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This guy is still around?

Paying tribute to GQ’s “Resistance” movement, in a video posted on Wednesday, Keith Olbermann called for the “immediate arrest of Jared Kushner.” He further said that there was enough evidence to make a strong case against him.

Suggesting that enough evidence regarding Kushner’s implication existed regarded Russian collusion, Olbermann called Kushner out on several “charges.” Jared Kushner is President Trump’s top aide and son-in-law.

“I call for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner,” Olbermann began. “If he should not be suspected of money laundering, racketeering and influence peddling, then he should be suspected of obstruction of justice and espionage and possibly worse.”

He also noted that anything other than Kushner’s arrest will not be a feasible option.

“There is no other option that can be reasonably entertained,” he added.

The former MSNBC host’s tirade comes as the mainstream media highlights reports that Kushner wanted a back channel communication links between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

The Washington Post also reported last week that Kushner had asked for a back channel line of communication between the Trump transition team and Moscow.

The report alleged that US intelligence officials had intercepted discussions of Russian agents telling their superiors that Kushner had asked if a private communication channel could be set up. Kushner had allegedly expressed his desire for secret communication at a meeting held in December at Trump Tower.

“Kushner, his wife, Trump, General Allen, General McMaster, General Flynn, the others, are in their souls if not under the law traitors to this country,” Olbermann concluded in his video.

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Wait until he gets to Congress.

After winning a special election, Greg Gianfonte is on his way to the US House of Representatives as a Montana Republican. The election, however, came under intense scrutiny after Gianfonte assaulted a reporter the night before the opening of the polls. Late Thursday night, Gianfonte, in his victory speech, apologized to the reporter by name, and also to his supporters.

“Last night I learned a lesson,” Gianforte told supporters. “No, please, I need to share something from my heart here,” he calmed the room, “I just ask you to bear with me.”

“And when you make a mistake,” he continued, “you have to own up to it. That’s the Montana way.”

“Last night I made a mistake,” he said, to more laughter, “I took an action that I can’t take back. And I’m not proud of what happened. I should not have responded in the way that I did.

“And for that I’m sorry,” he added, to thunderous applause.

“I should not have treated that reporter that way. And for that, I’m sorry Mr. Ben Jacobs.”

“I also want to apologize for the Fox News team that was there. And I’m sorry to each one of you, that we had to go through this. That’s not the person I am, and it’s not the way I’ll lead in this state.

“Rest assured, our work is just beginning. But it does begin, with me taking responsibility for my own actions. You deserve a congressman who stays out of the limelight, and just gets the job done.”

The special election had already been under intense watch as a harbinger for the upcoming midterm elections, but the attack made it difficult for electoral experts and analysts, as it’s unclear what effect it had on the elections. For the violent incident where witnesses say he grabbed Ben Jacobs by the throat, pushed him to the floor and punched him, Gianfonte was handed a misdemeanor assault charge.

A few conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, jokingly said about the incident that maybe an attack on a reporter would help any candidate win in Montana. However, others, like Don Lemon of CNN, rebuked President Trump, saying his constant attacks on the press have created a toxic atmosphere which may have encouraged the attack.

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The man stands alone.

News veteran and former anchor at CBS, Dan Rather, late Wednesday night, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that President Trump is now the hunted, instead of being the hunter.

Claiming that the president is now on the defensive, Rather took aim at him and seemed to be infer a disastrous end to Trump’s presidency.

Talking about the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel in the investigation into Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, Rather said, “What a news night, it’s almost surreal, and dangerous to the country, but in the same token, I do think that there’s something reassuring about this.”

Rather continued, “Most of the early stages of the Trump presidency, the question begged, ‘Are we still a country of laws?’ or have we become — are we becoming — a question of men. And a man.”

“And today’s events, with the appointment of this special counsel — special prosecutor — gives a resounding answer,” he noted. “We’re still a nation of the laws, not of men. And now, facts are going to tell us what our destiny is and what our history will be — not Donald Trump’s version of a thing.”

Referring to the ‘leaks’ by White House staffers to the press, Rather appreciated the media’s coverage of the incident and thanked the American press for their efforts.

“These Times stories are big stories. Thank God for the American press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, [and] others who have been doing a terrific job,” he said.

Furthering his talk about the media, Rather claimed that “this is the day” that President Trump no longer has the upper hand.

“Up until today, President Trump has had the ability to control almost every news cycle,” he explained. “From this day forward, he no longer has control. And, instead, if you will, of being the hunter, he becomes the hunted. And, I think, you know, that’s extremely important to keep in mind: from here on out … he can’t control it.”

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Former president George W. Bush remained silent during the Obama years and only spoke up a few times to help his brother Jeb’s floundering campaign.

Bush is out promoting a new book and sat down with Matt Lauer from NBC for the first time in a long time.

Bush was asked about the division in America and he said one of the main problems is the media.

“When I was president, you (NBC) mattered a lot more, because there were like, three of you.”

Bush went on to describe that people are being “bombarded” with information and people use anonymous sources. “It’s a different world.”

When asked about Trump, Bush said that it’s “only been a month. He has four years.”

“Power can be very addictive and it is important for the media to call people account for their power.”

Bush says that the independent press is very important and needed in our democracy, but that we don’t really have it right now.

See the full interview below.

George Bush is selling his new book, “Portraits of Courage” that uses his love for painting to tell the stories of some amazing wounded warriors.

After Bush spoke to Matt Lauer, he was joined on stage with several of the brave service men and women who are featured in the book.

Bush is staying out of the political spotlight and doing his best to help wounded warriors, and that is something that everyone can respect.

Thoughts? Comment below.

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President Trump announced his new nominee for the Secretary of Labor, but didn’t miss the opportunity to attack the media.

Donald Trump has been attacking the media and has even called CNN “fake news”.

Donald Trump has a lot of things on his plate, but he seems ever focused on how the media.

Do you think that President Trump should cut the media some slack?

Thoughts? Comment below.

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fake news

Last week a liberal college professor released a list of “fake” news sites, but the ones that she left off are more telling.

Ron Paul, the former third party candidate for president decided to help all the liberals in the U.S. that want to ban “fake” news sites, he made a few additions.

The anti-conservative list of fake news included sites like InfoWars, Breitbart and Independent Journal Review, but none of those sites are fake or misleading. It’s a list of just conservative sites. Even Project Veritas is on the list and it is a non-profit organization.

Ron Paul released a new list that included actual sources to his claims of indiscretions. The list is littered with liberal media giants and all have been proven to deliver false or misleading news in order to help out Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

List of the real

The difference is that every news agency on this list actually tried to mislead the American public during the election.

Breitbart broke the James O’Keefe story for Project Veritas Action that proved the DNC was inciting violence at Trump rallies. That isn’t fake or misleading.

CNN, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times and every other liberal media manipulated the polls and reported on fake news. They actually mislead America and now to cover their mistakes, they want America to ban conservative news sites that call out the corporate media.

Some in the corporate media even helped Hillary cheat. Donna Brazile who worked for CNN at the time, gave Hillary question before debates, then reported that Hillary had won the debates.

The war on fake news is a fake war if the corporate media isn’t also targeted.

First Facebook and Twitter have censored conservative content and Twitter is even banning conservative people. Now they are going after the conservative sites.

Don’t let them, share this article and let your friends know the real list of fake news sites.

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Donald Trump has won the election and made history, but now he has to govern, so what’s next?

After the corporate media picked up their jaws on Tuesday night as Trump won Florida and started marching to victory, they realized that a Trump presidency is a real thing.

It took a long time, and a lot of fighting to get to this point and almost nobody thought Trump could actually win, but he did.

Now it is time to fix the divide in this country, but after the divisive campaign that both candidates ran, can the new president elect do it?

If his acceptance speech is any indication of his direction, then his focus is on healing the divide.

Now is the time for Trump to put his words into action. He was humble and gracious in his acceptance and showed a side of himself we haven’t seen too often.

This is our president elect, but there are a lot of people who compare him to Hitler and are really scared for their future.

This is the time for Trump and his supporters to show the most ardent detractors that the media has them wrong and Trump is for all Americans.

If Trump fans are bad sports and run out and gloat or worse, say racist stuff and post hateful pictures on social media, then it is only going to make Trump’s job harder.

Be respectful and understand that this is a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow and it will take time. Don’t add to the trouble by being a sore winner.

Trump is off to a good start, but now the president elect has a lot of hearts and minds to change, and so do his fans.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. It was a hard fought battle.

What do you think Trump has to do next? Let us know in the comments below.

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A new study by the Columbia Journalism Review has reported that the relationship between the White House and the press is the least open it’s ever been–and that’s coming directly from frustrated journalists themselves.

After what CJR describes as an “exhaustive study of every official exchange Obama had with the press corps in 2014,” as well as interviews with a number of current and former White House correspondents, they’ve discovered that the Obama Administration is working hard to hide many of its actions from the press.

In 2014, Obama gave just five solo press conferences. By comparison, John F. Kennedy held 23 press conferences per year during his term as President.

High-profile White House correspondents are becoming increasingly vocal about their frustration with a secretive administration.

Peter Baker, a White House correspondent for The New York Times, even admits, “The people who cover the president know him the least.”

And U.S. News and World Report’s Kenneth Walsh, who has been a White House correspondent since the Reagan Administration, agrees: “Something really important has gone missing, understanding the president and having both sides trust each other enough so [the press] understands what’s going on. We don’t understand him as well as we should, and I think the country loses because of that.”

This is a far cry from the often-fawning press attention that Barack Obama would receive during his successful 2008 campaign for President–when talking heads like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who famously claimed to get a “thrill up [his] leg” during an Obama speech–and could serve as a turning point in the notoriously-favorable press attention Obama has received in the past.

In the meantime, Obama and his Administration shows little signs of fixing their relationship with the press–which means journalists and Americans alike can continue to expect the same stonewalling and hidden agendas that have defined the last six years.

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CNN Rights

In a rare public display of candor by a liberal icon, CNN host Chris Cuomo blurted out – during a heated exchange with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on the issue of gay marriage, the Constitution and state’s rights – that “Our rights do not come from God”… “They come from man”…“from collective agreement and compromise.”

Cuomo was silent on how the people would reach “collective agreements” and who would negotiate “compromises” but one can assume that he would be among the elites involved by virtue of credentials as liberal news media icon.

Cuomo, who is a lawyer in addition to being a “journalist”, should know that the Founders held God and the role He plays in the human condition in high esteem considering they began the great American experiment with these words found in the opening sentences of the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

Too late to take it back though. The ideologically leftist cat was out of the progressive bag. In an article published in last Friday’s edition of The New American, Selwyn Duke writes that:

Cuomo “seems to be confusing ‘laws’ with ‘rights’ . . . If our rights are from God, they exist apart from governmental laws, which man does create . . . These rights are secured by government via the creation and enforcement of just law” . . . “Why did the Founders emphasize rights’ divine origin? Because He (or he) who giveth can also taketh away.

“The same is true of marriage…the long-held position in Christendom . . . that a man and woman were joined in matrimony by God…Once we began to believe marriage was a human creation . . . divorce become easy and marriage is redefined.

This may be why same-sex marriage opponents cite the First Amendment as the law that informs their position on marriage. The amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

So when federal courts – an equal branch of government that must operate within the four corners of the Constitution – decide to trump state law or the will of the People expressed at the ballot box through referendums and state constitutional amendments, the People might come to the conclusion that the courts do so without the consent of the governed.

In light of this, some say that Chris Cuomo, who owes his livelihood as CNN Anchor to the freedom of press clause of First Amendment, might want to revisit the issue of rights bestowed on him by God not man.


Guarding Republicans

Over the weekend, the New York Times was slammed for running a piece where the news outlet apparently tried to cover up the motives...