Monday, July 24, 2017


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DNC Chair
A sweaty and tired Chairman Tom Perez pleads for donations and PAC money from passing DC elites.

May 2017, being the worst fundraising month for the Democratic National Committee since the commencement of Obama Administration, has stirred up intra-party tension among Democrats. The DNC succeeded in raising only $4.3 million in May, while April was not a healthy feast either – closing at $4.9 million only. The pressure on Tom Perez to resign from the chair is spurring, backed by his incompetency to fulfill promises, including the DNC paid internship program.

Just five months ago, Tom Perez’s campaign included the launch of paid internship program for interns of the Democratic Party; it has become a ridiculed public matter now that the website of DNC clearly states, ‘All DNC internships are on an unpaid, volunteer basis.’ In contrast, it is not surprising that the Republic National Committee on the GOP website states, ‘This is a structured full-time, paid internship’.

Payday Report noted, ‘It’s unclear if the internships meet the U.S. Department of Labor criteria that determine whether the internships financially benefit the employer. The DOL’s six point test is intended to clarify whether unpaid or educational arrangements are truly beneficial to the intern, and whether or not interns must be paid at least a minimum wage.’

To this, the DNC replied, ‘The current intern program was started before the current leadership was in place, but as we build our team, we’re exploring every possible means for paid internships.’

Along with the stiffing interns, the pressure to pay field organizers, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, is also beefing up. Richard Swartz and Justin Swidler, the two attorneys in New Jersey, have filed a class action lawsuit against DNC that states, ‘This lawsuit seeks fair pay for fair work.’

Payday Report raised questions on the DNC’s budget transparency. Tom Perez has hypocritically enforced intra-committee regulations that oblige employers and unions to file their expenditures and finances in annual reports. The Committee is using its poor fundraising turnout to deny fair and obligatory payments of interns, unions, and field workers. Democratic Establishment’s big picture reveals that it is ‘all talk and no action’ establishment, especially when it is about serving less-privileged, or those who can be easily exploited.

Democrats might already be preparing slyly, but it seems the salad days are gone for now.

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It was announced on Wednesday that former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.

Of course Hillary Clinton was excited because Harriet was a woman.

Some people are really happy.

Then there are those that instantly want more!

Then there is Ben Carson. After he made comments suggesting that she be put on the $2 bill, Twitter exploded against the former presidential front runner.

At the end of the day, some people are going to be happy about it and some are going to be sad.

Then there are those like Hillary Clinton who is publicly happy and secretly mad.

What are you going to spend your new twenty on?


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