Monday, June 26, 2017

New Hampshire

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Filmmaker James O’Keefe headed back to New Hampshire on Tuesday to see how the new Voter ID in the state have worked to curb voter fraud.

In 2012, O’Keefe, through his organization Project Veritas, caught rampant voter fraud taking place in the state.

The result of his investigation led to a new Voter ID law . . . and James was threatened with arrest by New Hampshire’s Attorney General.

The result of the changes in law? Not much.

Voter fraud is still easy to commit thanks to the help of polling place volunteers.

One voting official even offered his personal address to a fraudulent voter to allow her to vote in the primary.

The video released on Wednesday catches voter fraud in the act and this time, instead of threatening James with arrest, the NH Attorney General has launched an official investigation.

Watch the video above and comment below. Most importantly, stay tuned for more as O’Keefe always releases his videos one-by-one with each one revealing more than the previous release.

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The Trumpster proved the naysayers wrong last night with his commanding victory in the New Hampshire primary.

Taking a 10-point lead and winning every county in the New Hampshire, Donald Trump pulled off a landslide.

In this case, the polls were right.

While John Kasich’s second place performance is admirable, the “also ran” candidate won’t be going beyond the moderate state of New Hampshire.

For Kasich, the saying, “nice guys finish last” will hold true in the end.

That leaves the establishment pack of contenders to duke it out.

In a near third-place tie, Ted “Canada” Cruz, Jeb “Mamma’s Boy” Bush and Marco “The Robot” Rubio, held eleven to twelve percent of the vote.

Christie, coming in at 7% dropped this morning.

As expected, the media absolutely freaked out with Trump’s New Hampshire win.

The New York Daily News ran with a cover of a clown-faced Trump and the headline: “Dawn of the Brain Dead; Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves.”

The publication will likely pay for that as insulting a candidate is one thing, insulting voters is quite another.

Speaking of clowns, of the editors of the National Review who remain sober, they are running around in a panic proclaiming doom and gloom for the GOP. The publication published a manifesto against Trump recently that gave their collective, establishment “unendorsement” of the real estate mogul.

This morning, their headlines read, “Armageddon for the GOP Establishment” and “A Bad Night for Conservatives in New Hampshire.”

While the National Review sucks at getting it right (they endorsed Romney in 2008 and 2012), they are right about their “Armageddon.”

CNN’s exit polls are all one needs to look at to see the trouble that the establishment faces.

Trump won across the board of EVERY demographic except for one.

When asked which candidate “shares my values” voters decisively chose Ted Cruz . . . but still voted for Donald Trump. The same voters also handily felt that Trump was the only candidate who “can bring change.”

That’s an extremely important metric. Voters (in New Hampshire at least) believe Ted Cruz was closest to their values . . . and they don’t care. They want to break up the establishment.

The New York Daily News, National Review, Fox News and the establishment gaggle of candidates and their undying supporters are in for an uphill battle.

With a Trump victory now a reality, the Establishment will have to take on more than just Donald Trump and his Twitter account, they’ll have to go head to head with tens of millions of Americans who want to use the billionaire as a tool to break the establishment stranglehold around the neck of America.

It’s officially on.

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Consultants surrounding Ted Cruz’s campaign are bouncing with joy with the latest polls. Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has taken his biggest dive in the national polls to date.

Since February 3rd, a day after the Iowa Caucus, Trump has taken a cliff dive from 35.8% to 29.5%.

The drop is attributed, not to his second-place finish in Iowa, but how he handled the loss.

The Cruz camp should hold their enthusiasm as they face a serious threat from above and below.

Since Iowa, even with his disastrous debate performance, Marco “The Robot” Rubio has shot up from 10% support to nearly 18%. The Florida Senator is just three points from taking Cruz . . . something he has not done since the beginning of December.

Thankfully for Trump, polls are a fickle thing.

If the real estate mogul holds his lead in New Hampshire today, the recent poll dive will shoot back up to a commanding 37% lead or more.

The final poll in New Hampshire has Trump up by 16 points while Cruz has been pushed to a tight fourth place finish.

While Trump still refuses to put together a credible ground game, he has increased his media presence by putting his sons on the air . . . and they’ve done an impressive job for the candidate.

Here’s Eric Trump and Donald Jr. on Fox and Friends on Monday:

The boys also jumped in for a hunt in Iowa and did an impressive job of showing a true part of their lifestyle. Unlike other politicians who dress up like Elmer Fudd to pose for the camera, Eric and Donald Jr. gunned down a few pheasants to take home to the Trump dinner table. The NRA would be proud.


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But the efforts of Donald and his family will be in vain if he’s unable to take New Hampshire with the commanding lead he holds in the polls.

If the candidate stumbles as he did in Iowa, it may very well be “game over” for the billionaire.

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio blew it on Saturday night.

The presidential contender who had a decent showing in New Hampshire, placing third, took his talking points too seriously, and even worse, his points made no real argument.

In the most recent GOP debate, Rubio repeated the canned line, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Why does that matter?

Since the onset of his campaign, Marco Rubio has appeared to believe that he’s running against Barack Obama.

Obama is a lame duck.

If Rubio were able to beat the field for the Republican nomination, he’s likely to face Hillary Clinton in the general election, not the two-term president.

Consultants are notorious for getting into a candidate’s head and forcing them to memorize talking points, but that strategy has backfired for Rubio and he appears to be a man that is unable to speak for himself.

Memorization is great on the lecture circuit but for a candidate under the microscope of the electorate, Rubio appears to be slightly more intelligent than Siri in his ability to think for himself.

Looking to the past damage of Barack Obama’s presidency is pointless if you don’t have a solution to reverse the damage.

While Rubio may have a plan, he fails to get to the second part of his argument, rallying behind his weak war-cry, “Obama did this on purpose!”


What is Marco Rubio going to do about it?

Likely nothing if he can’t prove to voters that he has the intelligence to think on his feet and offer valuable solutions to the nation.

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Clinton Sad

With less than two months until the first Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton’s in deep trouble: she’s trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) in New Hampshire by 14 points.

Sanders, the self-avowed socialist, leads Hillary 56 percent to just 42 percent in the second-in-the-nation primary contest.

Worse for Clinton, just 49 percent of Clinton’s supporters say they are “enthusiastic” about her—while a whopping 76 percent of Sanders’s supporters say they’re enthusiastic.

The enthusiasm gap means that Sanders’s ultimate lead could be even larger than polls suggest—since more excited voters are more likely to go to the polls to vote.

However, Clinton got some good news in the poll as well.

While more people in New Hampshire prefer Sanders to Clinton, they like Clinton as well: 70 percent of Sanders friends say they like what Clinton has to say. Only 20 percent say they don’t like the things that Clinton is saying.

Part of the favorability for Clinton among the most liberal of Democrats comes from the fact that Hillary has moved far to the left on a number of issues—at odds with many positions she held just a few years ago.

She’s also been helped by Sanders—who has refused to ramp up attacks on Hillary. Sanders even famously gave Hillary cover in the first Democratic debate, when he responded to a question about Hillary’s email server scandal by saying that the American people were “sick of hearing about [her] damn emails!”

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-Maryland), the only other Democrat running for the presidency, is a distant third in New Hampshire, and hasn’t seemed to gain much traction at any point of the race.

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Late Tuesday night the news broke that Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton for the first time in any poll.

The Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll of 442 likely Democrat voters in New Hampshire has Bernie at 44% and Hillary 37%. Well outside the 4.7 margin of error.

In comparison, Sanders trailed Clinton by a 44-8 margin in a Franklin Pierce/Herald poll in March.

With recent endorsements from a Nurses Union and from rapper Lil B, Bernie is pulling off what nobody ever expected– a legitimate challenge to the former First Lady.

First Donald Trump takes over the GOP primary season and now socialist Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds of 28,000 and leading in the New Hampshire. What is going on?

When the news broke on Twitter last night, the comments were telling. The range of emotion this election season is drawing out of Americans is evident even in 140 characters or less.

Some people are excited about the news.

Some people are very, very, very, excited about the news.

The Bernie bandwagon is filling fast!

Bernie even got some good advice.

Sometimes a tweet will let us really see what people are thinking…

Despite all the love for self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, some people are still on the fence.

Thankfully, after all the pro-Bernie Sanders comments, finally one made sense.

The truth is, this is a crazy election season and this comment by Prepper Pete is right on point.

With this much activity 6 months away from the first vote, this election cycle is going to be grueling. Strap in–, this is going to be a long ride.


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