Friday, June 23, 2017

Michael Bloomberg

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Gun Rights

The 2nd Amendment is under fire from every direction right now. Obama is creating his own executive actions to change gun laws. The Supreme Court battle is primarily over the 2nd Amendment and the support a replacement to Scalia will have for our right to bear arms.

There is another threat, more close to home. These seven states are trying to steal your gun rights.

These states are trying to change the laws and limit your right as an American citizen to keep and carry a gun.

Is your state on this list? We hope not!

Check out the seven states that will try and steal your gun rights in 2016


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presidental race

On top of Gary Johnson seeking another spot as the Libertarian’s presidential candidate, rogue anti-virus mogul, John McAfee has thrown his hat into the ring.

Oh, and according to McAfee, Morgan Freeman plans to do the same– with Vin Diesel as his running mate.


Here’s the tweet that started the rumor:

And to throw a wrench into Hillary’s plans, billionaire gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg has paid for a poll to test the waters on a 2016 run for president.

Bloomberg, who has floated the concept as running for as an independent in the past, is likely leveraging the threat to run as an independent to force Hillary to take an even stronger stance against guns.

With Bloomberg, McAfee, Johnson and a longshot possibility of Freeman/Diesel getting into the game, the race that has so far featured only one “rogue” candidate may turn into an anti-establishment free for all.


Violent Supporters

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