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A female U.S. Army soldier

Pfc. Shadow McClaine went missing on Labor Day and three months later, we are finally getting some haunting answers as two suspects are charged.

This week, two soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division based out of Fort Campbell were charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy of their fellow soldier.

Jamal Williams-McCray and Charles Robinson have both been charged after McClaine’s car was found several months ago, abandoned in a parking lot.

McClaine had taken some days off to dog sit for a friend in nearby Clarksville, Tennessee when she didn’t return to her job as an air traffic control tower operator, the Army alerted authorities.

Her car was found a couple of days later and now a few months later two soldiers have been charged in her death.

This story takes a sad turn when we learn that the 25-year old McClaine was actually the ex-wife of one of the suspects.

McClaine and Jamal Williams-McCray were married, but got a divorce a year ago according to Fox News.

According to her mother, McClaine was planning on leaving the military this past October, and continuing her education.

The charges were just placed on the two soldiers and now the court process begins.

Pfc. Shadow McClaine was a great American and an honorable member of our military. She had served since 2011 and defended our country in Afghanistan and was also stationed in South Korea.

If found guilty, what should happen to the two men suspected of killing Shadow McClaine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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climate change

Climate change poses significant national security challenges for the United States and will create large-scale political instability, social disruption and food shortages, according to the nation’s intelligence agency.

It marks the latest of many dire government warnings under President Obama about the ills of global warming and this one comes from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), though the agency concedes it’s based on information provided by the famously corrupt United Nations (UN).

That the nation’s intelligence agency has blindly adopted the information as fact is almost more alarming than the warnings outlined in its 13-page report. The ODNI is the broad agency that serves as an umbrella for the intelligence community and advises the president so its assessments carry a lot of weight.

The ODNI is composed of more than a dozen spy agencies, including Air Force, Army, Navy, Treasury and Coast Guard intelligence as well as the CIA and FBI. This gives it tremendous credibility, which is probably why the UN-created Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is having the ODNI promote its seemingly outlandish findings. Like a good lapdog the ODNI obliged, promoting the questionable information of radical leftwing groups in the process.

The report even suggests that climate change can fuel terrorism by including these nuggets: “In 2015, insurgent groups in northern Mali exploited deepening desertification, worsened by persistent drought, to enlist locals in a “food for jihad” arrangement.”

Here’s another example that illustrates how terrorists benefit from climate change, according to the new intel report. “The terrorist group Al-Shabaab exploited the 2011-13 famine in Somalia to coerce and tax international aid agencies, and it withheld food from those it deemed uncooperative, according to Human Rights Watch.”

For the record, Human Rights Watch is a leftist group with questionable credibility when it comes to security matters so citing it as a source tying terrorism to global warming is almost comical.

As if the assertion that climate change enables terrorists wasn’t far-fetched enough, the ODNI also claims it will destabilize the entire world by risking human health, putting stress on military operations and negatively impacting investments and economic competitiveness.

Meat and dairy lovers beware; “Heatwaves threaten livestock directly and also reduce fertility, decrease milk production, and make them more vulnerable to disease,” the ODNI writes, citing UN science.

“Droughts, wildfires, and extended periods of reduced precipitation threaten pasture and food supplies, indirectly threatening livestock.”

As for health, extreme heat will contribute directly to deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory disease across the globe, particularly among the elderly, the report states.

Military operations worldwide will be negatively impacted because more frequent and intense natural disasters will strain the capacity of U.S. and allied armed forces to deliver humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, according to the ODNI.

As is the case in all global matters, the U.S. will carry most of the burden. “The US military may be called upon more frequently to respond to foreign crises if its counterparts in affected countries are overstretched, unable to handle their own crises or those in their neighborhood,” the report says.

Investments will be affected because “extreme weather events” will discourage investment in regions deemed vulnerable. “Infrastructure will be increasingly threatened by more extreme conditions in the near future, and freshwater from aquifers will be increasingly jeopardized by saltwater intrusion,” the ODNI writes.

“Expectations of future losses will almost certainly increase insurance premiums and payouts, and insurance rates may increase well before real effects are felt in regions deemed vulnerable.”

Additionally, the financial burden of responding to emergent climate trends and severe weather events, including the cost of efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, will reduce financing available for other investments. “Increasing heat stress is likely to adversely affect agriculture, manufacturing, and other sectors requiring physical labor and could significantly contribute to GDP loss.” The Grim Reaper has come to town!

In the last few years President Obama has committed tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to combat climate change—especially in developing countries—through programs operated by the World Bank, the UN and a global initiative called Green Growth Action Alliance headed by a former Mexican president.

To justify the investment, the administration has created hysteria with a number of government-funded studies warning about the dangers of climate change. Among them are reports claiming that global warming will make food and water dangerous, cause mental illness, cancer and threaten national security. In fact, a consortium of Obama administration scientists from several government agencies—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State Department and National Institute of Environmental Health Science—have confirmed that global warming is one of the “most visible environmental concerns of the 21st century.”

One publicly-funded study claimed that the Washington D.C. area and surrounding government infrastructure will be virtually destroyed by global warming over the next century.

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Now that Bruce Jenner has come out as a woman, anyone can use a Target bathroom of their choice, and MMA men can fight as girls, even the United States military is falling in line with catering to “gender neutrality”.

The Navy and the Marines are preparing to change many of the military titles to more gender-neutral terminology. They are taking “men” out of the military.

Terms like “basic infantryman” are going to be switched to “basic infantry Marine”. In most cases, the word “men” or “man” will be replaced with Marine.

The Marines are changing 19 of their titles during this process.

For some reason though, “rifleman” and “mortarman” will not be altered.

Some of the females in the Air Force were asked about the terms and the changes, but very few of them thought they were necessary.

The change is coming during a national trend to get rid of all evidence of different genders.

Target recently removed all “boy” and “girl” colors and titles and now the toy sections are not gender specific.

Do you think we should change the names of the military positions to accommodate all genders?

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This past January, the U.S. Central Command said that U.S. and coalition airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria destroyed some 184 Humvees, 58 tanks and nearly 700 other vehicles.

With reports that intelligence agencies are altering damage estimates to turn dim news into “happy talk” for President Obama’s consumption, the truth of these claims is in dispute.

What is not in dispute is the modern military arsenal ISIS gathered up when Iraqi soldiers dropped their weapons, stripped out of their uniforms and ran for the hills when it looked like fighting ISIS would fail.

So while the number of ISIS military vehicles reportedly destroyed seems significant, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to firepower the Islamic State has at its disposal.

Reports suggest that ISIS has amassed a huge fleet of trucks, armored personnel carriers and even top of the line U.S. main battle tanks – ammunition included. Last year, when ISIS captured the city of Mosul, the Iraqi army scattered handing the jihadists 2,300 Humvees – some of which have been modified by ISIS to serve as armored vehicles.

Left to its own devices, ISIS would be unable to produce tanks or weapons in factories, and unlike past Islamic rebels, ISIS isn’t being armed or equipped by a major power either – if you don’t count US equipment that enemy forces have captured without firing a shot.

That’s not all.

Peter Suciu, reporting for FoxNews.com, said ISIS – aside from being well armed with modern equipment – is also capturing Cold War-era weapons from the Syrian army. All sides in the Syrian Civil War are using these weapons, including AK-47 assault rifles and T-72 main battle tanks.

“Syrian rebel groups probably make the most extensive use of heavy equipment at the moment, thanks largely to battlefield successes,” Jeremy Binnie, Middle East/Africa Editor for IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, told FoxNews.com.

“But that is also a product of the Syrian military’s vast inventory of Soviet-era weapons and equipment, (as well as) its inability to destroy this materiel after it has been captured.”

While training on US military equipment may be sparse, Syrian rebels who served in the Syrian military may be able to teach ISIS the skills and knowledge needed to operate and maintain the equipment.

ISIS captured weapons are already having an impact on the battlefield.

Captured weapons have allowed ISIS to operate like an actual army, not a loose knit insurgent guerrilla movement, and not only take but hold territory. In addition to tanks, ISIS has the ability to tow field guns and artillery pieces – a repositioning tactic that allows ISIS to shell Iraqi military targets from a great distance, as well as fixed anti-aircraft guns and even shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons.

These shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft weapons could serve a dual purpose – shoot down enemy aircraft in a military engagement or take down a commercial airliner in a terrorist attack.

“Rocket-fired grenades and shoulder-launched missiles have long been available in black markets in the Middle East and Africa, but this higher-end stuff is coming from other sources,” Seth Jones, director of international security and defense policy center at the RAND Corp. told FoxNews.com.”

“This really shows that conventional weapons are a reason for concern. In many ways, we’re largely past the stage of nuclear proliferation unless it was provided by a state, and that isn’t likely to happen. However, these anti-aircraft weapon systems of all sizes are still a reason for concern.”

It boils down to this grim truth.

The lethal hardware in ISIS hands – weapons that could be used to overwhelm adversaries and unarmed civilians on the battlefield – was made possible by a dithering American president and Iraqi allies who weren’t worth arming and training in the first place.

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The Pentagon announced on Monday that they’re looking into lifting the ban on transgenders serving in the military.

calling the ban on transgender troops “outdated,” Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, ordered a six-month study which would determine if removing the ban would impact the military’s effectiveness.

But Carter seemingly supports lifting the ban: the survey will begin with the assumption that transgender people should be able to serve openly, and will instead look for actual “objective, practical impediments.”

“The Defense Department’s current regulations regarding transgender service members are outdated and are causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions,” Carter said in a statement his office released on Monday.

“At a time when our troops have learned from experience that the most important qualification for service members should be whether they’re able and willing to do their job, our officers and enlisted personnel are faced with certain rules that tell them the opposite.”

Over the next six months, transgender people will not be able to enlist in the military. But transgender troops already in the military would not be discharged, which is the current rule.

Currently, it’s estimated that more than 15,000 transgender people are serving in the military, most of them not openly. Much like “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which kept gay men and women out of the military until 2011, it has forced certain groups underground, but hasn’t deterred them from joining the military.

If the Defense Department overturns the ban on transgender troops–which it looks likely to do, at the end of the six month study–it’ll remove one of the last specific bans on certain people serving in the military.

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Troops don't support obama

The Military Times newspaper’s just released its annual survey of 2,300 active-duty service members reveals that support for the Commander-in-Chief is just 15 percent – an historic low among rank-in-file soldiers. To be fair, military support for President Barack Obama has never been very high with just 35 percent approval in 2009.

The reasons behind this low number are telling.

Opposition to Obama has grown among military members because they believe he is a weak leader pursuing a flawed foreign policy. This is particularly true with respect to his political decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq rather than a military decision based on the accomplishment of mission goals and facts on the ground.

The move wasted the blood and treasure spent by the military to remove Saddam Hussein from power leaving ISIS – a brutal Islamic army that has engaged in televised beheadings, the slaughter of children and the draconian imposition of Sharia Law – now in control of large swaths of Iraqi territory that the U.S. military seems to be gearing up to retake.

The president’s poor popularity can also be traced to his disrespect for the military’s culture and his efforts to use the military for social engineering experiments that offend deep-seated traditions and undermine good order and discipline.

Another trend among military members is the sharp rise of those who self-identify as independents.

Over the last decade, the poll has revealed the number of respondents who consider themselves Republicans has slowly dropped from nearly 50 percent of those surveyed in the late 2000’s to just 32 percent this year.

The balance shows 7 percent describing themselves as libertarian and a whopping 28 percent as independent. Democrats and liberals make up just 8 percent of poll respondents.

Additionally, according to 2012 numbers, African Americans account for 16.2% of the military, slightly higher than the national average.  With approval ratings among the black population holding at 86%, the latest military approval poll should be statistically higher for Obama.

Shifting loyalties will be greatly impacted by what the new Congress does on military issues when it convenes in January. Military members will closely follow what Congress does on issues such as veteran’s benefits and health care, military pay, retirement reform and the role of politics over military judgment with respect to Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria.


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