correct answer, Mark Dice said, “we have been looking for someone like you all day”.

It seems the idiocy in the video is real and we as Americans should all be scared. Freedom could be easily lost on those that don’t remember.

This weekend, remember why our freedom and independence should be celebrated and have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July.


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