Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mitt Romney

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Everyone knows that the leaders of Facebook are big supporters of the Democratic Party and especially to President Obama. Now former employees are releasing some troubling news about the bias of the company as well.

Former workers have stated that they routinely suppressed news from conservative points of view from the “trending” news area on Facebook.

The news section is highly influential to a lot of Facebook users because it allows them to see what everyone is talking about.

The former coworkers said that they would remove positive content about Mitt Romney in 2012 even though it was trending among active users.

For candidates and politics, it is in important to be in the news cycle and be seen. In the case of Facebook they are limiting the influence that conservatives can have on the platform while spreading the progressive news the company believes in.

The bigger picture is to look at the platform and how many people use it. Over a billion people use Facebook daily and it’s a place where millions of Americans get their daily news. Sometimes it is the only source.

Now imagine if those people are only getting half of the political news. Imagine if all the videos that were shared on Facebook about Donald Trump, only the ones that make him look like a racist and a bigot are allowed to be trending. Do you think that would have an effect on the perception of Donald Trump?

Here lies the problem for America, where do we get our honest news? Where can we get the truth?

The IRS targeted conservatives and now Facebook is doing the same thing and there will be a major backlash. This isn’t the last you’ve heard about this topic. Just don’t go on Facebook for updates, check back here.

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Mitt Romney is not what you could consider a politically astute man.

He’s a product of the Establishment. Out of touch and actually incompetent when it comes to electoral politics as witnessed by his failures in 2008 and 2012.

When deployed as an attack dog against Trump, Romney took to the stage this week to instruct voters on what to do . . . and in doing so, he gave away the Establishment’s entire game plan.

The GOP elites were able to hedge their bets early on be recruiting candidates and the most states with the largest delegate counts.

Rubio and Bush in Florida
Cruz and Perry in Texas
Carly in Cali
Kasich and Ohio
Christie in New Jersey
Pataki in New York
Jim Gilmore in Virginia

Carly, Bush, Perry, Gilmore, and Pataki were non-starters from the jump. The crew were placeholders that were supposed to stay in the race until the primaries hit their state.

The thinking was and is that the home state advantage would be enough to stop Donald Trump in the best states.

While most of the candidates did not have the longevity or stamina to stay in the fight, the strategy, for the most part is working.

That’s THE reason why Rubio and Kasich remained on stage in last night’s debate, and it’s why Romney came out to tell people to vote for the candidate who is performing the best against Trump.

If Kasich and Rubio were to drop, as neither has a realistic chance of winning the nomination, Trump would sweep those states.

While the media pushed for “unity” by narrowing the race to two contenders, that strategy actually gives a stronger advantage to Trump.

The logical strategy to beat Trump is also the one that would result in the permanent fracturing of the GOP, and a easy victory for Hillary Clinton.

By keeping the hometown candidates in the race, the Establishment is able to reduce the delegate count for Trump and beat the billionaire in a contested convention.

It’s unlikely that Trump could win a brokered convention as it is represented by the long-time party insiders who take a break from the country clubs to put on funny hats and choose who they hope will be the next president of the United States.

If their game plan works, and it has a good 50% chance at reality, we know that Ted Cruz will not be selected at convention and Rubio’s childish conduct in the last week has likely disqualified him.

That leaves one man standing . . . and that sole individual is currently Mitt Romney.

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